Today I want to share 10 keys that will help you be a better business networker.

If you are shy, if you don’t like to attend events, if you get nervous.

Get over it and get out there.

I was once a very shy, introverted computer programmer.0024

Today I love nothing more than to walk into an event of hundreds of people and know no one.

If I can do it, anyone can.

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Here are 10 tips to make you better.



1/       Go to the right events

            An event might be good for your friend, but she does something completely different than you.

            If there are a bunch of people at the event that do what you do, that is OK.  It means you are at the right event.

            Take time to find the right places to hang out.



2/       Arrive Early

            15 Minutes before the event starts.

            All the stars get there early.

            You will be amazed at what and whom you will meet.

            Plus because you are early, they have plenty of time to talk with you.


3/       Stay Late

            Leave at least 30 minutes of space after the event.

You could be talking with a very important person and you do not want to cut the conversation short because you have to be at another meeting.

In today’s busy world you might never get that chance again.

Plus guess who hangs out after everyone else leaves?


4/       Give out your business card

            I know this sounds crazy – who wouldn’t do that Manny?

            You would be surprised.

There are actually people out there who say not to take cards with you to an event.

            Please take your cards and give them out.



5/       Don’t talk about you.

            No one cares about you until you show him or her you care about him or her.

            Fact of life.

            Fact of networking.

            Get over it and apply it.

            You will create so much more success.



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6/       Limit your time with people

Unless you are talking with someone about a huge deal and about to close it – then forget the networking event and keep talking.

            People get comfortable with you and don’t want to leave.

            Move on.

            You came to meet people.


7/       Stay away from people you know.

            Once you are known – all the people that know you want to talk with you.

            Make an appointment to do a 1v1.

            I am here to meet new people.



8/       Follow up after you meet people.

            Send a simple email.

            Great to meet you, hope we can talk further in the near future.

            End of email.

            No selling.

            Just connect.


9/       Put people on your email list.

            After the first email, put them into a campaign based on who they are.

            Let the technology do the rest.

            It is OK if they unsubscribe.

Anyone interested in what you have to sell and desiring to buy will not unsubscribe.


10/    Know what you do and how to say it.

            Don’t wing it.

            Everyone knows

            30 seconds to tell what you do.

            Know it cold.

            Make it sound natural.


Is that all the keys?

Of course not.

But it is a good start.


Do these and watch what happens.


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