How to focus on your MIT’s (Most Important Tasks)


Priority is the key to success.Photo on 4-3-17 at 8.12 AM #2

You hear it all the time.

Those who have attained great success will tell you how important it is


“Give whatever you are doing and whoever you are with the gift of your attention.“ Jim Rohn



How many times are we sucked into stuff that doesn’t qualify as a MIT in our day?



What can we do about it?

How do we get over it?



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Listen to Targeted Lead Generation Podcast. Click above to learn more.

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Today I want to share 10 ways to help you focus every day on your MIT’s.


1/        Know what your most important tasks are.

            Make a List of 1, 3, 5 or 7.

            There are all kinds of tools out there for creating these type lists.

            Use one.

            But the key is – know what your most important tasks are.


2/        Write your most important tasks down.

            You cannot remember them in your head.

            Trust me, I have seen so many try – it doesn’t work.

            Write them down.

            There is a great secret to eye/hand process – you write it and you remember much better.


3/        Understand the why.

            Why is this a task important to focus on?

            Because it gets you closer to your goals?

            Because it has a deal line that must be met?

            Because it will create a relationship you need?

            What is the why?


4/        Block time for them

            Use whatever method you need to block out a time to do these.

            To focus on them and get them done.

            Don’t keep thinking about it, schedule a block of time and get them done.


5/        Make the decision

            Procrastination kills your movement.

            Whatever decisions you need to make – do it.

            Make the decision and move forward.


6/        Limit your time.

            This is how long it is going to take.

            Then cut the time and get started.

            You will be amazed at how you get it done.


7/        Get some help

            Specially you entrepreneurs and business owners.

            Ask for some help to get it done.

            It will get done so much faster.

            And usually so much better.


8/        Delegate what you can

            No, delegate all you can and move forward.

            No one does it as perfect as you – but you can’t do it all.


            Perfect is not always required, but completion usually is.


9/        Clear your mind

            Focus on these tasks and these tasks only

            No matter what your mind tries to do or where you mind tries to take you.

            Stop, you control the focus.


10/     Stop Multi-tasking

            It is an illusion

            Focus on one thing at a time.

            Get it done.

            Then move one.



There you go

Implement this process today and you will be amazed at the results.

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