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“Poor or NO Followup.”

Yes, you might have learned to talk to
people and you might be good at it.

Yes, you might be going to better and
better events all the time.

Yes, you might have learned how to
plan for an event.

But all that goes out the window if you
don’t follow up, if you don’t build
relationships with the people you meet.

I was at an event early in December,
there were 400 people there.
I knew no one.

When I left the event, I had over 25
new connections and had started
at least 1/2 dozen good relationships.

Plus, I can guarantee you that none
of those people will fall through the
cracks and be forgotten.

In today’s world of technology, it is
ridiculous to allow people you meet
to be forgotten.

Let me share with you today as we
start this new year, some simple follow up
tips, that you can apply and that can
make this your best year ever.

1/ Send an email after the event to
everyone you meet.
This last event I attended was four days
long and every night I sent and email to
everyone I met that day. What I did was I
started to build relationship right away.
It was amazing what happened
when they saw me the next day at the event.

2/ Put the people you meet on your email list.
Start introducing them to yourself and your offering.
Start learning about them and their offering.

3/ Put them in your CRM system.
Put the next touch point into the system.
Stay connected.

4/ Classify them as either A, B or C
A – need to meet with now.
B – Need to stay connected personally and meet
with soon.
C – keep connected via newsletter and email.

5/ Have a stay in touch plan.
How do you stay connected to people?
Do you do a regular newsletter?
Do you do a regular mailing?
Do you do regular calls.
What is it you do?

In six months when I return to the event I
attended in December, I will not walk in cold.
I will have some relationships that have started
to come together. I will build new ones.
I will work the existing one.

Networking is a long-term process.
You meet people today.
Some will take years to do business with.
Some you never will do business with.
Some will introduce you to key people in your life.
Work the relationship and you will be amazed
at what happens.

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And never forget, Failure Creates Success
You got to go for it if you want to creates success.
It doesn’t just happen.

Today’s article is an excerpt from my new book
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Please enjoy and if you like the article, then
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Many of you out there think you cannot
network because you are way too shy, you
are an introvert, and only really outgoing
people can be successful at networking.


I once was a shy, introverted,
sit-in-the-corner-and-do-my-job computer
programmer. Unless you came up to me
and started a conversation, I would not talk
with you. I wanted to talk with you, I thought
about talking with you, but I never did.

Years ago, I would be afraid to go anywhere
I did not know someone. If you went to
high school with me, or even college, you
would never believe the person I am today
is the same person.

One day in the early 1980’s, while I was
working as a technical programmer, my boss
came up to me and said, “Manny, you are
going to be an account manager. As of next
week you will have 10 people reporting to
you and you will have 10 major accounts to
manage and get more work out of.” He then
left the room. I was devastated.

Devastated might be an understatement.
Think about it for a moment. I was in a world
where I controlled everything. Computer
programming is where you determine the
path of the process. You tell the computer
what to do and it does it. It does not ask
questions. It does not argue with you. It does
not tell you no. It does not talk back. It does
not expect you to react and interact.

I was being dragged into an environment
where I had very little control. I would be
in a place where I would have to use my
skills of influence and my ability with people.
How was I going to do that?

The first question mentioned in the prologue
of this book, “what do I do now?” was exactly
where I was. But I did it––I learned the
secrets of networking–– and so can you.

So how can one go from being a shy and
introverted programmer to being a networker?
What happened?

It was not easy. It was a very scary situation
that I found myself in.

But I did it, and so can you.

Stop thinking about becoming great at
networking, and start doing it.

Make 2014 your best year ever.

Start building those relationships today.

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Always remember, Failure Creates Success.
If you are not trying you will never fail.
True, but will you ever accomplish all you were put here to do?