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Seven Sales Success Techniques That Work

Posted by Manny on January 31, 2014
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The more sales calls you make, the greater your
chance for success.

The more people you connect with, the more
you have chance to sell them.

The more you are rejected the more you learn
and the greater your chance for a sales success.

The more you keep getting up and going into
the fire, the greater chance you have to win
the sale.

Yet, as sales people, have we learned this?
Do we practice it each and every day?

When will we stop trying to find
justification for getting around it
and just make it happen?

Sales is a numbers game.
It is just like a sporting event – the one that
scores the most wins.


In sales, the one that closes the most, wins!

You close by working the sales process.
It don’t happen any other way.

If it did, then anyone could sell.
Then your pay would drop.
Then you would have to find something else to do.
But don’t worry, it is not changing.

Here are seven things to help you improve your
sales process and win.

1. Make cold calls everyday.

Pick a number.
Be consistent.
Don’t put it off.
Just do it, no matter what.

In all my career I meet only one person
who really loved making cold calls.
He was really good and cost me a new
phone every month, but it was worth
the results.

2. Send emails every day.

The single, easiest way to always stay
in contact.
Again, make a commitment to the number
of people you are going to email everyday.
And do it.
You can do these in your sleep.
You can do these anytime.
The point is, do them.

But they do not replace cold phone calls
and in person calls.
Many people today try and justify this,
forget it.
Email is another tool, but it does not
replace the cold call.

3. Return every call every day.

If they called you today, you have to
call them back today.
Make time.
Yes, you have time.
If a prospects calls me, other than
customers, what more important do I
have to do? Nothing!

Get this, it is rude not to call back today.
If I am your competition, I called back

4. Make the follow up calls you said you
would, when you said you would.

If you said you would call back on the 17th,
it has to be on the 17th.
Customers, prospects, whoever.
You call back when you said you would,
plain and simple.

There is never a reason not to call back
when you said you would. Think about
this before you tell them when you are going
to call back. In fact, ask, “what is the best
time to call you back.”

5. Build your prospect list everyday.

Each and every day you need to add
x number of new prospects to your list.
Again, this is not something you debate.
Sales is hard, long work and pays
extremely well.
You don’t get paid the big bucks to
think about it.
Build your list.

I don’t care what business you are in,
build your list daily.

6. Read, listen and learn everyday.

Read at least one book every month –
non-fiction – non-sports.
Listen to a CD every day and listen
to it over and over and over.
As a sales person, you don’t need to
listen to music or sports talk radio.
Listen to education, motivation,
This is what the pro’s do.
This is what those that make the big
bucks do.
Why are you doing anything else?
Your car is an education center – use
it that way.
Free time during the day doesn’t exist,
do something.

Want to spend your vacation locally just
barely paying for it, or take your family
to some exotic place having the time of
your life. Sales generates money – but
you got to work it.

7. Try something new every day.

A new CD.
A new book
A new list.
A new technique – open, close, hello.
Innovation makes you better.

Stop doing all those other things.
Sell, sell, sell.
When you have enough business then retire.

Otherwise, as a sales pro, you don’t ever
have enough business.

Looking to take your sales to that next level?

Then you need to be at our upcoming
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Stop thinking about it.

Do it.


How to talk with new people

Posted by Manny on January 28, 2014
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Procrastination the thief of time.

Every time I speak with a group and ask the
simple question, “is procrastination a problem
for anyone in here?” I get almost ever hand
in the air. Why?

Do we have to much time on our hands?

Do our decisions have to little effect?

Are we just plain not ready to move forward
or what?

What is it that keeps us from moving?

Why do we procrastinate and think it is OK?

And further, how do we overcome this problem?

Do we believe that if we ignore it, it will go away?
How you doing with that one?

First a couple of quotes I want you to read and
think about:

“Procrastination is opportunity’s natural assassin.”
Victor Kiam

“Procrastination – the habit of putting off until
tomorrow that which should have been done
last year.” Napoleon Hill

Let’s take a look at some ways you can over
come this monster problem:

1/ Action
Do something, doing anything is better
than doing nothing.
Action creates results.
Action creates movement.
Action gets something done.
Stop procrastinating and do
something, now.

Start with this and see what what
happens to your life.
It really does work.

2/ FInish what is on your plate or dump it.
All those things you started and are
not done.
You need to either finish them.
Or you need to dump them.
Stop thinking about it.
Do you know how much time you are
Do this today.
Either it stays and you work it.
Or it goes.

Do not start new stuff until you clean
up the mess that procrastination has built.

3/ Make a decision.
You know this ability holds most people
back – we have discussed it enough.
It is the key difference between success
and mediocrity.
The key difference between doing what
you want and just doing.


Based on what you know – make the
You will start to move.
You will be amazed.
Things will start to change.
If not correct, then all you have to do is
make another decision.

Sounds easy right?
We have more of these.
Download the entire list

Ten Ways to Stop Procrastination

Download at:

None of us is exempt from this problem.
Yes, that includes me.

However, I want to share a great tool that I
found that really works in helping you deal
with and move past procrastination.
Today, I get so much more done because of it.
And I did not even believe I had an issue.
(not that many of us do).
But a friend ask me to try a tool he was
developing to deal with procrastination.
So I did.
This stuff really works.

Check out the tool at the link below.
I can give you my personal experience
as a testimony, it really does work.

However, one caution, you might drive
everyone a bit crazy with all you get done -
that is how good it works.

Tool is call “Get It Done.”

Check it out:

Great quote from an old Jim Carrey movie,
“Yes Man”, “Yes: say it a million times, then
say it another million times, what happens?”

What happens is that things start to move
forward and that your life/business/career
takes a turn for the better.

What happens is you leave the rest behind
and you lead the race.

What happens is success.

Do any of the following sound familiar to

Problem: We need to get sales up.
Reaction: No, we can’t get sales up, have
you looked at how bad the economy is?

Problem: We need to go to the trade show
in New York.
Reaction: No, we can’t go, not a good
time to spend the money.

Problem: We need to invest in some
training for our people.
Reaction: No, we can’t spend money for

What would happen if we got rid of the
“No” and said “Yes” instead?

Let’s look at these three situations over
again and see what we could have done

Number 1:
We need to get sales up.
Yes we do and here is what we are going
to do.

1/ Stop focusing on the negative that
is being presented – dump the negative.
2/ Start putting the right attitude on
and face forward – show people we believe
we can do it.
3. Get creative and become different –
this is a great time to sell.

One of the big problems today is that it
has been so easy for so many years to sell,
that many people without any skill or
ability have been able to survive.
But guess what?
That is not the case anymore, now you
have to be good to make it. So, what
are you doing to do to be the best?

Number 2:
We need to go to the trade show in
New York.

Yes, we are going to the tradeshow, in fact,
we are going to do it up right. You see,
many customers of our competitors will
be there. But our competitors have
elected to stay home.
Sounds like open territory for us.
How does this conversation sound.

You: “Hi Joe, good to see you and
Cindy at the show”
Joe: “Thanks, we thought we would see
our supplier here, but they do not have
a booth”
You: “It has been tough on a number
of companies, but why not come over to
our booth and let me show you a few
things. We are doing very well in this
economic times and are reaching out to
really help our customers.”
Cindy: “Well, I do not want to get caught
short if our supplier is in trouble financially.
Let’s see what you have to offer”

Number 3:
We need to invest in some training for our
Yes, and not just training, but the good
stuff. There are some great deals out there
right now and we can take this chance to
upgrade our staff ‘s skills. Beside, once
things really get rolling, there is never
time to train. Let’s go for it, now.

Yes you can get your sales up.
Yes you can go to the trade show.
Yes to you can spend the money for training.

Yes, yes, yes.

The inability to say “Yes” to the things
that will help your organization create
success are definitely roadblocks to
your movement forward.

The attitude that so many people have
about the economy is really creating an
even greater problem. Remember that
attitude controls so much. Move forward
and create success while the others are
still focused on the bad economy.
How much further will you be ahead.
How much ground can you pick up.
How much more successful will you be.

Understand what is holding you back and
get it out of your way.

Success is right there for you, right now,
go for it – Say YES!

Yes, I am going to attend this week’s
Click here to learn more and register.

Yes, I am coming to the boot camp in
Click here to learn more and register.

Yes, I am going to make this my best
year ever.

When was the last time you woke up and
knew you could hit a homerun?

When was the last time you arrived at
the ballpark and knew you could
hit a homerun?

When was the last time you stepped
to the plate and believed you could
hit a homerun?

Actually, when was the last time you
hit a homerun?

Everyday we encounter endless people,
situations and other things that try
to stop us from achieving all we can.

If we let them get in our way, then
we are done. If we let them take
our mind off of the focus we are
going for, then we are done.

So, when was the last time you woke up
and knew you could hit a homerun?

I hope it was this morning, but if it wasn’t,
then it is time to re-think, time to re-tool,
time to regenerate the motivation it takes
for you to wake up and believe you can do it.

If you cannot get up and know you can
do it, then guess what? It is not going to

As Robert Schuller puts it, “Focus means
learning to say ‘NO’ to distractions”.

Granted, there is so much standing in
your way, that unless you are really
determined, it will stop you. Unless
you are focused on making it, you will
James Merrit puts it very well, “as you
look out, what do you see, stumbling
blocks or stepping stones”?

Think about it, do you look out do see
things as stoppers or as opportunities?

Do you look at the things that stand
between you and success as stumbling
blocks that will stop you, or do you simple
change them to stepping stones and use
them to achieve your goal?

You know, the choice is yours. As we
have said many times before, it is
your attitude, you determine how to use
it, no one sets your attitude but you.

So step number one – get up and know
you can hit the homerun. Walk out
into the kitchen knowing you can do it.

Walk out and share with those in
your home that
“I am going to do it today”.

Walk around with it written all over
your face –
“I can hit the homerun today”.

Remember as Robert Schuller further
says, “setting the goals is easy, but
announcing it to those you love,
announcing it to others, that really
takes courage”.

Now, when you get to your business,
your job or simply when you start
your day at home, keep that positive attitude.

Don’t listen as others complain.

You have arrived at the ballpark
and you know that today you can
hit that homerun.

Will you definitely hit it today?

Maybe not, but that should never stand in
the way of knowing you can do it.

Walk in with the attitude, “I can hit
the homerun today.”

Then, as you step to the plate.

Whether the plate is a phone call to a
customer for more business, a visit
to a prospect to close a deal, a
presentation to a large group of
prospective buyers, or simply doing your
regular job, always know you can
hit that homerun.

Know that no mater what happens,
no matter how it turns out, you
stepped to the plate and you knew
you could hit the homerun.

I guarantee you one thing, if you
don’t step to the plate knowing you
can do it, you hardly ever will do it.

So, you woke up and knew you could
hit the homerun, you arrived knowing
you could do it, you stepped to the plate
knowing you could do it, now do it.

If you continue to follow those 3 simple
steps you will hit more homeruns
than anyone else in your organization,
you will become the super star you
want to become, you will make it happen.

Yes, you might end up striking
out more than others, but you will end
up with more success than others
as well.

Go for it, hit the homerun.

Remember, Failure Creates Success.

We are afraid to get a “no” and
we may be even more afraid to
give a “no.”

We would rather give a:
“Let me think about it”
“I will get back with you”
“I have to talk to my boss.”

But so many times all this is, is
a simple smoke screen for “no.”

Why can’t we just say “no.”

If you tell me “no,” then I can
take some action.
Both of us can move forward.

If you keep me hanging, then I
just keep hanging.

What am I going to do when this
person calls me back?

Why didn’t I just say “no” and end
it, now I still have to deal with it.

What are they going to think when
I don’t make the event, I know
I can’t get there.

Why can’t we just say it?

No, I am not interested in your product.
This allows the person to either
come up with another technique
or move on.

No, I can’t do that for you.
This allow the person to
find someone else to do it,
or do it themselves. Why do
we hold back the process.

No, I will not be there.
Now you can invite someone
else. Now you do not have to
spend the evening waiting for the

Instead, we say, “let me think about it.”

This is a new year.
Are you ready to focus your time,
energy and resources in the right
Start learning to say, “no,” as soon
as you believe it is true.
Start pushing others for an answer,
not a delay.

Three simple things you can do
this year to help you.

1/ Trust you judgement
When you know you are not
going to buy, say, “no thank you.”

When you know this is not the
right product or service for you
say, “no.”

When you know there is no way
you can get there, say, “no I will
not be there.”

You will be amazed at the time
you save both you and the
other person.

2/ Push others for a “no.”
Interesting sales process
that some of you might have
seen involves seeing who can
get the most “no’s” in a day.
Sales teams set a goal of
getting x number of “no,”
answers, and amazingly,
they usually sell more.
Because they waste less time.

So, you mean really you
are not interested and the
answer is no?

So, you mean that right now
the answer is no and your
boss is not going to change

So, you are very busy and
really you are not going to
make the event.

You see, if you get a no, you
can either close it out, or take
the next step.
If you don’t get a no, you are
left hanging.

3/ Understand your priority and
plans for this year
It is so easy to say “no” when
you understand what you
want to accomplish and
what it is going to take.
Does this fit into your plan,
if so, then say “yes” and
move forward, if not, say no.
Having a clear definition of
what you are going after,
makes it so easy to say no.

Do you have a plan for the new year?
Do you know what you want and
where you are going?
Do you have your priorities in line
and are you working the right things?
You need this if this is going to be
your best year ever.

In my book, “Failure creates success,”
I talk a great deal about decision
making. You have to take changes
if you want to go for the gold. Part
of that is you have to learn
to say, “no.”

Make this the year you do it.
Go to the gold.

Now, either say “yes”, or “no.”
Are you going to join us for this
exciting webinar on becoming
better at networking?
“How to Build Relationships
That Generate Business

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Yes or No?