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“Less than 30 years before Henry Ford became the richest man in the world, a man was working in the same shop with Henry Ford, doing practically the same work. It was said that this man that worked with Mr. Ford was really a more competent workman in that particular sort of work than Ford. Thirty years later, that man was still engaged in the same sort of work for wages of less than $100 a week, while Mr. Ford went on to be the world’s richest man.” Story from Napoleon Hill


As you work today please think about this – where will you and your co-workers be 30 years from now?

Still doing the same thing?

Or will one of you be the richest people in the world.
Will one of you have taken his/her dream and taken some action to make it a reality.

Or will you all still be there – thinking about it?

There are 3 types of people in the work force and only you can decide which of these your will be.

Your choice will determine what happens in your life and the life of your family.

Our new methodology, “Failure Creates Success,” will actually take 10 years off your growth plan and propel you into great success if you follow it. But even with a great methodology, you still have to be the one to make it happen.

A methodology is just a tool, plain and simple. Just like a hammer cannot build a house, neither can a methodology make you successful. It is a tool.

So today I want you to ask yourself the question,

“To which of the following groups do I belong.”

Be honest and really think about it.

Because if you are not where you want to be, then make a decision, take some action and move on forward.

Start spending your life doing what you love to do.

1) Those that make it happen.
This is where Henry Ford was, it is where Bill Gates is and where Michael Dell is.
This is where you want to be.
Get out there and start making it happen.

2) Those that watch what happens.
This is the group that would like to try and do something.
But they are afraid.
Or they tried it once, failed and will never try it again.
Or they simply cannot make a decision and so just stay where they are.

3. Those that wonder what happened
The man that worked with Mr. Ford was in this group.
A great majority are in this group.
They live life saying stuff like, “Wow, he sure is lucky”. Or “she gets all the breaks,”

Forget it
Change today to be part of the group that makes it happen.
Change today and start by taking some action
Change today by making decisions. Then watch what happens.

You make it happen.
Start today.

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Get more dollars to your bottom line.

Make it happen.

Sales, Profit and TIme

Posted by Manny on February 21, 2014
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If you control, work and manage your sales,
your profit and your time, you have a great
shot at attaining outstanding success in
your life.

Generate enough top line income, whether
working in your own business or for someone
else and everything else seems to come

Million Dollar Business Development Boot Camp

Million Dollar Business Development Boot Camp

Generate enough profit, invest and save
it wisely, and you will do tremendous.

Use your time most effectively and treasure
it as your most valuable resource and you
will be amazed where you get to in life.

Great family, great health.

However, the key that so many of us miss
is that to be really successful you have to
have all three working in your life.

In professional baseball, 1 our of 3 will
make you an all-star. A batting average
of .333 will make you one of the best.

As an NFL quarterback, if you complete 2/3
of your passes, you will be on the top of the
all time career completion leaders.

But in life, the greatest success comes to
those who complete all three.

Wondering if that is true?
Take a moment and think about it.
Think about the real successful people.
You will quickly learn that they have all three.
Think about those who look successful,
but where missing a piece.

Many have 2 out of 3, and might look
successful, but 2 out of 3, that is just
not enough.

At our upcoming boot camp -
Million Dollar Business Development
Boot Camp

We will be focused on helping you excel
in all three points.

1/ Get sales up – are you using the best
tools, the right resources, the right process.

2/ Make money – you will not be in
business long if you don’t. Plus, if you don’t
make a profit, how will you ever save
and invest?

3/ Make sure you use your time
effectively. Are you taking time for you, for
your health, for your family? Focused on
the best use of your time?

Sales, Profit and Time.
The three keys to your great success in all
you do.
Watch the video above.

Are you ready to make it happen in your life?
Ready to kick your sales up to new levels
of success?
Build a sales process that generates so
much income?

Ready to make a profit?
Ready to make that profit work for you?

Guest Speaker at the Boot Camp

Guest Speaker at the Boot Camp – Mr. Ed DuCoin

Are you ready to start to value time as your
greatest resource?

Then you need to come to our conference
this March.

Guest Speaker At the Boot Camp

Guest Speaker At the Boot Camp – Mr. Larry Steller


If you want to create that great success in
your life, then you need to be there.

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Million Dollar Business Development Boot Camp

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You walk into the bosses office and he has
his email open, desk full of papers, is on his
speaker to assistant. You sit down to go
over a very important project you are
working on while he continues to work on
his email, get interrupted by his
assistant, and his cell phone rings.

Or perhaps you walk into you bosses office
to discuss a very important problem.
She is very happy to listen to you – or so
you think. You start talking, but then she
interrupts you,and starts talking. You keep
trying to get the conversation back to why
you came, but it never gets there.

You leave the office frustrated.

And then there is the boss who you talk to,
but get no response, no body language,
no real movement. You keep talking but
he is somewhere else and totally non-responsive.

How many people do you know who really
know how to listen?

I mean they know how to shut up and let
the other person talk.

I mean they simply ask a question or two
and let you talk. I mean they don’t
interrupt or sit their just waiting for a break
to say something.

They totally listen to you.

Dean Rusk said it very simply,

“One of the best ways to persuade others
is with your ears by listening to them.”


You think that is leadership? What would
happen if we really started to listen to our
team. Would it make a difference?

“My dear brothers, take note of this:
Everyone should be quick to listen,
slow to speak and slow to become angry.”
James 1:19.

Let’s look at a few simple listening skills
that you as a leader should be practicing
every day.

First, give your full attention to the person
who is speaking.

You need to stay focused.
Stop multi-tasking when
you should be listening. Resist the
temptation to do anything but listen.

Second don’t start building answers before
you are finished listening.

If you work with
me you have notice I take so many notes –
because I am listening.

There is a huge gap between the rate of
speech and your rate of thought- you can
think faster than people can talk. This is
why you have a tendency to wonder when
someone is talking.

But this is also why you can take notes
and pay attention.

And finally, be responsive both verbally and

This is what is called active listening.
Making sure the person you are talking
with knows not just that you are listening,
but more that you are paying attention
and taking in what they are saying.

The first letter in leadership is “L” which
stands for listening.

To be a great leader,

you have to become a great listener.

How good a first impression do you make?

How well do you come across the first time

someone comes into your business?


How well do you come across to someone

the first time you meet them at a networking



Do you create a great first impression?


How much do you believe that the first

impression you make could make all the

difference between a great relationship and

everything else?


Yes, I know people will bang me with

exceptions, but there are exceptions to



This article got inspired by an story a friend

of mine told me this week which he agreed

I could share with you.


This guy went into a store to buy something

he needed for his phone.  He was very happy

that the new store opened and was only 2 blocks

from his home.  Now instead of driving 20 minutes,

he could simple walk there. 


But what happened when he went into

the store?


He was ignored by the people in the store. 

They really did not reach out and help him.  I


t was not that they were busy, in fact, they

were just kind of sitting around.  After a bit he

did talk to a person, who was not very personal

or very friendly or even very helpful.


So, my friend left the store, without buying

what he was looking for.

But even worse, with a terrible first




Then he drove to another store, 20 minutes

away and purchased the product. 


You see, he was and is willing to spend more

time and effort to get what he needs

because the first impression is that important?


All that is interesting, but it is not the worse

part of the story.  The worse part of the story is

that he will now drive 20 minutes every time

to the second store, even through the new store

is just around the corner. 


Plus, how many people do you think he told

this story to?


Plus, he is committed not to go back to this

store, at all.


Simple math:

Between what he is not spending, plus what

all those he told are not spending, plus what

all the other bad first impressions add up to

and the people they tell. 


How much do you think that comes to? 

Much more that you should be willing to



That is how important first impressions are.


So please make a commitment today that

you will start working on making better first

impressions and that you will teach it to

your team.


You see, you can be great, but if your team

is not doing it then you could still be losing

the business. 


How good are they at those first impressions? 

Have you taught them the importance of

first impressions? 


Take some time today.


A simple smile.

A kind word.

A listening ear.


Ever wonder why you can’t get anywhere

with a certain account, no matter what?


Ever wonder why your competition got into

a place and closed the deal, and you have

been working on for years?


Ever wonder why some people just avoid

you and your organization?


Work on those first impressions, they really

are that important.


Teach yourself and your team the importance.


And as always, walk the walk,


Remembering that what you do, is also

what they do.


Remember that – Failure Creates Success.

If you want to drive your organization to

greater success, start today.


Make a commitment to work on

greater first impressions.


You will be amazed at the results.