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Sales Tips that move you to outstanding Part 1

Posted by Manny on June 29, 2014
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Everyone is a sales person.  No matter what your function in an organization, you have to sell.  You might not be a professional sales person, but you still have to sell.  You will be so much more successful if you learn the process.


From the executive who has to sell his team to the stay at home mom/dad who has to sell the other partner on an idea.


From the clerk in the office who has to sell his boss on a concept to the student who has to sell the teacher on a proposal.

We all sell.


Today we start a three-week series that will cover 10 key items to make you a great success at selling.   Again, no matter if your job is selling, or you just have to sell to people as part of your position.


Learn these important tips and watch what happens to you and your success.


1.         Get the number – determine the amount they want to spend.

            Yes, it is hard.

            Yes, they do not want to share it with you.

            Yes, they might not even know.


            Ask them how much they have budgeted?  When they say they don’t know.  Throw some            numbers out and watch their face.  Is $5000 in the ballpark?  The face tells all and if you watch             as you ask the question, the face will reveal the real answer.    Is 10,000 to much?  Keep    pushing.  You need to know the number.


            If you don’t know the number, you have no idea if they are a buyer or just a window shopper.


            The objective is to find out how much they are willing to spend and get them to spend it..


2.         Listening to the customer – let them keep on talking

            If they talk along enough, they will ask you if you if they can buy.

            Most sales people cannot shut up.

            Most sales people talk to much.

            Most sales people are way to impatient to listen.

            Keep asking the questions.

            Take it all in.

            Watch what happens.


            The objective is not to talk – it is to listen and close the deal.


3.         Know their objections and the answers to them even before they ask the question.

            You need to know the 50 top objections a customer can come up with.

            You need to know the answers to the 50 top objections. 

            Know them cold

            Study them

            Make them part of your process.

            When they object – you have the answer.

            Amazing what will happen.


            The objective is to know the answer when ask and deliver it smoothly.


Now get out there and put these three to work today.

Next week we will look at three more.

Keys to getting your life back under control.

Are you frustrated?
Are you tired of spending 10, 12, 14 even 18 hours a day working?
Are you tired of not accomplishing the things you want?
Are you just plain tired?

Then guess what?
It is time you learned the following 3 simple techniques that will change your life and give you back the control you need.

Because if you can learn just these three simple things your life will change dramatically

1/ Get control of your schedule
You need to control your schedule, period.
Once you do this, you will get so much more done.

You need to learn to say no.
You need to say these are the days I am in the office and there are days I am on the road.

Stop scheduling stuff when you are not available.

This is when I can meet with you or anyone else, period.
You need to see someone else on that, they are better at it.

When my door is shut, leave me alone.
That is why I have a team – stop coming to me.

You need to say this is the way we are going to operate.
Once you say that, you will be amazed.

Will there be exceptions, there always are.
But they are the exception, not the rule.
You need to take control of your schedule and you need to control your day.
You will be amazed at how much more you get done.

2/ Do what you do best and give the rest to someone else.
I don’t care if you think you can’t do it.
If you think you can’t afford to do it.
If there just is no one else who can do it.
The bottom line is you are good at – selling – operations – administration – billable work.
Whatever it is, and the rest is wasting your time and talents and money.

Most people spend 80% of their time doing what results in 20% of the solution. Just imagine what happens when you spend 80% of your time doing what you do best – WOW!

Start today and get rid of everything you do that someone else can do better.
Then spend 80% of your time doing what you do great.

3/ Infect everyone with a passion that you exhibit day in and day out
Do you get that?
If you exhibit passion in everything you do all day long – because you are doing what you are great at – you will infect the organization.
If you are pumped up and rolling, the rest of the team will be pumped up and rolling.

Do you think people can work in my organizations and not get infected with this passion?
Watch the video and tell me that? http://youtu.be/ev1zj2zih3Q

Are you pumped up?
Do you realize that your people operate just like YOU?
If you are overworked, miserable, cranky, frustrated.
Then your team will be the same.
Yes, even weak workers can turn into super stars – when you add passion to the mix.

Three keys:
First, control your schedule, do it your way.
Second, do what you do best and delegate the rest – find a way to do it.
Third, get that passion out there and infect everyone.

The passion happens once you take control.
Do you think if that if you controlled your schedule and you did only what you do best you would have some passion? Of course, you would.

Now get out there and do it.
Yes you can.

Need help?
Pick up the phone and call me – I will pump you up 856 358 4021.

Relationships Are Built With Your Ears

Posted by Manny on June 12, 2014
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Stop hearing and start listening.

You build relationships with your ears, not your mouth.

“Listen a hundred times.
Ponder a thousand times.
Speak once.”
Source Unknown

Do you get defensive when someone tells you that perhaps you are not that good at listening?

Do you stand up and say – “I do listen, I have no idea of what you are talking about.”

Do you shut down even more when people question your listening skills?

Bottom line – most of us could be much better listeners.

Most of us could be much more successful if we listened more, paid better attention to the other person and really got the message they were sending.
Instead of getting the message we think they are sending.

Three simple tips that just might help you get even better.

1/ Shut up long enough and people will tell you.

People hate silence.
But you love it.
Learn to count to 5 before you answer.
9 out of 10 times – the other person will start talking and give you the answer you need.

2/ Listen to all with your eyes.

Make eye contact.
Watch the other person’s body language.
Are they confident?
Are they relaxed?
Are they comfortable?

When you are doing a meeting in person, this gives you such great information, but most people miss it.


3/ Stop formulating answers when you should be listening.

Take notes.
When you begin to formulate an answer to a question in your mind while the person is still giving you information, you stop listening and you miss it.

You miss important stuff that just might help you close the deal.

Just jot a quick note and then get back to listening.

When it is time for you to talk, you can formulate the answer then. Review the note and move forward. It does work.

Three simple keys that I guarantee will help you in building relationships and creating great success.

Shut up.
Listen with your eyes.
Take quick notes.

Great success comes through building relationships. You build relationships with your ears, not your mouth. By listening, not by talking.

Successful Sales People Are Different

Posted by Manny on June 6, 2014
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Do you want to be successful and sell more than anyone else, or do you want to fit in with the crowd?


One thing I have learned in my work with entrepreneurs over the last 10 years is that few if any of them ever followed the crowd.

Fewer were conforming.

Even fewer we worried about what other people thought.


They were simply focused on success.

What about you?


Today I want to look at 3 simple points related to success in sales.


1/       To be successful you have to be different.


Per John Huntsman: “ Failure often is the result of following the crowd.”


How are you prospecting – like everyone else or are you doing something different?

Are you just sitting around sending out emails like everyone else, or perhaps you have picked up the phone or gotten in your car and started knocking on doors.


Are you thinking email is so easy, why do anything else?


How many mailers have you gotten recently?  Perhaps you should try something different.


Not getting the business you think you could?

What are you doing about it?

Get started today.

Start thinking about what you can do that others are not, then do it.


To be successful you have to be different.



2/       To be successful you have to take a risk.


Per William Shedd: “A ship in harbor is safe but that is not what ships are built for.”


Are you doing what is safe, what is easy?

Or are you taking that risk




A sales person not excelling or not going for the gold or not making it happen is like that ship in the harbor.


If you really believe you were made to sell, then you need to get out there and do it.  You are on the team to be a star, get out there and be the star.


Start reading stuff from people who have done it and are doing it.

Start listening to stuff from successful people.

Make a commitment to be the best, not just one of many.


Do something different. 

Make calls early, make call late, make calls during lunch.

Wow, maybe just make calls?


To be successful you have to take a risk.



3/       Today is the day to start making it happen.


Per Dr. David Jeremiah: “Remember today is the day you thought about yesterday when you said: ‘I can do that tomorrow’.”


Well it is tomorrow and are you doing it?

As I always say, action creates success.

If you can do something, do it.

Don’t think about it.

Don’t procrastinate.

Do it.


Today is the day you make the commitment, but more.  Today is the day you start doing something different.  Today is the day you take that chance.

So, get out there and make it happen.


There you have it.

Successful Sales People Are different.


Are you going to be successful or just another sales person.


Get out there and do it.


Coach Manny Nowak

America’s number on expert in taking 6 figure businesses to 7 figures.


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Take a step today and do something.


Are you taking risks in your life?

Are you going out on the limb?

Are you making decisions that might not be that popular or easy?


If you are not taking any risk and instead trying to always play it safe.

That might just be what is holding you back from the success you really want to achieve.


Here are some things to think about.


1/        It is a risk to ask.

When you ask, you definitely take the risk of rejection.

The person might say no.

The person might not like you any more.

The person might think you are bothering them.


But, then again, you might get exactly what you want.


I personally dealt with this risk for may years and let it stop me cold.

Until one day I finally realized that before I ask, I didn’t have what I wanted.

So if I didn’t have it after – I really didn’t lose anything did I?


You have all to gain.

Take the risk and ask.



2/        It is a risk to make a decision.


The risk of making the wrong decision keeps so many people from making any decision.


As one of my great mentors taught me many years ago:

If you make the wrong decision, all you have to do is make another one and move forward.


While everyone else is thinking about it, you have moved mountains.


You are searching for a client.

You come to a “T” in the road.

Your cell phone is dead.

You can go left.

You can go right.

You can just sit there and think about it.

You know the office 5 miles down the road, but you don’t know if it is left or right.

If you turn right, go five miles and don’t see it, all you have to do is turn around and know you know the office is 10 miles straight ahead.

But if you are still sitting at the stop sign, you are going nowhere.


I know that is so simple an example, but it is holding so many people back.

They cannot make a decision.


Take the risk and make the decision.

If you are wrong, life will go on.



3/        It is a risk when you disagree with everyone else.


When you say something that others might not like or agree with.


When you take the opposite view.

When every one wants to go left and you think you should go right.


But, this is the way mountains are moved.

Being different creates innovation.


If we all agree, most all the time, then we are actually moving backward.


This is why I surround myself with people who are great at what they do. 

Even if they don’t necessarily agree with me all the time.

Plus they are encouraged to think different.

Encouraged to disagree.



You want to be good, then forget taking risks.

And you will be good.


But if you want to be great, then you have to start taking the risks.


            Make a decision



You will be amazed at what happens.


You want to go for the gold, or settle for the silver

The choice is yours.