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One of the greatest tools that will help you become an even greater success is to keep filling your mind with information(not data, but information). 


Read and learn about what others are doing or have done.


My question today – what and when was the last non-fiction book you read?


Reading is what I would consider a critical success factor for all.


To become that superstar leader you have to read books.  There is no question about it.  It really is not debatable.  Read them and discuss them with others.


Can you become great without reading – sure.


Can you become that total superstar without reading – no.


Today I am going to share 10 books that I believe everyone should read.  This list is much longer, but these 10 will get you started.   They are not in any particular order.


If you are not reading regularly, make a commitment today to start reading, just 15 minutes a day.


Oh, if you don’t think you have time, then listen to books in your car.  Turn off sports talk, music and other stuff and listen to a great book.


Please send me an email and share books that you feel belong on the must read list and we will share them over the next year with our readers.


1/        The Bible – God

            Many people talk about what it says.  But few really know. 

            Most of the principles of life come from this book.


2/        The Success Principles – Jack Canfield

            Great book that really gives you the plan and recipe for success.

            Jack is one of the best.


3/        Steve Jobs – Walter Isaacson

            One of these best business books of this century so far.

            You might not like Steve, but some of his stuff is just amazing.


4/        The Greatest Salesman – Og Mandino

            Short little book that is really fun to read.

            To the point and totally on target


5/        See You At The Top – Zig Ziglar

            The master salesman teaches you how to do it.

            Funny and powerful.


6/        The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People – Stephen R. Covey

            This book will stay with you all your life.

            Master these habits and you will be amazed.


7/        How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie

            Another classic book that is a must read yearly.

            The master of relationship building.


8/        Battlefield of the Mind – Joyce Meyer

            Joyce is one of the straightest down to earth people I know.

            She tells it like it is.


9/        Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

            Need I say more?

            I make it a point to try and read this book every year, you keep learning.


10/     Creating Magic – Lee Cockerell

            You want to understand how Disney does it, read this book.

            Amazing stuff.


I know many of you readers will argue about my list, But as I said, there are many more, these are just 10 that really have a great impact.  Please share your favorites with me.


But above all, if you are not reading, start 15 minutes a day.

If you are listening to anything other than books or teaching while driving change.

If you are reading, could you read more?


If real success is what you want in your life.

If you want to be part of the 5%.

Then start reading more today.


I left off my own books, but you know I recommend them.

So check out the website.


Also, please share your best books with me, I am always looking for great books to read.

So, you know have seen 6 of the 10 keys to sales success.
How did you do over the past two weeks in applying them?
Have you started to see the change already?


No matter what your position, these tips will help you become great at selling.
Do not forget – selling is something we all have to do.

From the executive who has to sell his team to the stay at home mom/dad who has to sell the other partner on an idea.

From the clerk in the office who has to sell his boss on a concept to the student who has to sell the teacher on a proposal.
We all sell.

Today we wrap up our three week series with the final 4 tips. 10 key items to make you a great success at selling will be in your possession once we finish today.

What as Coach Manny presents all 10.

Watch this video:

Now, what are you going to do with them?
Learn these important tips and watch what happens to you and your success.

7. Ask for the order – you should be closing all the time.
I know that sounds simple – but it is a real problem.To many people go through the entire process like they were doing a commercial or were on an acting job. Thanks for your time, good-bye.
There are 100′s of ways to close – learn some more.

Objective is to close the deal.

8. Know your product/service/presentation cold.
There should not be a question you cannot answer or call someone who can.
In today’s world of technology, between your smart phone, the web and your IPAD, get the answer.
Not I will find out – find out now.
Objective: Never leave the customer with an unanswered question.

9. Know how to sell.
If you are selling, then you need to know how to sell.
If you are selling, then you need to understand the science of selling.
If you are selling, then learn the skills.
Nothing worse than a person coming into my office trying to sell me something who doesn’tknow what they are doing.
Objective: Getting the customer to buy – this is not a social call.

10. Learn and understand the customer’s expectations.
No one cares how great your product/service is.
No one cares how long you been doing this.
No one cares what you think.
The customer cares about what they care about and that is it.

Objective: Learn the customer’s expectations and meet them.

Even if you only learn 1 or 2, it will greatly impact your sales process. Selling is a science we all need to know. Take some time today and start learning it, no matter what you do for a living, selling is critical to your success.

Hope you enjoyed these?
Now – are you ready to take it to the next level?
Are you ready to be part of the 5%?

Check out our boot camp – you need to be there if you are ready to be part of that top 5%.

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Sales Tips that move you to outstanding Part 2

Posted by Manny on July 10, 2014
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So how did you do with the 3 tips we covered last week?

Did you apply them and watch what happens?


Remember, as we stated last week, everyone is a sales person.  No matter what your function in an organization, you have to sell.  You might not be a professional sales person, but you still have to sell.  You will be so much more successful if you learn the process.


Today we are going to share 3 more keys to sales success and next week we will give you the final four.   If you didn’t read last weeks article, see if out the BLOG at:


Learn these important tips and watch what happens to you and your success.



4.         Qualify the customer before you go out to see them.

            Ask the hard questions on the phone.

            Ask the questions that will determine if they really are interested.

            Don’t visit prospects who will never buy.


            The objective is not to see how many visits you can make, it is to close the deal.


5.         Don’t mail anything

            The answer to the question – can I send you something is always yes.

            What happens when it gets there?  Filed under “T”  for trash.

            There is so much useless mail.

            Before you mail a thing, qualify, qualify and qualify again.

            Never ask, can I send you something.

            When they ask, can you send me something – reply – can I drop it off.? Can I send you    something via email?  Can we look at our website right now together?

            Save your company a great deal of money by stopping mailings that don’t work.


            The objective is to sell, not to see how many packages you can send out.


6.         Keep connected.

            If they don’t buy then put them on your list.

            Keep some educational emails in front of them on a regular basis.

            Call once in a while and talk.

            Send a personal email once in a while to see how going.

            Keep in front of them forever or until they say – leave me alone.

            Keep building a relationship even if they do not buy right now.

            This is easy, cheap and works.


            The objective is to build a relationship which will lead to business someday.


Now get out that and make it happen.

You know have 6 keys to take your sales to great new levels of success.

Just apply a couple and you will be amazed.

To see the first three tips from last week – click here.


Do we really take time to understand it?

It is the reason the world wants to get into this country and to be part of America.


Yet, as American’s, do we appreciate it as much?

Do we remember what it took to get that freedom?

Do we remember all those who knew that that the price of freedom might be death and were more than willing to pay it.


This 4th of July let us celebrate this great nation.

Let us remember we are a strong nation.

We are not going anywhere – we are here to stay.

No matter what the world may say – we are proud Americans


We are and continue to be:

one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.


How proud are you of that?

How respectful of that are you?

How thankful are you to be part of this great nation?


On this 4th of July, hold your head high and let everyone know:


I am an American and proud of it.

I am an American and we are a strong nation.

I am proud to be an American.



We are the greatest nation in the world.  


God Bless America.