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What IF You Increased Sales, Profit and Time

Posted by Manny on September 26, 2014
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Would it change your life?

Would you feel better?

Would you be so much more successful?


First let’s look at sales.

Here are 3 things that done effectively will increase your sales?


A/        Implement an effective CRM system, correctly and use it.

Know what, where, how, when and why.

What should you be doing today?

Where should you be?

How do you move forward with this account?

When should you be working them?

Why is this a great prospect and how do you turn them into a customer


This is just the tip of what CRM can do, but this is an amazing start.



B/        Develop a social media program that gets you results.

Start to use the right tools effectively to generate business?

Define which tool(s) is best for you and stop trying to use all of them.

Instead start using what works.

Define ROI, how much should you invest in social media and where?


C/        Develop a process to move suspects to prospects to customers

Get better and more effective at finding suspects.

Develop a clear process to move a suspect to a prospect?

Get better, more effective and more successful at moving a prospect to a customer.

            Start building and developing relationships that help your business grow.


Second, let’s examine increasing your profit.

You see, once you have sales rolling, then you have to ask, “How do you drop more to the bottom line and increase profit?

Start by asking yourself what you feel your business should be making.

Then ask yourself how can you make that happen?

Ask yourself some questions about it- such as:

     Are you giving terms that work for you, or are your terms killing profit?

    Are you a bank for your customers?  Do you wait way to long for your money?

    Could and should you be using credit cards and/or require more money up front?

    What could you change to get your money in faster?


Third let’s look at time management

Start enjoying your life and stop working too much?

The first step here is to stop letting everyone control your time and schedule.

Take back control of your day.

Live a proactive life, not a reactive one.

Stop your frustration by taking back control of your schedule.

Implement an effective time management process that gets things done in the time you want them done in.


This is a start – but what now?

First you have to get out there and get some training, education and help.

Learn the above and more so you can start to increase your sales, profit and time?

It will make a difference in your life?


One way to make this happen?

 Come to the

Million Dollar Business Development boot camp this October.


This boot camp is focused on these three points – sales, profit and time.


As a participant in this boot camp you will be able to build stronger, more effective relationships both on line and offline that will result in increased sales, profit and time.


Make 2015 your best year ever with increased sales, profit and time.

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Email Etiquette – How You Doing?

Posted by Manny on September 19, 2014
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We met at an event this morning.

I send you a simple email saying,  “It was a pleasure meeting you.”

Not selling you anything.

Just letting you know it was a pleasure to talk with you.

You ignore it.


You are a friend; I send you an email about something I am doing.

Asking if you are interested.

You ignore it.


I have not seen you for a bit.

We met and talked at a few business events over the past year.

I send you an email asking how you are doing.

You ignore it.


Have we become a group that ignores email?

Even email that we know we should not ignore?

Have we taken it to the point of being rude?

Are we losing business because of it?


Think about it.

Have we decided it is “OK” to just ignore emails from people we know?


A good friend of mine was discussing this with me the other day and it really made me think.

Have we become rude?

Are we blowing off potential business?


Because we get so bombarded by email all day long, have we started to take it out on people that are only trying to build a relationship with us?


But more importantly, are we losing business and opportunities because we don’t take the time to answer an email, or we don’t answer it in a reasonable time frame.


I have to answer yes to both questions.


So what should we be doing?


What is the proper etiquette?


Who knows, but I will take a shot at 3 things I believe are key.

1/        If you get an email from someone you meet at an event, acknowledge it and say thank you.

Remember, if you are a student of my stuff, you would have sent the first email.


2/        If someone sends you an email to reconnect, get back to him or her by the end of the day.


3/        If a friend sends you an email, get back to them by the end of the day.


I know you get a lot of emails.

I know it is hard to stay up on them.

But you can do it from your smart phone as you watch TV and relax?

Come on.


Just think about this.

If you know me and I send you an email.

If you don’t get back with me, I might start to forget you?

Not intentionally, but you know how it goes.


Remember people you know

Get back to them.

You can be rude by not answering email.

But more important, you could be throwing business away.







“You want me to make your decisions for you!

You want someone else to make the decision!

You want to procrastinate hesitate and think about it.


Make a decision will you please.”



The famous words of my boss many years ago in my first management review.


Decision Making – the great weakness in America today.


We try and teach people to lead.

But we often forget the most important piece of leadership.

The ability to make a decision – now!




When I attended a conference in LA earlier this year I kept hearing the same thing, “why can’t our leaders make decisions.”


My former boss and mentor Nate taught me many years ago.

“Manny, make a decision and start moving forward.

When you make a decision, things start to move.

If you make the wrong decision, all you have to do is make another one to correct it.

But make a decision now and start moving forward.”


Nate was teaching, “It is easier to ask forgiveness than permission,” Long before it became popular.


If you want to be a great leader, then you have to learn to make decisions.


Start today to make decisions.


Stop thinking so hard.


Look at what you know.


Then, make a decision and start moving forward.

If you need to make corrections, it is easy, just make another decision.


Want to be part of the 5% that are different, or the 95% that are like everyone else?


It is lonely and hard and can be very stressful at the top – but!

Making a decision requires you to put it out there.

It requires taking a risk.

It requires standing up when everyone else is sitting down.

It requires you to put your values on the line.

It means that many times you won’t be liked!

Are you looking to be popular – or are you looking to make a real difference?

Looking to make a difference, or just go along with the program?


Those who make decisions are real leaders.  Those that don’t are just people in leadership positions going nowhere.


Which one do you want to be?

 Join us at our up coming boot camp and learn, participate, enjoy and start being part of the 5%.

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Teddy Roosevelt said, “the most important single ingredient to the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people”


Nick McCormick in his book “Lead Well and Prosper” says, “Often managers get so caught up in what they are doing (and what they are being told to do), they ignore the fact that they are actually dealing with people”


My comment is really simple, people do what people see, so if you are wondering why your people do something, take a look at what you are doing – chances are they learned it from you.


So how are you doing when it comes to working with people?  More importantly, how are your leadership skills with people?  If your people rated you on a scale of 0-10, where 10 is superstar and 0 is the worst, where do you rate yourself.  Where would your team rate you?


This week I am going to start with the first thing you should be learning when it comes to working with othere. Listen to your people.


 I mean really taking the time to hear what they say.  We all talk about how we are listening to our people, but are we really. 


I was a fly on the wall in Jane’s office the other day.  She was talking with one of her lieutenants, Jason. 

She really was suppose to be listening to Jason.  However, she keep looking at her computer, screen and entering some data.  The phone rang and she had to check the caller id.   Her cell phone rang and she had to answer it.  Some email came in and she had to responding to it. 


All this was going one while one of her lieutenants, Jason, was trying to bring a point across which he really needed her to listen to and understand.  Just remember, the people who report to you can not grab you by the collar and say, “hey, I need you to listen to me”.  But they might want to.


There is almost nothing worse than a leader who says, “hurry up will you, I have important stuff to do and I can’t sit here listening to you all day”.  You do not have to say the words to put this message across, your actions say them many times louder than your words.


One of the best ways to listen is to take the person to a room where there are no distractions, leave your cell phone in your office.  This week, just try just listening to your people. I will guarantee you that they will love it.  They will learn a whole new respect for you.  Their productivity will go up greatly.


Number one – listen – really listen.