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The Decision Institute – Coach Manny Nowak

Sales and Leadership Development

Where is your focus?

Is it on the problem or the outcome? On what you can do, or what you can’t do?

On the bad economy or on how you can create great success because
of the economic situation?

Our children are actually the best people to help us. Have you ever seen how they look at things so much differently than we do? Take a few minutes and listen to their unique reactions.

What happens when they knock the ball through the kitchen window. Is
it the end of the world? What do they focus on? The child runs in and says,
“Well dad, this is going to be great, I am going to learn how to fix a
window. Let’s get the tools and you can show me how to do it.”

When the lawnmower will not start and you have to wait until tomorrow to
get the part to fix it. Your daughter comes over and says, “well mom, I’ll get
the gloves, it looks like we will have time to play catch after all. Isn’t this

When it is raining on Saturday morning and you all had planned on going for
a picnic at the park. In comes your son with the blanket. “Ok, let’s set
everything up in the living room and we can have our picnic right here instead.
This is going to be great! We get a picnic and TV at the same time.
I love it.”

You simply cannot argue with children. They have the focus. They find the
solution. They do not dwell on the problem, they simply move on. What if
we could do that too? Would life be much better?  Would we create greater results?

Why not try it today?  Change your focus and see what happens.

So where is your focus when you encounter a problem?
You see in all the above situations, the child simply found a solution.
He/she found a way to learn, a way to play, and a way to make it happen
despite the visible circumstances. What if you apply that process to your life and you start to focus on the solution and not the problem.


But we adults don’t think that way, do we?
If we broke the window all we would think about is, “now I am going to
have to fix this.”

Apply the same situation to your job. “The customer just called and she
is very mad. I entered a bunch of data into the software and now it seems
to have been deleted. Just what I wanted to deal with.”

What if you turn that around a bit using the above child theory. “Well this is a
problem, but now Jerry, who is our support superstar, is going to help me find the
fix and I am going to be even better at what I do. It is a great day because
I am going to learn something new.”

If we could not get the part for the lawnmower, we would be mad and it
would ruin our day?

Just like in our business, when the prospect says not until tomorrow, we
focus on all the reasons we are not going to get the business. Why they
are not going to call back. Why they might just cancel it all at the last minute.

What if instead we started to think positive. Think that the customer
might actually be looking at buying more or upgrading. Or buying new
instead of taking the temporary fix.

And finally, if it was raining on Saturday morning, I can already hear you
all saying, “look at this, it is raining, all week I planned this picnic and now we
can’t have it.”  You are focused on something you can do nothing about.  Instead, focus on what you can do something about.

When the customer orders and only takes ½ of what you had hoped for, your intitial reaction would be, “this really sucks.”

What if you now took it as a challenge. How are you going to sell them
the other ½ and maybe even some more? What if you stepped up and used this
to get even better at what you do? Do you think it might just make a

In order to move forward, we have to change our focus to the things we can control and forget the rest.


Here is a great quote from Og Mandino in his book, The Greatest Salesman
in the World, “Tomorrow lies buried with yesterday and I will think of it no
more. Concentrate 100% on what you have to deal with today.”

And deal with it very well.

Today, take the same child like look at the situation, laugh a bit and then see
a much better, clearer answer.

Focus on what you can do to fix the issue. Focus on what you can do to make it
better. Focus on the positive.

Are you excited about where you are going?  Are you on the path that will
take you to your life’s dream?  Are you still hesitating?  Are you doing great,
but know that you want to do even better? 


What are you doing about it?

Coaching can lead you to that result.  It really works.  It can be that edge
that you need.  Connect with me and let’s see what we can do to help you.

Or as quoted from Creflow Dollar:
“You have got to be willing to step out on the water
if you are ever going to walk on it.

As you get ready for 2015 - are you ready to walk on
water, or will you simply go through another year?

This is the time to get started.
This is the time to build a vision.
This is the time to do something different.
This is the time to commit to making 2015 your best year ever.
This is the time – stop hesitation.
Stop holding back.
Stop thinking about doing it some other day.

Step out onto the water in 2015.

Mark Twain puts it very well:
“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by
the things you didn’t do than by the things you did do.  
So throw off the bow lines, sail away from the safe harbor,
catch the trade winds in your sails, explore, dream, discover:

If you do exactly what you did this year, you will be exactly
where  you are right now one year from now.    Are you the
same place you were in December of last year?

Is that where you want to be?
Or would you like to be somewhere else?

First, do as Og Mandino tells us, “Tomorrow is the day reserved
for the labor of the lazy, I will act now.”

“Many of us are sitting right on top of the richest sources of
power that can be imagined and do nothing at all about it.”  
Norman Vincent Peale

To make 2015 the best year ever, you first have to commit that
you are going to do it.  Just as I stated at the beginning, you
have to step out onto the water, make a commitment, make a
public commitment, and then don’t let anyone or anything stop you.

There is a great bible story about a fellow by the name of
Peter who had the faith to step out onto the water, and when he did
it, he was walking on the water.  But, then he started
thinking too hard about it, then he started to say to himself,
“self, you can’t walk on water”, and what happened next is he fell in.

It is not just about the commitment to step out on the water,
it is also about keeping that commitment, keeping that faith,
continually believing.

Too many times we start the new year with all kinds of ideas,
plans and hopes.  We start the year stepping out onto the
water.  But then, just like Peter, we start thinking roo much
that we can’t really do it, and we fall into the water.

Make the commitment now.
Do it differently in 2015 and you will get different results.

Million Dollar Business Development Boot Camp

How to take your 6-figure business to 7 figures and beyond.

Here is an outline of what you will experience during this amazing 3-day event. Plus, we have so much more for you.

Effective Networking that generates business forever –interactive networking and teaching
This session features teaching, and then you get to apply what you learn.
Then we teach some more, and again you get to apply it right then.
This goes on for over 3 hours.
This interactive session will help you to create a bunch of new connections and relationships.

Sales and Building your business – from suspect, to prospect, to customer to repeat customer.
This session is designed to help you build your sales process to effectively generate more business.
If your sales process is not producing the results you want – then you simply have to be here.

CRM – Customer Relationship Management – With Mr. Brad Tornberg
How to use it to help both you and your business grow. From what it is, to how to implement it successfully.

Dream Believe and Achieve – Applied – with Mr. Larry Steller
Hands on workshop of working with the best, thus helping you to build your plan of action.

Mastermind One – working on your business not in it
Learn what it is and then actually participate as we show you the power through doing.

Social media – Twitter with Ms. Sondra Cappuccio
Wondering how you can use it effectively?
Wondering what it really does for your business and how it increases sales?
Learn how to generate business with it plus so much more.

LinkedIn – How do you use it to build your business? With Mr. Howard Yermish
How to turn your connections into relationships and then into business.
How does this fit into the world of social media.
How do you actually get this tool to work for you?
Helps you to create greater success.

Time Management – getting time to work for you. With Ms. Merle Margolese
Taking control of your time and your life.
Knowing time wasters and getting rid of them.
Planning, organizing and taking control.

Effective Networking that generates business forever
Come and participate in the Beehive game and build some great connections.
People have paid thousands of dollars to participate in this game of relationship building.
This interactive session used by T. Harv Eker is an amazing way to make the connections you need to drive your business forward exponentially.

Mastermind Two – working on your business not in it –part two – the plan.
How to take your plan and let others give you feedback and help in making it happen.
Taking the Dream Believe Achieve output and enhancing it even more.
Come out with a process that will help your business to be even more successful.

Plus all the other surprises we decide to add including participation by clients, guests and audience members.

We have some of the best industry heads who will be here to speak, teach, help and network with you.

You do not want to miss this event.

Register today.
October 23, 24, 25 – right outside Philadelphia, PA at the beautiful Courtyard by Marriott at Rowan University – Glassboro, NJ

All the above, plus much more, for just $197.
Register today.
Click here to register today.

Looking forward to working with you at this exciting event.

Coach Manny Nowak

Day One: Thursday, October 23, 2014
7:00- 8:15 Registration
8:15-9:00 Session 1 General Session and Introduction – Manny
9:15-12:00 Session 2 Effective Networking that generates business forever
12:00-1:00 Session 3 Sales and Building your business – part 1
1:00 – 2:15 Lunch
2:15 – 3:00 Session 3(cont) Sales and building your business part 2
3:00 – 4:00 Session 4 Brad Thornberg on CRM
4:15- 6:00 Session 5 WorkShop – Dream Believe and Achieve – Applied – Larry Steller

Day Two: Friday, October 24, 2014
7:45-8:15 Good Morning
8:15-9:15 Session 6 Vision – Manny
9:30-11-00 Session 7 Financial Management – Eli and Manny
11:15-1:00 Session 8 Selling Coaching
1:00-2:15 Lunch
2:15-3:45 Session 9 Linkedin – Howard Yermish
4:00 -5:30 Session 10 Twitter – Sondra Cappuccio
5:30-600 Social Media Q and A

Day Three, Saturday, October 25, 2014
7:45 – 8:15 Good Morning
8:15- 10:00 Session 11 Time Management – Merle Margolese
10:00 -12:00 Session 12 Effective Networking that generates business forever – session 2
Including Beehive Exercise
12:00-1:00 Session 13 Mastermind – working on your business not in it -Manny
1:00 – 1:30 Break
1:30 – 2:45 Session 14 Mastermind – working on your business not in it two – the plan.
3:00-4:00 Closing Session: Action – you got to do it to make it happen

Click here to Sign up today for only $197

Are you generating the business you want to generate?

Are your sales growing at the rate you expected or more?

Are you happy with your current sales process?


Simple questions – right?


Well if you are not happy, what are you doing to change?


Let us look at this in a very simple model.


First, the goal is to move suspects to customers.

But, in order to do that, they have to go through a cycle.


For example, if one customer takes 5 qualified prospects, and 5 qualified prospects take 10 prospects, and 10 prospects require 25 suspects. 

The simple math is that for you to create a customer, you first have to have 25 suspects.

To generate 100 customers, you have to have 2500 suspects.


Second, you have to understand the best place to hunt for your suspects. 

Yes it is hunting.

To do that, you need to start with your existing customers.  Where did each of them come from?

Always track this going forward and track it going back so you can see a pattern begin to emerge.

Now if 50 percent of your customers come from networking and another 40% of them come from cold calling, then those are the places you hunt.

Why? Simple, because the proof is in the pudding – you have proven it works.

90% of your customers come from these two sources – so why would you hunt elsewhere?


Third, you have to determine how to move a suspect to either a prospect or out.

Simply put, a prospect is someone who you believe, think or looks like they could use what you sell.

Then you have to ask questions, listen, research, and take the time to make the determination.  Don’t keep chasing people who are not your prospects.


Fourth, you have to move prospects to qualified prospects. 

Some people like to combine this and the previous step, but for clarification, I like to keep them completely separate.

Now you start to ask the harder questions.

Do they have a need?

Do they have money?

Can they make the decision?

Do they want to buy the product?

What is their timeframe?


And finally the fifth step.  Moving them towards being a customer.

Ask for the order.

All throughout the process, you have been building the relationship and now you  keep going, thus making it even stronger.

Demonstrate exactly what is in it for them.

Ask for the order.

You might have to do a proposal.

You might have to do a presentation.

Either way, ask for the order.


This is how you move a suspect to a customer.

Now get out there and start doing it.


Any way that you slice it, sales is always about your relationship with the buyer.

If you doubt that, I don’t even need to look at your results.

So, if you don’t have time to work on the relationship, then sales is not for you.


When I speak of sales, please understand that every single one of us is in sales.

It might not be directly selling a product or service, but we all have to sell ourselves and our ideas to others on an ongoing basis.


Today I want to share the expertise of three of the greatest sales teachers.


Three simple points that will take your game to the next level and create greater success in you.


1/       The benefit has to be for the buyer.


“Do you (the sales person) really believe what you are selling is for my benefit, or are you just trying to sell [it to] me so you will benefit?”  Zig Ziglar


You cannot argue with the master.


Are you focused on what is best for the buyer?

Are you making sure that this really will help them and that this is the right product/service for what they need?

Are you willing to back away from the sale if you don’t think so?


Selling is nothing more than solving a problem that the buyer has in the best way possible.  Does your product/service do that?  If not, then move on and walk away.


If the buyer sees the benefit – you will see the cash.



2/       Keep It Short & Simple (KISS)  from Guerilla Selling


Never forget that your job is to listen and not to tell the prospect all you know.

Sales is about solving the problem and subsequently getting the order.


How many sales people just love to talk and waste way too much of your time?

How many sales people just talk and talk and talk?


Yes, you are there to build a relationship.

However, not to take all my time, energy and patience.


The relationship should have been started and built long before you ask for the order.  Take enough time to build the relationship and keep the selling part both short and simple.



3/       They buyer has to first want to listen


“It is as useless to try and sell a man something until you have first made him want to listen as it would be to command the earth to stop rotating.”  Napoleon Hill


Have you ever met a person who tried to sell you something the moment you began talking?

They are in pure sales mode, focused on getting you to buy.

And you have already turned them off.


I am not listening – don’t you get it?


Again, first you need to build a relationship with the person.

Then you will create a desire for them to listen to what you are selling.

This then creates a buyer.


If all three of these are answered, working and if you have taken the time to build that relationship then:


They know that what you have will benefit them.

They know they want it, so they are already sold.

They are listening simply because they are interested.


WOW!  It really is that simple.