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The Decision Institute – Coach Manny Nowak

Sales and Leadership Development

What is not working in your sales and marketing process?

Do you know?

Do you even understand?

Are you taking the time and action to find, fix and excel?


It might just be something very simple – or maybe not!


If you are going to make next year your best year ever, then you have to find the answers, and take the action.



If you are not making those million dollars yet – then it is time to find the problem, solve it and get there.


Let’s start today with a few simple things to look at.  There are many, but if we start right now, we will be on our way.


1/        Follow up

The number one problem that most people have is that they don’t do it well or they don’t do it at all.

I will tell you this is number one because I see it all over.

Look at your follow up process – how is it?

How do you measure it?

How do you know it is working?


Build an effective follow up process, right now.



2/        Referrals

How good are you at asking for them?  There are so many good ways and methods to ask for referrals.  Why are you not doing it, or doing more?

People love your work, your product/service, and your passion.

Why wouldn’t they give you a referral?

Most of the time it is because you simply don’t ask.


Build an effective process for asking for referrals.



3/        Your connections

People have no idea how many people they know, where they are and how much they are happy to help.

But again, most people do not ask for help.

Could you connect me with?

Can you help me get into?

I see you know Jane, can you introduce me?


If I ask you for help, would you tell me to go away?  Of course you wouldn’t.

Neither will your connections.


Start asking for help.



4/        Customers

What else could your customers buy from you or from one of your affiliates?

How much of their business do you currently have?

I once took a company up over by 80% – 7 million a year – just by expanding the current client base, and I done so in 18 months.

Your customers are a gold mine, but are you working them?


Work your customers for more business.



5/        Settling for less than you want

We are doing OK.

Is OK enough for you?

Is that really where you want to be?

Or do you want even more?

Do you want to make a million dollars a year or not?


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Stop settling for less and go for gold.



Do something in one or these areas and watch what happens.  Do 2 or more and you will be amazed.


Find, fix and excel your sales and marketing process.

That is what I do for my clients.

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I have had it with people I meet at an event for

the first time, thinking I am ready to

buy what they have to sell.


How about you?


No wonder people hate networking.

No wonder buyers and senior executives do not attend such events.


Why would you send an email to someone

you only just met at a networking event

saying: “Here is a list of what I do, please

review and let me know what I can do for you?”


Why would you call me and try to schedule

a meeting to review my needs when I do not

even know you yet, and you do not know me?


Why do you think I am interested in

what you have to sell if I do not even

know who you are yet?


Amazing, and it never stops amazing me that people do these things.

Every week I get them.

Every week I write, speak and teach about networking, but is anyone listening?


You have to build a relationship with a person before they are going to buy anything.

You have to learn a little bit about them.

You have to make them feel important and like you care.


I don’t know you, so what would ever give you the idea I am interested in what you sell?


Building a relationship with people is one of the greatest weaknesses most people have in business today.

They simply move from “hello” to “get your wallet out”.

From “nice to meet you” to “which one of these would you like to buy?”


Ever wondered why you are not successful both off-line and on-line when it comes to selling? 

Relationship building is required in both.


Ever think it just might be you have not taken the time to learn a little about the other person?


Three simple keys:

1/        Get to know the other person.

            Ask questions.


            Make them feel as though you are interested and you are willing to take some time to know who they are.


2/        Invest some time in the relationship.

            Schedule a one on one meeting.

            Go see the other persons business.

            Learn a little about them and their business.


3/        Ask how you can help them.

            One of the greatest sales people ever, Zig Ziglar, put it very simply,

            “the best way to get business for yourself is to help someone else get business for themselves.”

            If you help someone with what they need, then you start to create a relationship.

            If you create a relationship with me, I might just be interested in what you have to sell.



You mean that is all there is to it?


This week and this coming year.

Change the way you do business.

Start to listen to what others need.

Start to help others get what they need.

You will be amazed at what happens to your business.