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How to get Really Good at Listening

Posted by Manny on May 28, 2015
Posted in Leadership 

Really Listen and Watch What Happens to Your Life

How to get Really Good at Listening



Are you ready to take your listening to new levels of success?


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1/         Be Genuinely interested – how to be and show that you are genuinely interested in what the other person has to say. 


2/         Listen with an open mind – your face tells right away when you have stopped listening.


3/         Echo back – showing that you understand what the other person is saying.


4/         Stop trying to fill the Silence – become comfortable with silence. 


5/         Eye contract – looking and paying attention go hand and hand.


6/         Don’t get the I can’t wait to answer – itchy pants syndrome


7/         Never Cut them off or interrupt them – as hard as it is – you can do it.


8/         You think to fast, so concentrate – you can’t start formulating the answer while they talk.


9/         Listen to understand – not to respond yet.


10/       Ask more questions – keep them talking, amazing what you learn.



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A new exciting term being spread all over the place these days is this thing called, “marketing automation.”   So what is it and how could it help your organization?


Firstly, according to the experts at Wikipedia:

Marketing automation is software technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks.


Secondly, according to Coach Manny:

Marketing automation is tools and systems that can drive your business to the next level in sales and marketing.  It also helps you stay connected, and follow up and build your business both online and offline.  Helping you stop missing the targets that you know you should be hitting.  Increase sales!


For you as a business owner, marketing automation can drive you way ahead of the competition and make you a major player in your business field.  Increase sales.


Today, I just want to introduce 3 areas that marketing automation can help you with.  Remember, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what real marketing automation can do for you and your organization.


1/        Automate the follow up process – stop your loss of potential clients.

            How do you stay connected with more people and how do you move the right people forward in the marketing process?

            I don’t care how good you think your memory is, you cannot remember everything and if you miss something with a prospect, it could be the one thing that costs you a client worth thousands of dollars.

            Marketing automation helps you to set up campaigns that are followed automatically once you make a personal or online connection.  It can do the majority of the work for you;  notifying you only when you need to physically get involved.  When you have to make that call or stop by and visit.


2/        Saving you dollars on adding staff.

            We all know the cost and headache of first finding the right players and then paying them what they are worth.  For most of you, your highest cost is employees.

            However, when you look at automation, do you look at where it can save you hiring that person?

            For pennies on the dollar of the cost of a person, marketing automation can perform so many of the routine follow up and connection pieces that make your sales and marketing process much more effective;  that generates business.


3/        Reduce “misses” to almost zero

            Yes, computers do still make mistakes, but they are usually caused by the person behind the keyboard.

            Once you set up and test a process, the computer does it every time, all the time, just as you ask it to.  This is one of the great powers of marketing automation.  Define the follow up process, by whatever categories and groupings you want, and the system will automatically do it every single time for you.  Again, only informing you when you need to get involved.


            I have been working with business owners in small organizations effectively for the past 10 years.  Yet, with these new automation tools, I can help my clients even further by taking their sales/marketing process to new levels of results.


            You know how I always talk about walking the walk, well  I am walking the walk.  I have implemented marketing automation in my own business and it has created results that will help my business to grow way beyond expectations.


            So, there is your introduction.  Call me or email to learn more.  856 358 4021.  Manny@MannyNowak.com


            Also, don’t forget our Marketing Automation Boot Camp this October 22 and 232015.  If you think this is something you should be looking at, then you need to be there.  Register today at our discounted price.


Sales, Sales, Sales

Posted by Manny on May 4, 2015
Posted in Leadership 



Sales are one of, if not the top, problem that many of you out there deal with day in and day out.


Your sales are not where they should be.  You projected x dollars and you just did not get there.


You cannot find any good sales people – what happened to the ones who could sell?

Why do you keep hiring the wrong sales people?  They tell a great story coming in, but go on to produce nothing.


Why does your competition get the deals you know that you are the better solution for?

ABC got the deal, are you kidding me? Their solutions are nowhere near as good as ours.


What was that line from Field of Dreams: “If you build it they will come.”


The real answer:

If you can get them to want it, they will spend the money.  It doesn’t matter how good it is, they have to want it.  People buy what they want to have.


If you get them to buy it, then you can sell it. 

You see it is not about selling, but it is about buying.  They have to want to buy it.  Are you creating a desire for your solution?


Plus, let us not forget, if they like you, the chances of them buying from you go way up.  Like it or not, people buy from people they like.   It just happens to work that way.  It is called building relationships? 


As a business owner, I know you may have tried this and that, as well as even more.  People keep talking about what they can do to help you.  People keep showing you great ideas, but sadly no results. 


So the question is, “how do you get your sales to the level you want and beyond?”


Three simple keys I want to share with you today.

Follow up, consistency and persistence.

With these three keys, you can take your company to great new levels.



1/        Follow up.

            Once you find the potential buyer, you have to follow up with them.

            Not one time, not when you feel like it.

            But you have to build a system that automates as much of this as possible.


            An automated process that means you only have to deal with the exceptions.

            Computers were built to help us, so why don’t we use them to do that?

            Why are you trying to keep track of everything yourself?


            Meet a person.

            Let your systems do the follow up until they take some action.

            Then let the computer remind you of what you need to do.


2/        Consistency.

            It has to be done the same way, by everyone, every single day.

            Many will fight this, but it works.

            You cannot do it one way while your sales rep does it another.

            You need a process to follow and you all need to follow it.


            Yes, personality is critical and needs to be used, but that is not process.

            This is how we handle a prospect from the first meeting to the close and for many years beyond.

            This is how you will do it.

            It works.


3/        Persistence.

            Go all the way to the top.

            Stay when everyone else is gone.

            If you have a buyer, then you have a prospect.

            Those that give up are out.


            When I sold consulting to Fortune 1000 companies.

            I called them every month

            For years and years.

            And finally, I got in and I closed the business.


            When we sold tradeshow services.

            We called our prospects every month.

            For years and years.

            And finally, they gave us a shot.


            Yes, it does work, but most people as they say, give up 10 foot from the top of the 10,000 foot mountain.


So, is taking your sales to a new level of success that important to you?


Do you want to take your sales to an unprecedented new level of success?


Then why are you not on the phone calling me to help you?


What is holding your back from making the move?


Are you sure you want to increase sales and take your company to that new level of success?


Then stop thinking about it.

Stop wondering if it will work.

Take some action today.

Coach Manny Nowak is here to help you make it happen.


Call, Email, connect.  Today.

856 358 4021