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Ever wonder why you can do the most wonderful presentation in the world?  Receive great reviews from each person at every meeting.  Receive great complements.  Have people ask you for help with their presentation. 

Yet, you walk out with no deal. 

So, what gives? Why does that happen?


I once did a great presentation for a company looking to buy our software development skills.  They all loved my stories; they loved the way I walked them through the process.  They actually told me it was one of the best software development presentations that they had ever seen.  However, they did not sign.   I did not get the deal.  They did not show me the money.

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What happened?



We had spent so much time, effort and energy on the presentation.  We practiced everything just like we were told.  We went over it a dozen times.  We had everyone involved.  This was one of the biggest deals in the company’s history.  And we did not get it.




Have you ever been there?

Did you wonder why when this happened to you?


Well, the bottom line was that the presentation was great, but we did not persuade the prospective customer to buy.


This should really hit home.

It did with me when I was listening to one of my great mentors, Jim Rohn, talking about it.


Amazing isn’t it?

We present, but we forget that in that presentation we have to persuade the customer to ultimately take action.  To buy… To move forward.


I don’t mean change the presentation to something that is purely selling.  But, I mean simple things that will move the customer towards the close.


As another of my mentors, Zig Ziglar, says, “you got to always be closing.”


So, always be asking these questions.

How to create real success in all you do

How to create real success in all you do



1/        What if you had this product/service?

            What would it do for you and your company?

            How could it make life better?


2/        Can you picture what it would look like to own our product/service?

            See yourself using the product.


3/        Do you see the savings and what you could do with that?

            This is the cost per year, per month, per day, and even per hour.

            Break it down simply so they can see.


There are so many more ways you can do this in a presentation.  However, the most vital part is that you have to do it.


Tell them, “If you had our developers working with your team, they would be learning new stuff and product development would increase by 50%.”


Tell them, “Look at your people working side by side with our consultants.  Teaching and helping.  Look at the project coming in ahead of schedule.”


What would the CFO say when the project came in at 20% under estimated cost?  What else could you be doing with the savings?


The next presentation you do, make sure you are moving the prospect towards the close. 


It is great to present facts, but you have to translate them into benefits for your customers.  You have to make them want to buy.  You have to make it so that they cannot let you leave without the deal.


If you are not closing the deal, then look to see how well you are persuading your prospects.


Need some help?

This is just the beginning.

You have a great presentation.  Now, let’s go through it and get it to persuade the customer to buy.  You will be amazed at how much more business you will close.





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