I walked into the flower shop last Saturday looking to get a nice arrangement of roses for my wife for our anniversary.  I was ready to spend what I needed for a nice set of a dozen roses in a beautiful arrangement.


I walked into the store and the first issue I had to deal with should have told it all to me – I was totally ignored.  And the store was devoid of customers.
However, I have been ignored before so life goes on.
Finally, I got someone’s attention.


“Yes, sir, how can I help you?” The clerk asks.


“I would like something nice for my anniversary, roses perhaps.” I answered.


The response I received was just a little bit unbelievable, “Well the florist is out on a delivery, all I have is what is in the box.”  (2 little arrangements for the cemetery).  With a whole lot of attitude attached.  Then I ask, “You mean I have no other options?”   “No.”


This was enough, so I grabbed my grandchildren who were with me, said thank you and walked out.


That is the only shot they will ever get to make me a customer for life, and they blew it.


They will never be referred by me to anyone, in fact, quite the opposite, “No, don’t go there.”


I am telling thousands on my list about my bad experience there.  One single clerk lost this place thousands of dollars of business.  That is what happens.


Yes, it was a very busy holiday season and many were overworked, but your current customer doesn’t care.  When it comes to service, you need to be top notch all of the time.  When it comes to customer service – you have to be on the top of your game – every single time.  If you are that tired, go home.


Many times, you only get one shot to create a customer for life.  Make sure your team is running at top speed, every day and in every way.


I could have been a major corporate account just feeling the place out.
I could have had a huge order, you see, you never know.
I do have plenty of people I would have referred there, if I had received a great experience.


Your team that touches the customer must be 110% all the time, every time.  Nothing less is acceptable.


If your expectations are any less, you are leaving a great deal of money on the table.


You are sacrificing the possibility of doubling your sales because you don’t want to step up.


So, as we get ready for the New Year, set your expectations higher.


It is a key step in doubling your sales.