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Squeeze Time – Explode Success

Posted by Manny on February 15, 2016
Posted in Leadership 

Ever hear retired people talk about how they wonder how they ever had time for everything before they retired; they are so busy now, and they don’t even have a job?


Hate to tell them, but the more time you have, the more poorly you use it.  When you have an hour to accomplish something, you get it done in an hour.  If you give yourself 4 hours for the same task, you take 4 hours.  Simply put, that is how it works.


So – if you are jammed up and going crazy – stop and follow these simple steps and watch how much more you get done in the same amount of time.  Use your time wisely, and your success will explode exponentially.


1/        Squeeze the time!

            If you think something will take 2 hours, give yourself 90 minutes. You will get it done and done very well in 90 minutes.

            If you estimate 4 days, give yourself 3. It will happen.

            Quickly, you will see how amazing this is.


            Our mind knows how much time we have, and it adjusts our work speed to that amount of time.


            Every week, I put together my plan for the next week.  I use to give myself 90 minutes on Sunday night to do it.  Now, I give myself 60 minutes, instead.  Guess what?  I have 30 minutes to do something else.  If I gave myself 2 hours, it would take 2 hours.


            Are you making cold calls?  Say you allocated 90 minutes.  Give yourself 60, instead, and do it.  Squeeze the time and get better results.  The payoff – better success and more time left.  Wow!


2/        Focus on one thing at a time.

            Multi-tasking is a lie.

            Yes, you can be doing 6 things, but you only do one at a time, even if you have 6 of them going on.

            Plus, you waste all that time going from one task to another, figuring out where you left off, and starting again.


            Even a computer, which people think multi tasks, still only does one thing at a time. It just switches back and forth at a speed and with a skill that we, as humans, cannot do.


            Focus on each thing you do, and do it hard, strong, and totally, and you will be done so much faster.


            A simple question for many of you out there – how many projects have you started, and they are almost done, but not yet complete?  What if you had just done each one to completion?


            Time for prospecting –  2 hours allocated.  Spend 90 minutes, focus, and get it done very well.


3/        Do the highest priority first, period.

            Stop trying to clean up the little stuff.

            Stop worrying about the junk.


            What is it that generates your highest return for your time and money – period.  Do that.


            You want to create success, then stop doing junk before priority.  Get a clear picture of the things you need to be doing to create success, and then do them, but faster.


            The question is, how many of you, whose time is worth hundreds of dollars an hour, are still doing stuff you can pay someone $15 an hour to do?


Your most valuable resource is your time.

Make a commitment today to stop wasting it.


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“Small steps taken continuously will get you miles ahead on the road to success.”  Jason Harvey


Thanks for connecting with me on LinkedIn today.  Now, here is what I want to sell you, so how about an appointment tomorrow?


Now that we are connected, it is time for you to become my customer.  Here is how you can get started.


Thanks for connecting with me on LinkedIn.  I will have my sales rep call you tomorrow to get you started on our process.


I guess this quote says it well:

“Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly until you learn how to do it well.”  Steve Brown


This is what you call using LinkedIn poorly.


Yes, it is the way many people think they can and do use LinkedIn.  Does it work?






You are running me over like a steamroller – let me up please.

I like to be aggressive, but you are just being rude.


You don’t even know me yet.


Where is that disconnect button?


Zap – they are gone, forever.


LinkedIn is a networking tool; to use LinkedIn effectively, you have to follow the same networking rules that you do in building in-person relationships.


Build a relationship first.


However, so many people on LinkedIn just want to run you over – like a steamroller.  Well to think of it, so do many people at live events, but that is another article for another day.


If you want to build a great relationship by using LinkedIn, here are 3 keys to help you get things rolling toward greater success.


1/        Say Hello.

            Thanks for connecting with me.

            I look forward to learning more about you.

            I will connect back with you.


            That’s all folks!  That is a simple, easy start.


            Note: If I am looking for what you are selling and really want to connect, then I will push the relationship further.  But, as the seller, you need to step back just a bit.  I love it when the other person wants to buy, and I am ready to sell.   However, it’s important to let the buyer make that first move this early in the relationship.


2/        Read their profile.

            Then ask a couple of questions about them.

            Not if they need life insurance or need a printer.

            Ask questions about them; work on your relationship building first.


            I see you are part of this group, how do you like it?

            What is it that makes you different from other people in your business?

            I enjoyed your article, but here is a question I have about it.


3/        Ask to learn more.

            It’s great to be connected.

            Could we do 15-30-minute call, so I can learn more about you and how I might help you and share a bit about myself?


            I do agree that if we are connected, we should learn more about each other and build a relationship.  Otherwise, why did we connect in the first place?



I am aggressive about growth.  Remember my process is “Double Your Sales.”

But you need to work the relationship first, not run the prospect over.


LinkedIn is a great networking tool.  You can find the exact people you are looking for.  You can double your sales.  However, you still have to build a relationship first.


What are you doing differently this year than you did last year?  If you don’t have a strong answer, then how are your results going to be any different?


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