Without vision, the people perish.

–– Proverbs 29:18



The first question we address in our book, Failure Creates Success is vision.


Where do you want to go?


Warm up and watch “Failure Creates Success from the Beach,” Video.



When I ask this question to people so many times I get answered with a blank stare. 


And the older the group, the blanker the stare.


I think sometimes that once we hit the age of 12, we lose the ability to dream.  Just go out and ask this questions of an 8-year-old, “Where do you want go, what do you want to be?” and the youngster will tell  you just what he/she wants.  He will not hesitate or look at you with the blank stare. 


They know what they want to be.  Just try it.


Why is it we know at 8, but at 28 we are lost?

Why is it we know at 8, but at 52 we have no idea?


Why do we not know what we want?  Or are we just afraid to say it?


If you ask me my vision, I can clearly give it to you.


Manny’s Vision:


To build a successful organization that all my children and their spouses can work for. 

An organization that helps millions of people find success in their lives. 

An organization that puts God first, family second and health third.

An organization that thanks God for its success, knowing that all our success comes from Him. 

An organization that creates income for my family for generations.


That is vision.


What are you doing?  What is your vision?


You see, that vision will do it for me; it will give me direction for my life and for all I am going to do.


But to get a vision, you have to ask yourself some real questions.  You have to dig deep.  You have to brainstorm what you really want in your life.  You have to go many times deep inside yourself to see what is there.


Not what others want for you.


Not what you think you should do.


But what you really want to do in life.


Then, the first piece of magic. You need to write it down.


Think about it.


Refine it.


Develop it.


You see, once you have this, it will drive everything else you do.


But why are you so afraid to do this?


Remember my book is entitled “Failure Creates Success.” This is where we start.


You have to take a chance.  You have to be willing to fail.  You have to be willing to take the bullet.  You have to put yourself out there.  You have to be willing to make a bold statement.  This statement might contain some things other people might not like.  I am sure everyone doesn’t totally like mine.


Guess what –– it doesn’t matter.  This is not for someone else.  This is for you.


Vision is the driver for everything else in this book, for you and for your life.


Don’t hesitate.

Don’t hold back.


You need to know where you are going.


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