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Interesting concept – people who could become customers don’t tell you why, they just don’t buy?

Those of us with online businesses experience this all the time, but so do those of us who don’t have online businesses.

People just stop and don’t buy.



You don’t understand why they don’t buy, but they simply don’t.


You don’t hear them say, “I didn’t buy because of this or because of that”, instead, they just don’t buy.


So, what can we do?

How do we determine what we are doing wrong?

How do we find the reason they did not buy?

How do we find the reason the conversion and close of the deal didn’t work?


You have to ask.

Yet, so often, we don’t ask.

Online, we have a little more automatic control, yes and no.

There are ways to ask automatically.

But, if they just leave and close the window before we really understand who they are, we have no recourse.


The best way for me to understand why someone didn’t buy is to ask.

Thanks for your interest. Can you tell use why you are not buying?

But if they just close the window, I cannot even do this.


Yet, if we don’t take time to understand why people do not buy, we will continue to do the things that made them not buy.


So, today I want to share with you 3 little tips to help you in this realm.



1/        Ask

            When someone doesn’t buy, when someone doesn’t take the deal, online or offline, simply ask the question, if you can.

            Sometimes you can and sometimes you cannot, but try.


            “You didn’t buy, why?”

            It is that simple.

            So if you didn’t do business with us.

            “I appreciate this opportunity to talk with you, to serve you.  For us to better service you and others in the future, could you share why with me?”


            You will be amazed at what you might learn, if you simply ask and then shut up and listen.


2/        Go back and review the deal with a third party.

Let someone else look at what you did and give you feedback.

Run the situation past others – your boss, fellow sales people, a friend, or a coach.

            “Here is the situation, here is what happened, and they did not buy.  Do you see anything I did wrong?’

            Let me share my sales process with you, online and offline. 


            You might be amazed by what you learn.

            I did this with a friend the other day, and he gave me great input.


3/        Honestly, look at your sales process and ask yourself.

            Ask yourself this question – “Would I buy from me?”

            This is one of the simplest things we could do.

            And if we are honest, we will usually be amazed.

            Too pushy, not pushy enough.

            Talk too much.

            Too detailed. Too high level.

            On and on.


            If you can’t say, wow, I love it, I am in!

            Then why would anyone else?


Let us remember this week to continuously ask, “Why should they buy from me?”


To be a star at selling, you need a system that works.  How is your sales process working?  Take a look at our self-study course designed to help you create a new and powerful sales process that can double your sales.








Or as quoted from Creflow Dollar:

“You have got to be willing to step out on the water
if you are ever going to walk on it.”

As you enter the second half of 2016 – are you ready to walk on
water, or will you simply continue as you have been?

This is the time to get started.

This is the time to build a vision.

This is the time to do something different.

This is the time to commit to making this your best year ever.

This is the time – stop hesitation.

Stop holding back.

Stop thinking about doing it some other day.

Step out onto the water and make it happen for you!

Mark Twain puts it very well:
“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by
the things you didn’t do than by the things you did do.  
So throw off the bow lines, sail away from the safe harbor,
catch the trade winds in your sails, explore, dream, discover:

If you do exactly what you did so far this year, you will be exactly
where  you are right now come 12/31.   

Are you the
same place you were in December of last year?

Is that where you want to be?
Or would you like to be somewhere else?

First, do as Og Mandino tells us, “Tomorrow is the day reserved
for the labor of the lazy, I will act now.”

“Many of us are sitting right on top of the richest sources of
power that can be imagined and do nothing at all about it.”  
Norman Vincent Peale

To make this your best year ever, you first have to commit that
you are going to do it.  Just as I stated at the beginning, you
have to step out onto the water, make a commitment, make a
public commitment, and then don’t let anyone or anything stop you.

There is a great bible story about a fellow by the name of
Peter who had the faith to step out onto the water, and when he did
it, he was walking on the water.  But, then he started
thinking too hard about it, then he started to say to himself,
“self, you can’t walk on water”, and what happened next is he fell in.

It is not just about the commitment to step out on the water,
it is also about keeping that commitment, keeping that faith,
continually believing.

Too many times we start to do it with all kinds of ideas,
plans and hopes.  We start stepping out onto the
water.  But then, just like Peter, we start thinking too much
that we can’t really do it, and we fall into the water.

Make the commitment now.

Do it differently and you will get different results.

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Creating a Social Media Calendar

Which social media should I be using?

How much should I interact?

When should I interact?


We are getting bombarded on every side by social media.  Posting, responding, friending, joining.  What is one to do and when?


Today I want us to take a step back and understand that social media is just another tool to help us with our business, another tool to help us generate leads and build relationships and close deals.  And just like any other tool in our business, we need to understand how, when, where and why to use it.


We need a plan.


One of the most effective techniques I used was to design a calendar to drive what I do and when on social media.


So today I want to take you on a quick walk-through of the process of creating a social media calendar.

You can also watch the video Google Hangout we made on this process to learn more.

Click the link below.


Here are the 3 steps:


1/        Define the platforms you want to work on. 

You cannot work them all and you might not even want to.  Certain platforms work best for certain people and businesses.


            A/        LinkedIn

            B/        Facebook

            C/        Twitter

            D/       Google Plus

            E/        Pinterest

            F/        YouTube

            G/        Your blog

            H/       any other you want to use



            Select the ones you want to work on.  I suggest arranging them in order of priority.


2/        Define what activities you are going to do on each platform every week or every month:

            A/        Post articles

            B/        Post remarks

            C/        Comment on other users’ posts

            D/       Link, share

            E/        Post and push events

            F/        Post and respond in groups

            G/        Add links

            H/       Advertise

            I/         Do events

            J/         Generate video and post

            K/       Add pictures


            Do this for each platform you are going to work with.


3/        Assign each of the processes to a day of the week.

            What are you going to do each day of the week?



The result you have now is a weekly calendar of all the things you are going to do on social media and when you are going to do them.


You might find it is way too much, so you might put together a monthly calendar instead and spread things out a bit.


You might find it is still too much and decide that you are not going to work on all these, and that you have to cut some.


Or you might find you love it and that now you need help; you need someone to do some of these things.


Now I believe there are some things you can outsource on social media and some things you cannot.


But what I hope this little exercise has shown you, is that social media is a very fast growing animal and you need to get hold of it now.


It can be a major help in your sales and marketing process, but like any of the other tools, you have to take control of it.


Watch the Hangout we created and get more info.



Then put your calendar together and see how it goes.


For any help or questions, connect with us.



Increasing Sales – Dominating Your Market


People say, “You can’t get rich saving money.”


I say, “You cannot build your business through saving money – you have to build it by increasing sales.”


To build a successful business you have to increase sales every year.


To build a great business you have to generate a greater amount of business every year.


So what are you doing to make it happen for you and your business?


Here are 3 simple ways to make a dramatic difference in your business:


  1. Focus on what you do well.

  • Find the things you do better than anyone else and then do more of them.
  • Find the things you sell well, the products you have that are so much better when you add your sales team to them.
  • Stop trying to perform services that you don’t excel at.
  • Become unique and dominate the market.


A company was in the business of making appointments for people, writing articles, consulting, making calls and building content.  Then one day the CEO said, “Stop! What do we do better than anyone else? We excel at appointment setting. We do it so well that we are going to dump everything else and focus entirely on that. Yes, it will take some revenue away in the short term, but we will make it up.”


Today, they are one of the fastest growing companies out there – setting appointments.



2.         Set goals for your sales and exceed them. Then, take it further:

  • Set them higher than you think and then blow them away.
  • You know what it takes –now all you have to do is execute the plan.


Goals are meant to be broken.  They are the steps before the pinnacle, not the pinnacle itself.


Take for example, Jim. Jim was really having a problem generating sales.  He had his goals, but usually he did not achieve them.  The company was OK with this because most people in the company never made their sales goals. 


            Then a new sales director came in and on day one he set a new platform:

Quarter 1, you don’t reach your goals, we cut your commission 25% of each sale.

            Quarter 2, you don’t reach your goals, we cut you commission another 25%.

Month 3, you don’t reach your goals, we cut you.


An amazing thing happened – once challenged to step up, Jim exceeded his goals every month. 


If you are not setting and exceeding sales goals, start today.



3.         Work harder than anyone else.

  • Stop hesitating and holding yourself back.
  • Let people know who you are – get out there physically, on the phone and on electronic media.
  • Let people know you are there – show up and be there.
  • Let people know what you have and why it is better than anyone else’s.


            “The early bird catches the worm.”


I was telling my 10 year-old granddaughter this old saying the other day and she had never heard it and asked me what it meant. So I explained it to her this simply way: The early bird is the first on the scene, the one who gets out there before anyone else.  While everyone else is waking up and thinking about stuff, the early bird has already gotten the worm and is moving on to the next thing.


            Amazing. Stop thinking too much and start taking action.


So there you have 3 ways to improve your sales. 


Please join us this Friday for more information on our weekly free Google Hangout.  Click here to register today.


Now go and focus on what you are best at.

Set high goals and exceed them.

And work harder than anyone else.


Need some help with some of those excuses?  Remember that consistency, persistence and self-discipline help you get there.


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Stop Making Excuses and Start Making Money

Today, I just want to talk about excuses and making them and making them and being OK with it. 


In our new book,“What’s your Excuse” we are pushing you to stop with the excuses and step up.


Three things that will cause you stop with the excuses are being more persistent, consistent and self-disciplined.


So, first, let’s start with consistency.


Let’s talk about your consistency in sales. For our example, let us select one method to build consistency on.  It can be networking, emailing, cold calling, advertising, or 3 dozen others.


The lack of consistency is the issue we need to address.  It is also the thing preventing you from being more successful.  You are failing with this process because you are not doing it consistently.


I succeed because I run my days consistently.   And by running them consistently, I create business.


Let’s take cold calling, for example.


Most of us get motivated by a seminar, book or video, and we say, “I am going to make 100 calls every day.”  Then what happens?  We make 100 calls on day one, 50 on day 2, 10 on day 3 and then we never get back to it.


Instead, we could begin by saying that every day, I will make 25 cold calls, which is a much more reasonable goal.  However, if we do it every day, Monday through Friday, by the end of a month, we have made 20*25 or 500 calls.  And we start to see results.

Because we are consistent.


Next, let’s talk about persistence.  How persistent are you? 

The latest stat I saw was that 95% of sales people give up before the 5th call, and 60 percent of business is written after the 5th call.  

So do you understand what that means?

There are only 5% of us sales people left, yet there is still 60% of the business left.  Wow!.  No wonder those who make that 6th, 7th and 8th call and beyond succeed.


By being persistent, you get the business.  While everyone else is leaving so much on the table and chasing the same thing, you are working the best stuff, and you are making money.



So be persistent – call again, call again, call again, until the person tells you.  – “don’t call me anymore, please leave me alone,”


Note:  Being a sales star is not for those who are shy at heart – sales is a tough business and takes a tough skin.



The final key to stopping your excuses and starting to making money is self-discipline.


Unsuccessful sales people are sitting around talking about, “this is what I am going to do,” while the successful are out there doing it. 


If you find yourself talking too much about what you will do, stop and start doing something, anything.  Start taking action.  Self-discipline is about taking action.



The president of one of the local chambers keeps emphasizing this point to members.  “So what if it is summer, we all still got to do business.  Summer time does not mean business is shut down.  How many of you shut your business down in the summer?  Nobody.”


Self-disciplined means you take some action.

It means you stop saying:

            It is Monday morning, I should not call people.

            It is Friday afternoon, I do not want to bug him/her on their way out.

            It is – whatever excuse you want!


I shouldn’t this and I shouldn’t that and the next thing you know – I am shouldn’t all over the place.  Stop making excuses and start making money.


If you need help, get a copy of our new book,

“What is your excuse? Everyone’s got one, and they all stink.

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