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Success is what most of us want – yet most of us are not willing to pay the price, do the work, walk through the crap and still have to do more.


Guess what?

That’s is what it takes.

And even then, you might have to keep going or start all over again.

Success is not for the weak!


You see, success comes to those who do not give up, quit or stop.


Today I want to share 5 success tips with you that might just help you become that superstar you want to be.  And if you already are a superstar, like most reading this, you will be even better.


1/        “The grass is not greener on the other side of the fence, and the grass is not greener on this side of the fence.  The grass is greener where you water it.” 



Most people keep looking for the solution instead of creating it. 

They jump from organization to organization. 

From project to project. 

From career to career. 


And yet they still don’t fine the answer because you have to create it.  It doesn’t just exist.


If you want real success, suck it up and make it happen.

Do what you have to in order to make it happen.

Just make sure you keep it legal, moral and ethical.



2/        “He puts impossible obstacles in front of us to bless us, not to hinder us.”

Bob Saffrin.


            Success happens to those who look at the impossible obstacles and say, “let me see what I have to do to get around, over, under or through this.  They never say, can it be done, they just do it.


            God does have a sense of humor, he makes it tuff to make us tuff. 

Ever see a sissy running a successful organization?



3/        “No tree becomes rooted and sturdy unless many a wind assails it.  For by its very tossing it tightens its grip and plants its roots more securely; the fragile trees are those that have grown in a sunny valley.” 

Seneca the Young


Think about what makes you as good as you are.  Did you learn by success or did you learn by failure.  Did you become good because everything always worked, or did the frustration and hard work make it happen for you? 


It takes walking against the wind to become strong.



4/        “Desire backed by faith knows no such word as impossible.”

Napoleon Hill


It is mental, to a great degree. 

If you want to make it happen, you have to believe that it is going to happen. 

You have to have this total mental belief. 

Look at the impossible things you have accomplish and ask yourself, “what was I thinking?”


You were thinking that you could do it, never that you couldn’t.



5/        “Success requires you to get in shape,





            Champions require it all.

Zig Ziglar


            So are you ready?

            Are you in shape?

            Can you physically handle the task?

            Are you mentally prepared?

            Do you have the spiritual strength?

            Are you emotionally fit?


            Then there is no need to worry, get going down that road.


            The only thing holding you back it YOU!



“What’s your excuse” – Read my new book and strength your persistence, consistency and self-discipline. 

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How well do you listen?

Posted by Manny on August 21, 2016
Posted in Leadership 

0006How well do you listen?


Listen to Coach Manny’s seminar on just that:




If you are pinned down by enemy fire and do nothing, you will be killed.

Action creates movement. Movement creates change. Change creates results.

If you do something, anything, things will move forward, change, and you have a great chance for success.

If you do nothing, nothing will happen, nothing will change.

Action creates results.

How to create real success in all you do

How to create real success in all you do

Put very simply by John Onberg, “If you want to walk on water, you’ve got to get out of the boat.”

Are you still in the boat wishing and hoping? Get out of the boat –– now!

“Be aggressive in helping others.  
Don’t wait to feel like it.
  Don’t wait for some supernatural sign that God wants to use you.
  Just get started.”
––Quote from Joyce Meyer in her book, Approval Addiction.

Start now, get going, and stop talking about it. Stop thinking about it.

If you are wondering why things have not happened for you, perhaps it was because you did not move.

Here is a simple acrostic for the word action that might just give you the lift you need to put this plan into action.


A – Attitude

You have a choice. You can wake up and believe it is a great day, that you are going to do well, that you are ready to take on all that comes at you, that you are good. Or you can wake up and start the day whining, moaning and miserable. Simply put, you choose. If you want action, then you need the right attitude to start.


C – Commitment

I have always been told, if you are going to do something, then do it very well. That is commitment. Action requires that you do it and that you do it very well.

John Hancock has the largest signature on the Declaration of Independence, the first one you see. That is commitment.

How about you? Do you stand out in your commitment to what you are doing, or is it just another task? Hancock put his life on the line by signing so large so all could see very clearly that he was in.

Do people know you are in?  

Does your family?

Does your team? DO YOU?

How big is your signature?

Sign your life as Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence.


T – Tenacity

Hold fast to what you are doing.  Perseverance and persistence. Just keep on going.  Remember that the great Walt Disney was rejected by 301 banks before he got his financing.  And you are complaining because one bank turned you down?  Push harder. Keep your eye on the target.  Do not give up, ever.


I – Integrity

The lost art of living and telling the truth.
  There are absolutes, no matter what the world is trying to teach you today.  
Right is right and wrong is wrong.  It is that simple and that straight.
  The hard thing about it is you cannot teach it.  You either have integrity or you don’t.
How are you doing?
  Walk the walk.


O – Ownership

“They” must have done something to stop it. “They” must have put that there.
“They” must have…

Forget it, there is no “they.”
At least I have never been able to find them.

You take responsibility and ownership to achieve action and get moving forward.
I hear too much about “they,” yet I have never yet met them. Have you?

Take ownership of all you do.


N – No

You need to know when to say “No” and when to say “Yes.”  
We get into so much trouble and inaction because we don’t say “no” to the things that keep us from doing the things we need to be doing.

Say “no” as soon as you know it is “no.”
  Do not keep people hanging.
  They may be disappointed but better now than later.

If you learn to say no to the things you should not do, then you can say yes and take action on the things you should be doing.

And that is it, plain and simple.  Very straightforward.
  You can do it.
  If you do it, the action will happen.

Action creates results. 

Are you moving forward or still thinking about it.


This is a piece from the action section of my book, “Failure Creates Success.”

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Are you using Linkedin to generate business?

Is it working for you?


How are you using it?

Are you getting what you expected?


How can you do even better?


Linkedin is one of the most powerful tools out there for generating business.

Yet, so many people are not using it the way they could.

Nor are they achieving all they could.


This article is a simple introduction to help you learn a little more about the tool and to help you to start using it for generating business.


If you want to learn more – watch this Google Hangout with Coach Manny and his guest Orlando Rivera as they answer many of the questions you might have.

Click here to watch:


So how can you use Linkedin to generate business?

There are so many people on Linkedin.

I have been able to find people I have not connected with in years.

It is the gateway to building new relationships, rebuilding old relationships and generating business.


But it does not do it for you, it simply opens the door.

Linkedin is a tool.


If you are looking for companies and connections, where should you start.

Let’s look at one simple example.


You first have to define what you are looking for:

Example 1:   I am looking for:

                        Small business owners (Owner, CEO, President).

                        In the Service industry.

                        In the state of New Jersey.

                        Who are connected to someone I know well.


Example 2:  I am looking for:

                        Purchasing agents.

                        Medical supplies business.

                        In the Greater Northeast.

                        Who are connected to someone I know well.


The key here is to use the gold you have first.

Start with the people in your network that you know well – they are your gold.

Find one person you know very well who you know will help you.

A person who has 200+ connections.


Now take time and look through their connections.

Find the connections that meet your criteria.

Make a list of them.

Start conservative, find 20-25 that fit well.

That is enough for now


Now pick up the phone and call your friend.

Hi, Mary, this is Manny.

I was just going through your connects on Linkedin and found some people you know that I would like to connect with.

Can we get together (phone of in person) and discuss the list.


Then add, if you would like to go through my connections before the meeting and see who you would like to connect with, I would be happy to help you as well.

I can send you my list before we get together so you can look through them.


That is it.

Now when you two get together.

Your friend will have gone though the list you sent, crossed off all the people she does not really know that well, or at all.  We all have some of those.


The original list of 20-25 is now down to about 10.

But they are 10 that will work.

Ten people to connect with – it works for me.


You now go through the list and talk about the people she can connect you with.

After this, you might be down to 5-6 really good connections for you.


The best method at this point is if your friend, right then, will pick up the phone and make the connection and set up a time for you to call the person.

That is not always convenient.

Nor does everyone want to do it that way.

So, if they call later, that will work as well.


The other method is for them to send an email and make the connections.

That works also, but the phone is so much more powerful.

And so much more successful.


What if you did this with just one person a week for the next 6 months.

And each one connected you with just 3 people.

3 x 26 equals 78 connections.

If you close only 8, and perhaps started a relationship with another 8.



Start using Linkedin to generate business.

Click here for more information and to watch this Google Hangout with Coach Manny and Orlando Rivera.




Linkedin is a key to networking.

Networking is what we do extremely well.

To learn more about our program and how to double your sales please set up a free 30-minute call with Coach Manny.


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In 2006 the concise Oxford English Dictionary announced that the word time was the most-often used noun in the English language.

We live in a world where people are obsessed with using days, saving minutes and trying to find more hours in the day.

Plain and simple, you get 24/7/365.
I does not matter how successful you are.
How rich you are.
How smart you are.
How good looking you are.

Nor anything else.

No one gets anymore and no one gets any less.
You have to learn to spend your time, effort and energy on the right things.

As Cynthia Kersey says in her book Unstoppable:
“Everyone is born with a limited amount of time. Every moment we live – whether we’re working, playing, complaining or being thankful – is time that we’ve spent. Nothing is more valuable than the time we have left.”

So what are you doing to make the most of the time you have?

Are you spending your time on the right things? As stated in other articles I have written, “are you busy or are you productive”? 

Is it time you stopped trying to do everything and started doing the most important things?

Remember what Dawson Trotman founder of the Navigators said:
“The greatest time wasted is the time getting started.”

The other day I was at a meeting and when I ask if anyone procrastinated, all I heard was laughter. You see we all do it. To get started seems to be so hard.

Writing the first line of a letter takes forever. Yet once you start your roll forward.

Picking up the phone to make that call takes us so long, yet once we pick up the phone, the rest is easy.

Even sitting down to play the piano, until we do it, seems like such a task.

Simply put, the start often stops us.

Here is a great story from InspirationalStories.com. The actual author is

The clock is my dictator, I shall not rest.
It makes me lie down only when exhausted
It leads me into deep depression
It hounds my soul
It leads me in circles of frenzy, for activities sake
Even though I run frantically from task to task, I will never get it all done
For my ideal is with me
Deadlines and my need for approval drive me
they demand performance from me, beyond the limits of my schedule
they anoint my head with migraines
My in-basket overflows
Surely fatigue and time pressures shall follow me
all the days of my life
and I will dwell in the bands of frustration forever.

The bottom line is simple. As stated in the book “The Four Hour Work Week, “Lack of time is actually lack of priorities. Further the author goes on to say that doing something unimportant well does not make it important.

Requiring a lot of time does not make a task important”

This week it is time to make 3 simple changes in your life and see how much you accomplish.

1/   Work on the highest priority tasks. I know it is hard to leave stuff alone. But do it.


2/   Focus on what you are doing, stop trying to multi task so hard. You end up doing nothing well.  Stay in the moment.

3/   Learn to say “NO”

Have a great week. Start taking control of your life by starting to take control of your time. Encouraging, educating, inspiring and strengthening
business owners to be the best.

Looking for that little thing that will get you more time?

What about those little spaces of time?

What if we could show you how to make them work for you?

Saving your time and getting more done?

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