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            It is time for the decision, and you don’t have all the information you wanted to have.  You don’t feel like you have all the information you need to make a decision, yet you have to make the decision.  It cannot wait.  Everyone is looking to you.  You have to make the decision.  What do you do?


            It is simple, you decide, and then you handle whatever happens afterward.  Most people make it so complex it stops them cold in their steps.  Frozen.  Unmovable. Coach_Manny (1)


            You cannot let this happen; you have to move forward.  Look, if you made a bad decision, then you will just have to make another decision afterward to get the process back on track. 


            If you made a bad decision, it is not the end of the world.  You will recover.  We all do.  Even from major wrong decisions.


            However, if you fail to decide, then you stop – you are not moving, and usually, the effect will be worse.


Order your copy today - just click this picture.

Order your copy today – just click this picture.

            So make the decision, deal with the results and move on.


            We were with our backs to the wall.  The client had already committed to 5 major customers that the new system was going into production next week.  Yet, we felt we still did not have all the results from testing we wanted to have.  We needed to make a decision.  Either we were moving forward and going live, or we were not.  Neither of those decisions had a real good feel to them.   The other option was we could just sit there and think about it and accomplish nothing.

            If we didn’t move forward, we would risk our entire relationship with the customer.  The customer would look bad and often that is not recoverable.

            If we went live and had problems, could we deal with them?  Did we feel well enough to know that no major issues were left unsolved? 


            We decided to go live, and we had some problems.  However, we solved them, and the project was a success.


            The second story about decision is simpler, yet sometimes, it does not seem that way. 

            We decided to get a cat.  After much discussion, fighting and thinking, I agreed to let my youngest get a cat.  So, her and her mom went out to get the cat.  It seems a friend had a cat who just had kittens. 


            However, when they came home, they didn’t have 1 kitten, but they had 2.  Thelma and Louise.  Oh, dad, we could separate them.  It will be fine; we will take care of them.


            Again, a decision.

            No, you take one back.

            Yes, you keep them both.

            Let me think about it?

            Number 3 is out, either keep or go. 

            We kept them both, but the point is, I had to decide.  I did not have all the information.  How would we deal with 2 cats?    How would this affect the dog we already had?  Would they really take care of them?

            Just make a decision will you, please.

Decision Making – Can you do it?

Posted by Manny on September 19, 2016
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An outstanding leader must have the ability and discipline to decide effectively, timely, and correctly.


The reason most people never become outstanding leaders is because the higher you go in an organization, the faster you need to be able to make decisions. Usually, this is also with less information and resulting in a greater impact.


If you cannot decide what to do about one or two employees, how are you going to handle it when your decisions affect thousands?


If you can’t manage a budget of one hundred thousand dollars, how will you manage a ten million or 100-million-dollar budget?


All great leaders must be able to make decisions.  Whether in the home, in business or in any other area of life.



How often have you been in a meeting where everyone is discussing an issue, but no one is willing to just simply step up and make a decision?  Everyone will talk about it, argue about it, and get angry about it, yet no one will just step up and say, let’s make a decision here and more forward.


Outstanding leadership requires the ability to make decisions, the willingness to put your neck on the line and the courage to stand up and make it happen.


Many talk about it, but few can do it.


Joyce Meyer puts it as simply as you can in her book, “100 Ways to Simplify Your Life.”

“You cannot drive a parked car.  You see, God has only one gear, forward. Sometimes we need to do something just to keep from continuing to do nothing”.


John Maxwell says it, “The number one characteristic of a good leader – The ability to make things happen.” 


Risk – putting your neck on the line.  If you are unwilling to take the risk, why are you in a leadership position?  Leadership means taking the risk.  People with a low tolerance for risk should not be leading.  The inability to risk means there is fear.  Fear creates a low propensity for success.


Courage – means the willingness to stand up and take a shot.  It means having the conviction you know what you are doing and actually doing it.


Remember what Howard Hendricks says:  “The opposite of courage isn’t cowardice, it is conformity”.


The English word courage comes from the French word, “Coeur”, which means heart.


Here are 7 points for you to think about related to decision making.


1/         You must be willing to move forward without all the information.


2/         You must be able to handle the flack that occurs because of the decision you make.


3/         You might have to be unpopular in the short term.


4/         You must have conviction about the decision you are making and the willingness to stand up for it.


5/         Time is not always on your side; you might have to decide now.


6/         You must be able to handle the impact of the decision.  It might affect people’s lives beyond your comfort zone.


7.         It might be the wrong decision, and you have to be able to move on.


Outstanding leaders make decisions when they have to make them.  Plain and simple.  If you want to be outstanding, then work on getting better and better, each and every day. 

The bottom line, as told by one of my great mentors, Nate, “Just make a decision, now.  If you are wrong, then you will have to make another decision.  Stop holding back”.


Nate taught me well.  How are you doing?


Next week – we look at some detail on these 7 points.

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Make a Decision – Will You Please

Posted by Manny on September 11, 2016
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How to make a decision and get things moving!


The biggest problem today when it comes to decision-making is that people want to think things to death.


Let me think about it. 


We have time.


No one wants to commit to a decision.


Everyone seems to be afraid of making a decision.


No one wants to pull the trigger.


Nate Konecky, now passed, was a great mentor of mine. He taught me a very simple principle early in my career.  This principle has guided me and helped me achieve more success than I would have ever believed.  But he did more than teach me; he lived it, worked it and made it part of his process. 


In the mid-eighties I was a “hot shot” computer programmer working for a consulting firm owned by Nate.  We had 6 offices and about 120 employees.

I was very good at what I did and I loved doing it.  I had total freedom, variety in assignments, and was loving it.  I enjoyed being left alone to develop software.


But Nate saw more in me and one day he said, “Manny, you have so much more talent. As of Monday, I am going to make you a manager.  Here is your team, 10 people and 11 accounts.  Go make it happen.  Any questions, I will be here to help you.”


And that was it, no questions asked.  Nate didn’t ask if I wanted the job.  I had way too much respect for him to say no.  And so it was.


Well, the first three months flew by.  Before I knew it, I was having my first management review with Nate.  Now I was feeling great.  We had the process where both parties fill out the form and then we exchanged them in a meeting.  I was on top of the world that day, really feeling it. 


We exchanged forms and my face must have dropped to the floor. 

How to create real success in all you do

How to create real success in all you do


Nate said, “Manny, it’s not that bad.  You just need to learn how to make a decision.  You want me to make the decision; you want others to make the decision.  You want to just go without making it.  If you want to be a great leader, you have to learn to make a decision.”


The principle he taught me was simply this: “Make a decision.  If you make the wrong one, then make another.”


That was it.  He let me fall flat on my face many times and I did.  Yet I learned because he never punished me or gave me a hard time for being wrong.  But if I didn’t make a decision, he came down like a hammer. 


I learned well.


Today you hear it much more, but sometimes I think Nate might have been the author of it. 


It is far easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.


If you want to make something happen, you have to make a decision.


The rest is history.  Within 3 years I was running my own company.  I went on to much success in my career and life because, after working with Nate, I never again had a problem making a decision.  When everyone else was sitting around, I made the decision.  Sometimes I got in trouble.  Sometimes I was wrong. 


But I never hesitated in making a decision.  I never lacked the ability to make one.


That is where I hope to take you in this upcoming book.


Please comment and give me any feedback on this first chapter.


Buckle up and get ready…

If you have a hard time with decisions, you are in for the ride of your life.

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When you teach the people in your organization, are you hesitating?


Are you teaching them everything you know?Coach_Manny (1)


Are you giving them all they need to be as good or even better than you?


Most of us do not do this.


Why do we hold back, why we do not share with people all we know, all we have, all we have learned, everything we could give them.




Is it because we are we afraid?


Are we afraid they might leave us and create a company that is greater than ours?

Are we afraid they might leave us for another organization?

Are we afraid they might be more successful than we are?


What is it that holds us back from giving them all we have?

How did we become great leaders?0035

Who helped us?

Think about that, and you might be amazed.

I know I am thankful that those who taught me, most gave it all.


Do you as the leader want to create fans or do you want to create leaders who are as good or better than you?  We are all quick to complain about the people who work for us and their abilities, but are we as quick to teach them everything we know.


It is a question all of us in leadership face.

It is a question we have to work through.

It is holding our organization back from being all it could be.


Start by embracing the fact that great leaders create great leaders.


What that means is that those that we create, if they take what we teach them and apply it, have an excellent shot to be better than we are. 


Are we really okay with that?


If you want to create fans then you should become an entertainer.

If you want to create great leaders in your organization, then give them all.


Let me repeat again, great leaders are created by great leaders.


What great leaders do is give everything they have, and more.

They give the connections and support. 

Great leaders care, they share and they really do want to create people even more successful than they are.


Great leaders take huge pride in the success of their team and in knowing they helped make it happen.  Even if only in a small way.


If you have the opportunity to teach people to become great leaders.

Take that opportunity and help them.

and then let them go

and see what happens.


They are never going to forget you and what you did for them in the long run.  Yes, sometimes it seems they forget, but when they take a moment to reflect, they know all you did for them.


Ask yourself, do I share everything I have with those I am training.

With those in my organization.


Failure Creates Success.

Are you giving it all to those you are building?

How to create real success in all you do

How to create real success in all you do

If not, change today.


Take a shot, you will be amazed.


If you want to be a great leader and need some help, then give me a call.

I help build great leaders because I share all I know.

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