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As Jeffrey J. Fox says:  “incomplete data is not an excuse for dithering.”


“I would love to work with you, but I cannot get my boss to give me the OK.Coach_Manny (1)

He is still thinking about it. 

I think he wants to do it. 

I will let you know.”


“I could never make that decision, are you kidding me. 

Are you crazy?  No way.”


“Let’s just all sit around and think about it, even through we know what we need to do, why do it? “


“I am not going to take that risk.”


“Ok, so I like to take it to the extreme, but please.”


These and so many other stories are part of most of our lives.  People are not willing to take the chance and make the decision.


They want to make sure all our i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.


What if we just make the decision and then ask for forgiveness?


Rear Admiral Grace Hopper is credited with saying this adage. 0006

Now that was a naval officer who understood why “asking forgiveness” works.

And, for any military people, you know how tough that can be in the military.

But she still created the process.


My old boss Nate was one person who lived and taught this lesson to us.

He would give us more trouble if we did not pull the trigger than if we pulled it and were wrong.


Why are people so hesitant today to implement their decisions?


Why are people so afraid?


Look, you are a decision maker.

You are a leader in your business, government, home, family or church.

It doesn’t really matter where you lead.

The point is, you are a leader, and part of your job is to make decisions.


It is not to think about it forever.

Yes, there is a chance you will be wrong.

But based on your experience and your work, chances are you will be right.


Yes, sometimes your boss will be unhappy you made a move, but in most cases, she will be thrilled that you took the initiative and made it happen.


So how can you begin to implement this choice into your daily process?

Try these:


1/        If you know what the decision needs to be, pull the trigger.



2/        If the boat is standing still and the decision will get it moving, make the decision.


3/        If, in your gut, you know this is the right thing to do, make the decision.


4/        If you are headed for the wall, make the decision to turn.


5/        If no one else is willing to, but you know it has to happen, make it happen.



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What happens if you make the decision?

How to create real success in all you do

How to create real success in all you do



1/        In an extreme scenario, you get fired.

            But these types of decisions are rare.

Furthermore, in most cases where this is the possibility, you don’t make the decision, because you know this a case where you cannot ask forgiveness.

How many times is this really the case?  A few?


2/        In some cases, you will get into trouble with the boss.

            Most bosses do not like people who override them, but great bosses encourage you to take some risk.

            Will she still tell you about it?  Good chance.

            Will she hold it against you?  I doubt it.  In fact, in most cases, you will likely have gone up in values in her eyes.

            Few people can make the decisions that need to be made.


3/        In most cases, everything works out.

            Because you made the decision, things worked out the way everyone needed them to and they move forward.


4/        In some cases, making the decision makes it better.

            Because you did not hesitate, the deal was made, the account was closed, and the money starts to flow.


Think about it.

But not to long.

These three little words usually work very well.

“I am sorry.”


Now start making decisions and moving forward.

You will be amazed at the difference it will make in your leadership.

Few people can make decisions.

If you become a decision maker,  you have moved that much closer to the top.


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One of the things I do very well is helping people get better at making decisions.

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Building Your Sales Strategy

Posted by Manny on October 28, 2016
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How to make decisions faster and better.


What is keeping you from pulling the trigger on the decision you know you need to make?

Stop thinking about it and make the decision.


We’re not born unable to make decisions, it is something we are actually taught.

Think about it: a new born baby has no problem making decisions. It simply thinks

“I am hungry.” Makes a decision to cry.  Gets fed.


As the child grows – “I am going to roll over no matter that they want me on my stomach.”  Decision made, action taken.


It continues, “I am going to crawl up on the chair.”  Decision made, action taken.


Yet what happens to that great ability to make decisions?


We train the child not to make decisions, but instead to follow orders.


When the child gets to school we continue to teach, “follow instead of lead.”

In fact, often those that really lead are punished for going outside the lines.


Now, before you get angry at me, yes, we do need discipline, but we also need to stop the process of killing peoples’ ability to make decisions.


None of us is perfect. I see it myself.

Christmas dinner, I ask my eldest daughter “Going to rent a house at the beach this summer?”  Answer, “Not sure yet.”


March, “Going to rent the house?”  Answer,  “I think so but not sure yet, waiting for information.”


May ask again, still no decision.  Time to move on.


Late June, “Dad, I can’t find any property to rent at the beach?”

Well, this is New Jersey and everyone has already put his or her order in.[FB1] 


I love my child, but she knows better.  Make a decision, will you please?


Today I want to share a simple technique that will help you in make decisions faster and better.  I got this technique from a great mentor of mine when I was working at Boeing, Vince Buckley.   You will learn more about him later in the book.


The example I am going to use is one most of you have probably seen.

To watch the instructions and example and more on video, click here.



Buying a new car.


Take out a piece of paper; write the decision you want to make at the top.


“I need to buy a new car.”


Then draw a line down the middle of the page and on the left label the column, positives, and on the right, negatives.


Now make a list of the positives and negatives related to this decision you need to make.


Positives:                                                                    Negatives

No maintenance cost for a few years                      Will have a car payment

Love the smell and feel of a new car

Status, I am a successful sales person

Safety – new cars are much safer

Safety – I can feel safer for my family

No worry about being late because of breakdown.

Can take that long trip we have been planning.



You can add others, but this sets the example.

Now you simply look at all the positives and all the negatives, evaluate, compare, understand and then make a decision.  You have all the facts. 

If you have the money, then you are on to your next decision.


Lease or buy.


Simple enough?


It works and can work for most any decision you have to make.

Try it and see what you think.


Once you get good with the technique you can do it quickly and in your head for the simple day-to-day decisions you need to make.


Let me conclude with this point on decision meeting. 

Remember that if you make a decision and you’re wrong – then you simply have to make another decision to get back on track.


It’s that simple.

So out and try it today.


Need help in learning and getting better? Connect with me.

One of the things I do very well is helping people get better at making decisions.

If this is a problem for you, it can be holding back your growth and development.

Get some help today, watch this video on our coaching process. Click here.


Want this tool and the directions for you or you and your team?

Download a simple spreadsheet and directions to help you with this, click here.



I am still looking for people to join our team for developing the new decision making book.

First task will be coming up with a powerful title.

Then help with cover evaluation.


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Subject:  Decision Book Team

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Get out there today and start making decisions, faster and better.

You are ready.



How to make decisions faster and better.0035


What is holding you up from pulling the trigger on the decision you know you need to make?


Stop thinking about it and make the decision.


Want this free decision making tool and the directions for you or you and your team.

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Good Leaders Make the Tough Decisions

Posted by Manny on October 17, 2016
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Are you leading your business, your career, your health, your family, in essence your life, or are you being lead? Are you making the tough decisions or are you just ignoring them? Are you hoping that the issues you face will somehow resolve themselves without your intervention? Are you acting like an ostrich with your head in the sand?  


What are the ‘tough decisions’? How does the phrase ‘tough decisions’ relate to the here-and-now? What does it really mean?


Rather than give you a definition it may be easier to show you a few examples: Are you able to say “no” when it is necessary? Are you able to handle the opposition that comes with making a tough decision? Can you hand down an edict, knowing full well you are going to face adversity; or are you trying to be pleasant to everyone, remain comfortable and not perceived as the ‘bad guy’? Be aware though, I am not insinuating that you should do a complete one-hundred-eighty-degree-about-face. The other side of being a good leader is being a leader that is a total jerk (to be blunt)!


If you need to terminate the employment of a staff member, can you carry it out or do you spend months thinking about doing it? Can you define why you might need to terminate someone, move forward, and complete the task? Can you stop trying to justify your decision to everyone and proceed from there?


One of the definitions of a good leader is one who can handle the tough decisions, one who will acknowledge what has to be done, and is willing to complete the task-at-hand. A good leader can complete the job even though it may be unpleasant or uncomfortable. The good leader will take the time to understand the reasons, make a decision, and then move on. However, nothing is more confusing than a leader who is able to make the tough decision but then displays an indecisive, lukewarm behavior.


A good leader, for example, is one that is aware that there may be a need to make some cutbacks in the company.  They also understand the impact of not acting upon the need to do something to ensure the continuity of the business. They then follow through and ‘do the deed’. There are many people in leadership positions that do not deal with these tough decisions. They remain motionless and take a position of, “Hey I know I need to do it, but I will just hang in there a little longer, another week, a few more weeks to see where the cards fall.” Believe me, this is an absolute valid scenario, because, I confess, I have been there myself and have helped many others who have been in this same predicament.


Many times leaders do not want to make the decisions that have to be made, but they do it.

You cannot be a successful leader if you are not willing to make the tough decisions. It comes with the territory; it comes with the job description of a good, quality leader. You have to be able to make those tough decisions in all areas of your life, both business and personal.  You have to become a decision-maker.


If your career is going no-where, if you have known for years and secretly acknowledged that you have this problem, then you already know you are this type of leader. What are you doing about it? Are you wishing, hoping, thinking, and dreaming that it will all go away? Do you keep telling yourself, “It will be all right”?  Are you afraid of those tough decisions?  It will never be all right until you make a decision.


Make the decision and move forward.  Become a decision-maker.


I started the book with my personal story and how Nate helped me to move forward and learn to be a decision-maker.

You will recall my favorite saying (that I live by) and you might consider, “It is easier to ask forgiveness than permission”!


Make a decision in your life; make the decision even if you view it as a tough one!  Making a decision will change where you are at the current time.  If you need some coaching to work through this phase of indecisiveness in order to become a better leader, call me! This is how I help, this is what I do! Take advantage of someone that will assist you in learning how to make those tough decisions. This will ultimately help you transform into a great (rather than mediocre) leader!


We all make decisions every day; some days they are especially tough. Remember that the way to get good at making decisions is to make them, not just ponder them. Yes, you might make a great deal of mistakes, however, what leader do you know of who has not made at least some mistakes – none.


You have the ability to make those tough decisions.  I will tell you why you have the ability. Because, you have the power to be forward thinking, you have the power to be an exceptional leader!  Why do you have the power? You have the power because you know that even if your decision today will cause the staff, a person, someone, or anyone to get mad at you, or not like you, in the end, they and others will respect you. They will respect you much more for having the moral fiber, the backbone, the strength of character, to make the tough decisions!


Remember-Great leaders make tough decisions!  They become decision-making machines.

Figure out what you want, where you are going, and move forward from that point. Make the tough decisions in your life to lead you forward.


Click here to watch this video and see if it lays out where you want to go.

Ready to learn more?

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Failure creates success.

Often, when you make a decision, you could be wrong – but by making the decision, you have taken what was a stand still and moved it forward.  So, make another decision to correct the issue and move on.


The greatest problem with the lack of making decisions is just that, the lack of making the decision.

Watch our weekly recording on Decision making:

Here is the link to last weeks episode.  Click here.

Let’s look at these 3 factors today.


1/         You must have conviction about the decision you are making and the willingness to stand up for it.

            Even when it seems everyone else is going the other way, you have to stand up because you have the conviction you are doing the right thing.

            That does not mean you do not listen, learn and change where needed.  It simply means if you believe you are on the right track, you have taken the time to listen and learn.  However, you still feel you have done the right thing.  Then stand tall.  They will come around and see your point, but it might take some time.


            We will open up the new office in Seattle next quarter.  It is a heavy commitment, and many of you will have to travel there to help with the ongoing growth of the office.  But we need to be in that market, and we are moving forward.

            People don’t like the decision.  They don’t want to do it.  But you are the leader.  You know what is best.  You have reviewed the process.  You have decided.  So, forward you go.  They will come around, and if not, then you will have to make another decision.


2/         Time is not always on your side; you might have to decide now.

            This is where hesitation and procrastination will kill you.  You see, time goes on.  As I teach in my classes on time management, it is the great equalizer.  The one thing we all get the same amount of 24/7/365.

No matter how rich.

No matter how poor.

No matter who you are.

We all get the same.

And when the time is up, and the decision must be made, you got to make it.

            The new quarter will start in two weeks.  The numbers on the reps and projection through the last 2 weeks are on your desk.  You can see that the 3 reps we talked to the last 2 quarters are still far behind.  We have to do what we said; they have to be let go.  Time is up.  We have 3 new hires ready to go, but to get them rolling, we have to start next week.  Make the decision.


3/         You must be able to handle the impact of the decision.  It might affect people’s lives beyond your comfort zone.

            We are all human, although sometimes, our teams might not think we are.  Especially for making those hard decisions.  There will be an impact on families if you lay someone off, cut their compensation or make them travel more.  However, you have a responsibility to the company, so you have to make the decision, and you have to be able to handle the impact.  It is not always great. 


            Compassion is important, but so is deciding. 


Even when you do all the right things, think about it, listen, learn, it might still be the wrong decision, and you have to be able to move on.  If you could make the right decision every time, you would be perfect.  But no one is perfect.


Remember, not making a decision is like sitting in the parked car we talked about.  You are going nowhere.


To be a great leader, you have to learn to make decisions and make them with less information, with greater impact and in less time.  If everyone could do it, they would not need you.


But everyone cannot do it.  But you can.  So make the decision and move on.


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Decision-Making Means Taking The Flack

Posted by Manny on October 3, 2016
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This week, we continue on our road to making you a great decision maker; a person who can pull the trigger and get things done.


We are continuing to bring you the pieces you need to make the right decisions.


Each week, we bring you more of our upcoming book on making decisions.  Please join the team to help us create a great product.  Read the end to learn more.


You must be able to handle the flack that occurs because of the decision you make.


            I’m not taking all that flack; if you want to make that decision, go ahead.  I am not doing it.


            You see the healthcare plan had gone way up and John’s boss told him he needed to find a solution to the problem.

            Now, John and everyone else knew the solution to the problem, it was simple.  Take the plan from non-contributing to contributing.  Make up the difference by making employees pay 10% of the premium.


            Simple right.

            However, the flack that would come back to John was more than he wanted to deal with.  He knew the right decision to make, yet, he refused to do it.


            That is why John is still a middle manager and always will be.  Because he is not willing to take the flack for the decisions he makes.


            What is that they say – it is lonely at the top?  It is.


            No matter what the decision, you will have to deal with flack from some people.  You cannot please all the people all the time.


            Second, if you are more worried about pleasing the people than in making the right decision, you’re in the wrong position.


            Accept the fact this decision will bring with it flack.  Try and understand what that will mean and be ready for it.


            Leaders must make tough decisions and you are a leader – or you are a follower?  The choice is yours to make.




You might have to be unpopular in the short term.

            This one goes right along with the flack decision. 

            Many people who get into leaderships positions are people who have been popular in the past.  People liked them, and they liked being liked.

            But those are not the ones who stay there nor the ones that grow into the best leaders.


            Mary had to make a tough decision, and she knew it would cause people not to like her in the short term.  She had to realign the sales territories, and this would cause many of the sales reps to receive less commission in the short term, but in the long run, they would be better off if they produced.


            However, many reps did not work that hard any longer, and this new program would make them either step up or step out.


            Mary was a very popular sales leader.  The teams loved her because she knew how to help people maximize their success.  She knew how to get her hands dirty helping, and she loved it.  She was always fair.


            So she made the decision that black Friday and lost many relationships over the short term.  However, most people knew she was fair and did what was right.  So eventually, they came back to her and respected her even more.  Some never did.


            But as we said, you cannot please all the people. 


            If you like being popular, go into acting in movies or TV.  Leadership is for those who can do what is right when they need to.

            Facing a tough decision you know will make you unpopular for a bit?  Move forward if you know you are making the right decision.  People will respect you in the end. 

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