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November 29-30, 2016


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1. How to define your target market, narrow and deep…so your marketing work and money will create the greatest results.


2. How to define your product/service in Marketing Terms… so people will remember you and are able to refer you. To help you grow your business.


3. Methods and techniques for Lead generation… so that you get the greatest amount of leads for your effort – any the right leads.


4. How to Qualify and build an effective prospect list… stop spending time, effort and energy on people who are not going to buy.


5. Follow up, Follow up, Follow up… stay connected to those you meet, easy, quick and consistent.


6. Building a Presentation that sells…get the buy decision when you get in front of the prospect.


7. Closing the deal – the art of listening…finish — close the deal.


8. Development of customer service that creates customers for life and referrals…so that you do not lose customers, but even more — they lead you to more business.


9. CRM – the brain center of effective selling in today’s market… so you can automate a great deal of the work that anyone can do, and you can focus on selling


10.Credit/collections – if you don’t get the money – it is not a sale…get your money fast, easier and save hours of chasing accounts.


11. Consistency/Persistence/Self-Discipline…so that you can hire a replacement if you want.


12. Motivation and personal Development…doubling your sales.



Only available at this price $399

November 29-30, 2016


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Teddy Roosevelt said, “the most important single ingredient to the formula 
of success is knowing how to get along with people


Nick McCormick in his book “Lead Well and Prosper” says, “Often managers get 
so caught up in what they are doing (and what they are being told to do), 
they ignore the fact that they are actually dealing with people”

My comment is really simple, people do what people see, so if you are 
wondering why your people do something, take a look at what you are doing – 
chances are they learned it from you.


So how are you doing when it comes to working with people?  More 
importantly, how are your leadership skills with people?  If your people 
rated you on a scale of 0-10, where 10 is superstar and 0 is the worst, 
where would your people rate you?

This week I am going to start with 3 things you should be looking at, 
learning, and understanding when it comes to working with people.  
The key you will see is they all relate back to walking the walk.

1/   Listening to your people – I mean really taking the time to hear what 
they say.  We all talk about how we are listening to our people, but are 
we really.  


I was a fly on the wall in Jane’s office the other day.  She was talking 
with one of her lieutenants and she was suppose to be listening to him.  
However, she keep looking at her computer, screen and entering some data.  
The phone rang and she had to check the called id, her cell phone rang 
and she had to answer it.  Some email came in and she was responding 
to it.  


All this was going one while one of her lieutenants, Jason, was trying to 
bring a point across which he really needed her to understand. 

Always remember that the people who report to you can not grab you by the collar and say, “hey, I need you to listen to me”.  

There is almost nothing worse than a leader who says, “hurry up will you, I have important stuff to do and I can’t sit here listening to you all day”.  

You do not have to say the words to put this message across, your 
actions say them many times louder than your words.


One of the best ways to listen is to take the person to a room where 
there are no distractions, leave your cell phone in your office. 

This week, 
just try just listening to your people. I will guarantee you that they 
will love it.  They will get a whole new respect for you.  Their productivity 
will go up greatly.


 Number one – listen – really listen.


2/    Developing them – take time, effort and energy to help your team be 


Do you have a written and signed development plan for each of your direct reports? 

Do you know what they are really good at and what they are not so good at. 

Do you have a plan to deal with what they are not good at and to develop what they are good at.  


Don’t wait for them to come to you with ideas and suggestions on how 
they can grow.  You make those suggestions, you help drive their 


I think it is crazy for you to have people who work for you that you 
are not willing to develop.  I want the people who work for me to be 
great.  I want them to be the best at what they do and I want them 
to look at what else they can do to be even better.


Why would you think any other way?


Again, I can guarantee you that if you take time to develop your 
people, it will help you more than it ever helps them.


 This week, create a development plan for one of your people.  


Number 2 – help your people be great.


3/   Trusting them – if you can’t trust your team, then why are they working 
for you at all?


This I have heard to many times, “I wish I had a team of people
I could trust, but I guess people today are just not that way.  It seems 
every time I trust someone I get it stuck to me.”  


If you can’t trust your team, then I have to say it again, dump them.  
But before you do, look at this key point – how well can they trust you?


A.    Did you do what you said you would?


B.    Do you hide behind your boss and make him out as the bad guy


C.    Do you do the follow up you said you would, when you said 
you would?


D.    If you made a promise – did you keep it?


E.    If you said you would get together to go over something – did you 
do it?


Again I have to keep coming back to the story – walk the walk and see 
what happens.


I know this will sound simple, but it is oh so true.  If you want a team 
that you can trust, then make sure you are a leader that can be trusted.


This week, start a list of what you promised to do, and do it.


Number 3 – to create a team you can trust, you have to be a leader 
they can trust.


Hope this gets you moving forward Much success to you.

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Thanksgiving day message 2016

Posted by Manny on November 21, 2016
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Thanksgiving is a time to be Thankful


Are you?

0006Are you thankful today for all you have?


We are so blessed.


Take time today to be thankful for all.

Take time this holiday to be thankful for those in your life.

Take time this holiday to say thank you to those closest to you.

Take time today to say thank you for all you have, forgetting what you don’t have.


Even though this might not be the greatest time in your life – be thankful for what you do have.

Even though you might be struggling with many things in life, you still have to say thank you and you still have to admit that you probably have more than most.


And be thankful for those special people in your life, your family and your friends.

The people in your life make it all worth the journey.


If you are dealing with an estranged relationship in your life – this is the greatest time for you to put that back together – think about it deeply.  Don’t waste people – we all make mistakes.


The pilgrims and the Indians gave thanks for the crops and for a great year.


Take a moment this holiday and reflect on what you are thankful for.


Go out this Thanksgiving and really demonstrate by your actions, your thankfulness.


When you demonstrate thankfulness, it creates a chain reaction that will make others demonstrate it as well.


God bless you.

Thanks for our relationship.

Thanks for taking time to read this and please pass it on to someone.


Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.


Coach Manny Nowak





Decision Making: Priority Drives Success

Posted by Manny on November 14, 2016
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“It is easy to forget the more important truths when we are being bombarded continuously by the trivial.”  Defenders Bible


“Why aren’t we getting the results we wanted?”

“Why do we work so much and yet it seems we are not gaining ground?”

“This time management tool is taking more time than the task.”


Busy is not productive nor does it mean you are moving forward.


Time management is not holding us back, as many think.

No, it is priority management.


It is making sure the ladder we are climbing is against the right building.


The problem is simply focusing on the right things at the right time; focus on those things that will create the greatest payback.


We know what those things are – or do we?


Today I want to share 3 simple things you can do to change your priorities, and if you implement them, you can change your life.



1/        Define the highest payback items.

            What are the things you must do that will create the greatest results for you?

            Not the things you like to do.

            Not the things that are easy to do.

            Not even the things you think you need to clean up.


            What are the items that will generate the greatest results?


            Make a list.

            And start doing them.


            I have seen so many people go into business and spend their time getting the right office, phone, computer, desk, and marketing brochure.


            When you go into business, you need a business card, and you need to get out there and sell.  That is what I am talking about.  Priority is getting business.  People are spending time on the wrong things.


            A great quote from Bill Southrey at Atlantic City Rescue Mission:

            “There is your brother, naked, hungry, sick and dying, crying out in his suffering!  And we stand confused over the choice of our clothing or our meal from the menu.”



            Define the highest payback items and get to work.



2/        Focus on the highest payback items.

            Ok, so you have defined what you need to do.  That is wonderful.  Now you must do them.

            Action creates success.

            You all have heard me say it time and time again.

            Start now.


            I have seen so many times people spend time and energy and money creating the greatest plan, but they never execute it.


            Again, get out there and start doing it.


            “If you want to walk on water, you’ve got to get out of the boat.”

John Onberg


3/        Dump the rest and do it again.



            Now once you get started on this, you will see the results, and you will begin to make some progress.


            However, don’t stop there, keep on rolling.

            It is a continuous process for you.

            Go back to step one, look at the list again, pick the highest priority.


            Do it again.


            Dump the junk.

            We are all loaded with it.

            We think we need to do it.

            But we don’t.


“A superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions.”  Confucius


Simple truth.

Just do these 3 things and watch what happens in your life.


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“One study shows that people equate making a decision with the same stress level as being given a shot.”

Laurie Beth Jones – Jesus CEO




No wonder we love decision-makers?

They take the stress away from us.

They even take the bullet for us.



We would all love to be Monday morning quarterbacks, wouldn’t we?


“Well that is what I would have done – as they sit with their beer in their chicken’s nest, yelling at the TV.”

Jeffrey Gitomer


Always so easy to be right after the fact.



Gotta love them.


That is the simple solution, but a few more points will interest those of you out there who struggle with making decisions.



People who make decisions are loved because they make it easy for the rest of us.  


1/        We are taught not to make decisions.


In our education process, aren’t so many decisions made for us?

Instead of teaching us how to make decisions, they tell us what to do.


As we grow up, the more other people decide for us, the more comfortable we become.


Until it just becomes a part of life.


It is so strange how many entrepreneurs I have met and worked with, who have no problem making a decision because they have been radical all their lives.  They have never really fit in.  Many of us were the bad kids in school who always seem to get into trouble.  We wanted to make our own decisions.  This is one reason we work for ourselves today.


 Coach_Manny (1)


Then we get hit in the head and have to make tough decisions.

We are not ready.

Who can make the decision for us?

I don’t want to make it.


You have a major medical condition, and now you must decide on the treatment.  You have had so many decisions made for you in life that now you don’t know what to do. 

So, your spouse makes the decision.


Alternatively, you have a parent who no longer can make decisions, and you must decide for them. 

So, someone else in the family does it.



Time for you to make the decision – do it.



2/        We have become watchers instead of participants


It is easy to let someone else take the risk and sit back and watch, which must be why we love watching and talking about sports.  Especially those money morning quarterbacks.


How much time to we spend watching others.

We watch TV.

We watch sports.


Someone else always has to make the decisions.  We sit on the sidelines and watch what is going on – and it becomes comfortable.


Still, we criticize the decisions they make.  Amazing.


Time to get up and participate.  If you find yourself watching all the time, get up and get involved.

Instead of watching sports, start playing.

Instead of going to the game, start coaching.

Instead of criticizing others, start taking the risk and let other criticize you.




3/        It is so easy


Bottom line, when you think about it…

If you make the decision, I have no risk.

If you make the decision, you also must take the blame if you are wrong.


If you make the decision, I can go on with my life, no sweat for me.


But stop.

Easy is not what we should be seeking.

Easy is not what will make you a great success.

Easy doesn’t work when it comes to creating success.


So, you decided not to exhibit in the trade show this year.  Then the flack begins. 

“But we have been doing it for 10 years.” 

“We always go to that show.” 

“What, you want us to go to another show that is twice as expensive?”



You took the risk; you made the decision. That is what it is all about.  Stop hesitating and make the decision. 


Go for it.

It is your neck on the line, and it is OK!

You don’t get the gold unless you start mining.

You don’t win the race unless you start running.


You know you are making the right call, so do it.


These are just some reasons why we like it when other people make the decisions.


However, the problem is that if you take no risk, you get no reward.

If you take no risk, you never move forward.

If you take no risk – your dreams simply remain dreams.


So many people will never attain the greatness that God gave them because they are too comfortable letting someone else make the decision.


Step up and take the risk.

You will be amazed at the difference it makes in your life, business, family, and career.


Try this exercise:

Make a list of 3 situations over the past month in which you should have made a decision, but instead, you let someone else do it.  What would have happened if you did it?


Make a decision today to move forward

with you life, career, family and business.

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