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“The trouble with most of us is that we make happiness our goal instead of aiming at something higher, loftier and nobler” – Billy Graham.


Self imposed limits keep us  in a box – thus our goals are limited to the size of the box.


The trouble with goals is that we think about them and then we get back to work.


In 2017, there is a simple process.



Where and what is it you want to do?

What is the outcome you want to accomplish?

Find it and write it down. 

Write it down. 

Write it down. 

Now go and write it down. 



What is gold for you? 

It is different for each of us. 

To the Olympic Athlete, the only gold is the Gold Medal. 

For the college senior, gold is the diploma. 

For the person in debt, gold is being completely out of debt. 

For the hungry person, gold is just some food. 

What is gold for you?

If you have a goal without gold, you are not going to have an easy time getting there.

What is the gold in the goal for you?

Find it, write it, own it and make it your own.

It will drive you.

Coach_Manny (1) 

Go for it:

Stop hesitating.

Stop procrastinating.

Stop thinking about it. 

This year simply go for it.

Once you have a goal and you know the gold, the rest is just hard work – you all already know how to do that part.


This week I want you work on your goals for next year.  I mean I want you to get serious and really think about them.  What is is going to make this year different for you. Think about it, what can you come up with?  Are you still at the same place you were last year, or just a little bit further?  How do you expect to be any place better a year from now?  If you are not growing, then you are shrinking.  Get up and get rolling – today – now.


Define a goal.  Define what the gold is in it for you.  Make sure it is a gold medal for you.  Make sure it is an outcome that you want to go for.  Make sure you have passion.  Make sure you get excited.  How else are you going to take ownership of the goal?  Without your ownership, it is not going to happen.  You have to know why and the why has to be in you, part of you, get you excited.


Example 1:

Well Manny, my goal is to increase sales by 20% in 2017. 


 Da, da, da. 

But how excited are you?


Are you kidding me. 

But I think maybe, just possibility we can do it. 

I think I am excited. 

Can’t  you tell.

No I can’t.

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Order your copy today – just click this picture.


Example 2:

Manny our goals is to take our sales up 20% because -

By doing that we are going to be able to move into our new offices.

By doing that we are going to be able to pay our credit line down.

By doing that I am going to get a huge bonus.

By doing that we will become the 3rd top company in the region.

By doing so I will be able to hire the help we need to grow even more the following year.

By doing so I will be able to take my children to Disney – yes.


What is your gold – how can you go for something if you don’t have gold?


All I am trying to tell you is that for goals to work, you have to really own them.  Think about the things in your life that have worked.  Think about your commitment and ownership of them.  Do you think they would ever have worked with out there being some gold at the end.


Do 2-3 goals for next year in each of the 5 areas of your life:









Do it this week – do it today.  But please do it.



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On the 10th day before the New Year: 12/22

Write down your goals for the next year.

Make sure they are measurable

Make sure you set up the method to measure them.merry-christmas-manny-and-cheryl-3

One to three goals in each of these areas:







On the 9th day before the New Year: 12/23

Add the tasks to each goal.

What do you need to do to make it happen?

Write the task, give it a priority, and schedule it.

Goals don’t happen unless they have tasks.


On the 8thday before the New Year: 12/24

Created a measurement for each goal.

How will you know if did it, if you do not measure?bread

Stop being afraid to measure.

If you are not doing well – then what has to change?

If you are doing well, then what can you do to do more of it.


On the 7th day before the New Year: 12/25

Take the day to enjoy your family, friends and the blessings in your life.

Everyone needs a break – you too.

Take time to look at all you have and to be thankful for it.


On the 6th day before the New Year: 12/26

Commit to do follow up in the New Year.

Follow up when you said you would.

Follow up the leads you get.

Follow up, follow up, and follow up some more.

You will be amazed at the results.

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On the 5th day before the New Year: 12/27

Expect it to happen this year.dog

Accept nothing less than success and accomplishment of these goals.

This is not a wishing game; it is a serious game that you are committed to win.

Believe it is going to happen.

Set you attitude to know it is going to happen.

Then move forward – knowing not wishing or dreaming.


On the 4th day before the New Year: 12/28

Commitment to hire a great coach in January.

You cannot do it yourself.

You tried that before and it did not work.

We all need help.

This year you need to hire a great coach.

Find the money.

Make the commitment.

Go for the gold in 2017.

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On the 3rd day before the New Year: 12/29

Commit to start hanging out with people who are where you want to be.tree

The key to success is to surround yourself with people who are more successful than you.

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On the 2nd day before the New Year: 12/30

Commit that you will not work harder or smarter, but this year you will work RIGHT.

Doing the right things at the right time, the right way.

Every time.


With Character.


On the 1st day before the New Year: 12/31

Commit that you will play hard and enjoy life.

Everyone is not a winner.

It takes courage, commitment, persistence and self-discipline.santa

Go for the gold in 2017.

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Merry Christmas.

Happy Hanukkah.


Happy New Year.


Now go do it.

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Posted by Manny on December 14, 2016
Posted in Leadership 

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The less decisions you make, the less skill you will have at making decisions.  This is a plain and simple fact. 


On the other hand, the more decisions you have to make, the better you get at it.  The faster you get at doing it, the greater your confidence becomes.


Confidence is a key ingredient in making decisions.usmc-image-2


If you have ever been caught in rifle fire from the enemy, then making or not making this week’s payroll is not that stressful.

If your buddy’s life hangs on your decisions in the next 3 minutes, then laying off an employee seems so much less in comparison.

If you are pulling a person out of a car wreck and your decisions affect whether they have permanent damage or not, then dealing with a deadline on a software project seems so much less stressful.


If you have had to make the tough decisions, then some of the stuff that drives others crazy may seem like nothing to you when it comes to making decisions.


You create the pressure – you deflate it as well.



I joined the USMC at the ripe young age of 17.  Four days out of high school graduation.  Crazy, but I made a decision to move forward, and as you have read in this book so far, decision-making will move you forward.  So forward I moved.


Marines prepare for combat.  Unlike the other branches of the service where you do what you are trained to and that is all you do, Marines are always considered “0300” grunts first.  That simply means that no matter what your specialty or training, you are still first and above all else an infantryman.  This means that no matter what you are doing today, tomorrow you could be out as part of a squad on patrol in a combat zone with a rifle and backpack and your life on the line.


Thus, making decisions is one of the most critical skills you must learn as a USMC.


When I was stressing over not having time to get the General’s report out on time, I thought it was tough, until I had to make a decision to either jump down 40 feet or get shot at.


Decision-making depends on where you are and where you have been.




Combat is a tough situation that requires you to be ready to make quick decisions that can affect not just your life, but also the lives of your fellow men and women.  Thus, you must always be both physically and mentally prepared.


The physical part is tough, but usually easier than the mental aspect.


As we have discussed in the past, decision-making is about being able to take the information you have and make the best decision you can, in the time you have.  Period.


When you have to make a decision under pressure it adds another roadblock to the decision-making process.


Many already have a tough time with making decisions and now you want me to make that decision under pressure?  Please!


Making decisions under pressure adds that ingredient that so many of us just do not want to even deal with.  It is bad enough you want me to make a decision, but now you are turning up the heat.


In your business and life, this can and does happen usually more than you like.


Even when you prepare and do all you can to avoid the situation, you can still end up face to face with making the decision under pressure.


How do you handle it in the best way possible?


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Let’s look at a couple of examples of business pressure and see what we can do to better handle the situation.


Your payroll is due Friday, in 3 days, and you do not have the funds and do not anticipate having them to meet the payroll for your team.  Your payroll is $50,000 and you only have $32,000 available.  What do you do?


This is a pressure that many of us business owners have experienced at one time or another.   The numbers are here only for making the example clearer.  It could be $2000 to 2 million.  The pressure is still the pressure.


First you have to move the pressure away. 

You do this by understanding that Friday is going to come no matter what you do.  Whether you have the money or not, it is going to come.  You cannot stop it. 


Then take time and think about those tough decisions you have made in the past, and how you handled them effectively or infectively.  Think about the fact that you are here today.  If you made the right decision, it worked out and you made it.  If you made the wrong decision, well, you are still here. 


Second, you must come up with the money. 

First you have to get creative, think, get help.  Whatever it takes, you have to do it and you will find the money.  Believe that and move forward with that thought.


Third, if you think negatively, you are not going to find the answer. 

If you listen to those who think negatively you will not find the answer.  Remember, you are the one who has to solve this.   Many people just live in the negative and then wonder why they have been unable to move forward.  Think positive, and also take positive action.


There’s a great story in the Bible about a fellow named Job.  All his friends had the answers, but none of them were correct.  They were all negative.  This meant it was still on his shoulders.  What are you going to do to find the answer?


That’s it for today. Come back next week to find out the answer to this story and two more.

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Relationships beat Spamming, Jamming and Pushing Every Time

Posted by Manny on December 5, 2016
Posted in Leadership 

When you get the door open, don’t push your trash through it.


Just got another of those annoying emails:


“We met a couple of times at speed networking events.  Are you interested in getting more clients and scaling your consulting business?  Reply YES if you are …”


Now, would you answer this email with a “Yes?”0024


I doubt it.


First, I do not even know who this person is – evidently they did not make an impression the first time I met them.


Second, there is absolutely nothing about who they are in the email.


Third, the email came from a regular, non-business Comcast.net account.


Normally I would just delete it and move on.

We all get many of these every single day.


But what is the logic behind them?

Do people really answer “YES” and send back the email?


0033Please email me back with any input you have on this.

I would love to hear how you deal with it and if you think it works.



Spamming, jamming and pushing via email.

I guess it is all about the numbers when you look at it.


If I send 100, I might get none.

If I send 1000, my chance increases,

And if I send 10,000 or 100,000?


Business is still about relationships, and once you meet someone you have opened the door to building the relationship.

Yet so many people, like the author of this email, throw it out the door.


Let’s talk about what would work.


1/        This person met me somewhere.


            Why didn’t they just reference that meeting and tell me something they learned about me?

            Chances are I would at least have sent back an email.


            Do you think it’s possible that they never met me? Could they be making up a story?



2/        This person knows I am in business and that like all businesspeople, generating leads is important to me.

            So why didn’t this person say something that would get me interested in learning more?


            This is why I teach that you have to educate people before you can ask for something.

            Give, give, and give some more.

            Then you can ask for something.


            Never forget this simple process – you have to educate your potential customer first.

            Give them something they can use today.

            Something that will help them.

            Something that will help them remember you helped them.


3/        This person missed out on creating a relationship.


            I am one of those people who are always trying to help others.

            If you send me an email and ask a question or request a phone conversation, I will get back to you.


            Just yesterday I got an email from a LinkedIn connection asking for a call.  We are both in similar businesses and he wanted to talk.

            I sent him back my calendar program, and he scheduled a meeting.


Spamming, jamming and pushing might work a little bit, but relationships work a great deal more.


So, when you get the door opened, don’t push your trash through it. Instead, start to build a relationship that will help you both gain greater success.



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