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Posted by Manny on January 31, 2017
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Podcast_Cover (1)Ready to listen to some of the best experts in lead generation on this broadcast. 


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Helping you understand and learn the dozens of lead generation tools and techniques that are available to help you generate leads in your business. Each show will feature one tool/technique and expert. Start generating more leads which will lead to more sales for your business.


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Coach Manny

Are you experiencing call reluctance in your business?

Not making the calls you need to make, when you need to make them?

Hesitating, procrastinating, and thinking about it.


Just make the call, will you!


Is this the modus operandi of your sales teams?  Of you?


You know you have to make the calls.

You know you have to call these people.


Yet what do you do?

Anything and everything except for make the call.

You straighten stuff up.

You check your email.

You have a cup of coffee.

You talk to a co-worker.

You search for something on the Internet.

You do this and that and the other.


Everything but making the call.

Yes, it happens to all of us sometimes.

However, as a salesperson, entrepreneur, and leader, you have to stop wasting time.

You need to make the calls you need to make, and you need to make them now.

 4-up on 1-29-17 at 1.31 PM (compiled)

Instead of making 25 or 50 calls today, you made 4.

One call every 2 hours.  Is that acceptable?


Then you tell yourself you will make more calls tomorrow.

You won’t.


If you don’t believe this, then look at your team’s or your own productivity.


Today, I want to cover 3 things you can do to stop hesitating.


1/       Make a list of the calls you will make and commit to it.


If you have a boss, share it every day with him/her before you start and at the end of the day.  If not, find an accountability partner and share it with her/him.


Accountability makes it work.

We hate to go back and say we didn’t get it done.

Try it and see.


2/       Block out the time to make calls.


Set this time up on your calendar as you would any other appointment.

From 2-4 this afternoon, I will make calls.


Then, sit down and do one thing (you all know I do not believe in multi-tasking)

That one thing is to make calls.

Now, make them.

Nothing else.

No distractions.

You are either dialing or talking.

Nothing else.


3/       Get the right attitude in your head.


You know that your mind controls what you do.  If you can see it in your mind, you can make it happen in your life.

If you can’t see it happening in your mind, it will not happen in reality.


I will make calls.

I might get rejected.

People might not like me calling when I do.

I might get yelled at.

I might get told no.

But really, I am making these calls, and that is that.

I am making these calls, and I will be a superstar at doing it.

I am making these calls, and I will love it.


Now go and make the calls.


Don’t let call reluctance stop you from building the business you want.

Don’t let it stop you from busting your goals wide open.

Exceeding your expectations.

Building a great organization.


So many people do.

And yet, it is so simple; pick up the phone and make the call, now.


If you are still hesitating, pick up the phone and call me right now and tell me.

856 358 4021.


To get over those excuses, read my book, “What Is Your Excuse, We All Have One and They All Stink.”

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Finding good sales people is very difficult today.

Ask almost any sales leader out there, and they will tell you it is one of their biggest problems in moving sales forward within their organization.

They cannot find good sales people.


However, is that the real problem?


You now have tests that can tell you if a person can sell.

You check the history of the candidate and find they have sold.

You check with other people, and they give them thumbs up on selling skills.


Still, the new rep does not work out.

Their results are nowhere near your expectations.


Watch on video:



Perhaps the problem is not there are no good sales people, but instead that:


1/        You have no consistently updated system defined for selling your products and services.

2/        You do not have sales people who can follow a system.

3/        You do not have sales leaders who can make sure it gets done.



What if you had a standard sales process for your company?

This is how we sell, step by step.

This is what we do and when.

This is how you handle this.


Defining what the sales person must do based on a history of what has worked; a consistently updated history.



A system that defines this is how we sell our product/service.

This is how we manage our sales process.


A detailed system that gives the sales person answers to:

their questions,

the prospect’s questions,

questions about the competition.


A detailed database that gives them a step by step of how to sell the product.


A system with a history of what has happened – both good and bad.


A system that learns from each sale and teaches it to the team.


Not an outdated sales manual, but a database which your reps add to and update every month, as a team.


Making it better and better.

Taking the lessons they learn and making them part of the process.

Making it easier and easier to get the results you want and so much more.


If you had a standard sales process, then you could take a good sales person who can learn to follow the process.


Who stops trying to do it their way.

Who stops thinking they know so much better.

Instead, they take what has been learned and apply it seamlessly.

They follow the system.

When they learn something new, it gets added to the system, and everyone now knows it.


Then, sales leaders could:

Teach them the process.

And they would generate sales.

Meeting and exceeding the expectations.


Kind of follows the Tony Dungy process of coaching NFL football.

Building habits that become second nature.

Consistency, persistence and knowing what to watch for and what to do.


It might be hard to learn, but once learned, it is totally effective.


As a CEO, business owner or sales leader:


1/        Do you have a system that keeps learning and teaching the sales team?


2/        Do you have sales people who can follow a system?


3/        Do you have sales leaders who can make sure it gets done right?


Are you ready to learn more about how to make this happen in your organization?


Reach out to me and let’s have that discussion.

Schedule a 15-30 minute call with Coach Manny today.  Click here:


What does it take to make your business successful?

Why do some businesses take off and others just go on without growth or worse, go away?


What does it take to make your business successful in the business world today?


Today, I will share what I believe to be the “Top 5.”



1/        Target Market – you must understand your customer.  Who are you going after with the product/service you supply?


So many businesses think everyone is their customer.


Perhaps everyone could potentially buy your product, but you do not have the time or resources to market to everyone.

Pick a niche and go after that and let the rest come if they choose to do so.


If you look at successful companies, many times, you will be amazed at the tightly defined niche they go after and the great success they experience.



2/        A Written Plan with priorities – you must have a roadmap on how you will get where you are going.

You must know how, when and where you are going to do things.

So many small business owners I know have it all in their heads.

It will never get you where you really want to go.

Plus, most people have no sense of priority.

What are the highest playback items I must focus on?


It need not be a complex plan; in fact, I recommend very simple 2-3 pages.

Make sure you define:

What you are selling.

To whom you are selling.

How you are selling.

How you are servicing.

How and when you are going to get paid.

And the most important priorities to close business.



3/        Money/Financial Backing

Don’t run out of money, because when you do, you are done.

This is regardless of how passionate you are or how good your product/service is.

The worse thing is that it usually happens when the process just starts to take off.

A good friend of mine once gave me a great tip, which I always follow when helping organizations deal with cash issues.

“Whatever you think you need, double it.” 

Then, go get the financing.  Better to ask for too much than not enough.


One option for financing is a company like Fundera.  They help small business owners get the funding they need by offering a variety of loan options.” 



Always have money in hand and access to additional funds when you need them.

Do not wait until you need it to ask for money – few will give it to you when you are on the fall.

Build those relationships and connections every day.

Get a line and use it, pay it off, and keep it current.



4/        Sales and Marketing

You have to know how to sell or have a trusted partner who does.

Today, you have to understand social media and you have to get involved with it.

You must know how to generate leads.


Get my book on Targeted Lead Generation for only 99 cents.  Over 40 lead generation techniques are explained.

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You must have a follow-up process and have an effective CRM system to help you track prospects.

You have to know how to close.

Business is built and grown on the top line.

You cannot build a business by saving money.

Selling is a skill; it is worth every penny you pay for the good stuff.



5/        Relationships

You cannot do it without others, no matter how good you think you are.

You must have and build relationships with vendors, prospects, and others in the business world.

You have to know whom to go to when you need something.

You have to have people you can trust.

You must have a coach and a mastermind group.

You need strong personal relationships, both inside and outside your organization.

Never guess, instead, build relationships that will help you today, tomorrow and when you become big.



There you have it.

Some of you will argue, what about this or what about that.


These are what my years of coaching have taught me are the keys.  I simply want to share them with you because I know they work.


To learn more.

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Coach Manny Interview

Posted by Manny on January 14, 2017
Posted in Leadership 

The Sales Evanglist.

Donald C. Kellydonald c kelly

Great podcast


Listen as Donald interview me on the show.

Plus listen to the other great stuff Donald has.


Link to the episode:



Why Does the CEO/Owner Need A Coach?

Posted by Manny on January 9, 2017
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I am the CEO of the company; I know what I need.


I have been doing this for so many years, and the best people surround me.


What could a coach do for me? I made it all the way to the top without one.


All good, typical questions asked by the people at the top of organizations, yet none of these are on target about what makes them a successful CEO.4-up-selling-coaching


As the owner/CEO of a company, you need a coach because you need someone whom you can talk to who does not have skin in the game.

Someone who can give it to you straight.

Someone that no matter how smart, tough, or good you are, will give you an honest answer.


Today, let’s explore 3 major reasons why, as the top person in the organization, you need a coach.


1/        You have no peers in the company.

            When you were the VP, you had other VPs you could talk to.  People at your level who would give you answers.

            Almost everyone in an organization has some people at their level they can talk to.  People who don’t report or work for them.

            As the CEO, you are an island. 

            As the CEO, everyone works for you.

            Even those who are very honest, face a risk when giving it back to you.


            Even those who have told you the straight answer in the past might hesitate now that you are top dog.

            Without peer solutions, you could miss great answers.


            When you had peers, and you came up with something way out, they would tell you so.  Honestly, you still might not have listened, but the feedback was there.


Who would tell the CEO that what they are talking about sucks?

 Coach_Manny (1)

2/        Everyone else in the organization risks their job when talking with you.

            Today, no matter whom you talk to within the organization, they have skin in the game.

            They might have been your best friend at one point, but now that you are the CEO, you are the CEO first.

            People give you the answers you want to hear.

            People want to please you; you are the boss.

            People have no recourse if they make you angry.


            Thus, you miss a great deal because people do not give you what you need.


            Who would risk their job by telling the CEO – “that will never work,”  or “it is a crazy idea?”

            A coach would.

            And feedback helps you become even better.


3/        Just by talking to someone else and getting it out in conversation will many times give you the answer you need.


            When you run things by people.

            When you talk things out.manny

            You learn a great deal, and you develop a super solution.


            Many CEOs I work with just want me to listen so they can hear the idea coming out of their mouth, and that helps them become so much better.


            They want honest feedback.

            They are used to getting pushed back from others, but now find they have none because they made it to home plate.


            However, a coach will call them to carpet like no one else will.




The best corporations today, run by the best CEOs, have a coach.


I have seen several companies for who, after they hire a new CEO or promote them, the first order of business is, “here is a list of coaches, find the best one for you.”


If you want to be the best CEO, then get yourself a coach.


Want to learn more?

Watch this video on what super coaching can do for you.

Click here


Or set up a session with me.

Click here to schedule a free 30-minute session.

3 Keys You Need to Get Your Business Rolling

Is this going to be another year just like last year?

Are you going to let it be so?


Or is this going to be the year you set the world on fire?

The year your business/life/career takes off.

The year you leave the pack behind and take the lead.


The choice is yours.

You make the decision either way.

Take action and get moving.

Or do nothing.

The choice is yours.


We need to have no fear.


We need to have no hesitation.


 We need to let nothing stand in our way.


So, today, I want to share 3 things that will help you make this happen in your life.



1/        Sow the seeds


You got to get out there.


And the way to get out there today is through social media.


No one cares what you think of social media – it works.

And that is all you need to know.


The question to ask yourself is, “When people see my firm and me, will they know me?”


Do I have a brand?


Forget all the crap about too much posting, too many emails, you’re doing too much social media, etc.


There is no such thing as too much.

Look at one of the kings of social media – Grant Cardone.

Over and over and over and over again.


Never can it be too much.

Regardless of whether it is social media or email.


If your stuff has juice, people will suck it up.

They will want more.

They will desire to have more.

You must keep feeding them.


But the stuff has to have juice.


Get out there.


Get out there on all the platforms.






Get into groups and participate.


Stop listening to people who failed.

Stop listening to people who have never tried.

Stop listening to people who have given up.


Listen to those who are doing it – at the top of their game.

Get out there and let people know who you are.


Tell your story.

Keep in mind, all people remember anyway is the stories you told them.

I learned that years ago.

In writing and speaking – only the stories get remembered.


So tell your stories.




2/        Walk the Walk


You set the example by your walk each and every day.

You set the example for those who know you and those who don’t.


            Does everyone in your company project the message?

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            All People Who Work For Me Are Selling



When I see your vehicles – do they tell your story?

I don’t care if it is only a car – put a bumper sticker on it.

Get some magnets.

Tell your story.


When I see you or your team, does their clothing tell your story?

Do they have company shirts on?

Do they have company jackets?

Are you kidding me – the cost is almost zero for the payback.

You have got to keep the name out there.

When they see the name on social media – will they remember it?

If not, then they will forget.


Don’t be like the real estate agent who came home to see a competitor’s for sale sign in his neighbor’s yard.



Your employees and team.

Are they positive for you in all their behavior?

Do they talk you up?

Are they fired up for the company and you?

Are they sparked up?

Do they love the company?

Do they share that love with the rest of the world?


When I see your brand, does it say what you want it to?

Is the message getting out there?



Your people are you.

Are they pumped up?


Those that have been with you a long time – are they comfortable?

Get them uncomfortable or get them out.

Yes, I believe in loyalty, but it works both ways.

If they are not sparked up for you, then how loyal are they?


Stretch – raise the standard.


People do what is expected and no more.

Expect more – get more.



3/        Take action


Is this going to be the year of action for you?


Or is this just going to be another year?


The choice is yours.


You make the final move.


Until a decision is made – nothing happens.


So, decide this year that you will take massive action.

Make a decision and get the car moving down the road – now.


John Onberg, in this book, makes this simple statement:

“If you want to walk on water – you’ve got to get out of the boat.”



Are you waiting for someone else to make the move?

One of my favorite female comedians, Lily Tomlin, said:

“I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that.

Then I realized I was somebody.”


In 2017, you must take a new position.

You must become a person of action.

You have got to take action.


When you have a few minutes – get on social media and post something.

When you are out or in – take some pictures and put them up.

Get people to know who you are.


When you are out – say hello and start a conversation.


When someone has a need, ask them, “how can I help.”


Open your eyes, ask the question.

What can I do right here, right now that will help my business?

It is certainly not shut my mouth.


Do it.


Always remember, as I wrote the book:

“Failure Creates Success”

Click here to order your copy today:


As we enter 2017, you have 3 choices.

1/        Do something.

2/        Do nothing.

3/        Do everything you can.


I chose number 3.

So, either get on the train and let’s get moving, or get out the way.


Ready to take another look at coaching?

Watch this video on super coaching.