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German philosopher Frederick Nietzsche once said, ‘He who has a why can endure any how.’


You have goals – and they look great.


You have the tasks to accomplish those goals laid out – and they look like they will do the job.


You have the accountability system in place to keep you on track and correct you if you need it.


But do you have the “WHY?”


Why are you doing this? What is your driving force that gets you up each day and makes you push far beyond the norm?  What pumps you up, motivates you, excites you, drives you?


Do you often wonder why some people accomplish such great things, while others do very well, but not at the same level?


Because, you see, those who really excel have a definite, powerful “WHY.”


They don’t just know what they want or how to get it – they know why they want it.

They know exactly why they are chasing their dream,  and that is the key we want to talk about today.


Do you know your why?


As I was thinking about this the other day, I was inspired to write this article and focus myself on my current why.


Please take a moment right now and focus back on the great things you have done in your life (yes, all of us have done great things – just take a moment and think about it).


When you take a moment to consider these actions, you might be amazed at what you have been able to accomplish. It might inspire you to focus on developing your why for where you are going right now, or it might force you to stop, change directions and alter your focus.


I looked back in my own life to three significant whys and what they did for me.


1/        Why did I make it through USMC boot camp and graduate?

            Not how, but why.

            The how was simple, I did what I was told, when I was told and never gave up.  That is all good, but it was not enough, I needed a why.

            The why was because I wanted to wear that uniform and stand proud as one of the few and proud, the elite group, USMC.  That is what made it happen: the why.


2/        Why did I make it though college with honors when I had barely made it out of high school?

            I had the goal.

            I knew what I needed to do.

            I had an accountability system.

            But what was the why, the real reason?

            The why was because I was determined not to have to work in a factory and be told what, when and how.  The why was not having to hate my job like my mom had.

            That was the why that made it happen.


3/        Why did I build my own business?

            Freedom – yes.

            Wanting to work for myself – yes.

            Wanting to build something – yes.

            But the why was because I wanted no limit on how much I could earn and what I could do.  I want to go for the gold.


Now I could have done all those things well, but instead, because I had a why, I excelled at them.


Find your why, and you too will be unstoppable.


Learn more about how to make that happen for you.

Watch these 18 minutes of inspiration, and find your why.


Targeted lead Generation

Posted by Manny on March 22, 2017
Posted in Leadership 

What if you had 5 key lead generation techniques that generated leads?

FrontCoverQualified leads?

Leads that helped you get to the close?

Leads that turned into the right kind of business?


Click the cover to order your copy from Amazon today!

Don’t want to miss this?



The 5×5 Lead Generation Method

4          Layout your Product Marketing

5          Step 1 – Look at where your existing customers came from

6          Step 2 – Look at sources

7          Step 3-  Sort the list by dollars

8          Step 4  When

9          Set up your process

10        Examples of the process


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Detail Information on the Lead Generation Processes

11        Networking

12        Lead Groups

13        Email

14        Newsletters  Email/Print

15        BLOG

16        Affiliates

17        Referrals

18        SEO

19        PPC

20        Advertising

21        List Building Services

22        Linkedin

23        Facebook

24        Other Social Media

25        Texting

26        Infomercials

27        Youtube

28        Video

29        Speaking

30        Seminars

31        Associations

32        Tradeshows

33        Direct Mail

34        Phone Cold Calls

35        Walk in Cold Calls

36        Volunteer Organizations

37        Signs

38        Billboards

39        Partnerships with Like Customers

40        Customers

41        Past Customers

42        Large firms that do what you do

43        Book/Ebook

44        Lead Generation Companies

45        Door Hangers

46        Handouts

47        Speed Networking

48        Podcasts

49        Google Plus

50        Characters dressed up

51        Webinar/Google Hangout

52        Landing pages







“Cold Calling is not dead.”

A great quote from my interview with VSA CEO Valarie Schlitt this week on Targeted Lead Generation Podcast.

Click here to listen to the interview with Valerie and learn more.


Valerie has built and runs a very successful call center that does cold calls and other calling for you.  So, if you don’t want to do your own calls – her firm can make it happen.


We are now two weeks into the 90 day cold calling challenge, and we are beginning to see that consistency is the key to success.


Most participants have made over 200 calls and are starting to see that consistency does pay off.


Today I want to share a few more of the benefits that a consistent cold calling program can add to your lead generation process helping you build your business.


1/        By practicing and making cold calls, you become so much better at communicating over the phone at all times (not just during cold calls).


            I have also become the new President Elect for the Toastmasters of Rowan University.  One of the key Toastmaster exercises is what we call table topics.  The exercise teaches you to be quick on your feet.  You are given a topic and must talk about it for 2 minutes or so.  This gives you the confidence to think and adapt as you talk, a crucial skill required for cold calling.


            Cold calling is full of surprises and questions and emotion, and you never know what you are going to encounter.  These constant challenges make you so much better on the phone and at answering questions and thinking on your feet.


            I guarantee that if you do a 100 cold calls a week you will be better on the phone and better at getting on the phone to do whatever else you need to.

2/        Your phone skills transfer across your daily sales process in many other areas.


            Those skills that you have learn and developed on the phone will quickly transplant and translate to other relevant areas in your daily sales life. 

            When you are asked a question on the spot, you are more comfortable answering it.

            When you call a client or a hot lead, you can more effectively talk with them.


            There is only one way to get great on the phone – Get On The Phone.




3/        You will begin wanting to get on that phone every day – your hesitation ceases


            Many of you are former or current athletes and love competition.  Eventually, competition is what this becomes.  You develop an urge to make the calls.  It becomes a real challenge that you are not willing to lose.

You are already very self-disciplined, and this kicks it into high gear. You have to see how much better you can get.  You have to cold call simple because you refuse to lose.

            And that, my friend, makes you amazing and creates even more success.


Your top line will begin to increase.

If you are not doing cold calls, if your team is not doing them, you are missing out on a great opportunity to become so much better and make so much more money.

One hour a day is all we are asking, but on a consistent basis.


You will be amazed.FrontCover


If you are not in on the 90 day cold calling challenge yet, you can still get in.

Click this link to learn more and sign up today.






We all love to make cold calls, don’t we?


Forget that line that “cold calling is dead.”

Never buy into it.

If you cold call consistently, you will get appointments, and you will close business.


Cold calling is alive, and if used in conjunction with other tools, will increase your sales to phenomenal new levels of success.


Start today with these tips to help improve your cold call skills:

To watch each of these on a video by itself, check out my youtube channel click below:0010

Coach Manny Youtube Channel


1/        Pump yourself up before you call.

            People can identify your attitude and how enthusiastic you are about what you are doing.

            If you come across excited and ready to roll, you might just make that appointment.

            Make sure you believe cold calls work.


2/        Always leave a voice mail.

            There are all kinds of arguments on this subject, but after much research, I have to agree, “always leave a voice mail.”

            Even if they only listen to part of it, you are now in their space.

            If they see or hear anything about you – they are more likely to make the connection.


3/        Make sure your voice mail is effective.

            The first line must keep them listening and engaged.


            “Hi, my name is Manny Nowak, number 856 358 4021,” does not work.


            Get creative.

            You want them to call you back, not hit delete.


            “Are your sales at the level you want?”


            “Are you spending too much on printing?”


            “Need to pay your sales people more because they are so successful?”


4/        If a friendly gatekeeper answers the phone, then:

            Ask for his/her name.

            Ask him/her questions.

            Make the person feel important.

            You will be amazed at what information they can give you.


***Listen to these plus more on this weeks podcast, click below***

Listen to Targeted Lead Generation Podcast.  Click above to learn more.

Listen to Targeted Lead Generation Podcast. Click above to learn more.

      Targeted Lead Generation


5/        Work in 50-minute blocks.

            Always, always do at least one block a day – this might be enough.

            Cold calling works because it is consistent, but consistency means doing it every day.


6/        If a roadblock gatekeeper, someone who won’t let you go any further, answers.

            Then mark the account to call in early AM or late PM.

            Call them before 8AM or After 5PM.


7/        In your voice mail:

            Leave your phone number twice, clearly and slowly.

            Always leave a web address.

            Spell anything that is confusing, or even could be confusing.


            Manny Nowak, 856 358 4021.

            On the web at CoachManny.com, that is M-A-N-N-Y.

            Manny Nowak, 856 358 4021.



8/        Always remember, WIIFM.

            The person on the other end of the line wants to know,

            What’s In It For Me?

            Remember, for them, it’s about benefits.

            It’s not about the features of your product.

            It’s not about you.

            What’s in it for them?


9/        Aim for a 10-15 minute call.

Ask if they’d prefer to schedule one in the next few days, or if they have time to talk right now.

            Always be prepared to go right now if they give you the time.

            Be in top form.


10/     Be yourself.


            Speak well.

            You cannot pretend to be like someone else.

            Talk to the person as though they are sitting on your living room couch.

            Make them comfortable and at ease.


Work with these 10 tips, and start putting them into your call.


Looking for that edge for your sales process?

Check out our sales strategy and tactics product, click to learn more below:0006

Double Your Sales Course



We have more to share with you in the future.


Get out there, and get those appointments.


And remember, cold calling does work.


Selling: How Fast Do You Respond?

Posted by Manny on March 6, 2017
Posted in Leadership 

How Effective Is Your Response?


You want to do more business, so you hire a company to help you attract leads.

They help you setup your website so that people can find you, and you now appear at or near the top of the search list.


The prospect fills out the form and hits submit.

The form comes to you seconds later, but what do you do when it reaches you?


How fast does your team respond?

How well and how effective is your follow up?


The other day I was looking at some project management software on the web for a client of mine.

I filled out the web form, and in less than 10 minutes my phone rang and a sales rep was on the line ready to talk with me.


Is your team that fast?


Inside sales or outside sales.

If you put the form out there to get leads, you better be ready to respond.


He not only called, but when he called, he was ready to listen.


He asked the right questions.


How could he help me as I considered the software?  Help me?


How do I plan to use it moving forward?  Did I ask myself the right questions?


How could he help me to better understand and make the right decision?


Very good.

Actually, WOW!


So how good is your team?


You may spend thousands of dollars on a website, SEO, Facebook Advertising, and Google Ad Words, but what if you skip the people skills?  If you want to close the business, make sure your people are as good as your process.


Three keys to help you be more effective.


1/       Time

When someone fills out a form online during your work hours, you must reach out within 5-10 minutes – this has to be that high a priority.  No excuses.  The prospect is doing research and is likely filling out many other forms as well.


Even after hours, you should respond– Carry a cell phone?FrontCover

Schedule a different rep to cover each night?

What about the weekends?

We live in a 24/7/365 world, and people want answers when they want them.


You do not want to miss an opportunity.

Later may be to late.



2/       Effective

When you reach out, remember the mindset of your customer:


What’s in it for ME?


How can you help them the way they want to be helped?

Lead them to the solution.

Walk with them toward the answers.


Answer questions for them.

Have questions prepared that can get them talking.


Make sure they are doing most of the talking and that you are doing most of the listening.



3/       Follow-up Next Step

What is the next step?


You would be amazed at how many times this prospct is forgotten, much like that business card you were given at a networking event.

Learn more in my book, “My Sales Follow Up Sucks.”  Click here.

Order your copy today - just click this picture.

Order your copy today – just click this picture.





So collect their information.

When should you connect back?




What is the best way I can connect back with you, Ms. Prospect?

Phone, email, text, stop by?

What time of day would you prefer?

Your assistant?


How long should you wait?  Ask?

Then say it back to them, “OK, Martha, I will text you back next Wednesday after 3PM.

And make sure you get back to them when you say you will.


You invest in these systems to get better leads and get them faster.


The process may be working, and you are excited.

But how you do you measure your improvement and success?

Know where every lead comes from and where every close began.

How much did that lead really cost you?

Was that generation tool a great investment? Should add more funds?


What is your ROI?
What is the ROI you want to have?


Success means taking a suspect and turning them into a prospect, then a customer, and then a customer for life.


But it all starts by being fast to the draw.

It all starts by hitting the target and being effective.

Are you?


What could make you better?


If your team is not there yet – call me and let’s make sure we know how to get them there.  Set up a call today, click here.


Sales is a number game, and in today’s world, it is about speed of response.


You don’t want to wait, and neither does anyone else.

So make sure your team is fast, effective, and follows up.


To learn more about Lead Generation – get a copy of my new book:

Targeted lead Generation:  Click here: