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Sales and Leadership Development

How are you doing with measurement and accountability of your sales process?

How are you doing with your sales plan for this year?

How are you doing getting your sales process ready for next year?

How good is your “sales system?”

Do you have a “sales system?”


Does your “sales system” help you and your team create great success and build the top line?


How well does your sales process measure the results?beach shot 5

How accountable are the sales people for what they said they would do?


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The problem is that many people talk about building sales.

Many people wish about how they are going to grow sales.

But how many people really have an effective sales system in place that makes it happen?


What is an effective sales system?

Here is a simple definition.

One that fills the funnel and the pipeline, consistently and grows your top line.


What is going to make that happen in you organization?

What do you need to do to make it happen?


You are the sales leader of your company.

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or the leader of a small or large sales team – the goal is still to grow your business.


As we get to the end of the year it is time to ask yourself, “what am I going to do different next year to achieve the goals I really want?”


Now is the time to start to put the pieces in place to make it happen for you.


Please download this free copy we put together to help you make that happen.



Seven Keys to Sales Success This Year and Next – click here!





Put a sales system in place this year and watch what happens to your funnel, to your pipeline and to your closed sales.

Be more Persistent, Consistent and Self-Disciplined.

Be more Persistent, Consistent and Self-Disciplined.

They all go up, up and up.


Watch how you and the company grow.


Need help?


It is what we do.

Helping our clients to build effective sales system that generate business.



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Coach Manny Nowak


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“I think the last sales deal my new rep closed was me!” 


“I spent tens of thousands on these sales reps and it seems I am not getting very much back.”


“What are these reps doing all day?”Photo on 6-17-17 at 2.58 PM


Are you a frustrated business owner, entrepreneur or CEO?

Unhappy with your sales process?

Have you tried all kinds of stuff and still your sales team is not producing what you know they should be?  Why?

Free Download:  10 Secrets To Hiring Sales Reps That Sell



First, let’s look at the cost of a sales process that is not working.


1/        Lost Business

            This is the most obvious one.

            Your top line is not growing and neither is your business.


2/        Personal Frustration

You are spending way too much time wondering what the salespeople are doing.

            You are at a loss as to what you should do next.

            This rep had so much potential when you hired them.

            They said they could and would do all these things.

            But they are not doing them.


3/        Wondering what you did wrong?

            What you should be doing and are not doing.

            Why this is not happening to your competitor.


4/        You are not getting any clear answers from the reps.0024

            Every week they tell you about what they are going to close.

            Every week you hear, “the close will come next week.”

            Every week they keep convincing you it will close soon.

            But it never seems to close.


5/        Money


            You developed a payback plan for the rep.

            You developed a budget as to how you would pay for this rep.

            Now you are in the red on this deal.


Free Download:  10 Secrets To Hiring Sales Reps That Sell



6/        Second guessing yourself.

            Should you be more understanding?

            You had your own frustrations selling perhaps it is OK.

            Maybe you should just hang in there.


7/        Lost sleep

            Your company is very important to you.

            It is like a family.

            Should you fire this person?

            They have a family as well.





An effective sales process requires a sales system that has these 4 keys.

1/        Hires the right salespeople – ones that sell.

2/        Has a process that salespeople have to follow.

3/        Keeps the sales reps accountable.

            You know at any time what they are doing or not doing.

4/        Sales reps exceed their goals and your expectations.


Did you know at according Salesforce,

            67% of sales reps do not attain their individual quota.



If your system is not working then you need to stop and consider the following.


1/        Understand why it is not happening.

            What is wrong?

            What is missing?

            Find out why is it not working.


2/        Develop a sales strategy.


            What you want and how you are going to accomplish the results.


3/        Develop a Tactical plan.

            This is how we are going to do it.

            This is the measurement

            No excuses

            No stories

            Just results


4/        Implement a sales process that works

            One that will make it happen


5/        Exceed your expectations.

            Your expectations are not wrong; they are just not being met.


You are great at what you do.


Why  – because you are an expert


Sales are no different.


You need the expertise to make it work.


So why are you settling for anything less.





Time to redevelop your sales process into a system that works.


Free Download:  10 Secrets To Hiring Sales Reps That Sell



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How to focus on your MIT’s (Most Important Tasks)


Priority is the key to success.Photo on 4-3-17 at 8.12 AM #2

You hear it all the time.

Those who have attained great success will tell you how important it is


“Give whatever you are doing and whoever you are with the gift of your attention.“ Jim Rohn



How many times are we sucked into stuff that doesn’t qualify as a MIT in our day?



What can we do about it?

How do we get over it?



Please check out our podcast to help you in building your business.

Listen to Targeted Lead Generation Podcast.  Click above to learn more.

Listen to Targeted Lead Generation Podcast. Click above to learn more.

Targeted Lead Generation



Today I want to share 10 ways to help you focus every day on your MIT’s.


1/        Know what your most important tasks are.

            Make a List of 1, 3, 5 or 7.

            There are all kinds of tools out there for creating these type lists.

            Use one.

            But the key is – know what your most important tasks are.


2/        Write your most important tasks down.

            You cannot remember them in your head.

            Trust me, I have seen so many try – it doesn’t work.

            Write them down.

            There is a great secret to eye/hand process – you write it and you remember much better.


3/        Understand the why.

            Why is this a task important to focus on?

            Because it gets you closer to your goals?

            Because it has a deal line that must be met?

            Because it will create a relationship you need?

            What is the why?


4/        Block time for them

            Use whatever method you need to block out a time to do these.

            To focus on them and get them done.

            Don’t keep thinking about it, schedule a block of time and get them done.


5/        Make the decision

            Procrastination kills your movement.

            Whatever decisions you need to make – do it.

            Make the decision and move forward.


6/        Limit your time.

            This is how long it is going to take.

            Then cut the time and get started.

            You will be amazed at how you get it done.


7/        Get some help

            Specially you entrepreneurs and business owners.

            Ask for some help to get it done.

            It will get done so much faster.

            And usually so much better.


8/        Delegate what you can

            No, delegate all you can and move forward.

            No one does it as perfect as you – but you can’t do it all.


            Perfect is not always required, but completion usually is.


9/        Clear your mind

            Focus on these tasks and these tasks only

            No matter what your mind tries to do or where you mind tries to take you.

            Stop, you control the focus.


10/     Stop Multi-tasking

            It is an illusion

            Focus on one thing at a time.

            Get it done.

            Then move one.



There you go

Implement this process today and you will be amazed at the results.

Need more help connect up with me.

Learn more about Coach Manny’s Inner Circleclick here: 


Coach Manny’s Podcasts are rocking – Target Lead Generation

Order your copy today and start generating more business!

Order your copy today and start generating more business!

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How you doing with that?


Don’t know who said it initially, but JLD from Entrepreneur on Fire says it all the time.


Who are you spending your time with?


Are they energizing you?usmc


When you get other people’s input – the right people – you start to think outside the norm.


Other people see stuff you don’t see in you business, life and career.

Bad and good.

But stuff you need to see.



You don’t have to like this answers they give, but you may just need to hear them.


Entrepreneurs, business owners, sales people and others – stop thinking you can do it alone.


You can, but you can never reach the levels you could with help


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Be more Persistent, Consistent and Self-Disciplined.


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You are not the only one out there!0006


People who have dreams are always thinking?

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Today I want to share 10 keys that will help you be a better business networker.

If you are shy, if you don’t like to attend events, if you get nervous.

Get over it and get out there.

I was once a very shy, introverted computer programmer.0024

Today I love nothing more than to walk into an event of hundreds of people and know no one.

If I can do it, anyone can.

Listen to the podcast to learn even more:



Here are 10 tips to make you better.



1/       Go to the right events

            An event might be good for your friend, but she does something completely different than you.

            If there are a bunch of people at the event that do what you do, that is OK.  It means you are at the right event.

            Take time to find the right places to hang out.



2/       Arrive Early

            15 Minutes before the event starts.

            All the stars get there early.

            You will be amazed at what and whom you will meet.

            Plus because you are early, they have plenty of time to talk with you.


3/       Stay Late

            Leave at least 30 minutes of space after the event.

You could be talking with a very important person and you do not want to cut the conversation short because you have to be at another meeting.

In today’s busy world you might never get that chance again.

Plus guess who hangs out after everyone else leaves?


4/       Give out your business card

            I know this sounds crazy – who wouldn’t do that Manny?

            You would be surprised.

There are actually people out there who say not to take cards with you to an event.

            Please take your cards and give them out.



5/       Don’t talk about you.

            No one cares about you until you show him or her you care about him or her.

            Fact of life.

            Fact of networking.

            Get over it and apply it.

            You will create so much more success.



Looking for a “how to” manual.The manny ways of networking successfully too -page-001

Check out my best selling book on networking.

The “Manny” Ways of Networking Successfully Too!  

Click here to order your copy today.



6/       Limit your time with people

Unless you are talking with someone about a huge deal and about to close it – then forget the networking event and keep talking.

            People get comfortable with you and don’t want to leave.

            Move on.

            You came to meet people.


7/       Stay away from people you know.

            Once you are known – all the people that know you want to talk with you.

            Make an appointment to do a 1v1.

            I am here to meet new people.



8/       Follow up after you meet people.

            Send a simple email.

            Great to meet you, hope we can talk further in the near future.

            End of email.

            No selling.

            Just connect.


9/       Put people on your email list.

            After the first email, put them into a campaign based on who they are.

            Let the technology do the rest.

            It is OK if they unsubscribe.

Anyone interested in what you have to sell and desiring to buy will not unsubscribe.


10/    Know what you do and how to say it.

            Don’t wing it.

            Everyone knows

            30 seconds to tell what you do.

            Know it cold.

            Make it sound natural.


Is that all the keys?

Of course not.

But it is a good start.


Do these and watch what happens.


Two resources for you today.

The “Manny” Ways of Networking Successfully Too  

Must read for anyone who networks

This best selling book has helped many people to become experts at networking.

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Coach Manny’s Inner Circle

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Mastermind group.

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But are you paying attention and looking at your existing customers as a lead source?


Most companies are not.

In fact, as I have said a number of times, “Treat your customer like you treat your hot prospects, forever, and they will be great customers, forever.”


Customers – your customers are a great source to ask for more business.  They might be doing much more than you know of and could use your services in other areas of the company or other divisions.  They might also introduce you to their customers.


Customers – The people you are doing business with.  Your customers are a great source to ask for more business, but sometimes, it goes right past us.


Your customer might buy much more than you think of your product/service and could use your services in many other areas of their company. 

But neither of you think about it.


This is one technique that has helped build business for me and for many of my clients.


First, you must find out how much of what you sell your customer is buying from other organizations. 

Once you know that, then you can put a plan together to go after that business.


Let’s say you are a printer and sell to company x.  Who is a good client, and you do $50,000 a year with them.  The problem is, you don’t see/know/understand that they buy another $250,000 in printing from other companies.  Not just other printing services, but printing you could supply them with.


Another example, you are a computer managed services company, and you support 25 computers for an organization.  But you don’t know that the organization has three sales offices with another 100 devices supported by someone else.


Don’t assume the customer will think of you and mention it.  Bring it up yourself, be more aggressive in working you existing base.


Looking at what your customer buys from your competitor that you could supply is an amazing lead source.  I encourage you to look at how much of what you sell that your client is buying from someone else.


They already love you, so you have such an opportunity; yet, you are missing it.


I remember working with a printer who was doing well, but she wanted to sell to larger clients.  So, we looked at some of her big clients that seemed to do only a little work, compared to what we felt they could do.


After researching this issue, we found 4 customers who were very good customers. Together, they were doing over 200k total with this client.  Yet, we found over a million dollars of work, purchased by these 4, that my client was not doing.


Simple solution when you think about it.  Here is 1 million dollars of business, in four companies you have a good relationship with.  Pick up the phone; take a trip, do whatever you need to do; go get more of that business.


We built a process to go after the business, and it created some amazing results for the client. 

Simply asking, could you introduce me to that department head? 

Could you connect me with your office in that town? 

Do you know anyone in that department? 

They didn’t get it all, but they got a bunch.  They doubled the business they were doing.


Look at your customers and see if this situation exists.  You might just be amazed at what you find.



Source for article:  Targeted Lead Generation Book by Coach Manny Nowak

Click here to order your copy today.