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The Decision Institute – Coach Manny Nowak

America’s number one expert in taking 6 figure businesses to 7 figures

Million Dollar Business Development Boot Camp

Do you want to learn how to build sales systems and processes that work and produce results?


Million Dollar Business Development Boot Camp Speaker Line up

Million Dollar Business Development Boot Camp Speaker Line up

Business Owners who need to generate more sales!

What if – you had a way to generate more business?

What if – you could make new and powerful connections?

What if – you could get help from others who have been there and done it?

Would you be excited and ready to take some action?

Just look at this line up:

Here is an outline of what you will experience during this amazing 3-day event.  Plus, we have so much more for you.


Effective Networking that generates business forever –interactive networking and teaching

This session features teaching, and then you get to apply what you learn.

Then we teach some more, and again you get to apply it right then. 

This goes on for over 3 hours.

This interactive session will help you to create a bunch of new connections and relationships.


Sales and Building your business – from suspect, to prospect, to customer to repeat customer. 

This session is designed to help you build your sales process to effectively generate more business. 

If your sales process is not producing the results you want – then you simply have to be here.


CRM –  Customer Relationship Management

How to use it to help both you and your business grow.  From what it is, to how to implement it successfully.


Dream Believe and Achieve – Applied

Hands on workshop of working with the best, thus helping you to build your plan of action.


Mastermind One – working on your business not in it

Learn what it is and then actually participate as we show you the power through doing.


Social media – Twitter

Wondering how you can use it effectively?

Wondering what it really does for your business and how it increases sales?

Learn how to generate business with it plus so much more.


LinkedIn  – How do you use it to build your business? 

How to turn your connections into relationships and then into business.

How does this fit into the world of social media.

How do you actually get this tool to work for you?

Helps you to create greater success.


Time Management – getting time to work for you.

Taking control of your time and your life.

Knowing time wasters and getting rid of them.

Planning, organizing and taking control.


Effective Networking that generates business forever

Come and participate in the Beehive game and build some great connections.

People have paid thousands of dollars to participate in this game of relationship building. 

This interactive session used by T. Harv Eker is an amazing way to make the connections you need to drive your business forward exponentially.


Mastermind  Two – working on your business not in it –part two – the plan. 

How to take your plan and let others give you feedback and help in making it happen.

Taking the Dream Believe Achieve output and enhancing it even more.

Come out with a process that will help your business to be even more successful.

Plus all the other surprises we decide to add including participation by clients, guests and audience members.


We have some of the best industry leaders who will be here to speak, teach, help and network with you.


You do not want to miss this event.

 Register today.

October 23, 24, 25 – right outside Philadelphia, PA at the beautiful Courtyard by Marriott at Rowan University – Glassboro, NJ


All the above, plus much more, for just $197.

Register today.

Click here to register today.


Are you frustrated with your results? 

Experiencing the problem of not having enough clients?

Poor cash flow?

Weak sales people?

Losing business to your competitors?


What is the answer that will help you and your business grow?


Come to the:

Million Dollar Business Development Boot Camp


3 Full Days of intense training to help business owners

Increase sales

Generate more profit


Build a more successful business.


How to take your 6 figure Business to 7 Figures and Beyond

How to get your sales up to new levels.

Build relationships that generate more business for you.

Take your business and yourself to new levels of success.

Million Dollar Business Development Boot Camp will help you get there

Please watch this quick video from our March Event to see how people enjoyed the event and learned from it.

Networking Event

Networking Event

Come join this super ,interactive and life changing training.

We teach, we apply, we help you understand.

Then we teach, we apply and we help you understand some more


Develop 15-20+ new relationships that can take your business to the next level.

How about we start with Interactive Networking.


You have read the books.

You have seen the seminars/videos/webinars.

BUT- but we do it a whole new way.





How about two super interactive networking sessions that will make you part of the top 5% of networkers – why would you ever settle for less?


You get to do it.

You get to make your mistakes here.

You get to do it again and again – get it to the place you want it.

Learn, practice, achieve – become part of the 5%.


Get to the point where you want to walk into a room of 100 people, knowing not one soul – and walk out with connection after connection.


 Even those of you who feel you can’t do it – you can!

Networking is only the start of this outstanding boot camp.

We have so much more!

Sign up today and take advantage of the special rates.

You don’t want to miss this exciting event:

October 23, 24, 25, 2014
Live at the Courtyard by Marriott on The Campus of

Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ.  

Just outside of Philadelphia, PA

Early Registration now available at only $197.  Limited space.  Get in today.  Three days for this incredible price.



From networking we move to Social Media

What can you do with it?

How can you make it work for you?

How do you generate business from it?












 Find your way to great Success!


Twitter Expert and Social Media Superstar

Twitter Expert and Social Media Superstar

Sondra Cappuccio

Principal, Strategic Communications & Planning

Enlil Communications

Provide Strategic Planning and Creative Execution.
Focus on Operations, Brand Formation and Strategic Planning.
Implement Inbound Marketing and Social Media Plans.
Develop strong Web Presence.
Enable Sales Teams to execute marketing.
Plan and execute Corporate Training Modules.


We have some of the best people in the county here to teach you, show you and help you do it.


And that’s not all.




Join us as we move from a general understanding to specific tools.





From Social Media platform to tools – Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, and more.



We have a Linkedin session – bring your computer and get hands on.

Are you ready to make Linkedin work for you?

Look who is going to join us and present linkedin?

None other than Linkedin expert – Mr. Howard Yermish!

Howard Yermish brings a level of enthusiasm and understanding to the geeky world of technology, presenting topics in a way that engages the audience by making it relevant, rather than just “gee wiz isn’t this

Linkedin and Social Media Marketing Expert:  Howard Yermish

Linkedin and Social Media Marketing Expert: Howard Yermish

cool.” In addition to his speaking, Howard helps businesses have the most effective online marketing through training, Internet development, and new media production.




















We have experts to take your skill to a whole new level.


From understand the marketing – to applying it.

From social media review, to using the tools to generate business.


We are committed to helping you leave this session with what it takes to use these tools to generate business



Stop talking about what you are going to do.

Stop listening to all the hype and letting it turn you off – take you down that complex road.


Again – get into the top 5% and start making it work for you.


Sign up today and take advantage of the special rates.

Don’t miss our next event:

October 23, 24, 25, 2014
Live at the Courtyard by Marriott on The Campus of

Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ.  

Just outside of Philadelphia, PA

Early Registration now available at only $197 – price will go up.


But we are no where near done.

Remember – this is a boot camp.

You are here to be learn, learn, learn and apply

You are here to set the base for success in your business.







Let’s add – Sales and marketing training.

How about a great information system on CRM!

Joining us is CRM Expert – Brad Tornberg.

Brad Tornberg picture

Brad has provided consulting, strategy development, project planning and management, business process and work flow evaluation and computer systems and software implementation to clients for over 20 years. His unique experience allows him to oversee the entire management of a client’s technology environment and in some cases evaluate the entire organizational management of the business. Utilizing business process improvement, Brad strives to solve the business issues first and then apply technology to help solve them. His role mandates strong interpersonal skills, technical skills and management skills. His responsibilities can also include the restructuring of employee roles, responsibilities and rates as well as the acquisition of new employees to fill key managerial and technical roles.



Plus – Time management session to help you get so much more out of what you do.








And still – we are just getting started – how about mastermind.


You have hear it is good

You have heard it works.

You have hear from some of the best about how it works.


Well it does work

But more than that – it takes you and your business to a whole new level.


From getting advice from those who have done it, and done it well.

To learning lessons from those who really messed up and can tell you what you need to avoid.


You told us this was so good in March, so we have taken it to a whole new level.

Get your chance to work with other business owners and professionals.

Share you issues and get help.

This is an amazing process.


If you have considered mastermind – this is your chance to see it work.

Do not miss these sessions.


Two interactive mastermind sessions are part of our training at this boot camp.


You do not want to miss this.


All this and still we are not done.


Welcome back Larry Steller – Dream, Believe and Achieve – With so much more – hands on how to!

Guest Speaker At the Boot Camp

Guest Speaker At the Boot Camp


Those that were here in March hear Larry motivate and excite you about the process.

But what then?

Did you do it?

Did you put it into action?

Or did you just enjoy the presentation and go on?


Larry has been a manager for more than half of his life. While most of that time has been spent in small business operations, he also spent 6 years in management at the Fortune 500 level. Larry credits his success in to the principles of “Dream, Believe, Achieve” and will be providing the basics of that seminar to those gathered at the boot camp. Larry and his partners opened their collection agency in Gibbsboro, NJ in 2003 and expect to surpass $60 million dollars in recoveries sometime this year. Larry has proven that planning for success is never wasted time.

This time we welcome Larry back to give you the how to do it.

How to build that plan and how to make it so good it has to work.

Come and listen as Larry shares his keys to success.

The keys that have helped him to build a very successful business.


Want to really get the most out of this boot camp?

Then come with a plan for your business or career or life to the Boot Camp and learn how to refine it and remove the holes and roadblocks.


But we are not stopping there.

That helps you develop a good plan.


you could get the help of a mastermind group?



We will be spending one of the mastermind sessions have some people sharing modifying, improving and getting it tight, right and achievable.

You do not want to miss this exciting piece.


Speaking of time – what about one of the best time management people around: Ms. Merle Margolese

Guest Speaker: Time Management Expert, Merle Margolese
Guest Speaker: Time Management Expert, Merle Margolese

Listen to her and start:


Just some of what you will learn about:

Time Wasters

               YOUR Action Plan

               Time Savers

               Planning Time- A Must

               Organizing & Taking Control of      

             your tasks


Merle Margolese is the owner of Merle Margolese Presents…, a firm that specializes in customized business training. This includes but is not limited to individual business coaching, seminars, work shops, team building exercises, motivational speaking, key note speaking at corporate events and team motivation. Merle has multiple CEU classes approved in the state of New Jersey for electrical contractors, fire and burglar alarm installers, locksmiths and public adjusters.


Merle has been featured in such publications as The Voice and Insight Magazine. Her first training DVD, A Time Management and Goal Setting Workshop is now available with additional training DVD’s to soon follow.

Yes, it is a commitment of three days?

But come for what you can.

Once here, you will not want to leave.


Super boot camp that will help you move your business light years ahead in a short time.


We have the best of the best.


You will not see anything like this around – this is the key you have been looking for.


Sign up today – we do have limited space and will be closing up once full.


Watch the video

See what those who were here in March have to say.


Come out and join us – you do not want to miss this.


This price is for a limited time only – so please sign up today.


October 23, 24, 25, 2014
Live at the Courtyard by Marriott on The Campus of

Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ.  

Just outside of Philadelphia, PA

Early Registration now available at only $197 – price will go up.