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Marketing Automation Boot Camp


Coach Manny Nowak’s


Marketing Automation Boot Camp

Day 1 Interviews with attendees and speakers:


Day 2 Interviews with attendees and speakers:




Teaching People to How to

Increase BusinessPicture 012a


Relationships and Automation 

Both Online/OffLine

October 22-23, 2015




Two jam packed days on how to take your business to the next level!



Are you ready to take your business, career, and life to the Next Level??


October 22 and 23, 2015 – just outside Philadelphia at

The Marriott at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ.


Two Great days for only $297.00  Discount price of $97.00 


 Click here to reserve your seat today:


Just look at what you are going to experience:


Interactive networking -

You get to learn, apply,

then learn more and apply so you can automatically

apply helpful new habits.


Networking keys to success –

the stuff no one ever tells you so you can immediately

apply the shortcuts to successful networking.


Social Media.

Facebook and LinkedIn training by the best

so you can focus on the most important activities

that yield the best results.


Mastermind groups –

learning from others so you get new perspectives

on your own situation and build powerfully

effective long-term relationships with peers.


Sales Process -

How to develop an effective sales process

so you get more results with less effort.



how to automate your business process and

generate more sales so you can

put your business on auto-pilot!


Time Management –

Learning to Focus, prioritize and execute

so you get more done in less time.


Financial Management -

Reveals how to keep more of what you earn

so you leverage every dollar that comes through your business.


Building content  -

that sells so you immediately connect with

prospects and convert them into buyers.


Building your vision –

your dream and your plan so you can

live the life you’ve always dreamed of.


Preliminary Event Agenda   Event starts at 8AM both days.

Day One:  Thursday, October 22, 2015

Opening the event – Vision, Dreams, Goals – Coach Manny

Effective Networking that generates business forever – interactive event.

Lead by Coach Manny

Personal Branding and Dress for Success  – Eleanor Togneri

Sales and Building your business  - Coach Manny and George Warner

Keynote –  Dream, Believe and Achieve – Larry Steller

Content and your marketing in the 20 teens.  Janet Garraty

Effective Networking that generates business forever Beehive Exercise – Mastermind.  Interactive Event Lead by Coach Manny and Larry Steller.


Day Two: Friday, October 23, 2015

Vision, Time and Money – Coach Manny

CRM and your Business – Brad Tornberg

Coaching and you – Coach Manny

How to Generate Business with Linkedin – Howard Yermish

Generating Business Using Facebook  – Howard Yermish


Kris & I have enjoyed learning from Manny –

his networking techniques are fantastic.0060

If you’re looking to build your business & ramp up

your networking skills, I highly recommend this event!

Kris and Darcie King


E Video Production







No messing around! This boot camp is INTENSE!!!

Marketing Automation Preview Video:


Social Media expert – Mr. Howard Yermish

will be speaking at the event on

Linkedin and Facebook:

Linkedin and Facebook Expert:  Howard Yermish

Linkedin and Facebook Expert: Howard Yermish








If you are looking to CRM as a tool, then you do not want to missBrad Tornberg picture

Mr. Brad Tornberg



Remember, networking success is more than just talking.




Business expert DBA Coach Manny Nowak 2015

Eleanor Togneri

Speaking on Personal Branding and

Dress for Success 







Jeff AIP Logo sponsor




Special Guest Speaker

America Content Expert

Janet GarratyGarraty_075_Final_FBCrop_2



“Did you know 9 out of 10 successful online marketers use Content Marketing daily in their business?”  Tom Antion








logo2-sja        Networking:

Helping you build relationships that generate business!

Hands On


Learn the best techniques from the stage


Then actually use them at the event to meet people


Totally interactive session, nothing like this out there.


You will learn and get really good at making networking work for you.


If you ever wanted to learn how to be great at networking – this is for you!

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Sales Techniques that work:

 From Somebody


     to Suspect

               to ProspectSJBiz_Logo (3)

                    to Customer

                          to Customer for Life

                                to Referral Source



What is not working in your sales process?

You will get to work as part of a mastermind group

You will get help in finding the answers to your sales roadblocks

Your sales process will improve tremendously

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Mastermind – the key tool you are missing – come see how it works.





        Marketing Automation/CRM – all the the pieces to make it work for you and your organization:

          Does this look familiar?

pictures of piles of businesscards           

How do you keep up with all my customers, prospects, leads?

Missed and no follow up is one of the leading

road blocks to sales success.


How are you dealing with it?


You will learn how to automate the processes

and procedures at this boot camp.


You will learn how to make follow-up happen

without you having to do it.


You will learn how to make your follow up work every time.


You will have CRM working for you.



< Video> < Video>


                       Get sharper and sharper?

                       STOP procrastinating?



As Well As Learn:


        Time Management:

                 How to stop it from taking over your day?

                 How do I set goals by using SMART!



< > < >


                 What is it?

                 How do I get it?


         Strategic vs Tactical.

                How to work each correctly and effectively?



<! Peter Torrano> <! end peter torrano>

        Financial Management:

                  What products have the highest margin in your business?

                  How to know and use that information to generate more profit?



        Social Media:

                   How to effectively utilize



                          Facebook, and more!



PLUS much more!!



My boot camp isn’t your typical sit and listen all day event.


Boring and a waste of time.


You learn, you apply, you understand, all day long.

Then you do it again.


Listen to what others had to say after attending:


Boot Camp is NOT easy!


You’ll bust your tail just like I did when I was in the Marines.


BUT, guaranteed


you’ll leave


better equipped and have the knowledge and CONFIDENCE


to do it.


A must for great interacting.


Register early to take advantage of our Discount.


Don’t lose out.


October 22 and 23, 2015 – just outside Philadelphia at The Marriott at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ.


Two Great days for only $297.00  Discount price of $97.00


 Click here to reserve your seat today:





How much time, effort and energy are you spending trying to obtain a new customer and coming up empty handed.



We’ll show you how NOT to let the big one get away and keep the

one’s you have for years to come.


Learn from Coach Manny and some of the best industry leaders here to speak, teach, help and network with YOU.


You won’t want to miss this event.




Two Great days for only $297.00   $97.00


 Click here to reserve your seat today:






Can’t make the Boot Camp – but need the information?

(Recorded live at the event)

Order the Home Study Course today for only $397.

 This course will contain all the information from the session.


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Need to know more – Call today to learn more –

speak with Coach Manny Directly  856 358 4021

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2 Full Days of intense training to help you be the best:




Networking Event

Networking Event