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The Decision Institute – Coach Manny Nowak

Sales and Leadership Development

Building an Effective Sales Process


Design, develop and implement an effective

sales strategy, tactics and accountability

that will help your organization to grow and

double your sales. 0020


The Process:

Step 1 – The Strategy


Strategic planning sessions with you and Coach Manny. 

You can bring other people into the session as you feel they add value and can help.  Sessions can be done remotely or at your location.


 This session will help you begin to layout the following pieces:




1/        Define in detail the target market you are going after. 

Remember that target market does not mean you will not do and accept other work.  It simply means that your time, energy and dollars will go after the target.  Lean and mean. 




2/        Define the key product and its description, pricing, features and terms. 

This is your main product.  We will also discuss secondary products, upsell and cross sell. 




3/        How will you generate leads? 

Look at the processes and define 5 main and 5 secondary lead generation methods.  How they will be used and what results you can expect.




4/        What is the strategy and path to take a “lead” to a “closed customer?” 

Including time frame, tasks, process and measurements.




5/        Define the best methods to service, expand, cross sell and get referrals from customers.




6/        Define what the CRM system must do. 

Including campaigns, tags and other automation to smooth the process.  How much of the process can be automated.




7/        Social media requirements and expectations.

How does this integrate into your organization?  Where can you use it effectively?  What tools?  How?




8/        Who will be responsible for what? 




I will work with you and whoever you want in on the process.  I will then put together the basic outline from the session.  This will then be reviewed in a follow up meeting with you.




Step 2: The Tactics (If you decide to continue)

Taking the process developed in step one and putting the detail behind it that is required to implement and measure it.  This would include goals, tasks, measurements and accountability.

This process can be done by you with or without the help from Coach Manny.  From the past experience it is best if we work this together during 3-4 shorter sessions and then you get delivered a final sales tactical plan you can implement.


Step 3:  The Execution (If you chose to use this piece)

This would be regular 60-90 minute monthly review sessions over 12 months in which you and I would review the past months results and develop the plan for the next month.  We would see what is working, what is not and what needs to be modified.  These sessions can also be used to work anything else related to your organization.


As part of The Execution process you also get email and phone access to Coach Manny to discuss things between sessions.


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