This is the first of the “12 Keys to Building A Successful Small Business That Grows.”


Today we start going through these in more detail.


Are you looking for the keys to the castle?

The way to take your Business to the next level?

The way to create a more successful and growing business?


Then you have to start with selling.


Without customers, where do you think you are going to be able to take your business? 

You have to close some business.


Bottom line, “until you get sales, nothing else is really that import to be working on.”  I want you to forget all the rest until you get this piece rocking.


To many times I hear people talking about getting that nice new office, or furniture, or better business cards, folders, computers, software and on and on.  To many times it is because they think all that is more important than selling. 

Or worse, they fear sales!


Please internalize this today and let it drive your business.  You need to sell.  You need to close business.  You need revenue.  Until you get this piece working, all the rest is irrelevant because without sales, soon you will be gone.  No debate about it.


I know I am very hard on this.  But I have learned from my own businesses and from the clients I help, this is fact.  If you don’t close business you don’t survive – it is that simple.


To start, get a business card, a phone, an idea and lots of drive. 


How do you sell?

Remember that selling is no different than any other task.  You need a process and you need to follow it.  A road map, a simple process that you follow.


This is what most people lack.  They are simple out there trying to do it without a road map. It doesn’t work. 


Start by answering these questions and building a process that you execute every day.


Don’t spend all day with this initially.  Just put simple answers together to these questions and start doing it.  Define it the best you can, get out there and do it, then refine it, change it, fix it and keep on rolling.  You can write a book some day, now, start with a simple page and get out there.


1/        Who is your target market?

2/        What is your main/major product/service and the pricing?

3/        How are you selling it, what method(s) are you using? 

4/        How do you get leads?

5/        What is the “sales process” to move people from suspect to prospect to customer to repeat customer?

6/        What are you goals and how are you going to measure?

7/        How will you get paid and stay motivated?


Simple right?

Start doing it today and stop thinking about it, hesitating and procrastinating.  You can do this.  Get out there and sell.


This is where I start with most of my customers. 

Because sales opens the door to success.