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We always hear people talking about, “the problem” instead of spending their time, energy and focus trying to find the solution. 


Today, I want to help you to move from a problem focused environment to a solution focused environment.


This simple little process, which I call the key to the solution, will help you get to that environment.  The process simply moves you from the problem to figuring out the solution.  I know it sounds so simple, yet so often people get stuck in the problem and never move forward.  Hesitation is the arch nemesis of success.


Step 1:

Define the problem – Use 30 words or less. No need to be too detailed. State what the problem is and then leave it for now. 


Step 2:

Define Solutions – Based on the problem, move your focus to the solution.  Brainstorm, or if you are alone, mindstorm the problem.  Don’t judge, simple come up with solutions.  For the simple problems, 3-5 potential solutions will usually cover it.

For everything else, I suggest defining 20 solutions that could help you solve the problem.  Don’t stop short. 


Step 3:

Select a solution – Go through the 20, cross out all those that do not really work.  Combine all you can.  Keep eliminating and combining until only one solution remains.


Step 4:

Develop the solution – Write out, in as much detail as you need, the plan and how you will make it happen.  Including a time table, help needed, costs and all other important details.


Step 5:

Implement the solution – Do it.  Don’t think about it, don’t keep going around in circles about why you can’t.  You should have done all that while thinking in the selection process.  Now, simply implement and go for the gold.


So, your first question is likely, “Manny, is it really that easy?”

Yes, in fact, if you can make a decision, it is even easier.


Can anyone do it?



What is the key?

Now you’ve hit the most critical piece.  You see, in each step and in the process as a whole, you must know how to make a decision.  I know that sounds simple, but so many of us struggle to pull the trigger.


If you cannot make a decision, you will continue thinking about what to do, while your competition has already done it.


As one of my great mentors taught me many years ago, “make a decision will you please, if you make a wrong decision, then you can simply make another one to correct it.  At least you are moving.  If you don’t make a decision, you will continue to stand still.”


Every day, problems come and go for all of us.  Those that are successful understand this and take action.  The rest get passed by.


Sometimes this can be done is a few moments.

Sometimes it takes much longer.

But the process is the process.


So, this week I want you to try these steps and see how they work for you.  Remember through, if you cannot make a decision, they will not work.  So commit to that first.


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How to create real success in all you do

How to create real success in all you do







“Success does not come from doing extraordinary things. Success comes from doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.”              – Unknown


Take a moment and picture the stereotypical sales person we all think of:


  • Fake smile
  • Talks too much
  • Overpowering
  • Rude
  • Obnoxious
  • Impatient



Now picture people running out of a store/lot with a sales person chasing them.

As they are shouting,


“No thank you, not interested, going to pass for now,”


The sales person is shouting even louder, “But do you want vinyl or leather interior?

Order your copy today and start generating more business!

Order your copy today and start generating more business!


Do you want the yellow one or the white one?”


What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Sales Person”? Is it a positive or negative image? Here are some examples of sales people we all encounter:


  • The door- to- door sales person (How many under 35 know what that is?)
  • The “car” sales person
  • The sales person at the appliance store
  • The insurance sales person – the financial planner


How many of you, when you think of “sales” people, think of yourself, the people you work with and the people you really like?


The term “sales people” stirs up so many negative impressions ––and, in my case, memories.



In my first sales job I was a Fuller Brush salesman, a door- to- door sales person who sells expensive brushes. 


My first assignment was selling door-to-door in a poor neighborhood. 

I just couldn’t do it. 

They wanted us to sell brushes people didn’t need to people who could not afford them. 

That negative actually took almost 10 years to get out of my mind and get me into sales.



Sales people get so little respect, contrary to other ways of making a living.

If you are a doctor, people perceive that you are in a fine profession.

If you are a corporate manager, you have great career in hand.

If you are a craftsman or craftswoman, that too is an admirable choice.


But a sales person?  Who wants to be a sales person?



Try this at next the party you go to.  Tell everyone your son/daughter is going to grow up to be a sales person and see what reaction you get.



Yet as a business owner, CEO, executive or partner, you must realize that sales people are the key to your success.


In fact, as a business owner you have to be the first great sales person who will build your company. 


Be more Persistent, Consistent and Self-Disciplined.

Be more Persistent, Consistent and Self-Disciplined.

I love the story about the franchise owner who grumbles, “I bought the franchise, got cards, computer, desks, all that stuff, did all the administrative work, hung out the cute sign, opened the door and…nothing! Where are the customers, why is no one is breaking down the door to buy my product?”


Success in business comes through selling.  No matter what you think or what you tell yourself, or what others tell you, you must remember this simple truth:


To build a business you have to sell.


Say it again and never forget it:


To build a business you have to sell.




Do you know that most of the people in business have one great need? Do you know what it is?



More Business.


They need more business.


How do you get more business? Remember the line from above?


To build a business you have to sell.


Rule No. 1


If you want to build and grow your business you have to sell.


Rule No. 1 – Once more:


If you want to build and grow your business you have to sell.





Do not forget this.


To learn more about making your organization sales driven – get a copy of my book:

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Steve Jobs was a great visionary, innovator and driver.

But above all else, he was the best sales person Apple had.


What are you doing to keep your sales team sharp, productive and successful?  No matter what size organization you have, sales is still the key driver of success and should be the number one priority of the CEO.  You cannot grow an organization by cutting costs.


Whether it is just you, a team of one, or a team of 10, 100, or anything in between, sales teams have to be led to be great.

They have to be trained and motivated to be effective.

They have to be accountable to be successful.


Today I want to look at these 3 points to consider what we can learn to make our sales teams better and increase our top line.



1/        The sales team has to be led.

Led by you, the CEO.

Yes, your sales leadership team has to do the job you put them there to do, but so do you.

You have to get the message out from the top of the organization.

Companies grow by increasing sales.

Cutting costs does nothing to grow the company.


The single most important key in any company is sales growth.

And sales growth doesn’t just happen.

When sales are up, the rest follows suit.

As the CEO, that is the message you must spread.

Send the message out to the sales team – the CEO’s top priority is increasing business.  Don’t just use words, use action.



2/        The sales team has to be trained and motivated.

Order your copy today and start generating more business!

Order your copy today and start generating more business!

Why do large corporations spend so much time, effort and money training and motivating their sales teams?

Because they know it works.

Because it helps them become better, stronger and more successful.

Because it fires them up.

Even if you are your only sales person, you still need to go to a couple of conferences a year and learn and get fired up.

Hang out and get pumped.

Again, as the CEO, get out there with the sales team sometimes.  Show them how important you believe their efforts and energy are.  Show them you understand what they do and respect it.

A CEO with sales vision, inspiration, and motivation can create unbelievable sales numbers from the team.



3/        The sales team has to be accountable.

They must be held to the numbers.

As I always preach, sales are a numbers game.

Math is simple.

Either you are doing it or you are not.

The numbers do not lie.

And not just the final numbers, but all those numbers in between.

Making calls.

Prospecting every day.

Doing follow up.

Closing business.



You must have metrics and use them to hold your sales teams accountable.

You have to make the tough decisions.

Be more Persistent, Consistent and Self-Disciplined.

Be more Persistent, Consistent and Self-Disciplined.

Again, as CEO, you live and breathe this every day.

You support it.

There is no doubt at all – the CEO expects the numbers, period.


Great sales teams are led by sales driven CEO’s.

Inspired and driven.


Want to grow your organization?


Then put on the sales hat.

It is a big part of your job.


Need some help.

Give me a call.

Let’s talk.


Set up a short call with me.

Schedule it today, click.


Everyone In Your Organization Must Sell!

Posted by Manny on June 4, 2017
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Yes, I do get an extreme amount of push back on this statement.

Me, I am not a sales person, that is not my job!

(I hate that line.)


Yet, how many of you have listened to the commercial on Pandora or another source where a person was just robbed and they call a security company.


The victim is very distressed about their house being robbed and is looking for some answers to get a security system.

A girl comes on the phone and says, “Oh, sorry wrong department and then passes the call on.  Never even says a thing to the person.”


What is wrong with this picture?


What would you do if you were the person who made the call?


But more important, what would happen if this situation came up in your organization, would anyone answering the phone help the prospect?


I wrote the book a few years ago entitled, “All People Who Work For Me Are Selling.”

Available on Amazon at:



After I kept hearing this commercial, I figured out that this is still a problem, so I wanted to share one of the chapters with you today.


Do all your people have a positive attitude about your organization all the time?



Attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching?”


Do all your people talk positively about your organization?


On the job?

Off the job?


At the soccer, baseball, football field?

Ever hear people complaining at work?


How about at the soccer field?


What happens when someone talks badly about a company?

Does it matter that you were just thinking of talking with him about business?


Did you just change your mind?


I love soccer, but soccer parents can be ignorant at times. Yet, do you know how much potential business is right there, no matter what industry you are in?  


Don’t forget the saying: “It’s not what you know but who you know.”





Here are some stories of how people act off the job:


Story 1:

Joe:      I hate my job. The company really sucks; it takes advantage of us.


Mary:  What business are you in?


Joe:      I’m a sales person for a software development company.



Mary’s sister was just looking for a company to handle a half million-dollar software project.  Too bad Joe will never hear about it



Story 2:


Kathy: Hey Jerry, how are you doing today?


Jerry:  Good, but not happy with a new client we are working with.  They are such a pain, always wanting everything perfect.  They are just going to have to deal with almost perfect.



Guess what company Kathy’s brother is running?


Story 3:


Sandy:              Hi Joe, how are you doing?


Joe:  Busy working. I’m building solutions to help companies do better, make money and grow.  It’s exciting.



Sandy’s sister is looking for help. Do you think she will remember Joe?


Are your people’s eyes and ears always open?


Are they thinking about where they work?


Are they looking for business for you?


If not, why not?


Wouldn’t it benefit you?


Your people are around potential customers for you every day.  Yet, if they are not looking out for you, you lose so much business.

Why aren’t they looking out for you?


Because they don’t care?


Or because they feel you don’t care?


Wouldn’t it benefit you if your people brought in leads?


These three stories are just a start.  If you are in the consumer home service business, construction, plumbing, electric, or whatever field, think about how much your people can do for you, just by having the right attitude.


President’s Story

As the owner, president or senior partner in charge of a business you might have many jobs and tasks, but you need to remember there are two tasks above all else that you have to do.


First, you must have a vision for the company. You have to know where you are going to take this company. Otherwise, why you are doing it?


Second, you must share the vision with all those you work with. Do you realize what impact employees can make if they work for a positive leader?


How does the attitude in your organization stack up?



Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft) brought in beds for his people to sleep in.

They slept and worked and slept and worked, sometimes leaving only once a week. Now I call that dedication. Would your people do that for you? If not, why not?


If they did, wouldn’t that kind of dedication make a difference?

Wouldn’t that kind of dedication take your company to new levels of success?


What vision have you laid out for them? If I ask your people to explain your company’s vision, could they tell me?


Have someone outside your organization ask them. The answers will be revealing.


Rule No. 5

Attitude is a 24/7/365 job.  Make sure your people are always talking positively about the company. You set the example, and they should follow through.




Memorial Day – Our Freedom Comes at a Price

Posted by Manny on May 25, 2017
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Memorial Day – Our Freedom Comes at a Price


Have a great holiday weekend – enjoy the weather, the people and the time.

american flag 

But please take a few moments and remember those who gave their lives so we could enjoy the freedom we have today.  Pay tribute to those who paid the ultimate price for us.


Remember those who made this weekend celebration possible.

Remember those that laid their lives down so we could have the freedom we enjoy.

Remember those who are out there doing it this weekend while we enjoy our freedom.


We live in the greatest nation on God’s green earth.

We enjoy a freedom that that we all need to take a moment and be thankful for.


Our nation is coming back; it is getting stronger every day.

We are regaining our confidence.  


No, we are not perfect – but we are free.

We are free to have our opinions.

We are free to live our lives without the worry that so many in the world have to deal with.

We are free – but the cost was and continues to be high.


We are a nation of strong people.

We are a nation dedicated to freedom and the American way.


“One nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.”


We are a nation that has gone through some tough times and always come out on top.


This weekend – enjoy.

But this weekend – take a few moments and remember those who died for us.

Remember those who paid the ultimate price for freedom.


This is Memorial Day – honor the men and women in our military who serve us and the America way.


God Bless you all.


Have a great weekend.


Coach Manny





Leadership Means Listening To What Is Not Being Said

Posted by Manny on May 22, 2017
Posted in Leadership 

You’re a bus driver and your heading south with 55 passengers.

Leg one of the trip, 4.4 miles and turn east.

Leg 2 – 3.3 miles

Leg 3 Turn back south 2.2 miles

Leg 4 Turn East 1.1 miles

You’ve driven 2 directions but made three turns for 4 different legs.  4.4+3.3+2.2+1.1 = 11 miles.

Question:  How old is the bus driver?


You are the bus driver – how old are you?

When someone is trying to take your focus off – get it back.

Zig Ziglar


How often do we pride ourselves on being great listeners, yet we just blow stuff off?


As leaders, we all have a full plate, stuff overflowing – but we have to remember that our people are what matters most.  Without them, we will not create anywhere near what we are capable of.


Today I want to share 3 keys that will make you a better leader.


1/        How many times has someone told you that something bothers them, really bothers them, but you just blew them off?  Then, they end up leaving your organization, and you sit there wondering why.  But they tell everyone else, “this was bugging me, I tried to get the boss to see it, but he/she just didn’t listen.”


Great leadership requires great listening and taking action. 

Make sure you become aware of those things that are getting under the skin of your team and do something about them.


2/        How many times has everyone but you known that a person in your organization is not what you think they are?  Yet your mind is made up, and you ignore their objections and keep rolling.  Companies have lost money, good people and great opportunities because the leader did not listen to those he/she should trust the most. 

Keep these communication lines open, and make sure your team is not afraid to tell you the truth.


A long time ago, I learned the hard way that a prospect should never come ahead of a customer.  The same applies here: the new guy/girl (the one who you believe can  walk on water) should not come ahead of those you trust and who have helped you get there so much in the past.



3/        When you mess up, stop, admit it, and clear the air.  As leaders, we often do little stupid stuff, which we just blow off, but this can create a wall that stops us from ever earning the maximum performance of our players. 

I remember giving a chair to one of my sales people in our old office.  Later, when we moved to our new office, I took it back and used it myself, never saying anything.  Not that big a deal, right?  I wasn’t able to put that relationship right again until I sucked it up and admitted how stupid I was. 

Be careful, the little stuff does really matter.   Maybe not to you, but to someone.


Leaders, open your mind and listen this week.  Take a look around and see if any of these apply to you and your team.  If so, do what you need to make it right.  You might be amazed by the results.


Want more on being the best?

Watch this video and start that journey to being the best.




5 Keys To Building A Great Sales Process

Posted by Manny on May 9, 2017
Posted in Leadership 

“The five S’s of sports training are stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit; but the greatest of these is spirit.” —Ken Doherty


The same 5 keys that build Olympic Athletics also are the 5 keys to building super sales organizations.


Do you and your team follow this process?


Today I want to examine these 5 keys and consider how they relate to sales.


1/        Stamina

            Definition: the ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort.


Sales is a long game.

            It exacts many defeats along the road.

            It takes more calls, more visits, more follow up.

            You have to keep climbing, all the way.


            If your sales team does not have stamina, then you need no longer wonder why your sales have ceased growing.

            Never accept any less than you expect.


            If your reps are not in shape, either physically or mentally, then get them there.



2/        Speed

            Definition: the rate at which someone or something is able to move or operate.


            How fast does your sales team move?

            Good sales people are always in motion.

            They are always doing something.

            They are energized.


            If your team sits around thinking, or is often slow to move, or not impatient, then I doubtful they will be successful.


            Motivate them. Make sure your team is on fire and rocketing forward at 100 miles an hour.



3/        Strength

            Definition: the quality or state of being strong.


            Able to leap tall building in a single bounce.

            Can your team do it?

            Or do they always need a break.

            Are they tired?

            Have they done enough for today?

            Will they be able to up against the competition and come out victorious? Will they want to?


            How strong are they?

            Remember, weak players breed weak players.

            They have to be strong, or they need to go.


            Make that one more call before your call it a day.

            Write one more note.

            Stop by one more place.


4/        Skill

            Definition:  the ability to do something well; expertise.


            Prospect, follow up, present, close

            Your team must be very good at all of these.

            If they are not, and don’t want to or recognize they can become better, they will never be stars at the sales game.

            In Olympic events, you must possess the abilities for that event.


            This event is selling.

            The abilities are prospecting, follow up, present and close.

            If you don’t have them or are not ready to commit to getting them, then why are we having this conversation.


            This is the easy one – get them training.

            Get them up to speed and beyond



5/        Spirit

            Definition: the nonphysical part of a person that is the seat of emotions and character; the soul.


            Love of the job.

            Love of the hunt.

            Making it a game and winning at the game.


            This fifth key is that something special inside that helps you execute the other 4.

            As a sales leader, this is what you give to your team to get up and rolling.


            Sales is a motivational game; you have to be up.

            No different than Olympic training.

            You have to see the results long before you achieve them.

            You can’t doubt or anticipate defeat.

            Focus on the victory.


            The gold.


So there you have it.

Now the question is, “how well are you doing with these?”


Does your team have them, and are they using them?

Remember, there are countless potential Olympic athletics, but only a few earn the gold.


There are many who want to be Marines, but only the few and proud make it.


There are many potentially good sales people – but only a few are stars.


If you want your organization to be a sales star, then we should talk.


Watch the video and then click below to set up a 15-minute call so we can learn more about each other.



To schedule a 15 minute call at your convenience, with the coach, click the link below.




Targeted lead Generation

Posted by Manny on March 22, 2017
Posted in Leadership 

What if you had 5 key lead generation techniques that generated leads?

FrontCoverQualified leads?

Leads that helped you get to the close?

Leads that turned into the right kind of business?


Click the cover to order your copy from Amazon today!

Don’t want to miss this?



The 5×5 Lead Generation Method

4          Layout your Product Marketing

5          Step 1 – Look at where your existing customers came from

6          Step 2 – Look at sources

7          Step 3-  Sort the list by dollars

8          Step 4  When

9          Set up your process

10        Examples of the process


 Click here to order your copy today:



Detail Information on the Lead Generation Processes

11        Networking

12        Lead Groups

13        Email

14        Newsletters  Email/Print

15        BLOG

16        Affiliates

17        Referrals

18        SEO

19        PPC

20        Advertising

21        List Building Services

22        Linkedin

23        Facebook

24        Other Social Media

25        Texting

26        Infomercials

27        Youtube

28        Video

29        Speaking

30        Seminars

31        Associations

32        Tradeshows

33        Direct Mail

34        Phone Cold Calls

35        Walk in Cold Calls

36        Volunteer Organizations

37        Signs

38        Billboards

39        Partnerships with Like Customers

40        Customers

41        Past Customers

42        Large firms that do what you do

43        Book/Ebook

44        Lead Generation Companies

45        Door Hangers

46        Handouts

47        Speed Networking

48        Podcasts

49        Google Plus

50        Characters dressed up

51        Webinar/Google Hangout

52        Landing pages







“Cold Calling is not dead.”

A great quote from my interview with VSA CEO Valarie Schlitt this week on Targeted Lead Generation Podcast.

Click here to listen to the interview with Valerie and learn more.


Valerie has built and runs a very successful call center that does cold calls and other calling for you.  So, if you don’t want to do your own calls – her firm can make it happen.


We are now two weeks into the 90 day cold calling challenge, and we are beginning to see that consistency is the key to success.


Most participants have made over 200 calls and are starting to see that consistency does pay off.


Today I want to share a few more of the benefits that a consistent cold calling program can add to your lead generation process helping you build your business.


1/        By practicing and making cold calls, you become so much better at communicating over the phone at all times (not just during cold calls).


            I have also become the new President Elect for the Toastmasters of Rowan University.  One of the key Toastmaster exercises is what we call table topics.  The exercise teaches you to be quick on your feet.  You are given a topic and must talk about it for 2 minutes or so.  This gives you the confidence to think and adapt as you talk, a crucial skill required for cold calling.


            Cold calling is full of surprises and questions and emotion, and you never know what you are going to encounter.  These constant challenges make you so much better on the phone and at answering questions and thinking on your feet.


            I guarantee that if you do a 100 cold calls a week you will be better on the phone and better at getting on the phone to do whatever else you need to.

2/        Your phone skills transfer across your daily sales process in many other areas.


            Those skills that you have learn and developed on the phone will quickly transplant and translate to other relevant areas in your daily sales life. 

            When you are asked a question on the spot, you are more comfortable answering it.

            When you call a client or a hot lead, you can more effectively talk with them.


            There is only one way to get great on the phone – Get On The Phone.




3/        You will begin wanting to get on that phone every day – your hesitation ceases


            Many of you are former or current athletes and love competition.  Eventually, competition is what this becomes.  You develop an urge to make the calls.  It becomes a real challenge that you are not willing to lose.

You are already very self-disciplined, and this kicks it into high gear. You have to see how much better you can get.  You have to cold call simple because you refuse to lose.

            And that, my friend, makes you amazing and creates even more success.


Your top line will begin to increase.

If you are not doing cold calls, if your team is not doing them, you are missing out on a great opportunity to become so much better and make so much more money.

One hour a day is all we are asking, but on a consistent basis.


You will be amazed.FrontCover


If you are not in on the 90 day cold calling challenge yet, you can still get in.

Click this link to learn more and sign up today.






Selling: How Fast Do You Respond?

Posted by Manny on March 6, 2017
Posted in Leadership 

How Effective Is Your Response?


You want to do more business, so you hire a company to help you attract leads.

They help you setup your website so that people can find you, and you now appear at or near the top of the search list.


The prospect fills out the form and hits submit.

The form comes to you seconds later, but what do you do when it reaches you?


How fast does your team respond?

How well and how effective is your follow up?


The other day I was looking at some project management software on the web for a client of mine.

I filled out the web form, and in less than 10 minutes my phone rang and a sales rep was on the line ready to talk with me.


Is your team that fast?


Inside sales or outside sales.

If you put the form out there to get leads, you better be ready to respond.


He not only called, but when he called, he was ready to listen.


He asked the right questions.


How could he help me as I considered the software?  Help me?


How do I plan to use it moving forward?  Did I ask myself the right questions?


How could he help me to better understand and make the right decision?


Very good.

Actually, WOW!


So how good is your team?


You may spend thousands of dollars on a website, SEO, Facebook Advertising, and Google Ad Words, but what if you skip the people skills?  If you want to close the business, make sure your people are as good as your process.


Three keys to help you be more effective.


1/       Time

When someone fills out a form online during your work hours, you must reach out within 5-10 minutes – this has to be that high a priority.  No excuses.  The prospect is doing research and is likely filling out many other forms as well.


Even after hours, you should respond– Carry a cell phone?FrontCover

Schedule a different rep to cover each night?

What about the weekends?

We live in a 24/7/365 world, and people want answers when they want them.


You do not want to miss an opportunity.

Later may be to late.



2/       Effective

When you reach out, remember the mindset of your customer:


What’s in it for ME?


How can you help them the way they want to be helped?

Lead them to the solution.

Walk with them toward the answers.


Answer questions for them.

Have questions prepared that can get them talking.


Make sure they are doing most of the talking and that you are doing most of the listening.



3/       Follow-up Next Step

What is the next step?


You would be amazed at how many times this prospct is forgotten, much like that business card you were given at a networking event.

Learn more in my book, “My Sales Follow Up Sucks.”  Click here.

Order your copy today - just click this picture.

Order your copy today – just click this picture.





So collect their information.

When should you connect back?




What is the best way I can connect back with you, Ms. Prospect?

Phone, email, text, stop by?

What time of day would you prefer?

Your assistant?


How long should you wait?  Ask?

Then say it back to them, “OK, Martha, I will text you back next Wednesday after 3PM.

And make sure you get back to them when you say you will.


You invest in these systems to get better leads and get them faster.


The process may be working, and you are excited.

But how you do you measure your improvement and success?

Know where every lead comes from and where every close began.

How much did that lead really cost you?

Was that generation tool a great investment? Should add more funds?


What is your ROI?
What is the ROI you want to have?


Success means taking a suspect and turning them into a prospect, then a customer, and then a customer for life.


But it all starts by being fast to the draw.

It all starts by hitting the target and being effective.

Are you?


What could make you better?


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Sales is a number game, and in today’s world, it is about speed of response.


You don’t want to wait, and neither does anyone else.

So make sure your team is fast, effective, and follows up.


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