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10 Keys to Success in Your Life


1/       You have to control your time.

            When you control your time, you control your day.

            Don’t let any else have control over your day.

            Set your plan and execute it.

            Unless it is “REALLY” an emergency, it can wait.


2/       You have to take control of your money.

            Give, save and manage your cash.

            Give 10% away.

            Save 10%.

            Live on 50% – spend that for what you must have.

            The other 30% – use for the things you really want in life.

            Then if anything happens, you can actually live on 50% less.


3/       You have to spend time with God every day.

            No compromise.

            No being too busy.

            Take time every day to be thankful, to reflect and to enjoy all you have.

            Say a prayer.

            Help someone who may never be able to return the favor.

            Live God’s way – you will be amazed.


4/       You have to plan your day, schedule it and execute the plan.

            Simple process.

            The night before – this what I am going to do tomorrow.

            This is what my day looks like, scheduled.

            Then all you have to do is follow the plan.

            End of discussion.

            Never said it was easy.


5/       You have to have goals.

            Long-term – where are you planning on being in 25 years.

            Yes, I said 25 years.  That way you always are looking to the future.

            Even if you are 60 – look out 25 years and amaze yourself and the world.

            Mid-term -3-5 years.

            Short-term – 1 year.

            Today – 3 things you will do today.


6/       You have to take action.

            Stop talking about it.

            Stop thinking about it.

            What are 3 things you can do today that will take you to where you want to be.  Then do them.


7/       You have to take care of your health.

            If you don’t, all the rest really do not matter.

            You don’t have to have a 6 pack, but do you need to be healthy.

Exercise every day – yes you have time.  If you have a heart attack and you survive, you will find time to walk.  So find the time now.

            You are no good to yourself or your family if you don’t do this.

            Stop thinking about it, today.


8/       You have to take time for your family.

            Just listen to the old song by Harry Chapin.

            Cats in the Cradle.


            Need I say more?


9/       You have to have a mentor(s).

            Someone who has done what you want to do.

            Someone to look up to.

            They can be older or younger.

            You can have more than one.

            You can know them or just study their stuff.

            But who do you want to be when you grow up.

            As you grow, you may change who they are.

            But always have a mentor.


10/    You have to hang out with the right people.

            You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

            Who are they?

            Are they challenging you?

            Are they making you step up?

            Are you being the best you can be because you hang out with them?


There you have it – ten keys to success.

Follow them and you will be amazed.


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Coach Manny’s Inner Circle – helping people to build their top line.


We always hear people talking about, “the problem” instead of spending their time, energy and focus trying to find the solution. 


Today, I want to help you to move from a problem focused environment to a solution focused environment.


This simple little process, which I call the key to the solution, will help you get to that environment.  The process simply moves you from the problem to figuring out the solution.  I know it sounds so simple, yet so often people get stuck in the problem and never move forward.  Hesitation is the arch nemesis of success.


Step 1:

Define the problem – Use 30 words or less. No need to be too detailed. State what the problem is and then leave it for now. 


Step 2:

Define Solutions – Based on the problem, move your focus to the solution.  Brainstorm, or if you are alone, mindstorm the problem.  Don’t judge, simple come up with solutions.  For the simple problems, 3-5 potential solutions will usually cover it.

For everything else, I suggest defining 20 solutions that could help you solve the problem.  Don’t stop short. 


Step 3:

Select a solution – Go through the 20, cross out all those that do not really work.  Combine all you can.  Keep eliminating and combining until only one solution remains.


Step 4:

Develop the solution – Write out, in as much detail as you need, the plan and how you will make it happen.  Including a time table, help needed, costs and all other important details.


Step 5:

Implement the solution – Do it.  Don’t think about it, don’t keep going around in circles about why you can’t.  You should have done all that while thinking in the selection process.  Now, simply implement and go for the gold.


So, your first question is likely, “Manny, is it really that easy?”

Yes, in fact, if you can make a decision, it is even easier.


Can anyone do it?



What is the key?

Now you’ve hit the most critical piece.  You see, in each step and in the process as a whole, you must know how to make a decision.  I know that sounds simple, but so many of us struggle to pull the trigger.


If you cannot make a decision, you will continue thinking about what to do, while your competition has already done it.


As one of my great mentors taught me many years ago, “make a decision will you please, if you make a wrong decision, then you can simply make another one to correct it.  At least you are moving.  If you don’t make a decision, you will continue to stand still.”


Every day, problems come and go for all of us.  Those that are successful understand this and take action.  The rest get passed by.


Sometimes this can be done is a few moments.

Sometimes it takes much longer.

But the process is the process.


So, this week I want you to try these steps and see how they work for you.  Remember through, if you cannot make a decision, they will not work.  So commit to that first.


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How to create real success in all you do

How to create real success in all you do







I recently read about this concept in a great sales book called Fanatical Prospecting by Jeb Blount.  It’s a great book if you need help with prospecting.


These three things are the only ones you have control over in your business.

We often get upset about all kinds of things and, yet, when it comes down to balance, these are the only three things you can control. 

And these are the 3 things you should be spending your time, effort, and energy on.



So today I want to briefly explore each one.


First one is action.

Action is what you do.

Most people today, and I hate to say it, are part of the 95% that only think about doing it.

Everybody today wants to think about doing it.

And days, weeks, months, years, and decades can go by while you do this.


I am working on a new book which is slated for release in the fall, on decision making.  One of the major teaching points in the book is a call to stop thinking so much and to start just making decisions.  You will be amazed at what this will do for your life.FrontCover


A decision means that you are going to do something.

To start doing something.

If people today, in business and in life, would just start taking action instead of spending their life thinking about stuff, they would end up accomplishing 10, 20, and even 100 times as much.


But people think about it instead of doing it.


Number two is your reaction.

Your reaction can put you in the slow lane.


It really doesn’t matter what they did.

It really doesn’t matter that they ticked me off.

I still have my job to do.


What can I do about it?

I see people come in, and whine.

Oh, my football team lost this week and I am so upset.

Be more Persistent, Consistent and Self-Disciplined.

Be more Persistent, Consistent and Self-Disciplined.


Who cares?

Your reaction should be, “Who cares? I don’t have a nickel in it.”

Let’s move on.

I’ve got to move forward with the important stuff that really matters.

The customer just quit.


Now what is your reaction going to be?

Are you going to get them back?

Or are you going to replace them with another customer.

Stop whining about it and do something.


The third area is your attitude.

And you all know that I speak all the time about attitude, attitude, attitude.

And yet people do not understand that attitude is the biggest driver you have.

It defines what you do, when you do it, how you do it, where you do it.

And what kind of success you have.


If you believe you are not going to get there, you won’t.

I believe Henry Ford said it first.


Yet if you believe you will make it, you will.

If you believe there are going to be 200 roadblocks, look up, they’ll be there.


Believe and move forward.


The worse that could happen is that you could be wrong.

Then believe in the next point and keep on going.


Can you understand these three points?

Do you understand what I am trying to get through to you?


These are the three things.

If you can get these three into your process you will be amazed at what you can do.


If you want to learn more and are ready to make it happen, then get into my coaching program.

Watch this 18 minutes and 8 seconds of inspiration.




That will drive you.

Get into the program.

If you want to be a super star then get some help and we will teach and push you to make it happen in your life.


Stop thinking so much and start moving.





Do you remember the Cowardly Lion in the story of the Wizard of Oz?  The lion went out in search of courage. 


What was it he learned? 


The story ends when the lion learns the simple fact that courage is not something that is found externally, but you have to find within yourself.  Courage means going forward without doubt.  If you believe you have courage, you have courage.  The lion found courage within himself.

So can you.


Today it is a simple fact that we lack so much courage in the business world.  As leaders we have to ask,  “where is the courage”?   As leaders, we should be setting the example for the people who work with and for us.  Where is the courage that we are suppose to be exhibiting to our teams and to ourselves?


How can we expect the people who work for us and with us to have courage, when we don’t have it?


Instead of courage today, what we exhibit is conformity. 


As Howard Hendricks says, “The opposite of courage isn’t cowardliness, it is conformity.  A belief is something you will argue about.  A conviction is something you will die for.  You cannot really live unless there are things in your life for which you are willing die”. 


Yes, Howard does take it to an extreme, but the bottom line is as Winston Churchill says,

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak”. 

Courage is also what is takes to sit down and listen.”

How to create real success in all you do

How to create real success in all you do



If you are a student of Churchill you remember one of the great lines he said when he was in battle,

“Bullets are not worthy considering… I do not believe the gods would create so potent of a being as myself for so prosaic an ending”.




Where has that courage that Churchill and other great leaders exhibited gone? 


Where has it gone? 

What has happened in today’s world that we don’t exhibit that courage.


We are not cowards. 

No one is calling us cowards, but they might be calling us conformists?


Why don’t have the courage to take on the things we need to do make the changes we know are needed.


That is one of the reason’s we have lost our leadership in the world.


We no longer have the courage.


We no longer teach courage, but instead we teach conformity.


Yet people in the rising countries throughout the world are teaching courage.

They are teaching, “you can do anything you want” and “YOU can lead the world”.


So is it time we took some courage lessons?  Isn’t it time we set the pace and exhibited the courage we know we have.


If you have had enough of not reaching those goals.


If you have had enough of just conforming to things.


Then it is time you as leaders put up the courage to do something.  To make something happen in your business, life, career, health and family.


It doesn’t have to be some super extraordinary thing.


You can exhibit courage simply by standing up for what is right.


You can exhibit courage by simply making the decisions that will take you down the right path.


You can exhibit courage by showing your team consistency of how you operate.


You can exhibit courage to your team by being there for them and supporting them, backing them, teaching them and helping them.


I urge you this week to make a new commitment to courage in your business, life, career, family and health.


Help them as you move forward.  Look inside as the Cowardly Lion did.  You have all the courage you need inside yourself. 


Go out and make it happen.



Be more Persistent, Consistent and Self-Disciplined.

Be more Persistent, Consistent and Self-Disciplined.



“A good company must ‘impute’ – it must convey its values  and importance in everything it does, from packaging to marketing.”  Mike Markkula

Everything we do.

Everything we are.

Consistency makes it happen.


I teach it in sales by saying that each day you have to prospect.

Not 10 hours of prospecting today and then nothing for weeks.

Not once in a while when you have time.

Daily – every day.  Consistently.


Those who do great things accomplish them because they have a consistent routine that takes them there.


My mom was a widow since I was 2 years old – but she accomplished so much.  Because as she always said, “I have a system and that makes me do it consistently.”


Use to drive me crazy, but it produced continuous results.


How about you?

Wondering why things are not happening the way you want them to?

Take a look at how consistent you are in doing the work that is going to make it happen for you.


Today I share on acrostic on the word, “consistent.”


C          -           Commit.

                         Commit to do this. 

                         Accept nothing less.

                         Commit means you tell yourself and everyone else that will listen that you are going to do this.

                        Say to all, “I will make one hour of calls every day, period.”


O         -           Outline.

                        Build an outline of your process. 

                        What do you have to do?


                        How much?

                        Each day you have to make cold calls.

                        I do this at 10AM.

                        For one hour.

                        I have a list, a phone and a note pad.


N         -           Never.

                        Never let excuses get in the way.

                        People say stuff like; well I was just too busy to prospect yesterday.

                        That is an excuse.

                        Dump the excuse and figure out how to do it instead.

                        Just picture the bunny with its ears covered, it cannot hear you, so stop talking and just do it.  Take some action.


S          -           Stretch

                        As much as you can and then even more.

                        To be consistent you have to forget the excuses.

                        Do what you have to do in order to make it happen.

                        Leave something that you did not commit to behind.

                        (This is why it is important to watch what you commit to)

                        Push yourself, a bit more.


I           -           Ignore.

                         Ignore what everyone else is doing.

                         Especially ignore what those are doing who are not where you want to be.

                         Don’t get sucked into, “that’s to hard.”

                         Or, ”that don’t work.”

                        You cannot get sucks into stuff that takes you off plan.

                        You cannot even look over there.

                        The best way to ignore distractions is to stay focused on your commitment.


S          -           Stand

                         Stand hard on your principles

                        It is what makes you different.

                        I committed to do this, and you just have to accept that.

                        When you consistently do what you said you would when you said you would, how you said you would – people take notice.


T         -           Take.

                        Take the hard stuff in stride.

                        Yes, you are going to hit the wall sometimes.

                        You look up and it is 9PM and you are still going.

                        Well, remember what I said, be careful what you commit to, but once you commit, you have to do it.

                        You can do it.


E          -           Enjoy.

                         Enjoy the journey.

                        You know it will produce the results you want.

                         Remember what someone once said, “A trip of 1000 miles starts with a single step.”  In consistency, each day is a step on the journey.


N         -           Not.

                         Not doing it is unacceptable.

                        Doing it or not doing it is a mindset.

                        You know there are things in your life that you just don’t accept.

                        Not being consistent at what you commit to has to become one of them.


T         -           Train others.

                        Once you can do it, you need to help others to do it.

                        Consistency creates success.

                        Share your hard roads and what helped you get down them.

                        Show others they too can make it happen.


Hope this helps you in your journey to be more consistent.

Please watch this video to learn more about taking your life to the next level.



German philosopher Frederick Nietzsche once said, ‘He who has a why can endure any how.’


You have goals – and they look great.


You have the tasks to accomplish those goals laid out – and they look like they will do the job.


You have the accountability system in place to keep you on track and correct you if you need it.


But do you have the “WHY?”


Why are you doing this? What is your driving force that gets you up each day and makes you push far beyond the norm?  What pumps you up, motivates you, excites you, drives you?


Do you often wonder why some people accomplish such great things, while others do very well, but not at the same level?


Because, you see, those who really excel have a definite, powerful “WHY.”


They don’t just know what they want or how to get it – they know why they want it.

They know exactly why they are chasing their dream,  and that is the key we want to talk about today.


Do you know your why?


As I was thinking about this the other day, I was inspired to write this article and focus myself on my current why.


Please take a moment right now and focus back on the great things you have done in your life (yes, all of us have done great things – just take a moment and think about it).


When you take a moment to consider these actions, you might be amazed at what you have been able to accomplish. It might inspire you to focus on developing your why for where you are going right now, or it might force you to stop, change directions and alter your focus.


I looked back in my own life to three significant whys and what they did for me.


1/        Why did I make it through USMC boot camp and graduate?

            Not how, but why.

            The how was simple, I did what I was told, when I was told and never gave up.  That is all good, but it was not enough, I needed a why.

            The why was because I wanted to wear that uniform and stand proud as one of the few and proud, the elite group, USMC.  That is what made it happen: the why.


2/        Why did I make it though college with honors when I had barely made it out of high school?

            I had the goal.

            I knew what I needed to do.

            I had an accountability system.

            But what was the why, the real reason?

            The why was because I was determined not to have to work in a factory and be told what, when and how.  The why was not having to hate my job like my mom had.

            That was the why that made it happen.


3/        Why did I build my own business?

            Freedom – yes.

            Wanting to work for myself – yes.

            Wanting to build something – yes.

            But the why was because I wanted no limit on how much I could earn and what I could do.  I want to go for the gold.


Now I could have done all those things well, but instead, because I had a why, I excelled at them.


Find your why, and you too will be unstoppable.


Learn more about how to make that happen for you.

Watch these 18 minutes of inspiration, and find your why.


“The trouble with most of us is that we make happiness our goal instead of aiming at something higher, loftier and nobler” – Billy Graham.


Self imposed limits keep us  in a box – thus our goals are limited to the size of the box.


The trouble with goals is that we think about them and then we get back to work.


In 2017, there is a simple process.



Where and what is it you want to do?

What is the outcome you want to accomplish?

Find it and write it down. 

Write it down. 

Write it down. 

Now go and write it down. 



What is gold for you? 

It is different for each of us. 

To the Olympic Athlete, the only gold is the Gold Medal. 

For the college senior, gold is the diploma. 

For the person in debt, gold is being completely out of debt. 

For the hungry person, gold is just some food. 

What is gold for you?

If you have a goal without gold, you are not going to have an easy time getting there.

What is the gold in the goal for you?

Find it, write it, own it and make it your own.

It will drive you.

Coach_Manny (1) 

Go for it:

Stop hesitating.

Stop procrastinating.

Stop thinking about it. 

This year simply go for it.

Once you have a goal and you know the gold, the rest is just hard work – you all already know how to do that part.


This week I want you work on your goals for next year.  I mean I want you to get serious and really think about them.  What is is going to make this year different for you. Think about it, what can you come up with?  Are you still at the same place you were last year, or just a little bit further?  How do you expect to be any place better a year from now?  If you are not growing, then you are shrinking.  Get up and get rolling – today – now.


Define a goal.  Define what the gold is in it for you.  Make sure it is a gold medal for you.  Make sure it is an outcome that you want to go for.  Make sure you have passion.  Make sure you get excited.  How else are you going to take ownership of the goal?  Without your ownership, it is not going to happen.  You have to know why and the why has to be in you, part of you, get you excited.


Example 1:

Well Manny, my goal is to increase sales by 20% in 2017. 


 Da, da, da. 

But how excited are you?


Are you kidding me. 

But I think maybe, just possibility we can do it. 

I think I am excited. 

Can’t  you tell.

No I can’t.

Order your copy today - just click this picture.

Order your copy today – just click this picture.


Example 2:

Manny our goals is to take our sales up 20% because -

By doing that we are going to be able to move into our new offices.

By doing that we are going to be able to pay our credit line down.

By doing that I am going to get a huge bonus.

By doing that we will become the 3rd top company in the region.

By doing so I will be able to hire the help we need to grow even more the following year.

By doing so I will be able to take my children to Disney – yes.


What is your gold – how can you go for something if you don’t have gold?


All I am trying to tell you is that for goals to work, you have to really own them.  Think about the things in your life that have worked.  Think about your commitment and ownership of them.  Do you think they would ever have worked with out there being some gold at the end.


Do 2-3 goals for next year in each of the 5 areas of your life:









Do it this week – do it today.  But please do it.



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Success is what most of us want – yet most of us are not willing to pay the price, do the work, walk through the crap and still have to do more.


Guess what?

That’s is what it takes.

And even then, you might have to keep going or start all over again.

Success is not for the weak!


You see, success comes to those who do not give up, quit or stop.


Today I want to share 5 success tips with you that might just help you become that superstar you want to be.  And if you already are a superstar, like most reading this, you will be even better.


1/        “The grass is not greener on the other side of the fence, and the grass is not greener on this side of the fence.  The grass is greener where you water it.” 



Most people keep looking for the solution instead of creating it. 

They jump from organization to organization. 

From project to project. 

From career to career. 


And yet they still don’t fine the answer because you have to create it.  It doesn’t just exist.


If you want real success, suck it up and make it happen.

Do what you have to in order to make it happen.

Just make sure you keep it legal, moral and ethical.



2/        “He puts impossible obstacles in front of us to bless us, not to hinder us.”

Bob Saffrin.


            Success happens to those who look at the impossible obstacles and say, “let me see what I have to do to get around, over, under or through this.  They never say, can it be done, they just do it.


            God does have a sense of humor, he makes it tuff to make us tuff. 

Ever see a sissy running a successful organization?



3/        “No tree becomes rooted and sturdy unless many a wind assails it.  For by its very tossing it tightens its grip and plants its roots more securely; the fragile trees are those that have grown in a sunny valley.” 

Seneca the Young


Think about what makes you as good as you are.  Did you learn by success or did you learn by failure.  Did you become good because everything always worked, or did the frustration and hard work make it happen for you? 


It takes walking against the wind to become strong.



4/        “Desire backed by faith knows no such word as impossible.”

Napoleon Hill


It is mental, to a great degree. 

If you want to make it happen, you have to believe that it is going to happen. 

You have to have this total mental belief. 

Look at the impossible things you have accomplish and ask yourself, “what was I thinking?”


You were thinking that you could do it, never that you couldn’t.



5/        “Success requires you to get in shape,





            Champions require it all.

Zig Ziglar


            So are you ready?

            Are you in shape?

            Can you physically handle the task?

            Are you mentally prepared?

            Do you have the spiritual strength?

            Are you emotionally fit?


            Then there is no need to worry, get going down that road.


            The only thing holding you back it YOU!



“What’s your excuse” – Read my new book and strength your persistence, consistency and self-discipline. 

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This book will help you on that walk to success.



If you are pinned down by enemy fire and do nothing, you will be killed.

Action creates movement. Movement creates change. Change creates results.

If you do something, anything, things will move forward, change, and you have a great chance for success.

If you do nothing, nothing will happen, nothing will change.

Action creates results.

How to create real success in all you do

How to create real success in all you do

Put very simply by John Onberg, “If you want to walk on water, you’ve got to get out of the boat.”

Are you still in the boat wishing and hoping? Get out of the boat –– now!

“Be aggressive in helping others.  
Don’t wait to feel like it.
  Don’t wait for some supernatural sign that God wants to use you.
  Just get started.”
––Quote from Joyce Meyer in her book, Approval Addiction.

Start now, get going, and stop talking about it. Stop thinking about it.

If you are wondering why things have not happened for you, perhaps it was because you did not move.

Here is a simple acrostic for the word action that might just give you the lift you need to put this plan into action.


A – Attitude

You have a choice. You can wake up and believe it is a great day, that you are going to do well, that you are ready to take on all that comes at you, that you are good. Or you can wake up and start the day whining, moaning and miserable. Simply put, you choose. If you want action, then you need the right attitude to start.


C – Commitment

I have always been told, if you are going to do something, then do it very well. That is commitment. Action requires that you do it and that you do it very well.

John Hancock has the largest signature on the Declaration of Independence, the first one you see. That is commitment.

How about you? Do you stand out in your commitment to what you are doing, or is it just another task? Hancock put his life on the line by signing so large so all could see very clearly that he was in.

Do people know you are in?  

Does your family?

Does your team? DO YOU?

How big is your signature?

Sign your life as Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence.


T – Tenacity

Hold fast to what you are doing.  Perseverance and persistence. Just keep on going.  Remember that the great Walt Disney was rejected by 301 banks before he got his financing.  And you are complaining because one bank turned you down?  Push harder. Keep your eye on the target.  Do not give up, ever.


I – Integrity

The lost art of living and telling the truth.
  There are absolutes, no matter what the world is trying to teach you today.  
Right is right and wrong is wrong.  It is that simple and that straight.
  The hard thing about it is you cannot teach it.  You either have integrity or you don’t.
How are you doing?
  Walk the walk.


O – Ownership

“They” must have done something to stop it. “They” must have put that there.
“They” must have…

Forget it, there is no “they.”
At least I have never been able to find them.

You take responsibility and ownership to achieve action and get moving forward.
I hear too much about “they,” yet I have never yet met them. Have you?

Take ownership of all you do.


N – No

You need to know when to say “No” and when to say “Yes.”  
We get into so much trouble and inaction because we don’t say “no” to the things that keep us from doing the things we need to be doing.

Say “no” as soon as you know it is “no.”
  Do not keep people hanging.
  They may be disappointed but better now than later.

If you learn to say no to the things you should not do, then you can say yes and take action on the things you should be doing.

And that is it, plain and simple.  Very straightforward.
  You can do it.
  If you do it, the action will happen.

Action creates results. 

Are you moving forward or still thinking about it.


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Success Requires Discipline

One thing you may have learned in the past is that persistence requires discipline.  But you will also learn that discipline requires persistence.


            “The everyday process of focusing on what you want.  And striving for it relentlessly until you get it”  Discipline according to Jeffrey Gitomer – Sales Bible.


            “The secret of discipline is motivation. When a man is sufficiently motivated, discipline will take care of itself” Alexander Patterson.


            Two excellent quotes.  How are you doing with discipline in your life, business, career, and family.  Do you have or don’t you?


            Today, I want to share with you some simple keys of being disciplined.  I will share them through the use of an acrostic of the word discipline.  What discipline means and how to make it happen in your life.  How to take control and create greater success in all you do.  So, here we go.


D – Decision making ability.

To be disciplined, you have to be able to make decisions and make them when they need to be made.  This is one of those great skills so few ever get hold of.  But, it might just be the most important skill you ever attain.


I learned it in my first real management job.  My boss, Nate, was just the best.  He did not beat me up for doing the wrong thing, and he did not give me a hard time about what I did.  He gave me a hard time about not making a decision.  He taught me the principle I have lived and work by since that time in my 20′s.  Simply put – make a decision. If you make the wrong one, then make another one.  At least, you are moving.  You all know that is how I operate and try to teach you. It is simply easier and more effective to ask forgiveness than to ask permission.



I – Integrity

The lost art of living and telling the truth.  How can you have discipline if you have to keep remembering what is truth and what is not?  If you live and work and operate only under the truth, life becomes so much simpler, and discipline becomes so much simpler.


To have great discipline, keep it simple and always tell, live, and work the truth.  Try it and see what happens.



S – Short cuts

Forget shortcuts.  Instead, learn to take the narrow road.  The wide road, or the road of least resistance, is also the road of least success.  That road is not for you.  When you get to those forks in life, when you have to make those tough decisions, remember: take the right road, not the easiest road.


This is a major problem today, because fewer and fewer people have integrity.  We are always looking for the easy way out.  We know what has to be done to do the job, but instead of just doing it, we try to find the short cut.   Disciplined people know what has to be done to make it work, and they do it.


C – Character.

Do what you said you were going to do, when you said you were going to do it, the way you said you were going to do it.


“The ability to make yourself do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not” Elbert Hubband.


Imagine the difference when you walk this way. 



I – Investor.

To be disciplined, you must be an investor, not a gambler.


When I tell people it is easier to ask forgiveness than permission, sometimes, they put that into the realm of gambling.  I think it is actually the other way around.  You see, by doing nothing, you gamble that it will be OK.  Usually, doing nothing makes nothing happen; that is a gamble.  Make the investment in taking a risk, in deciding to do what you need to do.  Then watch what happens.


P – Prepare.

You cannot prepare when it is time to get rolling; it is too late.


For many of us, our moms taught us this simple principle, but as we grew, we thought we knew better – we didn’t.

Prepare for what you have to do.

Get the stuff together.

Get what you need to do the job.

Be ready; have it together when the opportunity presents itself.

When you are prepared, you cannot be stopped.



L          Listen.

When you open your ears and shut your mouth, you will be amazed at how different things look.  You will be amazed.


Listen to what is going on around you.

Listen to those on your team.

Listen to your inner self.

Then decide and move forward.


I           Initiative

It doesn’t just happen, and if you think it does, you are wrong.  Make it happen through your action.  Stop thinking about it and move forward.


How many are sitting around, still waiting for it to happen?

Too many.

Discipline requires you to do something, to move forward, to make it happen.


N – No.

Busy people don’t know how to say no.  That is why, instead of being productive, they are busy. 


To be disciplined, you have to know how to say “NO.”

Be willing to say “NO.”

Say “NO.”


Think about all the times you got into trouble.

You have too much to do, because you could not say “no”; now, you have to take shortcuts.

You knew you couldn’t do it, but you could not say “no.”

You know you shouldn’t, but you can’t say “no.”


Am I getting through?  Learn to say no and say “NO.” 



E – Extra mile.

Disciplined people don’t just do it; they do it right.  They do more than the minimum.

They go that extra mile.


They do things, but they don’t just do them.  They do them to the best of their abilities and then even more.  Are you ready to do that?  Can you do it?


Simple enough right?

Can you do it?

This week, work these simple steps and watch what happens to your life.  Once you learn real discipline, you will be amazed at the results.


So, stop thinking about it, stop hesitating, and get moving.

Build yourself into that very disciplined person, starting today.


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Success Requires Discipline