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Relationships Are Built With Your Ears

Posted by Manny on June 12, 2014
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Stop hearing and start listening.

You build relationships with your ears, not your mouth.

“Listen a hundred times.
Ponder a thousand times.
Speak once.”
Source Unknown

Do you get defensive when someone tells you that perhaps you are not that good at listening?

Do you stand up and say – “I do listen, I have no idea of what you are talking about.”

Do you shut down even more when people question your listening skills?

Bottom line – most of us could be much better listeners.

Most of us could be much more successful if we listened more, paid better attention to the other person and really got the message they were sending.
Instead of getting the message we think they are sending.

Three simple tips that just might help you get even better.

1/ Shut up long enough and people will tell you.

People hate silence.
But you love it.
Learn to count to 5 before you answer.
9 out of 10 times – the other person will start talking and give you the answer you need.

2/ Listen to all with your eyes.

Make eye contact.
Watch the other person’s body language.
Are they confident?
Are they relaxed?
Are they comfortable?

When you are doing a meeting in person, this gives you such great information, but most people miss it.


3/ Stop formulating answers when you should be listening.

Take notes.
When you begin to formulate an answer to a question in your mind while the person is still giving you information, you stop listening and you miss it.

You miss important stuff that just might help you close the deal.

Just jot a quick note and then get back to listening.

When it is time for you to talk, you can formulate the answer then. Review the note and move forward. It does work.

Three simple keys that I guarantee will help you in building relationships and creating great success.

Shut up.
Listen with your eyes.
Take quick notes.

Great success comes through building relationships. You build relationships with your ears, not your mouth. By listening, not by talking.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”
― Henry Ford

So how are you doing with this?

Are you really taking your business to the level you want?

Or, are you holding back?

Are you doing great, but you known deep inside that you could do so much more?

Are you going backward? Doing things the way you always have and wondering why things are not taking off?

I wanted to share a great story with you this morning that I hope will help you in moving forward faster and stronger. Now I am no Bible scholar, but this story is a great story of believing you can.

Many years ago a might leader, you might have heard of him, Moses? He had a tough mission before him. He had a hard group of people to deal with. A group who kept seeing miracle after miracle happen, but then forgetting what happened and falling backward into unbelief.

Moses was on a mission. The mission was to take the people into a new land. He had brought the people a long way (God had). They had overcome so much on their journey, that by now, they should have had a great belief. But instead, they were weak and their belief sucked.

Just take a moment and think of how much you have overcome to get where you are today – don’t stop now. Believe you can.

Moses sent out a team of 10 men on a mission to spy out the promise land. These 10 men went out and they saw this beautiful land flowing with milk and honey. It was a beautiful place. All that God had promised them so long ago.

But, (isn’t there always a but) there were giants in the land and this created fear in the men. Even through they knew God could defeat the giants, they feared them.

Kind of like when you know you can break through this roadblock. You know you have done it before. You know you can take your business to the next level, yet you don’t.

How long are you going to sit there and let the giants hold you back?

So the men said among themselves, “we cannot take this land, the giants are to strong, we have to report that the land is not what we though. We have to think of the people.” So that is what they did. They reported back that it was not a great land and they should not move forward.

Does this sound in anyway familiar to any of you? I believe many of us have been there and done this. We know exactly what the combination to the safe is, yet we do not turn the dial, we do not open the door, we let fear hold us back. We let fear keep us from being all we could be and doing all we could do.

Today I want you to take another look.
You see, there where two men among the 10 who had no fear, who wanted to move forward, but they where held back by the rest.
What is holding you back?

Today I want you to start believing and start moving forward.
I read a great little quote this morning that fits here very well.

“Vision without action is daydreaming.
Action without vision is a nightmare.
Vision with action is beautiful reality.”

Today, start down the road to remove those roadblocks and to make it happen for you.

Stop holding back and start going for the gold.

Feedback from our March 2014 Boot Camp Attendees

Posted by Manny on April 9, 2014
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Some of the things that people had learned at the boot camp.


Manage email and calls better!


I know I need to set goals and write them on paper




Set my marketing goals for the year.




Implement return email message to confirm relationship.  Improve prospect management.



Started working on goals short and long-term.





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How well do you do it?

How often is the person you bring in up to or beyond your expectations?

How often do you lose sleep over the hire?


Interesting questions.

To be honest, most small business owners are not that good at hiring.

To many times they hire the wrong person and then take a long time to end the relationship.


This question came up last week at the. Million Dollar Business Development Boot Camp, and was an area of great concern.

We spend a little time looking at it, but we need to spend a great deal more time with it.

It seems to be a pain many of you have to deal with.


I love this quote from John Huntsman,

“Not GPA

not class standing

not even academic major.

But first, integrity, commitment and courage.”


So today I wanted to start to look at this issue and address one point.  More will come in the future.


The first thing I want to look at is expectations.

How well did you define your expectations of the position?

Did you write down what you expected of this person?


Simple stuff, yet sometimes it just isn’t understood.

A client and good friend of mine puts it very simple – “I expect my sales people to sell during the 8-5 day.  They should be doing research, paperwork and other non-selling stuff outside of those hours.”


That is something that many of us would expect of our sales people.

Yet, if you do not communicate it in the hiring process, you might get someone who has totally different expectations.

Then you can have fireworks.


Another friend puts it this way, “I expect my people to work until the job is done, I don’t care if it is 5PM or not.”

Did he communicate this expectation during the hiring process?


Write down your expectations.

Share them with the potential hire.


Start by being crystal clear on 3 key areas.


1/         Responsibilities

This is what you are responsible for, no gray areas, no questions.

If this isn’t done, you own it.

If this isn’t done, you have to stay and finish it.

Make sure they know their responsibilities.


2/         Authority

What can they do, what can’t they do.

Simply, what is there level of authority of all issues that effect them.

With sales people it is price, features and giveaways.

With managers it could be discipline and work assignments.


3/         Measurements.

This is how the employee will be evaluated.

This is what you are going to look at when it comes to his/her performance.

There should never be a question or a gray area.


Hiring the right people is so critical to your success as well as your peace of mind.

So many business owners really believe in the family atmosphere in their companies and really have a hard time letting employees go who don’t meet there expectations.


If you get better at the hiring, you will then have less of these situations to face.


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