We met at an event this morning.

I send you a simple email saying,  “It was a pleasure meeting you.”

Not selling you anything.

Just letting you know it was a pleasure to talk with you.

You ignore it.


You are a friend; I send you an email about something I am doing.

Asking if you are interested.

You ignore it.


I have not seen you for a bit.

We met and talked at a few business events over the past year.

I send you an email asking how you are doing.

You ignore it.


Have we become a group that ignores email?

Even email that we know we should not ignore?

Have we taken it to the point of being rude?

Are we losing business because of it?


Think about it.

Have we decided it is “OK” to just ignore emails from people we know?


A good friend of mine was discussing this with me the other day and it really made me think.

Have we become rude?

Are we blowing off potential business?


Because we get so bombarded by email all day long, have we started to take it out on people that are only trying to build a relationship with us?


But more importantly, are we losing business and opportunities because we don’t take the time to answer an email, or we don’t answer it in a reasonable time frame.


I have to answer yes to both questions.


So what should we be doing?


What is the proper etiquette?


Who knows, but I will take a shot at 3 things I believe are key.

1/        If you get an email from someone you meet at an event, acknowledge it and say thank you.

Remember, if you are a student of my stuff, you would have sent the first email.


2/        If someone sends you an email to reconnect, get back to him or her by the end of the day.


3/        If a friend sends you an email, get back to them by the end of the day.


I know you get a lot of emails.

I know it is hard to stay up on them.

But you can do it from your smart phone as you watch TV and relax?

Come on.


Just think about this.

If you know me and I send you an email.

If you don’t get back with me, I might start to forget you?

Not intentionally, but you know how it goes.


Remember people you know

Get back to them.

You can be rude by not answering email.

But more important, you could be throwing business away.