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What does follow up consist of?


I was talking with some people the other day about follow up, and they asked me the critical question.  “Manny, you always talk about follow up and follow up and follow up.  You are always busting on us to do more and more and more.  But wait a minute; what is follow up – really?


To us, it is just checking back to see if they are interested, but I think you believe it is so much more.  Please help us to understand better.”


First, let me talk about some of the types of follow up and give you some definition of each that can help you get a clearer idea of what follow up is.  In my book,  My Sales Follow Up Sucks – $2.99 on Amazon, we will give you even more detail on some of these.  But for now, here is an introduction to the elements of follow up.


1/         Initial Email

            Email the person you met to say how great it was to meet them.


2/         Send regular email to stay in touch, see how they are doing and just let them know you are thinking about them.


3/         Send an educational email to teach them something that you know they might need.


4/         Send them invitations to events, open houses, training and a dozen other things that you have going on.


5/         Request a one on one meeting with them.  This can be either by the phone, video or in person.  Just to get to know each other better and share information.


6/         Request to connect on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, G+ and other platforms.


7/         Make a phone call just to touch base and see how they are doing.


8/         Stop by to visit because you are in the area.


9/         Share an article that you came across.


10/       Make a connection to someone you know that could help them or that they could help.


11/       Sending a small gift, perhaps a promotional item.


12/       Ask how things are going.


13/       Ask for an introduction to someone on his or her LinkedIn list.


14/       Ask them to review something you have written or are working on.


15/       Ask for advice in the area they are experts in.


16/       Use them for what they do.



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This is just the start of what you can do.

Use your creativity to come up with more of these.


This is how you stay in front of people.

This is how, when they have a need, or when they talk with someone they know who has a need; you immediately pop to the top of their mind.

You are the person remembered.

You are the person they refer.


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