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The Decision Institute – Coach Manny Nowak

Sales and Leadership Development

How to be a Great Presenter

Great Presentations Move People To Action

Two Day intense training to help you become a great presenter.

Hands on presentation training

using video clips

and working your abilities to


from a 30 second presentation

to a full 10 minute presentation and beyond.


Learn how to present to sell yourself, your product and your company.

Great leaders all have to know how to present in front of groups, it is not optional.


If you own a business, you have to know how to present.

If you want to grow in your business/career/life – you have to know how to speak effectively in front of people.


Manny speaking with smile

Smile when you present


Great leaders have to move their audience to action.



Fear of public speaking is the number 1 fear people have. 

A fear even greater than the fear of death.


This is an interactive training session which in 2 days will transform you

into a person who can speak very effectively in front of people.


From your initial 30 second simple talk, to a full 10 minute presentation at the end, you can and will make it happen.


Just look at what you are going to learn:


  • Stop using PowerPoint as a note board and start using it to make people laugh and get your points across.  Learn how to move people to action.


  • Youtube has the funniest stuff and even I learned how to be funny.


  • Open and get the attention of the audience…so they will be ready to listen for the rest of the presentation.


  • All great presentations have 3 points…learn how to effectively make them work for you.


  • If you can’t close…fear not, there are some great ways to make people remember.


  • People only remember stories…and you have a great many of them.  Learn to share and get the point across, but more – excite the audience.


  • Hesitation can cause you to lose your audience…never hesitate again.  In fact, you can do something crazy and watch what happens to your listeners.


  • Boring subjects…made exciting.


  • Shy people…made funny and persuasive.


  • Show and Tell and handouts….when to and when not to.


  • If you practice…you will outshine 90% of your competitors


  • Smile, it will give you a great advantage.


  • Take the complex and make it simple, easy to remember, easy to retell.


  • If your audience can retell your story – you have a deal.


  • Most stage mistakes are only seen by you the speaker.  Understand that only you knew you messed up until you told everyone.  Keep going smoothly through the entire presentation and amaze your audience.


  • Sometimes elephants get in the room.  How to get them out on the table to help you be funny, wise and make the sale.


  • Whether you are presenting to 2 others of 200 or even 2000… these techniques will make you that good at working your audience.


  • Mistakes are made when you don’t now your audience…there are simple ways to learn who and what.


  • Be YOU…being anyone else is just a ticket to trouble.





  • Working in group of 8 participants and the instructor.


  • Doing 4 live presentations that we video


  • Start with 30 seconds on the fly and finish with 10 minutes of real sales process.


  • Watch yourself, see what you are doing…and learn what not to do and what to do.


  • Watch others present and learn from them…learn that everyone can to be better.


  • Then do it all again, and again and again…until it becomes natural.


If you are ready to become very good

at presenting,

you need to be in this class.

 Custom Sessions On your site or ours.


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856 364 5867



Still not Sure?

What this free one hour lesson – this is an actual part of the course.

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