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Mastermind Groups

Mastermind Groups with Coach Manny


Are you ready for one of the best business development tools on the market today?


If you have ever wondered if mastermind is for you?


If you have been part of a group in the past?


Are you ready to start working on your business instead of in it?


Mastermind is a meeting with a group of your peers – other business owners


  • You get together regularly.
  • You talk about the issues that your are dealing with.
  • You are accountable to the group for what you said you would do.



No – it is not for everyone.


But it could be for you.

It could take your business to entirely new levels of success.


Why should you work with Coach Manny


and his Mastermind Groups?


1/        It allows you access to others to talk with who are totally unconnected to your business.  As a business owner, you now have peers to share with and get input from.


2/        Networking and relationship building is great, but mastermind is way beyond that and an effectively facilitated group of 5-6 is just plain powerful for you.


3/        You will be held accountable.  Accountability to the group is one of the most powerful things that will help you.  My group members have to commit to 2-3 tasks they will do over the next 30 days.  I don’t hold you accountable – the group does.


4/        Because it is powerful to get input from others who have been there and done that.  What you want to do, many have done, successfully and unsuccessfully.  Wouldn’t their input be an asset?


5/        You are smart, but 6-7 minds are so much better, stronger and smarter than one.


6/        It allows you to try out stuff, roll play and get input on what you want to do.  When you have tried it and see the reaction in a mastermind group, you become so much better and stronger.


7/        The group becomes your natural focus group for anything you want to tryout.


8/        You get to work with someone who has been successfully doing mastermind for over 10 years.


9/        Because these groups stay together and get more powerful to help you over time.  One group I facilitated stayed together over 9 years – with amazing results


10/     Because it works and will take you way beyond any other process out there. 


Watch this short video as Coach Manny shares more with you.



If you are ready to take your business to the next level and need some help, then please set up a 30 minute call to talk with me.


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Find the answers to those questions that have been keeping you up at night.



Why should I do this?


Manage risk:  How much risk should you take.  What are the mistakes that could take place?  Wouldn’t it be great to run this idea past other business owners who either have been there or might want to try it as well?


Fight your natural denial: I know, I have been there.  I don’t want to look at the financials.  I don’t want to look at this person’s results.  I don’t want to. 


The difference is that the mastermind group will not accept denial.


Become accountable to peers:  many of us became entrepreneurs because we did not want to answer to corporate America.  But, answering to other who have been there and done it, you will be amazed.



Some of the things we have helped with in my groups over the years:


Dealing with a company doubling in size due to acquisition.


Implement regular price increases.


A company close to bankruptcy made it back and is now excelling.


Employees causing issues were removed.


Sales were increased


Sales people hired, the right ones


Bad vendors replaced


New direction put together.


Owner started doing what was supposed to be doing and company grew.


Owner got the direction that was needed.


Handled family issues very well.



Please click this link and set up a time that works for you and let’s see if we can get you started.