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The Decision Institute – Coach Manny Nowak

Sales and Leadership Development

Networking on Steroids

Business Networking and Relationship Building

How to Build Relationships That Generate Revenue and Success

A Keynote and/or 1/2 day interactive session on becoming a great networker

MN_OneSheet_01-2015_v02-page-001How to take you and your team to the next level



Prepare your attendees for the best event ever


How much more business could they do, if they got so much better at networking


Interactive, hands on learning and doing session


Increasing your ability to build and work relationships.






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Coach Manny Nowak         

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Learn how to Successfully build your business through Networking -


Help your attendees take their networking skill to a whole new level.  Prepare them for your event.  Then Fire them up – Keynote and/or 1/2 day interactive session at your event.





  • Hands on – Learn and apply – then learn more, apply more.
  • Learn how to take risks and make it work – get uncomfortable and love it
  • How do you make the initial connection – and love it.
  • Who do you sit with and what do you do once there.
  • How to shake hands, remember names, make eye contact
  • Follow up, follow up, follow up – what you do next makes it happen
  • How do find the right people and connect with them
  • Build and execute a plan that makes it happen for you


Networking Event

Networking Event

Do you need networking for your company, your organization, your association?

Then this, interactive, event should be on your agenda before your regular stuff starts

To learn more,

call (856) 358- 4021 

Email Manny@MannyNowak.com