Stop hearing and start listening.

You build relationships with your ears, not your mouth.

“Listen a hundred times.
Ponder a thousand times.
Speak once.”
Source Unknown

Do you get defensive when someone tells you that perhaps you are not that good at listening?

Do you stand up and say – “I do listen, I have no idea of what you are talking about.”

Do you shut down even more when people question your listening skills?

Bottom line – most of us could be much better listeners.

Most of us could be much more successful if we listened more, paid better attention to the other person and really got the message they were sending.
Instead of getting the message we think they are sending.

Three simple tips that just might help you get even better.

1/ Shut up long enough and people will tell you.

People hate silence.
But you love it.
Learn to count to 5 before you answer.
9 out of 10 times – the other person will start talking and give you the answer you need.

2/ Listen to all with your eyes.

Make eye contact.
Watch the other person’s body language.
Are they confident?
Are they relaxed?
Are they comfortable?

When you are doing a meeting in person, this gives you such great information, but most people miss it.


3/ Stop formulating answers when you should be listening.

Take notes.
When you begin to formulate an answer to a question in your mind while the person is still giving you information, you stop listening and you miss it.

You miss important stuff that just might help you close the deal.

Just jot a quick note and then get back to listening.

When it is time for you to talk, you can formulate the answer then. Review the note and move forward. It does work.

Three simple keys that I guarantee will help you in building relationships and creating great success.

Shut up.
Listen with your eyes.
Take quick notes.

Great success comes through building relationships. You build relationships with your ears, not your mouth. By listening, not by talking.