How Effective Is Your Response?


You want to do more business, so you hire a company to help you attract leads.

They help you setup your website so that people can find you, and you now appear at or near the top of the search list.


The prospect fills out the form and hits submit.

The form comes to you seconds later, but what do you do when it reaches you?


How fast does your team respond?

How well and how effective is your follow up?


The other day I was looking at some project management software on the web for a client of mine.

I filled out the web form, and in less than 10 minutes my phone rang and a sales rep was on the line ready to talk with me.


Is your team that fast?


Inside sales or outside sales.

If you put the form out there to get leads, you better be ready to respond.


He not only called, but when he called, he was ready to listen.


He asked the right questions.


How could he help me as I considered the software?  Help me?


How do I plan to use it moving forward?  Did I ask myself the right questions?


How could he help me to better understand and make the right decision?


Very good.

Actually, WOW!


So how good is your team?


You may spend thousands of dollars on a website, SEO, Facebook Advertising, and Google Ad Words, but what if you skip the people skills?  If you want to close the business, make sure your people are as good as your process.


Three keys to help you be more effective.


1/       Time

When someone fills out a form online during your work hours, you must reach out within 5-10 minutes – this has to be that high a priority.  No excuses.  The prospect is doing research and is likely filling out many other forms as well.


Even after hours, you should respond– Carry a cell phone?FrontCover

Schedule a different rep to cover each night?

What about the weekends?

We live in a 24/7/365 world, and people want answers when they want them.


You do not want to miss an opportunity.

Later may be to late.



2/       Effective

When you reach out, remember the mindset of your customer:


What’s in it for ME?


How can you help them the way they want to be helped?

Lead them to the solution.

Walk with them toward the answers.


Answer questions for them.

Have questions prepared that can get them talking.


Make sure they are doing most of the talking and that you are doing most of the listening.



3/       Follow-up Next Step

What is the next step?


You would be amazed at how many times this prospct is forgotten, much like that business card you were given at a networking event.

Learn more in my book, “My Sales Follow Up Sucks.”  Click here.

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Order your copy today – just click this picture.





So collect their information.

When should you connect back?




What is the best way I can connect back with you, Ms. Prospect?

Phone, email, text, stop by?

What time of day would you prefer?

Your assistant?


How long should you wait?  Ask?

Then say it back to them, “OK, Martha, I will text you back next Wednesday after 3PM.

And make sure you get back to them when you say you will.


You invest in these systems to get better leads and get them faster.


The process may be working, and you are excited.

But how you do you measure your improvement and success?

Know where every lead comes from and where every close began.

How much did that lead really cost you?

Was that generation tool a great investment? Should add more funds?


What is your ROI?
What is the ROI you want to have?


Success means taking a suspect and turning them into a prospect, then a customer, and then a customer for life.


But it all starts by being fast to the draw.

It all starts by hitting the target and being effective.

Are you?


What could make you better?


If your team is not there yet – call me and let’s make sure we know how to get them there.  Set up a call today, click here.


Sales is a number game, and in today’s world, it is about speed of response.


You don’t want to wait, and neither does anyone else.

So make sure your team is fast, effective, and follows up.


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