Using the Internet, today I can learn so much about selling.

Almost every day brings a new way, a new person, a new methodology, and/or a new tool.


I cannot believe we were ever able to sell without them!





Every day I speak with my prospects, I hear over and over again:


Why can’t I find people who can sell?


What ever happened to great sales people?

Is there anyone out there who knows how to do more than just email or wait for leads to find them?


Is there anyone who’s not afraid to sell?

Who can bring home the gold consistently, over and over and over again?


Yet, every day, people are distracted by and pulled into new methods and techniques and tools, but sales remain the same, or even fall.


I love technology.  I grew up as a computer programmer and ran a software company.  I am amazed at what we can do today.  Amazed. 


The tools we have at our fingertips are phenomenal.

Social media



Smart phones




On and on and on.


So why aren’t our sales doubling?


Just like the latest saw or hammer will not help you build a new home without the necessary skills and plans, neither will any of these tools help you if you don’t employ a system and actually learn how to sell.


But if you can take these new tools and add them to a sales system and developed sales skills, then you will excel and double your sales. 


Today, 3 keys to selling and selling well.



1/       Lead Generation

            Make connections.

            Find those who will buy.

            Fill the funnel.

            Prospecting is the start of any great sales process.


            Set a target, define the players and get out there and meet and greet them.

            Continue filling the funnel until it overflows with great prospective clients.


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            Targeted Lead Generation – Click here.


Listen to Targeted Lead Generation Podcast.  Click above to learn more.

Listen to Targeted Lead Generation Podcast. Click above to learn more.


            Listen to our podcast – Targeted Lead Generation – click here


2/       Follow-up

            Get to know your potential buyer.

            Stay connected.

            Build a relationship.

            Stay in front of them.

            Keep educating them on you and your product/service.

            Get them to remember you.

            Do what you said you would when you said you would.

            Call back, reconnect, and talk with them.


            CRM makes it so easy. Each day it outlines what you need to do to stay connected.  But you must use it and employ a system that works.

Order your copy today - just click this picture.

Order your copy today – just click this picture.



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3/       Close

            If you can’t close the deal, it really doesn’t matter how well you do the other two steps.

            You will always get some work, because some people will buy regardless of your ability.

            But to be a super sales person and increase sales, you must close business and get the prospect to buy consistently again and again.


One additional tip – upsell, cross sell and resell.

Once a customer, always a customer.

Customers are for life.

Continue working those you previously sold for more business and referrals.


Want to grow your business? Double your sales?

You cannot build a business by cutting costs and saving money.

You do it by building an effective sales system and retaining people who use it.


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Do something today, or your sales will be less than you want.

Become proactive when it comes to generating business.

Sales don’t just happen.

Sales is hard work, and that hasn’t changed.