Are you taking risks in your life?

Are you going out on the limb?

Are you making decisions that might not be that popular or easy?


If you are not taking any risk and instead trying to always play it safe.

That might just be what is holding you back from the success you really want to achieve.


Here are some things to think about.


1/        It is a risk to ask.

When you ask, you definitely take the risk of rejection.

The person might say no.

The person might not like you any more.

The person might think you are bothering them.


But, then again, you might get exactly what you want.


I personally dealt with this risk for may years and let it stop me cold.

Until one day I finally realized that before I ask, I didn’t have what I wanted.

So if I didn’t have it after – I really didn’t lose anything did I?


You have all to gain.

Take the risk and ask.



2/        It is a risk to make a decision.


The risk of making the wrong decision keeps so many people from making any decision.


As one of my great mentors taught me many years ago:

If you make the wrong decision, all you have to do is make another one and move forward.


While everyone else is thinking about it, you have moved mountains.


You are searching for a client.

You come to a “T” in the road.

Your cell phone is dead.

You can go left.

You can go right.

You can just sit there and think about it.

You know the office 5 miles down the road, but you don’t know if it is left or right.

If you turn right, go five miles and don’t see it, all you have to do is turn around and know you know the office is 10 miles straight ahead.

But if you are still sitting at the stop sign, you are going nowhere.


I know that is so simple an example, but it is holding so many people back.

They cannot make a decision.


Take the risk and make the decision.

If you are wrong, life will go on.



3/        It is a risk when you disagree with everyone else.


When you say something that others might not like or agree with.


When you take the opposite view.

When every one wants to go left and you think you should go right.


But, this is the way mountains are moved.

Being different creates innovation.


If we all agree, most all the time, then we are actually moving backward.


This is why I surround myself with people who are great at what they do. 

Even if they don’t necessarily agree with me all the time.

Plus they are encouraged to think different.

Encouraged to disagree.



You want to be good, then forget taking risks.

And you will be good.


But if you want to be great, then you have to start taking the risks.


            Make a decision



You will be amazed at what happens.


You want to go for the gold, or settle for the silver

The choice is yours.