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You want me to take the shot?



I know some of you reading this are already blowing it off.

Manny, how can you talk about this ridiculous process?

It doesn’t work.

Everyone knows it is Ready, Aim and Fire.



How is that process working for you today?

Are you getting all that you really want?

Or are you settling for less and convincing yourself that it is all you want.


So many people hold back from what they really want.

They never go for gold, even though they have all the God given talents and abilities.


Ready, fire, aim simply means – make the decision and get moving forward.

Take the action and then grab the wheel.

Stop thinking about it and start making it happen in your life.


Remember what I always try and teach you.

Make a decision, will you please, “now.”

If it is wrong, then make another decision to correct it.


Let’s look at the 3 elements you need to make this work.


1/        Make a decision.

            There it is again.

            It is the first step in moving forward.

            Does it generate fear – yes?

            Does it create hesitation – yes?

            Will it drive you crazy sometimes – yes?


            Yet, if you simply make the decision to move forward, you are already half way there.  You feel great and you accomplish so much more.


2/        Take action.

            Once you make the decision, then the next step is to do it.

            Don’t re-think it.

            Don’t second-guess your decision.

            Don’t keep rolling it over and get some other opinions.

            You know what to do, now take action and do it.

            How many times have you hesitated and wished you had not?


3/        Grab the wheel and make the next turn.

            Now that you are moving, determine the next turn.

            You made the decision to move and now you are doing it.

            Grab the wheel, make the turns and hit the accelerator.

            Claim the prize. 


Is it really that simple?



Suppose you want to start a new business.

Then, once you make the decision to do it, you start moving.

Next, build the plan.


Suppose you need to hire a sales person.

Then simply make the decision to do it and go into hiring mode.

Amazing isn’t it?


What if you need capital to move your business to the next step?

Make the decision to go find it.

Then get going.


Those who spend their life aiming never hit the target.

Not because their aim is bad, but simply because they refuse to pull the trigger.


Pull the trigger today.

Ready, Fire, Aim.

Where is your focus?

Is it on the problem or the outcome? On what you can do, or what you can’t do?

On the bad economy or on how you can create great success because
of the economic situation?

Our children are actually the best people to help us. Have you ever seen how they look at things so much differently than we do? Take a few minutes and listen to their unique reactions.

What happens when they knock the ball through the kitchen window. Is
it the end of the world? What do they focus on? The child runs in and says,
“Well dad, this is going to be great, I am going to learn how to fix a
window. Let’s get the tools and you can show me how to do it.”

When the lawnmower will not start and you have to wait until tomorrow to
get the part to fix it. Your daughter comes over and says, “well mom, I’ll get
the gloves, it looks like we will have time to play catch after all. Isn’t this

When it is raining on Saturday morning and you all had planned on going for
a picnic at the park. In comes your son with the blanket. “Ok, let’s set
everything up in the living room and we can have our picnic right here instead.
This is going to be great! We get a picnic and TV at the same time.
I love it.”

You simply cannot argue with children. They have the focus. They find the
solution. They do not dwell on the problem, they simply move on. What if
we could do that too? Would life be much better?  Would we create greater results?

Why not try it today?  Change your focus and see what happens.

So where is your focus when you encounter a problem?
You see in all the above situations, the child simply found a solution.
He/she found a way to learn, a way to play, and a way to make it happen
despite the visible circumstances. What if you apply that process to your life and you start to focus on the solution and not the problem.


But we adults don’t think that way, do we?
If we broke the window all we would think about is, “now I am going to
have to fix this.”

Apply the same situation to your job. “The customer just called and she
is very mad. I entered a bunch of data into the software and now it seems
to have been deleted. Just what I wanted to deal with.”

What if you turn that around a bit using the above child theory. “Well this is a
problem, but now Jerry, who is our support superstar, is going to help me find the
fix and I am going to be even better at what I do. It is a great day because
I am going to learn something new.”

If we could not get the part for the lawnmower, we would be mad and it
would ruin our day?

Just like in our business, when the prospect says not until tomorrow, we
focus on all the reasons we are not going to get the business. Why they
are not going to call back. Why they might just cancel it all at the last minute.

What if instead we started to think positive. Think that the customer
might actually be looking at buying more or upgrading. Or buying new
instead of taking the temporary fix.

And finally, if it was raining on Saturday morning, I can already hear you
all saying, “look at this, it is raining, all week I planned this picnic and now we
can’t have it.”  You are focused on something you can do nothing about.  Instead, focus on what you can do something about.

When the customer orders and only takes ½ of what you had hoped for, your intitial reaction would be, “this really sucks.”

What if you now took it as a challenge. How are you going to sell them
the other ½ and maybe even some more? What if you stepped up and used this
to get even better at what you do? Do you think it might just make a

In order to move forward, we have to change our focus to the things we can control and forget the rest.


Here is a great quote from Og Mandino in his book, The Greatest Salesman
in the World, “Tomorrow lies buried with yesterday and I will think of it no
more. Concentrate 100% on what you have to deal with today.”

And deal with it very well.

Today, take the same child like look at the situation, laugh a bit and then see
a much better, clearer answer.

Focus on what you can do to fix the issue. Focus on what you can do to make it
better. Focus on the positive.

Are you excited about where you are going?  Are you on the path that will
take you to your life’s dream?  Are you still hesitating?  Are you doing great,
but know that you want to do even better? 


What are you doing about it?

Coaching can lead you to that result.  It really works.  It can be that edge
that you need.  Connect with me and let’s see what we can do to help you.

Are you taking risks in your life?

Are you going out on the limb?

Are you making decisions that might not be that popular or easy?


If you are not taking any risk and instead trying to always play it safe.

That might just be what is holding you back from the success you really want to achieve.


Here are some things to think about.


1/        It is a risk to ask.

When you ask, you definitely take the risk of rejection.

The person might say no.

The person might not like you any more.

The person might think you are bothering them.


But, then again, you might get exactly what you want.


I personally dealt with this risk for may years and let it stop me cold.

Until one day I finally realized that before I ask, I didn’t have what I wanted.

So if I didn’t have it after – I really didn’t lose anything did I?


You have all to gain.

Take the risk and ask.



2/        It is a risk to make a decision.


The risk of making the wrong decision keeps so many people from making any decision.


As one of my great mentors taught me many years ago:

If you make the wrong decision, all you have to do is make another one and move forward.


While everyone else is thinking about it, you have moved mountains.


You are searching for a client.

You come to a “T” in the road.

Your cell phone is dead.

You can go left.

You can go right.

You can just sit there and think about it.

You know the office 5 miles down the road, but you don’t know if it is left or right.

If you turn right, go five miles and don’t see it, all you have to do is turn around and know you know the office is 10 miles straight ahead.

But if you are still sitting at the stop sign, you are going nowhere.


I know that is so simple an example, but it is holding so many people back.

They cannot make a decision.


Take the risk and make the decision.

If you are wrong, life will go on.



3/        It is a risk when you disagree with everyone else.


When you say something that others might not like or agree with.


When you take the opposite view.

When every one wants to go left and you think you should go right.


But, this is the way mountains are moved.

Being different creates innovation.


If we all agree, most all the time, then we are actually moving backward.


This is why I surround myself with people who are great at what they do. 

Even if they don’t necessarily agree with me all the time.

Plus they are encouraged to think different.

Encouraged to disagree.



You want to be good, then forget taking risks.

And you will be good.


But if you want to be great, then you have to start taking the risks.


            Make a decision



You will be amazed at what happens.


You want to go for the gold, or settle for the silver

The choice is yours.

Are you doing the right follow-up with your accounts?

How long do you stay in touch with a prospective buyer?

How long do they stay on your database?

How long do you keep trying to do business together?

One thing people can never accuse me of is giving up. They might wonder why I am still chasing a client (prospects are only clients not yet doing business with you), after years of never
getting any business from them, but I do not give up.


What is that right process for follow-up?

I learned follow-up by selling computer consulting services to large accounts. At that time I had a list of 100 key accounts that I knew could use what I sold but were not doing business with me.

The phone works great when you are needing to follow up!

The phone works great when you are needing to follow up!


I had a simple program; every month I called this list of clients.

I ask for the director of information systems.

Some times I got through and got a no.

Sometimes I didn’t get through and left a message. 


But, every month I called them.

After a while they knew who I was and would joke with me.

Step one in building a relationship.


This would go on for months and months and months.
Yet my persistent work did pay off.

One day they would say, “Manny, you just won’t give up until you get in here and we talk about working together”.
And they would give me an appointment.

Other times it would be, Manny, you called at just the right time, got a need, get in here and let’s talk.
This process sometimes took years. But I keep going, finally got the business.

Index cards?  Well better than nothing.  Follow up anyway that works for you!

Index cards? Well better than nothing. Follow up anyway that works for you!

The point is very simple and it really does work.
If you have a prospective buyer (one who can use your service and will pay for it) and you follow-up, build a relationship and persist in going after them.
You will win in the end.

It might take a while, but you will get the business.

Problem is, most people quit about 1 call short of success.

Same way most people stop 20 feet short of the top of the mountain when the fog gets to heavy to see.

Today I do coaching and speaking.
As many of my existing clients know, I do not give up.

I just stay connected, educate, inform and build a relationship until they do business with me.
I can remember selling an account after almost 5 years of working the client. Finally they saw a need for me.

If I had of gone away, they would never have called me?

Instead they would have called the last person they talked with.

But persistence again paid off for me.


What about you?

Are you doing the right follow-up?

Are you being persistent?

Are you continuing until you get the deal?


Or, are you stopping just short of the mountaintop.

Remember these?  WOW!  As I said - follow up is the key - whatever works for you!  Just do it!

Remember these? WOW! As I said – follow up is the key – whatever works for you! Just do it!

The great thing today is that you can do follow up so much easier, so much quicker and with so
much bigger of a group by simply using email.
This does not mean that the phone has gone away, it just creates a second method to do
follow up.


Yes, some people do get mad about emailing them, but they also are usually the ones that get even madder when you call them. So they might not be prospects at all?

I learned from some of the best that those who like what you have, even if they are not buyers
today, would never push you away. They might not read your email for months, but they will never
unsubscribe because you never know what the future will bring.

Today’s key thought is very simple.


Do you have a program of consistent follow-up on the people you meet and the prospects you find.

Is that program working for you?

If not, what are you doing to get a program together that works.

Follow-up is it really simple. Actually it is too simple for some because it just requires
staying connected in some small way. Most sales people would rather keep casing new business, it is
much more exiting.

But for those looking for great success.

Once you find the right prospects, just keep doing the follow-up and you will be amazed at how
much business you end up with.

Follow up is part of consistency.

Consistency is key to your success in the selling business.

If you are not doing it consistently, watch this video and learn.


Who controls your time?

He who controls his time, control his success.

She who controls her time, controls her life.

It is a plain and simple fact.


Time is Ticking away?  What are you doing right now that is productive?

Time is Ticking away? What are you doing right now that is productive?

If you are allowing others to control your time, you are not accomplishing anywhere near what you could.


Today you need to make a commitment to value your time.

Today start to believe time is the most valuable resource you have.

Today start living like time is your most valuable resource.


Let’s look at a few keys that can help you.


1/ Stop letting the trivial bombard you.


Is what you are doing right now the most important thing you can be doing?

If not, stop and change to something more important.


We don’t get to the important because we are stuck in the unimportant.


Today, make the commitment – I am going to start doing the most important.


Point: Get your priorities in line with your life.



2/ Get started – NOW!

“The greatest time wasted is the time getting started.”  Dawson Trotman


Stop thinking about it and just get started doing it.


An interesting test for your to try.  When you start doing something, write down how long you thought about doing it.  At the end of the week, total the number.  You might just be amazed.


Procrastination can stop an elephant dead in its tracks.


Make a commitment today to start doing.


If you want some help, check out my friend Tim’s great product

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This is a tool that can help you with procrastination.

I have used it myself, it is amazing.  I thought I never procrastinated and I was getting so much done.  Surprise.  Ten minutes twice a day for two weeks, and now I am really fast and moving so much further.  


Point: Stop thinking about it and get moving.



3/ Get organized


Did you know that according to Guerrilla Selling, the average business person spends over 3 hours each week looking for misplaced information?


Three hours – what could you do in that amount of time

You could change the world.


Let’s be honest, we all fall into this.  How many times have you spent 15 minutes looking for a file on your computer, or in your office.


Organization does amazing things.



Point: Either get yourself organized or get someone to do it for you.  




So, let’s take just a moment and think about this.

I focus on the right things, I spend less and less time thinking about it and more and more time moving quicker, and I get organized.  




Do you think perhaps success will come a whole bunch closer?


Start today.

Learn more and get the webinar on time management:

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How well do you do it?

How often is the person you bring in up to or beyond your expectations?

How often do you lose sleep over the hire?


Interesting questions.

To be honest, most small business owners are not that good at hiring.

To many times they hire the wrong person and then take a long time to end the relationship.


This question came up last week at the. Million Dollar Business Development Boot Camp, and was an area of great concern.

We spend a little time looking at it, but we need to spend a great deal more time with it.

It seems to be a pain many of you have to deal with.


I love this quote from John Huntsman,

“Not GPA

not class standing

not even academic major.

But first, integrity, commitment and courage.”


So today I wanted to start to look at this issue and address one point.  More will come in the future.


The first thing I want to look at is expectations.

How well did you define your expectations of the position?

Did you write down what you expected of this person?


Simple stuff, yet sometimes it just isn’t understood.

A client and good friend of mine puts it very simple – “I expect my sales people to sell during the 8-5 day.  They should be doing research, paperwork and other non-selling stuff outside of those hours.”


That is something that many of us would expect of our sales people.

Yet, if you do not communicate it in the hiring process, you might get someone who has totally different expectations.

Then you can have fireworks.


Another friend puts it this way, “I expect my people to work until the job is done, I don’t care if it is 5PM or not.”

Did he communicate this expectation during the hiring process?


Write down your expectations.

Share them with the potential hire.


Start by being crystal clear on 3 key areas.


1/         Responsibilities

This is what you are responsible for, no gray areas, no questions.

If this isn’t done, you own it.

If this isn’t done, you have to stay and finish it.

Make sure they know their responsibilities.


2/         Authority

What can they do, what can’t they do.

Simply, what is there level of authority of all issues that effect them.

With sales people it is price, features and giveaways.

With managers it could be discipline and work assignments.


3/         Measurements.

This is how the employee will be evaluated.

This is what you are going to look at when it comes to his/her performance.

There should never be a question or a gray area.


Hiring the right people is so critical to your success as well as your peace of mind.

So many business owners really believe in the family atmosphere in their companies and really have a hard time letting employees go who don’t meet there expectations.


If you get better at the hiring, you will then have less of these situations to face.


To learn more, stay tuned and watch the webinar we did on this, ttp://thedecisioninstitute.com/weekly-interactive-webinar-with-coach-manny/”>Click here.




Want to hire better people?

Get out and network more.

The more people you know, the great opportunity you have to find the people you want and need to take your organization to the next level.



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Think about the old cliché,

“in order to make it work we have to have a 50/50 deal.

We have to split things evenly.”


Do you believe it?

Do things usually work when we give 50 and the other person gives 50?

Not really.

We tried it in business.

We tired it in marriage.

And what we have found too many times is that things still don’t work.



Simply because 50/50 too many times equals failure.


But Manny, what does that mean?

It means plain and simply, that in order for a relationship, business, marriage or other to work, some times it has to be 0-100 or 100-0 depending on which side you sit on that day.

Don’t take my word for it, ask anyone out there who has had success.  I know they will agree with the point – some times you get it all, some times you give it all and get nothing.


It means 50/50 is a pipe dream.

Because if you are only giving 50 percent and the other person is giving only 50 percent

you are still holding back 50 percent and so is the other person.

And that is just like compromise, and we all know that compromise might look good, but how good does it work in the long run?

The problem with compromise is that neither party gets what they want.

Thus neither party is really happy.

They both had to settle for less than they really wanted.

Think about that.

How does it feel when you have to settle?


To make a relationship work, sometimes you have to give 100 percent while the other person gives absolutely nothing, zero percent.  But then again, sometimes it is just the opposite.


50/50 never creates real success.


Ask anyone happily married for 20 or more years if 50/50 works.

Ask anyone in a strong and successful business relationship for more than a decade.

I will be totally surprised if they tell you, yep, that is how we always do it, 50/50.


What happens is plain and simple.

What happens is that many times it ends up as 75/25  80/20, 90/10 or 100/0

One partner has to stretch further than the other.

One partner is not stretching at all sometimes while the other is wonder how much further they can stretch themselves.


But the inverse could happen tomorrow.

And it usually does.

Some days we get what we want, some days we don’t.


So what does all that mean?

It means we don’t go into a relationship unwilling to give 100 percent.

We have to be willing to accept that.

Remember that humbleness thing we have talked about in the past?

How humbleness is not weakness, it is actually incredible strength.

Trust me it takes a great deal of strength to give 100 percent when the other person gives zero.



This is also why; in the long run compromise usually doesn’t work.

At times we have to give it all.


You will find tremendous success if you are willing to take the risk, take the chance and humble yourself to give it all at times.  Like wise, don’t worry about your chance at giving zero at times, those times come naturally.


One final word of caution. 

This only works when all parties in the relationship have this mind set and are willing to give 100 percent, even when the other person gives zero. 

It you try this with someone unwilling to give 100 percent, it will not work.


So before you go into that business relationship, that partnership, that marriage. 

Make sure you all agree that sometimes it is going to take 100-0 and that you are all willing to do it. 






“Less than 30 years before Henry Ford became the richest man in the world, a man was working in the same shop with Henry Ford, doing practically the same work. It was said that this man that worked with Mr. Ford was really a more competent workman in that particular sort of work than Ford. Thirty years later, that man was still engaged in the same sort of work for wages of less than $100 a week, while Mr. Ford went on to be the world’s richest man.” Story from Napoleon Hill


As you work today please think about this – where will you and your co-workers be 30 years from now?

Still doing the same thing?

Or will one of you be the richest people in the world.
Will one of you have taken his/her dream and taken some action to make it a reality.

Or will you all still be there – thinking about it?

There are 3 types of people in the work force and only you can decide which of these your will be.

Your choice will determine what happens in your life and the life of your family.

Our new methodology, “Failure Creates Success,” will actually take 10 years off your growth plan and propel you into great success if you follow it. But even with a great methodology, you still have to be the one to make it happen.

A methodology is just a tool, plain and simple. Just like a hammer cannot build a house, neither can a methodology make you successful. It is a tool.

So today I want you to ask yourself the question,

“To which of the following groups do I belong.”

Be honest and really think about it.

Because if you are not where you want to be, then make a decision, take some action and move on forward.

Start spending your life doing what you love to do.

1) Those that make it happen.
This is where Henry Ford was, it is where Bill Gates is and where Michael Dell is.
This is where you want to be.
Get out there and start making it happen.

2) Those that watch what happens.
This is the group that would like to try and do something.
But they are afraid.
Or they tried it once, failed and will never try it again.
Or they simply cannot make a decision and so just stay where they are.

3. Those that wonder what happened
The man that worked with Mr. Ford was in this group.
A great majority are in this group.
They live life saying stuff like, “Wow, he sure is lucky”. Or “she gets all the breaks,”

Forget it
Change today to be part of the group that makes it happen.
Change today and start by taking some action
Change today by making decisions. Then watch what happens.

You make it happen.
Start today.

Take your first step and join us at the up coming

Million Dollar Business Development Boot Camp

Generate More Business
Increase Your Sales
Get more dollars to your bottom line.

Make it happen.

Stop thinking about it.

Do it.