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The Decision Institute – Coach Manny Nowak

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What does it take to make your business successful?

Why do some businesses take off and others just go on without growth or worse, go away?


What does it take to make your business successful in the business world today?


Today, I will share what I believe to be the “Top 5.”



1/        Target Market – you must understand your customer.  Who are you going after with the product/service you supply?


So many businesses think everyone is their customer.


Perhaps everyone could potentially buy your product, but you do not have the time or resources to market to everyone.

Pick a niche and go after that and let the rest come if they choose to do so.


If you look at successful companies, many times, you will be amazed at the tightly defined niche they go after and the great success they experience.



2/        A Written Plan with priorities – you must have a roadmap on how you will get where you are going.

You must know how, when and where you are going to do things.

So many small business owners I know have it all in their heads.

It will never get you where you really want to go.

Plus, most people have no sense of priority.

What are the highest playback items I must focus on?


It need not be a complex plan; in fact, I recommend very simple 2-3 pages.

Make sure you define:

What you are selling.

To whom you are selling.

How you are selling.

How you are servicing.

How and when you are going to get paid.

And the most important priorities to close business.



3/        Money/Financial Backing

Don’t run out of money, because when you do, you are done.

This is regardless of how passionate you are or how good your product/service is.

The worse thing is that it usually happens when the process just starts to take off.

A good friend of mine once gave me a great tip, which I always follow when helping organizations deal with cash issues.

“Whatever you think you need, double it.” 

Then, go get the financing.  Better to ask for too much than not enough.


One option for financing is a company like Fundera.  They help small business owners get the funding they need by offering a variety of loan options.” 



Always have money in hand and access to additional funds when you need them.

Do not wait until you need it to ask for money – few will give it to you when you are on the fall.

Build those relationships and connections every day.

Get a line and use it, pay it off, and keep it current.



4/        Sales and Marketing

You have to know how to sell or have a trusted partner who does.

Today, you have to understand social media and you have to get involved with it.

You must know how to generate leads.


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You must have a follow-up process and have an effective CRM system to help you track prospects.

You have to know how to close.

Business is built and grown on the top line.

You cannot build a business by saving money.

Selling is a skill; it is worth every penny you pay for the good stuff.



5/        Relationships

You cannot do it without others, no matter how good you think you are.

You must have and build relationships with vendors, prospects, and others in the business world.

You have to know whom to go to when you need something.

You have to have people you can trust.

You must have a coach and a mastermind group.

You need strong personal relationships, both inside and outside your organization.

Never guess, instead, build relationships that will help you today, tomorrow and when you become big.



There you have it.

Some of you will argue, what about this or what about that.


These are what my years of coaching have taught me are the keys.  I simply want to share them with you because I know they work.


To learn more.

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The less decisions you make, the less skill you will have at making decisions.  This is a plain and simple fact. 


On the other hand, the more decisions you have to make, the better you get at it.  The faster you get at doing it, the greater your confidence becomes.


Confidence is a key ingredient in making decisions.usmc-image-2


If you have ever been caught in rifle fire from the enemy, then making or not making this week’s payroll is not that stressful.

If your buddy’s life hangs on your decisions in the next 3 minutes, then laying off an employee seems so much less in comparison.

If you are pulling a person out of a car wreck and your decisions affect whether they have permanent damage or not, then dealing with a deadline on a software project seems so much less stressful.


If you have had to make the tough decisions, then some of the stuff that drives others crazy may seem like nothing to you when it comes to making decisions.


You create the pressure – you deflate it as well.



I joined the USMC at the ripe young age of 17.  Four days out of high school graduation.  Crazy, but I made a decision to move forward, and as you have read in this book so far, decision-making will move you forward.  So forward I moved.


Marines prepare for combat.  Unlike the other branches of the service where you do what you are trained to and that is all you do, Marines are always considered “0300” grunts first.  That simply means that no matter what your specialty or training, you are still first and above all else an infantryman.  This means that no matter what you are doing today, tomorrow you could be out as part of a squad on patrol in a combat zone with a rifle and backpack and your life on the line.


Thus, making decisions is one of the most critical skills you must learn as a USMC.


When I was stressing over not having time to get the General’s report out on time, I thought it was tough, until I had to make a decision to either jump down 40 feet or get shot at.


Decision-making depends on where you are and where you have been.




Combat is a tough situation that requires you to be ready to make quick decisions that can affect not just your life, but also the lives of your fellow men and women.  Thus, you must always be both physically and mentally prepared.


The physical part is tough, but usually easier than the mental aspect.


As we have discussed in the past, decision-making is about being able to take the information you have and make the best decision you can, in the time you have.  Period.


When you have to make a decision under pressure it adds another roadblock to the decision-making process.


Many already have a tough time with making decisions and now you want me to make that decision under pressure?  Please!


Making decisions under pressure adds that ingredient that so many of us just do not want to even deal with.  It is bad enough you want me to make a decision, but now you are turning up the heat.


In your business and life, this can and does happen usually more than you like.


Even when you prepare and do all you can to avoid the situation, you can still end up face to face with making the decision under pressure.


How do you handle it in the best way possible?


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Let’s look at a couple of examples of business pressure and see what we can do to better handle the situation.


Your payroll is due Friday, in 3 days, and you do not have the funds and do not anticipate having them to meet the payroll for your team.  Your payroll is $50,000 and you only have $32,000 available.  What do you do?


This is a pressure that many of us business owners have experienced at one time or another.   The numbers are here only for making the example clearer.  It could be $2000 to 2 million.  The pressure is still the pressure.


First you have to move the pressure away. 

You do this by understanding that Friday is going to come no matter what you do.  Whether you have the money or not, it is going to come.  You cannot stop it. 


Then take time and think about those tough decisions you have made in the past, and how you handled them effectively or infectively.  Think about the fact that you are here today.  If you made the right decision, it worked out and you made it.  If you made the wrong decision, well, you are still here. 


Second, you must come up with the money. 

First you have to get creative, think, get help.  Whatever it takes, you have to do it and you will find the money.  Believe that and move forward with that thought.


Third, if you think negatively, you are not going to find the answer. 

If you listen to those who think negatively you will not find the answer.  Remember, you are the one who has to solve this.   Many people just live in the negative and then wonder why they have been unable to move forward.  Think positive, and also take positive action.


There’s a great story in the Bible about a fellow named Job.  All his friends had the answers, but none of them were correct.  They were all negative.  This meant it was still on his shoulders.  What are you going to do to find the answer?


That’s it for today. Come back next week to find out the answer to this story and two more.

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Success is what most of us want – yet most of us are not willing to pay the price, do the work, walk through the crap and still have to do more.


Guess what?

That’s is what it takes.

And even then, you might have to keep going or start all over again.

Success is not for the weak!


You see, success comes to those who do not give up, quit or stop.


Today I want to share 5 success tips with you that might just help you become that superstar you want to be.  And if you already are a superstar, like most reading this, you will be even better.


1/        “The grass is not greener on the other side of the fence, and the grass is not greener on this side of the fence.  The grass is greener where you water it.” 



Most people keep looking for the solution instead of creating it. 

They jump from organization to organization. 

From project to project. 

From career to career. 


And yet they still don’t fine the answer because you have to create it.  It doesn’t just exist.


If you want real success, suck it up and make it happen.

Do what you have to in order to make it happen.

Just make sure you keep it legal, moral and ethical.



2/        “He puts impossible obstacles in front of us to bless us, not to hinder us.”

Bob Saffrin.


            Success happens to those who look at the impossible obstacles and say, “let me see what I have to do to get around, over, under or through this.  They never say, can it be done, they just do it.


            God does have a sense of humor, he makes it tuff to make us tuff. 

Ever see a sissy running a successful organization?



3/        “No tree becomes rooted and sturdy unless many a wind assails it.  For by its very tossing it tightens its grip and plants its roots more securely; the fragile trees are those that have grown in a sunny valley.” 

Seneca the Young


Think about what makes you as good as you are.  Did you learn by success or did you learn by failure.  Did you become good because everything always worked, or did the frustration and hard work make it happen for you? 


It takes walking against the wind to become strong.



4/        “Desire backed by faith knows no such word as impossible.”

Napoleon Hill


It is mental, to a great degree. 

If you want to make it happen, you have to believe that it is going to happen. 

You have to have this total mental belief. 

Look at the impossible things you have accomplish and ask yourself, “what was I thinking?”


You were thinking that you could do it, never that you couldn’t.



5/        “Success requires you to get in shape,





            Champions require it all.

Zig Ziglar


            So are you ready?

            Are you in shape?

            Can you physically handle the task?

            Are you mentally prepared?

            Do you have the spiritual strength?

            Are you emotionally fit?


            Then there is no need to worry, get going down that road.


            The only thing holding you back it YOU!



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Or as quoted from Creflow Dollar:

“You have got to be willing to step out on the water
if you are ever going to walk on it.”

As you enter the second half of 2016 – are you ready to walk on
water, or will you simply continue as you have been?

This is the time to get started.

This is the time to build a vision.

This is the time to do something different.

This is the time to commit to making this your best year ever.

This is the time – stop hesitation.

Stop holding back.

Stop thinking about doing it some other day.

Step out onto the water and make it happen for you!

Mark Twain puts it very well:
“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by
the things you didn’t do than by the things you did do.  
So throw off the bow lines, sail away from the safe harbor,
catch the trade winds in your sails, explore, dream, discover:

If you do exactly what you did so far this year, you will be exactly
where  you are right now come 12/31.   

Are you the
same place you were in December of last year?

Is that where you want to be?
Or would you like to be somewhere else?

First, do as Og Mandino tells us, “Tomorrow is the day reserved
for the labor of the lazy, I will act now.”

“Many of us are sitting right on top of the richest sources of
power that can be imagined and do nothing at all about it.”  
Norman Vincent Peale

To make this your best year ever, you first have to commit that
you are going to do it.  Just as I stated at the beginning, you
have to step out onto the water, make a commitment, make a
public commitment, and then don’t let anyone or anything stop you.

There is a great bible story about a fellow by the name of
Peter who had the faith to step out onto the water, and when he did
it, he was walking on the water.  But, then he started
thinking too hard about it, then he started to say to himself,
“self, you can’t walk on water”, and what happened next is he fell in.

It is not just about the commitment to step out on the water,
it is also about keeping that commitment, keeping that faith,
continually believing.

Too many times we start to do it with all kinds of ideas,
plans and hopes.  We start stepping out onto the
water.  But then, just like Peter, we start thinking too much
that we can’t really do it, and we fall into the water.

Make the commitment now.

Do it differently and you will get different results.

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How about a 54 year old  guy looking to spend 3-5 years in
seminary so he can become a minister.  Or a 70 year old gentleman
who has decided to go to law school for 3 years.  What about the
51 year old mother who is going to start college, as a freshman
with her youngest daughter.


These are thee simple examples of people who are not willing
to settling for less?  They have a vision, they can clearly
see it, and they are going for it.  This is America, land of

Take a moment and remember the World War II veterans , many of
them considered old by todays standards who had to start at square
one.  How about all the immigrants in the first half of the 20th
century.  Some as old as 35, 40, 45 and 50 plus who had to start
all over again – and did it.  They did not settle for less.

How about you stop with all the silly little things that divert
your success and think about the people in the examples above.  
People who will not settle for less.  Who will not accept it, who
will not stop because they know they can do better.

We are way to quick to settle for less.  Specially once we hit 30.  
Some of us last till 40, but once 50, change – forget it.  Even worst,
the trouble today is that once you hit 25 you stop – you settle and
life goes on.  We seem to drain the vision out of our young.

So we now come to you – what are you doing.  Are you going for
all you can be, doing all you can do.  Are you settling for less
in all your life.  Are you just going through the motions.

Leadership begins with vision.  Vision is that ability to see, feel
and want something more than what you have.  Where is your vision.  
If I ask you what your vision was, could you tell me?

Sad thing is most people cannot.  I love to ask this question early
in the coaching process.  This is the key to great success, it is
what can take you anywhere.  I do not remember who said it, but he
simply said, “if you can see it, you can do it, now go for it”.

How can you expect others to follow you if you do not know where
it is you are going?  I will not follow a leader who does not have a

Remember what Joyce Meyer says in her book “I Dare You”, “Nothing
energizes us like having a clear vision of what we are suppose to
be doing”.

I encourage you this week to begin your journey down that road.  
Stop and think about what it is that you really want.  Stop and
think about the skills and abilities that God has given you.  
Throw aside the roadblocks and discouragement of others and start
to build the vision that will take you there.  

Here are the five simple steps you can take to make it happen:

1.    Take some time to think about what it is that you really
       want.  Take some time alone.  Take some time in a place
       you love to be.  Take some time, take some time, take
       some time.

2.    Take some time to write it down.  Then take it and hang it up
       all over the place.  Keep it write there in front of you.  
       Share it with others.

3.    Build the plan to make it happen.  It is great to have a
       vision, but now you need a plan.  A written plan of how you
       are going to make it happen.  If you have a real vision, you
       will have no problem in building the plan, you will be energized.  

4.    Take the action to make it happen.  If you have a real
       vision, if you really want it, then start doing what you
       need to make it happen.  Stop thinking about it and start doing it.

5.    Keep it as the focus of all you do at all times.  If you want
       it to happen, then you have to make it the focus of all you do.  
       Share it with everyone, let everyone know what you are
       going to do and then start doing it.  The greatest people with
       the greatest success have taken abuse from many on the road
       to success.  Most people do not have a vision and so what do
       they know about yours.  Don’t get discouraged, keep on going,
       let it drive you forward.

Vision is the driving force you need to make it happen.  Vision is the
driving force you need to lead your team.  Vision is what will drive
you when you want to quit, stop or give up.  As long as you can keep that
vision as the focus in your mind, as long as the vision is real, as long as it is
really what you want.  You will be able to do it.

As the leader of your team, if you share that vision with the team,
if you get their buy in into it, if you show them your commitment –
they will follow you and together nothing can stop you.

Stop settling for less than you can be.  Go for it.

onesheet MABC Version c4-page-001


Ever wonder why you can do the most wonderful presentation in the world?  Receive great reviews from each person at every meeting.  Receive great complements.  Have people ask you for help with their presentation. 

Yet, you walk out with no deal. 

So, what gives? Why does that happen?


I once did a great presentation for a company looking to buy our software development skills.  They all loved my stories; they loved the way I walked them through the process.  They actually told me it was one of the best software development presentations that they had ever seen.  However, they did not sign.   I did not get the deal.  They did not show me the money.

 Picture 012a

What happened?



We had spent so much time, effort and energy on the presentation.  We practiced everything just like we were told.  We went over it a dozen times.  We had everyone involved.  This was one of the biggest deals in the company’s history.  And we did not get it.




Have you ever been there?

Did you wonder why when this happened to you?


Well, the bottom line was that the presentation was great, but we did not persuade the prospective customer to buy.


This should really hit home.

It did with me when I was listening to one of my great mentors, Jim Rohn, talking about it.


Amazing isn’t it?

We present, but we forget that in that presentation we have to persuade the customer to ultimately take action.  To buy… To move forward.


I don’t mean change the presentation to something that is purely selling.  But, I mean simple things that will move the customer towards the close.


As another of my mentors, Zig Ziglar, says, “you got to always be closing.”


So, always be asking these questions.

How to create real success in all you do

How to create real success in all you do



1/        What if you had this product/service?

            What would it do for you and your company?

            How could it make life better?


2/        Can you picture what it would look like to own our product/service?

            See yourself using the product.


3/        Do you see the savings and what you could do with that?

            This is the cost per year, per month, per day, and even per hour.

            Break it down simply so they can see.


There are so many more ways you can do this in a presentation.  However, the most vital part is that you have to do it.


Tell them, “If you had our developers working with your team, they would be learning new stuff and product development would increase by 50%.”


Tell them, “Look at your people working side by side with our consultants.  Teaching and helping.  Look at the project coming in ahead of schedule.”


What would the CFO say when the project came in at 20% under estimated cost?  What else could you be doing with the savings?


The next presentation you do, make sure you are moving the prospect towards the close. 


It is great to present facts, but you have to translate them into benefits for your customers.  You have to make them want to buy.  You have to make it so that they cannot let you leave without the deal.


If you are not closing the deal, then look to see how well you are persuading your prospects.


Need some help?

This is just the beginning.

You have a great presentation.  Now, let’s go through it and get it to persuade the customer to buy.  You will be amazed at how much more business you will close.






“Power, the ability to control and influence circumstances.”  Dr. Myles Monroe

The amazing thing that happens when you sit down and do a one on one with someone is that you learn amazing stuff.  Stuff you never thought this person did, knew about or was in anyway involved in.  It is so great to learn about people.


I was having a one on one with a prospect the other day.  This person was in the construction business.  Custom cabinets.  Very nice and very high end stuff.  I was amazed at the product.  The amazing thing I learned from the one on one was that prior to doing this business, the person was an international banker who knew people and still had connections on 5 continents.  Did I need some help making a connection in China?  Did I need a referral in England?  I did not, but you might.


Don’t assume who someone is by what they are doing today. 


Don’t say, like so many people, “they can’t help me.” 


How do you know if someone can help you before you really spend some time with him or her and learn about him or her?  If you are into building relationships, then take time to do one on ones.  They are where the real power of building powerful relationships is.



One on one’s are the gold of follow up and relationship building.  They open up doors that you never thought could be opened.


So, the next step in continuing to follow up is to do a one on one meeting. 


For me, if I see someone on my list is opening and reading the newsletters over an extended period, then I am going to try and set up a one on one meeting.  This signals to me that they have an interest and I better see how I can help them.


If I go to LinkedIn and see a person has amazing connections that I want to meet, I am going to request a one on one with them.   If they are connected to the people I want to meet and want to work with, then I have to start the relationship with them.


A one on one is a key piece of follow up.  This is when you really start to get deep. 


This person is willing to given you an hour or so of their time to sit down and talk, so what are you going to do with that time?



First, make sure you have many questions ready to ask.  More questions than you could ever get to.  You never know if the person is quiet, or if the person is a talker.  If they are a talker, you will be fine, but if they are quiet, you could blow through a bunch of questions before they ever open up to you.


Next, make sure you do your research on the person.  Don’t ask questions that are so easy to find online.  This makes people think you have not done any homework.


Third, I suggest you make a list of people you both know.  Then talk about the ones you have a good relationship with.  However, make sure you let the other person lead.  You do not want to put your foot in your mouth by talking well about someone they do not like.  If they take the lead, you will stay in a safe area.


Next, make a list of people they are connected with that you might want to meet.  These are the people who you want to connect to.  If you don’t ask, then how will you ever get connected?  But, it is important to ask with grace and patience.  Don’t go forward pushing, go forward asking.


Don’t say, “so you know Joe, could you introduce me?”


Instead say, “so I see you know Joe, how long have you two known each other? 

Do you do work together?  Etc.” 


Keep asking.  You might be surprised by the response– “would you like me to introduce you?”  Yes, yes, yes.


Make sure that when you meet you make it your number one goal to listen. 

Then to learn. 

Then to help. 


If you move in this way, you will be amazed at what you can get out of the relationship.


It is amazing what you can learn if you do the one on one effectively.


It is not about what they do, it is about whom they know.

Let’s face it; most people will never want to buy what you sell.

However, they just might know many people that do and if you follow up and stay connected and build a lasting relationship, they might just introduce you to them.


I have gotten some of my greatest business simply because I followed up and in that follow up, I ask for a one on one meeting.

In that one on one meeting, I listened, took notes, and was really interested.


At some point, maybe not today, tomorrow next week or even next year.

But if I continue to stay connected, then at some point, this follow up will yield business.   That I can guarantee you.


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A new exciting term being spread all over the place these days is this thing called, “marketing automation.”   So what is it and how could it help your organization?


Firstly, according to the experts at Wikipedia:

Marketing automation is software technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks.


Secondly, according to Coach Manny:

Marketing automation is tools and systems that can drive your business to the next level in sales and marketing.  It also helps you stay connected, and follow up and build your business both online and offline.  Helping you stop missing the targets that you know you should be hitting.  Increase sales!


For you as a business owner, marketing automation can drive you way ahead of the competition and make you a major player in your business field.  Increase sales.


Today, I just want to introduce 3 areas that marketing automation can help you with.  Remember, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what real marketing automation can do for you and your organization.


1/        Automate the follow up process – stop your loss of potential clients.

            How do you stay connected with more people and how do you move the right people forward in the marketing process?

            I don’t care how good you think your memory is, you cannot remember everything and if you miss something with a prospect, it could be the one thing that costs you a client worth thousands of dollars.

            Marketing automation helps you to set up campaigns that are followed automatically once you make a personal or online connection.  It can do the majority of the work for you;  notifying you only when you need to physically get involved.  When you have to make that call or stop by and visit.


2/        Saving you dollars on adding staff.

            We all know the cost and headache of first finding the right players and then paying them what they are worth.  For most of you, your highest cost is employees.

            However, when you look at automation, do you look at where it can save you hiring that person?

            For pennies on the dollar of the cost of a person, marketing automation can perform so many of the routine follow up and connection pieces that make your sales and marketing process much more effective;  that generates business.


3/        Reduce “misses” to almost zero

            Yes, computers do still make mistakes, but they are usually caused by the person behind the keyboard.

            Once you set up and test a process, the computer does it every time, all the time, just as you ask it to.  This is one of the great powers of marketing automation.  Define the follow up process, by whatever categories and groupings you want, and the system will automatically do it every single time for you.  Again, only informing you when you need to get involved.


            I have been working with business owners in small organizations effectively for the past 10 years.  Yet, with these new automation tools, I can help my clients even further by taking their sales/marketing process to new levels of results.


            You know how I always talk about walking the walk, well  I am walking the walk.  I have implemented marketing automation in my own business and it has created results that will help my business to grow way beyond expectations.


            So, there is your introduction.  Call me or email to learn more.  856 358 4021.  Manny@MannyNowak.com


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Where is your focus?

Is it on the problem or the outcome? On what you can do, or what you can’t do?

On the bad economy or on how you can create great success because
of the economic situation?

Our children are actually the best people to help us. Have you ever seen how they look at things so much differently than we do? Take a few minutes and listen to their unique reactions.

What happens when they knock the ball through the kitchen window. Is
it the end of the world? What do they focus on? The child runs in and says,
“Well dad, this is going to be great, I am going to learn how to fix a
window. Let’s get the tools and you can show me how to do it.”

When the lawnmower will not start and you have to wait until tomorrow to
get the part to fix it. Your daughter comes over and says, “well mom, I’ll get
the gloves, it looks like we will have time to play catch after all. Isn’t this

When it is raining on Saturday morning and you all had planned on going for
a picnic at the park. In comes your son with the blanket. “Ok, let’s set
everything up in the living room and we can have our picnic right here instead.
This is going to be great! We get a picnic and TV at the same time.
I love it.”

You simply cannot argue with children. They have the focus. They find the
solution. They do not dwell on the problem, they simply move on. What if
we could do that too? Would life be much better?  Would we create greater results?

Why not try it today?  Change your focus and see what happens.

So where is your focus when you encounter a problem?
You see in all the above situations, the child simply found a solution.
He/she found a way to learn, a way to play, and a way to make it happen
despite the visible circumstances. What if you apply that process to your life and you start to focus on the solution and not the problem.


But we adults don’t think that way, do we?
If we broke the window all we would think about is, “now I am going to
have to fix this.”

Apply the same situation to your job. “The customer just called and she
is very mad. I entered a bunch of data into the software and now it seems
to have been deleted. Just what I wanted to deal with.”

What if you turn that around a bit using the above child theory. “Well this is a
problem, but now Jerry, who is our support superstar, is going to help me find the
fix and I am going to be even better at what I do. It is a great day because
I am going to learn something new.”

If we could not get the part for the lawnmower, we would be mad and it
would ruin our day?

Just like in our business, when the prospect says not until tomorrow, we
focus on all the reasons we are not going to get the business. Why they
are not going to call back. Why they might just cancel it all at the last minute.

What if instead we started to think positive. Think that the customer
might actually be looking at buying more or upgrading. Or buying new
instead of taking the temporary fix.

And finally, if it was raining on Saturday morning, I can already hear you
all saying, “look at this, it is raining, all week I planned this picnic and now we
can’t have it.”  You are focused on something you can do nothing about.  Instead, focus on what you can do something about.

When the customer orders and only takes ½ of what you had hoped for, your intitial reaction would be, “this really sucks.”

What if you now took it as a challenge. How are you going to sell them
the other ½ and maybe even some more? What if you stepped up and used this
to get even better at what you do? Do you think it might just make a

In order to move forward, we have to change our focus to the things we can control and forget the rest.


Here is a great quote from Og Mandino in his book, The Greatest Salesman
in the World, “Tomorrow lies buried with yesterday and I will think of it no
more. Concentrate 100% on what you have to deal with today.”

And deal with it very well.

Today, take the same child like look at the situation, laugh a bit and then see
a much better, clearer answer.

Focus on what you can do to fix the issue. Focus on what you can do to make it
better. Focus on the positive.

Are you excited about where you are going?  Are you on the path that will
take you to your life’s dream?  Are you still hesitating?  Are you doing great,
but know that you want to do even better? 


What are you doing about it?

Coaching can lead you to that result.  It really works.  It can be that edge
that you need.  Connect with me and let’s see what we can do to help you.