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German philosopher Frederick Nietzsche once said, ‘He who has a why can endure any how.’


You have goals – and they look great.


You have the tasks to accomplish those goals laid out – and they look like they will do the job.


You have the accountability system in place to keep you on track and correct you if you need it.


But do you have the “WHY?”


Why are you doing this? What is your driving force that gets you up each day and makes you push far beyond the norm?  What pumps you up, motivates you, excites you, drives you?


Do you often wonder why some people accomplish such great things, while others do very well, but not at the same level?


Because, you see, those who really excel have a definite, powerful “WHY.”


They don’t just know what they want or how to get it – they know why they want it.

They know exactly why they are chasing their dream,  and that is the key we want to talk about today.


Do you know your why?


As I was thinking about this the other day, I was inspired to write this article and focus myself on my current why.


Please take a moment right now and focus back on the great things you have done in your life (yes, all of us have done great things – just take a moment and think about it).


When you take a moment to consider these actions, you might be amazed at what you have been able to accomplish. It might inspire you to focus on developing your why for where you are going right now, or it might force you to stop, change directions and alter your focus.


I looked back in my own life to three significant whys and what they did for me.


1/        Why did I make it through USMC boot camp and graduate?

            Not how, but why.

            The how was simple, I did what I was told, when I was told and never gave up.  That is all good, but it was not enough, I needed a why.

            The why was because I wanted to wear that uniform and stand proud as one of the few and proud, the elite group, USMC.  That is what made it happen: the why.


2/        Why did I make it though college with honors when I had barely made it out of high school?

            I had the goal.

            I knew what I needed to do.

            I had an accountability system.

            But what was the why, the real reason?

            The why was because I was determined not to have to work in a factory and be told what, when and how.  The why was not having to hate my job like my mom had.

            That was the why that made it happen.


3/        Why did I build my own business?

            Freedom – yes.

            Wanting to work for myself – yes.

            Wanting to build something – yes.

            But the why was because I wanted no limit on how much I could earn and what I could do.  I want to go for the gold.


Now I could have done all those things well, but instead, because I had a why, I excelled at them.


Find your why, and you too will be unstoppable.


Learn more about how to make that happen for you.

Watch these 18 minutes of inspiration, and find your why.


“Cold Calling is not dead.”

A great quote from my interview with VSA CEO Valarie Schlitt this week on Targeted Lead Generation Podcast.

Click here to listen to the interview with Valerie and learn more.


Valerie has built and runs a very successful call center that does cold calls and other calling for you.  So, if you don’t want to do your own calls – her firm can make it happen.


We are now two weeks into the 90 day cold calling challenge, and we are beginning to see that consistency is the key to success.


Most participants have made over 200 calls and are starting to see that consistency does pay off.


Today I want to share a few more of the benefits that a consistent cold calling program can add to your lead generation process helping you build your business.


1/        By practicing and making cold calls, you become so much better at communicating over the phone at all times (not just during cold calls).


            I have also become the new President Elect for the Toastmasters of Rowan University.  One of the key Toastmaster exercises is what we call table topics.  The exercise teaches you to be quick on your feet.  You are given a topic and must talk about it for 2 minutes or so.  This gives you the confidence to think and adapt as you talk, a crucial skill required for cold calling.


            Cold calling is full of surprises and questions and emotion, and you never know what you are going to encounter.  These constant challenges make you so much better on the phone and at answering questions and thinking on your feet.


            I guarantee that if you do a 100 cold calls a week you will be better on the phone and better at getting on the phone to do whatever else you need to.

2/        Your phone skills transfer across your daily sales process in many other areas.


            Those skills that you have learn and developed on the phone will quickly transplant and translate to other relevant areas in your daily sales life. 

            When you are asked a question on the spot, you are more comfortable answering it.

            When you call a client or a hot lead, you can more effectively talk with them.


            There is only one way to get great on the phone – Get On The Phone.




3/        You will begin wanting to get on that phone every day – your hesitation ceases


            Many of you are former or current athletes and love competition.  Eventually, competition is what this becomes.  You develop an urge to make the calls.  It becomes a real challenge that you are not willing to lose.

You are already very self-disciplined, and this kicks it into high gear. You have to see how much better you can get.  You have to cold call simple because you refuse to lose.

            And that, my friend, makes you amazing and creates even more success.


Your top line will begin to increase.

If you are not doing cold calls, if your team is not doing them, you are missing out on a great opportunity to become so much better and make so much more money.

One hour a day is all we are asking, but on a consistent basis.


You will be amazed.FrontCover


If you are not in on the 90 day cold calling challenge yet, you can still get in.

Click this link to learn more and sign up today.







Interesting concept – people who could become customers don’t tell you why, they just don’t buy?

Those of us with online businesses experience this all the time, but so do those of us who don’t have online businesses.

People just stop and don’t buy.



You don’t understand why they don’t buy, but they simply don’t.


You don’t hear them say, “I didn’t buy because of this or because of that”, instead, they just don’t buy.


So, what can we do?

How do we determine what we are doing wrong?

How do we find the reason they did not buy?

How do we find the reason the conversion and close of the deal didn’t work?


You have to ask.

Yet, so often, we don’t ask.

Online, we have a little more automatic control, yes and no.

There are ways to ask automatically.

But, if they just leave and close the window before we really understand who they are, we have no recourse.


The best way for me to understand why someone didn’t buy is to ask.

Thanks for your interest. Can you tell use why you are not buying?

But if they just close the window, I cannot even do this.


Yet, if we don’t take time to understand why people do not buy, we will continue to do the things that made them not buy.


So, today I want to share with you 3 little tips to help you in this realm.



1/        Ask

            When someone doesn’t buy, when someone doesn’t take the deal, online or offline, simply ask the question, if you can.

            Sometimes you can and sometimes you cannot, but try.


            “You didn’t buy, why?”

            It is that simple.

            So if you didn’t do business with us.

            “I appreciate this opportunity to talk with you, to serve you.  For us to better service you and others in the future, could you share why with me?”


            You will be amazed at what you might learn, if you simply ask and then shut up and listen.


2/        Go back and review the deal with a third party.

Let someone else look at what you did and give you feedback.

Run the situation past others – your boss, fellow sales people, a friend, or a coach.

            “Here is the situation, here is what happened, and they did not buy.  Do you see anything I did wrong?’

            Let me share my sales process with you, online and offline. 


            You might be amazed by what you learn.

            I did this with a friend the other day, and he gave me great input.


3/        Honestly, look at your sales process and ask yourself.

            Ask yourself this question – “Would I buy from me?”

            This is one of the simplest things we could do.

            And if we are honest, we will usually be amazed.

            Too pushy, not pushy enough.

            Talk too much.

            Too detailed. Too high level.

            On and on.


            If you can’t say, wow, I love it, I am in!

            Then why would anyone else?


Let us remember this week to continuously ask, “Why should they buy from me?”


To be a star at selling, you need a system that works.  How is your sales process working?  Take a look at our self-study course designed to help you create a new and powerful sales process that can double your sales.








Stretch beyond what you think you can – Business Results Coaching

Posted by Manny on November 10, 2015
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“How long will you go on training all day in a gymnasium and living
in a dream world?”

“You have a nice voice, but it’s nothing special.”

“Liquidate the business right now and recoup whatever cash you can.
If you don’t, you’ll end up penniless.”

Above quoted from Cynthia Kersey book “Unstoppable”.

Are you going to stretch or are you going to give up?  0006

Are you going to keep going because you have the passion, desire
and knowledge that you will make it work? 


Will you do what you need too in order to make it happen?

Are you going to listen to those who gave up, or are you going to
listen to those who went before you and made it? Those who gave it
all they had to and more.

As a Marine, we have a simple saying, Sempe Fi.
Always faithful. Never give up.

How far, how long, how much do I stretch?  Great questions. I know many of you have faced this issue and are facing it on a daily basis.  One key that I am putting out there is Business Results Coaching.

So, what about the above stories.
First one is the family of Arnold Schwarzenigger on his way to being
Mr. Universe.
Seems once you stretch, it just keeps going.
If he had of given up at that point he probably would not have been the
governor of California?

The second story is a teacher of Diana Ross in high school as she auditioned
for a part in the school musical.
How many records did she sell?
The world would have missed a great voice.

The third, Mary Kay Ash.
One of the greatest organizations out there today, Mary Kay Cosmetics
would never have been.

What about you?

Are you going to stretch or are you going to give up?
The choice is yours.

I quote for you one the great comic stars of the past, Mr. George Burns
“I would rather be a failure doing something I love than be a success
doing something I hate.”

You are working very hard, you are doing what you love, why would you

Certainly not because it is getting tougher.

Stretch, stretch, stretch.

Business Results Coaching is a great way to do that stretch.

As Eibert Hubbard says, “The is no failure except in no longer trying.
There is no defeat except from within. No real insurmountable barrier
save our own inherent weakness of purpose”

How will you feel if you give up?  Get up and stretch beyond what you
think you can, beyond what others think you can, beyond what the
normal person would. You did not get to where you are by being normal,
you got there because you are different. You got there because you
have “SUCCESS” in your mind. You got there because you know you can.

A great quote from the book of Romans Chapter 5, verses 3-4
“And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation
worketh patience; And patience, experience; and experience, hope.”

We all know that tough times create tough people. If you are still in
the game you have to have something going. Now stretch that something
even more.

This week I want you to remember what is really important to you. I want you to think about it.

You know you can stretch. You know you already are stretching. But what
is the alternative? Give up?


Keep on rolling.
Stretch, stretch and stretch some more.

So, how is your sales process working?  Generating all the sales you want to?  Frustrated because it is not?  Looking for so much more?  Need to stretch?

Need some Business Results Coaching for you?


Learn more about our “Double Your Sales Process.”




How have you done with the hiring of sales people?   
Let’s look at some simple stories.

When I finally hired a sales rep, after much discussion
and hesitation, they produced nothing.  They talked a
great game, but when it came to the end results, they were a zero.

I hate my sales rep; they keep talking about the business
they are going to bring in, but they bring in nothing.  I
know I should fire the rep, but what if they are just about
to close the “big deal” any time now?

The last time I hired a rep, they did absolutely nothing.  
I hired them to sell and they were looking to me for direction.  
Isn’t that what I hired them for in the first place?

Wow, three stories that I know many of you can relate to on
both sides.  Why is it that so many mistakes are made in the
hiring of effective sales reps?

Well, first of all, setting expectations for your new sales
person prior to them ever accepting the job is probably the
most critical item you need to address. If you have finally
come to the decision to hire a sales person, a sales manager
or a sales director, then take the time, effort and energy to
define your expectations and put them all down in writing.  If you are
the one being hired, then make sure your prospective employer
does this for you.

As a sales consultant, I keep running into the same story:
“I hired a new sales person, full time and they have now been
with me for 6 weeks and I do not see those great results I was

Well, what did you expect?
    Did you communicate those expectations to your new
    sales person?
    Did you tell them what you expected them to achieve
    and in what time frame?  
    Did you define what you expected, and when, in detail?
    Did you write it down and did you both sign it?

Do you know the answers to the following questions and did you
communicate this to your rep?
    What is your sales cycle?
    Do you know how long it takes to sell your product
    or service?
    Do you know the process involved in successfully
    selling your product?

Let’s look at some expectations of a new sales person.  
First, it is critical to put together a list of all the tasks
you expect this person to do.  This needs to be detailed, such as:
·     Attend all local chamber events, and other networking
·    Make 20 cold calls a day
·    Turn in a written sales report weekly in this format,
     with this data.
·    Be in the office, for X days and hours
·    You can work at home when and under what conditions
·    Put all sales data into your sales management system
     within 24 hours
·    Attend the following tradeshows each year
·    Go on 10 appointments a week
·    Visit existing customers every quarter
·    Call existing customers every month
·    Define suspects, prospects and hot prospects

And this is just a start.

The next step is to define and communicate the sales process
for your industry.  Even if you are hiring an industry-experienced
person, all companies have their own way of operating, so define what
yours is.
Look at these items:
·    Where and how do I meet contacts, at tradeshows, networking
     events or cold calling?
·    Once met, what is the next step – send some information to
     the person?
·    When do I do follow up calls?
·    How soon after meeting a person should I be expected to
     get an appointment?
·    What do I do at the appointment? Show your process.
.    What tools do I use?
.    What is the expected results on the first call, do I go for a close?
     Or do I go for a second appointment to learn more?
·    Close the deal – when and how?

What are the close rates for your industry and what do you expect this
person to do?  For every appointment you go on, you should get a
second appointment what percentage of the time?

For every second appointment you go on, you should close how many?
How many appointments does it take to get one new customer?

Layout what you expect.  During the first year, or even better, a 2 year expectation process, laid out by quarter, monitored and updated very 30 days

Targets need to be defined.
    What are they suppose to go after?
        Example, all companies with 50 employees, a certain
        industry, or companies in a certain industry?
    Should they target a certain geographic area?
        The more you define and write down, the more effective
        the new sales person’s effort can be and the more you
        can expect to be done.

Status reporting is very critical.
    Sales people hate to do reports.  
        So please take the time and define what you want, when and how.
        Then get full commitment to it.
        However, make sure what you ask for is what you really need and
        what will really help in evaluation of effort.
        Then hold them to it.
        Do not let it slide.

This is just a small list of the things we look at when we help you to
develop a sales process.

Once developed, the new sales person has to read it, agree/modify it and
commit to it.  All this has to be done prior to you hiring the person.

Doing this will stop the biggest problems I see with small/medium
companies and their sales people.
    Owner: “I expected you to do this and produce this”.
    Sales Person: “I thought you expect something else”.
    Owner: “I don’t need someone doing that”.
    Sales Person: “I am not doing that”.

This is why so many sales people last less than 6 months in a new job.
Take the time in your organization to define exactly what you want
and what you expect.  Hiring the right sales person is so critical
to your success.  Take time and effort to do it right.

Looking for an edge? Could coaching be that edge?
Could coaching make you an even stronger leader?

Want to find out?

Two great options moving forward.

First, you should come to our great Sales and Marketing Boot Camp.

Two energized days of interaction, learning, building relationships.

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Second, if that doesn’t work for you – call me and let’s set that meeting up to learn more 856 358 4021 – or email  Manny@MannyNowak.com




Everybody wants more sales.  More sales and more profit.  However, what are you doing actively to take your sales up, not just take them up, but double them?


Today, let’s take a look at one tool, channels.


I am going to share with you today three simple channels that could, if effectively implemented, create a tremendous increase in sales for you and your organization.  This is one of the keys of Business results coaching with Coach Manny Nowak.


Channels are one of the key elements that I help my clients with.  Furthermore, we will be doing a great session on these at the boot camp.  Build and work your channels with Marketing Automation.


Today I want to look at just 3 of them.



1/        Networking

            Get out there and start meeting people.  Build relationships.  This requires you to put yourself out there and meet new people.  It then requires you to follow up with those people and start to build a relationship.  Do a one on one meeting.  Put yourself out there, take a chance.  Most people are just like you, so fearing it.


If you feel this is a weak area for you, then get some help.  We will be spending a great deal of time at the boot camp teaching this.



2/        Start working on LinkedIn.

            This is a goldmine sitting right in front of you.  This is an unbelievable source of leads.  I like to look at it the same as going to a networking event, but instead of talking to people who are not really qualified, I can spend my time trying to connect with people I have qualified – the kind of people who buy what I sell.


            Come to our boot camp and you will start to learn a great deal about this channel from some of the best in the business.


            But I want to tell you right now to start by picking a number in this channel.  Maybe 10, 20, 50, or 100 people to try and connect with everyday.  Then get on LinkedIn and ask to connect.  Do it everyday.  Watch what happens as a result.  Remember what I taught about consistency.



3/        Start asking for referrals.

            How many of you out there fail to do this? How many of you are afraid?  How many of you think you are bothering your clients?  I ask my clients, very simply, the following questions.

            Do you like what I am doing for you?

            Do you like the work?

            Would you recommend me to someone?

            Could you tell me some people you know that might need what I do?

            Or, here is a list of 10 companies, do you have any connections?


            Or, back to LinkedIn, “I looked through your LinkedIn connections and found theses 5 people, could you connect me?”




            Again, great session dealing with this at the boot camp.


            Yes, you all do great work for people.  Why do you hesitate in asking for the referrals?


You would be amazed at how many channels you have.  A channel is just a method you have to get business.  A way to generate leads. 


But each time, you have to track how many leads you get and how many turn to business.  This will tell you the quality of the lead and how much more or less effort you should put into it.


I have just talked about 3 channels today.


However, just think of all the potential channels you have and could work.


First, define every single channel.

Make a list.


Then start working on figuring out how you are going to use them effectively.


We actually have some sheets that you can download.

Just go to this link.


And come to the boot camp to learn more.

We will be spending time on channels and helping you define them.

Including Mastermind time doing this.


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