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So often, we waste too much time trying to sell to those who are not going to buy.


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To be successful in sales today, you must get to either “no” or “yes.”

You can spend your life on “someday” and “maybe,” but you will not make money.


Today I share 10 strategies for reaching “NO” faster and moving on to prospects who will say “YES.”


Stop spending time with people who cannot, will not, or are not interested in buying, and start going after those who will.

Take your sales to new levels of success.


1/        Ask: “Do you have a budget for this product/service?”

“What is it?”

“Do you have the money to make this purchase?”


            If they don’t have the money, why are you there?

            Do you have a way to finance it – make it happen?



2/        Stop providing them a way to avoid making a decision, even if that makes them more comfortable.

Make it easy and simple for them to say “no.”

            But move them to make a decision.


            Ask tough questions.

            Don’t ease up by saying, “I will get back with you.”

            Or “Let me call next week.”

            Or “Do you want to think about it?”


            Looks like we have all the pieces in place, should I get the contract ready for you to sign?


            Based on our conversation today, I can’t see anything else holding up you moving forward, shall we get the contract ready?



3/        Ask for the order, clearly.

            “Let me get the paperwork started.”

            “Are you ready to commit?”

            “When would you like to start?”


            Close the deal.



4/        Shut up and let them make the next move.

            Say nothing.

            Be quiet.


            Let them make the move.

            Many times they will buy themselves.

            Using silence to make the sale is one of the greatest skills of successful sales people.


Closing Sales –



5/        Ask if they can make the decision or if others have to get involved.

            Figure this out as early in the process as possible, before you waste time selling to someone who doesn’t have the authority to buy.



            If they cannot make the decision, then get to the person who can.

            Don’t spend all your time, money and effort selling the wrong person and then having to do it all over again.

            If the decision must go before the board, ask to be there.



6/        Ask, “when can we expect a decision?”

            If not today, when?

            Tomorrow morning?

            Next Wednesday after lunch.

            3 Months from now.


            If they cannot narrow it down, they might not be a buyer.


Closing Sales –


7/        Ask if they are ready to sign, now.

            “Can we get this contract signed right now?”

            “This looks like a go, when can we get this signed off?”

            “So you are in. Let’s sign.”



8/        Ask: “if we meet your requirements today, will you sign?”

            “If we can make that change, will you sign immediately?”

            “Can we get this signed right now?”



9/        Ask what’s stopping them from signing right now.

            “You seem to be hesitating, what is holding you back?”

            “Have we not met your needs?”

            “Is there something else we need to do before you sign?”

            “What is stopping you from signing right now?”


10/     Make the “NO” decision for them.

            “I assume that is “no” and so let me pack up?”

            “I see you are not ready to buy, thank you.”

            “I appreciate your time, but I don’t think you are ready to buy.”



The faster you move on, the more business you will do. 

It amazes me how much time we spend selling to people who we know are not going to buy – just move on.


Relationship building is not being put off forever.


But remember, a “no” today does not mean you will not do business together in the future.

It simply means “not now.”

So gather your stuff and move on.

Find your next sale.


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Is it time to kick up your closing game a notch?


Getting the customer to say it – yes!


Overcoming all those objections and getting to the cash.


As the great Zig Ziglar once said, “When you take close and remove the ‘c’, what do you have left – lose.”


The best key to close the deal is the ABC method.





Today, let me share five.


1/       The price is too high.


The first thing I want you to remember is we never should lower the price.  So many people go right there when, in fact, there are so many other options available.


Break it down into pieces.

If the price is $1200 to high.

What does that come out to?

$100 a month.

$25 a week.

Just about $5 a day.

Now ask yourself, is it not worth $5 a day to go with this product?


Look at terms. 

People forget that even though it cost $50,000, you can pay for it over time.


Add-ons are great. 

If you buy the product, I can throw this and that in for you.


Don’t you just hate it when the car sales guy/gal has to go to their boss about the price?  They’re just playing games with you.



2/       Not Interested


But you were interested?

You came in, or you asked me to stop by?

People are very busy; they are not going to give you the time if they are not interested.


This is a great cover-up for the real reason why they are not buying.

You have to get to the real reason if you are going to experience any success.


What did they like – ask.

What did they not like – ask.


Not interested is not a valid reason; there is something else buried deeper in the deal, find it and then you can fix it.


3/       Let me think about it.


Think about what?

It is clear you have not created a very effective want in the prospect.  He/she does not want your product.  If they did, they would not need to think about it any further.


This is bad; few come back from this.  You have to find a solution before you leave.  You have to keep them at the table.


Push without being pushy.  You can do it.

What is it they want to think about? Ask questions.


4/       Fear of change


Again, as you can see it runs through most objections; you have not created a want in the customer deep enough so they cannot go without buying from you.


Show them how easy the transition will be.

How you have helped others to do it.

How you will be there to make it oh so easy for them.

Give them examples.

Offer special help.


5/       I have to show it to someone else


To whom? 

Why weren’t they here the whole time?

Let’s get them in right now?

When can I come back and talk with them?


You, who have spent so much time learning how to sell this product/service, do not want this person trying to sell it to their boss.  That is a disaster waiting to happen.


Push hard.

You are the one who knows how to sell it, make sure you are selling it effectively.



There you have it, five objections and some different methods to handle them.

Yes, there are so many more, but start with these.


The others we have covered in one of the lessons in the “Double your sales” course.

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