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The Decision Institute – Coach Manny Nowak

Sales and Leadership Development

Is social media driving you crazy?

Don’t really understand where to go?

Don’t really understand what to do next?

Wondering how you’re supposed to work social media?


Well, today I want to share with you three real simple concepts that, put into place with the right tools and the right systems, will allow social media to generate all the business you are ever going to want.


But these principles are not anything new.

They are not anything that salespeople don’t already understand.

And they are not anything that can or should scare you.


Let’s take a look at the 3 simple keys to success with social media.


1/       You need the numbers.


How do you get the numbers in social media?

You’ve got to build the connections.

You’ve got to connect with people.

Whether it is LinkedIn connections,

Facebook friends or

Twitter followers…


Or whatever they are called in your selected social media tool.


First you have to build the connections.

Until you have a connection, you have not started.



2/       You have to build relationships


People are always saying to me, “Well, I’ve got 500/1000/1500 LinkedIn connections.”


I don’t care how many you’ve got – how many relationships do you have with those connections?

Do you get it? That is the true question.

You can have a million connections, but if you have no relationships, you don’t have anything.


You see, sales is still a relationship game.

So how many relationships do you have in that number of connections?


Because, you see, the second step is you’ve now got to take that connection, follower or friend, and build a relationship.

Just like in real life.

Social media is still about relationships.


And if you can turn that connection into a relationship?


If you can build a relationship with the person or people you are connected with, then you get to point three.



3/       You close some business or a partnership or a referral network.


Somehow, because you connected and built a relationship, there are dollars at the end of the rainbow.


These 3 things are what people don’t seem to understand about social media.

These 3 things are what we have been doing in sales since time began.

They are the simple principles of selling.


It doesn’t matter if it is social media or any other process.

You have to…


1/        Connect.

2/        Build a relationship.

3/        Close some business.


So get out there and do it.


If you need some help – this is what we do.

This is what we help people to do.


Whether it’s through social media or any other platform.


So if you are being driven crazy by any of this – give us a call.

Because “Double Your Sales” is exactly what it does.


It helps you take all the pieces of the puzzle and put them in the right place.

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So, you know have seen 6 of the 10 keys to sales success.
How did you do over the past two weeks in applying them?
Have you started to see the change already?


No matter what your position, these tips will help you become great at selling.
Do not forget – selling is something we all have to do.

From the executive who has to sell his team to the stay at home mom/dad who has to sell the other partner on an idea.

From the clerk in the office who has to sell his boss on a concept to the student who has to sell the teacher on a proposal.
We all sell.

Today we wrap up our three week series with the final 4 tips. 10 key items to make you a great success at selling will be in your possession once we finish today.

What as Coach Manny presents all 10.

Watch this video:

Now, what are you going to do with them?
Learn these important tips and watch what happens to you and your success.

7. Ask for the order – you should be closing all the time.
I know that sounds simple – but it is a real problem.To many people go through the entire process like they were doing a commercial or were on an acting job. Thanks for your time, good-bye.
There are 100′s of ways to close – learn some more.

Objective is to close the deal.

8. Know your product/service/presentation cold.
There should not be a question you cannot answer or call someone who can.
In today’s world of technology, between your smart phone, the web and your IPAD, get the answer.
Not I will find out – find out now.
Objective: Never leave the customer with an unanswered question.

9. Know how to sell.
If you are selling, then you need to know how to sell.
If you are selling, then you need to understand the science of selling.
If you are selling, then learn the skills.
Nothing worse than a person coming into my office trying to sell me something who doesn’tknow what they are doing.
Objective: Getting the customer to buy – this is not a social call.

10. Learn and understand the customer’s expectations.
No one cares how great your product/service is.
No one cares how long you been doing this.
No one cares what you think.
The customer cares about what they care about and that is it.

Objective: Learn the customer’s expectations and meet them.

Even if you only learn 1 or 2, it will greatly impact your sales process. Selling is a science we all need to know. Take some time today and start learning it, no matter what you do for a living, selling is critical to your success.

Hope you enjoyed these?
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Are you ready to be part of the 5%?

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