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Every year the New England Patriot’s begin their season saying, “We are going to win the Super Bowl this year.”


And, after last week’s win, how many times have they done it?


The rest of the league says stuff like:

            We will have had a great season if we can go 8-8


            If we can just get to the playoffs


            If we can just win a playoff game

            Or some might even say

            If we can just get to the Super Bowl.


            Then it will be a great season.


But not the Patriots, they go for the gold.  Nothing less.


Do you see the difference?

New England has the attitude to win it all.


Do you?


As you look at your sales projections for this year, do you say:

This year we are going to double our sales.


Or, instead, do you say stuff like:

If only we could sell as much as we did last year and break even


If only we could raise sales by 5-10 percent


If only I could avoid losing any major accounts.



Do you want to win the Super Bowl or not?

Do you want to exceed your expectations or settle for less?


You need to embrace the attitude that this year you are going to win the Super Bowl of sales.


Let me share with you today 3 things you can do after you commit to winning this year’s Super Bowl of sales.


1/       Get your lead generation process to excel and produce more leads than you need.

            Get the phone ringing.

            Get the web forms in.

            Get the email flooding in.

            Get people to stop by.


            Build you 5 best lead generation processes and your second 5.


            If you need some help, pick up a copy of my new book.


            Target Lead Generation.

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            Or, listen to the Targeted Lead Generation Podcast.

Listen to Targeted Lead Generation Podcast.  Click above to learn more.

Listen to Targeted Lead Generation Podcast. Click above to learn more.


            Click here:


2/       Build a follow up process that keeps you on top of your prospects.


            Automate as much of the process as you can.

            Stop stuff from falling through the cracks.

            Don’t just meet people, build relationships.


            Create a program that keeps you in front of your prospects.


            If you need some help, check out a copy of my book:

Order your copy today - just click this picture.

Order your copy today – just click this picture.


            My Sales Follow Up Sucks.

            Click here:


3/        Close business

            Stop hesitating.

            Stop settling for less.

            Be willing (and ready) to get to “NO.”

            But be willing to keep going until you get the business.


            Closing the deal is what sales is all about.

            If you can’t close the deal, then you can’t stay in business.

            If you can’t close the deal, then you can’t win the Super Bowl.


Push yourself and your team to the top.

This year you are going to double your sales – you are going to win the Super Bowl.

Get that attitude right, and then work the rest.


But it starts through attitude.

It starts with knowing you are going to win.


Need some help?

Let’s talk for 15-30 minutes and see what kind of synergy we have.0006

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You are going to win the Super Bowl this year.

But first you have to believe you will.









Everybody wants more sales.  More sales and more profit.  However, what are you doing actively to take your sales up, not just take them up, but double them?


Today, let’s take a look at one tool, channels.


I am going to share with you today three simple channels that could, if effectively implemented, create a tremendous increase in sales for you and your organization.  This is one of the keys of Business results coaching with Coach Manny Nowak.


Channels are one of the key elements that I help my clients with.  Furthermore, we will be doing a great session on these at the boot camp.  Build and work your channels with Marketing Automation.


Today I want to look at just 3 of them.



1/        Networking

            Get out there and start meeting people.  Build relationships.  This requires you to put yourself out there and meet new people.  It then requires you to follow up with those people and start to build a relationship.  Do a one on one meeting.  Put yourself out there, take a chance.  Most people are just like you, so fearing it.


If you feel this is a weak area for you, then get some help.  We will be spending a great deal of time at the boot camp teaching this.



2/        Start working on LinkedIn.

            This is a goldmine sitting right in front of you.  This is an unbelievable source of leads.  I like to look at it the same as going to a networking event, but instead of talking to people who are not really qualified, I can spend my time trying to connect with people I have qualified – the kind of people who buy what I sell.


            Come to our boot camp and you will start to learn a great deal about this channel from some of the best in the business.


            But I want to tell you right now to start by picking a number in this channel.  Maybe 10, 20, 50, or 100 people to try and connect with everyday.  Then get on LinkedIn and ask to connect.  Do it everyday.  Watch what happens as a result.  Remember what I taught about consistency.



3/        Start asking for referrals.

            How many of you out there fail to do this? How many of you are afraid?  How many of you think you are bothering your clients?  I ask my clients, very simply, the following questions.

            Do you like what I am doing for you?

            Do you like the work?

            Would you recommend me to someone?

            Could you tell me some people you know that might need what I do?

            Or, here is a list of 10 companies, do you have any connections?


            Or, back to LinkedIn, “I looked through your LinkedIn connections and found theses 5 people, could you connect me?”




            Again, great session dealing with this at the boot camp.


            Yes, you all do great work for people.  Why do you hesitate in asking for the referrals?


You would be amazed at how many channels you have.  A channel is just a method you have to get business.  A way to generate leads. 


But each time, you have to track how many leads you get and how many turn to business.  This will tell you the quality of the lead and how much more or less effort you should put into it.


I have just talked about 3 channels today.


However, just think of all the potential channels you have and could work.


First, define every single channel.

Make a list.


Then start working on figuring out how you are going to use them effectively.


We actually have some sheets that you can download.

Just go to this link.


And come to the boot camp to learn more.

We will be spending time on channels and helping you define them.

Including Mastermind time doing this.


Click here to learn more about this great event.  October 22 and 23.  Only $97.

How Does Your Application Perform For Your End Users, And What Can You Do To Fix It Now?

So, you got your website or mobile application working like a charm.  Tested it out in your office.  It is great.

Spent a good amount of time, money and energy making sure they get people to take action.

You are ready to roll, right?


However, when you roll it out, the site or application is not performing exactly as anticipated.

Why are you not getting the results you know you should be?


You tested it and tested it on all kinds of mobile devices, and/or desktops and browsers.

You had all kinds of people come in and test it for you.       .


Yet, what is going on?



There is this one little key element that so many of us have not looked at.  One little thing -the networks that our users are working on


The website or application look and feel are great, but there may be some inefficiencies in the design itself; because the one thing you did not anticipate was that it was going to be running on a poor performing, high latency and low bandwidth connection. 


That the network was not always going to be a perfect WiFi or clean 4G with a strong signal.  Often, it could be a 3G or 2.5G EDGE network.  If you have users in remote areas of this country or any other country, you could be running on a very weak or highly overloaded network.


You have no control over where your users are.  You have no control over the networks they are on. Yet, you have to build your application with all of your end users in mind, and optimize if for all network conditions…especially the poorest one out there.


Now what you have is frustration and people leaving your site because they are not getting a speedy response rate. Hopefully they are not posting negative comments on the App Store or Google Play, or other social media like Twitter / Google+ / LinkedIn.


This is a powerful, yet amazingly little fact that so many of us have forgotten.  Remember how slow 56K dial-up was…that was not that long ago; however, seems the same…doesn’t it?


I never even considered it myself until I had a chance to talk with a key developer at HP, Todd DeCapua

This guy had just finished developing a tool that could show this to you.  He asked me to try it on my website and what I learned was truly amazing. 

In less than 30 seconds I submitted the request, and within 3 minutes I received a 25 page report that showed me how my end users were experiencing my site across 5 different network conditions, how I scored with an letter grade….and best of all how to remedy them or where to look to find solutions.


Even though I have no control over where the user is, I now know what could happen and I can build the site to work anywhere on any network connection for all of my users.


How many of you out there got a little shock on this one?  I know I did.  What I learned was that my site was slow on less than 4G networks.  In fact, on 2.5, it did not even run at all, it timed out.  Plus, the 4G I was running on was empty.  What happens when I get on a very busy 4G network?


How much control do you have over where your customer is?  None.


How many of you have been frustrated by poor application / website / mobile app response?


I have been in a number of retail stores and the response for their website, in their own store, is absolutely terrible.  How can that be?


I was in a retail store trying to use their website/app to bring up their coupon. The response was stone cold slow – almost no response whatsoever.  What was going on?  How can I be in your store and your website not work on my phone?  This really causes some frustration.  People walk out.  People get angry.  Even worse, people do not buy.


What happens when you don’t get the response you want – you leave.  End of story.

What happens when it happens again and again and again?

The site worked fine at home when I looked up the deal, but then I could not get it to work in their store.


Think of all the applications and websites we depend on to run our lives and what happens when they are not working right.  When I am lost and the navigation app/website is not working where I am.  I have been there.


So, you, as the seller,  if you are going to spend all that time, effort and energy on the site to make it super, then you have to spend time making sure the piece that you cannot control, you deal with in the best way you can.


To learn more about this great tool, here is the link: http://www.hp.com/go/NVFreemium


This report will tell you amazing stuff about your app/website.  Run your site through this link and learn all the things that you can do to eliminate or at least limit customer frustration.  Additionally, it is easy to use and easy to understand, even from the executive summary which tells me as a business person what the problem is., to the technical information that tells my developers what they need to do.


Please do not send out your website/app without testing the response on all kinds of networks.  Success will not happen if the person cannot get a response.  Remember: you have no control of where they are.


Run a test today, check out this application, and these capabilities everyone needs to see now.


Many thanks to HP Development expert Todd DeCapua for his great input.


To learn more about all those keys to success and to surround yourself with other great business owners and professionals.  Come to our October Marketing Automation Boot Camp.

Learn more click the link below:


In today’s world of technology, not providing follow up is totally unacceptable.

You can automate most of the process, so why are people still so weak when it comes to following up?

Why are people leaving so much business on the table, and then wondering why their business is not growing as they desire?


A simple example:

You go to a networking event, you meet 8 new people, you start 4 potentially strong relationships.  Then you go back to the office, immerse yourself in your day to day activities, and what happens to those 8 people?  What happens to the 4?


Do you have one of these in your office?

pictures of piles of businesscards 

Leads that I killed.


So, what can we do about it?

Let’s look at one simple solution that we have implemented and that is working very effectively for us.


1/        It all starts with your smart phone.

Use your smart phone to scan the business cards you gather at an event.

            Do it as soon as you get to the office, or better yet, in your car or hotel room immediately after the meeting.


            I happen to use SNAP which works well with my Infusionsoft product.  However, there are many products out there.  Note:  I also ask if it is OK to send them a follow up email.



2/        Upload the scanned card into your CRM system.

            After the scan, you can add data or tags. 

            You can also change anything that did not scan correctly.

            It is amazing how well the scanning software today works.

            Most times, all I do is add a tag that the contact came from a business card.

Plus, if it is hot, I will add a hot tag too.


            The contact then uploads into your CRM system and creates a contact record.

            Again, I happen to use Infusionsoft as my CRM, as it is totally automated.


3/        Have an automated process that starts the follow up.

            I have built a campaign so that when the new contact is uploaded, the initial following happens over the next 37 days.

            A/        They get an email the next day explaining how I enjoyed meeting them and that I hope to learn more.  I also send then a link to one of my free eBooks.


            B/        Three days later, they get another email, this is one of my articles along with a link to see if they would like to receive them regularly.


            C/        A week later, they get another email, this one inviting them to an event we are doing in the near future.  Again, this comes with a link to join our list.


            If they join our list at any point, the process ends at that point and they begin a different process.


            This process continues with a few more articles and/or invites. 


            If they do not join our list at the end of this process, then they are set up for a different process in the future and receive no more emails at this point.


            In some of our processes, we also add calls, visits or other touches to the sequence.  But we don’t have to remember what they are; the CRM tells us if we need to so something, what it is and how to connect.  All via an email.


The point is that all I did once I built the process was scan and approve the card.  The rest is completely automated.

This is a process for when we receive a business card.  We have a different process for each way we connect with you; both online and offline. 


The statement I started with: In today’s world of technology, not providing follow up is totally unacceptable.


Start to automate your follow up processes today.  Need some help?  Connect with me.  Our function is to help your build the best business development process for your organization.  Increase sales, profit and time.

 856 358 4021


Are you going to finally make that move and hire a coach this year?

Well take a look at this checklist.

Remember, you are hiring a coach because you want to be the best.

So, your coach had better be the best at taking you there.


1/        Has your coach built a business other than the coaching practice?

            To help you build your business your coach must have been there and done that. 


2/        Does the coaching program include a mastermind group?

            This is gold.  Without it you are settling for a program that is not as good as it could be.  No matter how good we are as coaches, nothing works like mastermind.


3/        Can you call and get your coach 24/7/365?

            When an emergency comes up, you need to find and connect with your coach.


4/        Does your coach give you a written plan and/or help you develop one?

            Without a written plan, why are you doing this?


5/        Did your coach spend at learns 10 days last year in training – live?

            If your coach is not getting to be the best at what he/she does, how can he/she ever help you get there.


6/        Does your coach understand networking/relationship building and can he/she help you?

            Relationships make it happen, no matter what anyone tells you.   If you coach cannot help you get there, then what?


7/        Does your coach understand sales and marketing technology?  From online relationship building, to CRM to email marketing.  

He/she might not be the expert, but he/she has to have the expert on their team.


You can be good.

You can be great.


You can be a superstar.

The choice is yours.

But if you want to be a superstar, then your coach had better be a superstar.


If you are ready to take the journey to becoming a superstar?

If you are ready to do what you have to?

If you are serious about making it happen?


Then get that superstar coach and settle for nothing less.


Kick it up a Notch – Watch this new exciting video




You want me to take the shot?



I know some of you reading this are already blowing it off.

Manny, how can you talk about this ridiculous process?

It doesn’t work.

Everyone knows it is Ready, Aim and Fire.



How is that process working for you today?

Are you getting all that you really want?

Or are you settling for less and convincing yourself that it is all you want.


So many people hold back from what they really want.

They never go for gold, even though they have all the God given talents and abilities.


Ready, fire, aim simply means – make the decision and get moving forward.

Take the action and then grab the wheel.

Stop thinking about it and start making it happen in your life.


Remember what I always try and teach you.

Make a decision, will you please, “now.”

If it is wrong, then make another decision to correct it.


Let’s look at the 3 elements you need to make this work.


1/        Make a decision.

            There it is again.

            It is the first step in moving forward.

            Does it generate fear – yes?

            Does it create hesitation – yes?

            Will it drive you crazy sometimes – yes?


            Yet, if you simply make the decision to move forward, you are already half way there.  You feel great and you accomplish so much more.


2/        Take action.

            Once you make the decision, then the next step is to do it.

            Don’t re-think it.

            Don’t second-guess your decision.

            Don’t keep rolling it over and get some other opinions.

            You know what to do, now take action and do it.

            How many times have you hesitated and wished you had not?


3/        Grab the wheel and make the next turn.

            Now that you are moving, determine the next turn.

            You made the decision to move and now you are doing it.

            Grab the wheel, make the turns and hit the accelerator.

            Claim the prize. 


Is it really that simple?



Suppose you want to start a new business.

Then, once you make the decision to do it, you start moving.

Next, build the plan.


Suppose you need to hire a sales person.

Then simply make the decision to do it and go into hiring mode.

Amazing isn’t it?


What if you need capital to move your business to the next step?

Make the decision to go find it.

Then get going.


Those who spend their life aiming never hit the target.

Not because their aim is bad, but simply because they refuse to pull the trigger.


Pull the trigger today.

Ready, Fire, Aim.

Are you looking for the keys to the castle?

The way to take your Business to the next level?

The way to create a more successful and growing business?


These 12 keys are what I have learned will help you drive success in your business.


This is the process that I have used to help my clients build super companies.  It is a set of rules, technics and tools that I learned from some of the best and most successful business owners out there.  Those who do it so well and so successful.


Most successful businesses I have worked with live by them.


So today I just want to share an overview of them with you.  Then as the months go on, we will share additional insight into each one.


If you have any input or comments on these or others, please share them with me.  I will be putting this all together in a new book to be released either later this year or early 2015.  Maybe when I am done there will be 15 or 20, but for now, these are 12 keys that are critical.  They are in no particular order.


Love them or leave them, but they do work.



1/        Selling is the most important thing you do.

Close some business.

Forget all the rest until you get this piece working.

You don’t need that nice office, those beautiful business cards, or even great systems, you need sales.

If you don’t close business you don’t survive – it is that simple.

All you need to start is a business card, a phone, an idea and lots of drive.


2/        To build great amounts of business, you need marketing.

If you want to build a company that makes money.

Then you have to support your selling with marketing.

You have to generate the leads.

You have to start getting the phone to ring.

You have to get people to take action on the web.


3/        Delegate or die doing everything.

Determine what you are good at and what you are not good at.

Delegate what you don’t to well to someone else.

Get an assistant, a right hand person.

Surround yourself with people who are better, sharper and have greater potential than you do and lead them to success.


4/        Set goals, have a plan and Aim high

If you don’t know where you are going, you will definitely not get there.

If you aim high and you only get ½ way there you will still succeed.

And measure where you have gone.


5/        Get a CRM system and use it

You cannot track, manage or build a successful business without a CRM system.  And you are crazy if you try.

Excel and Outlook are great products, but they are not a CRM system.

Yes, you need it.


6/        Network and build relationships

Most of your business in most small organizations comes from relationships.

If you can’t network – learn.

If you are shy, get over it.

If you don’t have time, make it.


7/        Forget about going back

Stop thinking you can just go back if this fails.

Burn the ships.

There is no going back.

You have to make it work.

Either commit or forget it.


8/        Cash is.

Everything, anything and the only thing.

If you don’t have it, you are done.

Double the estimate you think you need

Double the expenses you think you will have

Cut the revenue projection in half

You have to have cash, which means you have to be making money.

No profit, no cash, no business – remember it and live it.


9/        Time if the only thing more critical to manage than cash.

Be proactive and not reactive

No one else controls you time.

You can create great things if you get this one under control.

Otherwise you will be working 16 hours a day and going crazy.


10/     Get some advisors and listen to them.

Get a coach.

Get a number of mentors.

Get a board of advisors.

And listen to them.

Spend time, money and energy on self-development.

No one can do it himself or herself.


11/     Lead The Way

Walk the walk.

Be tough when you have to be.

Be firm when you need to be.

Be fair, always.

Make decisions, now.


12/     Share the wealth

The greatest success comes to those who share

A little of a lot is more than a lot of a little, I don’t know who said it.

But wow is it ever true.

Share because you didn’t do it yourself.



There you have it, now go do it.