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Good Leaders Make the Tough Decisions

Posted by Manny on October 17, 2016
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Are you leading your business, your career, your health, your family, in essence your life, or are you being lead? Are you making the tough decisions or are you just ignoring them? Are you hoping that the issues you face will somehow resolve themselves without your intervention? Are you acting like an ostrich with your head in the sand?  


What are the ‘tough decisions’? How does the phrase ‘tough decisions’ relate to the here-and-now? What does it really mean?


Rather than give you a definition it may be easier to show you a few examples: Are you able to say “no” when it is necessary? Are you able to handle the opposition that comes with making a tough decision? Can you hand down an edict, knowing full well you are going to face adversity; or are you trying to be pleasant to everyone, remain comfortable and not perceived as the ‘bad guy’? Be aware though, I am not insinuating that you should do a complete one-hundred-eighty-degree-about-face. The other side of being a good leader is being a leader that is a total jerk (to be blunt)!


If you need to terminate the employment of a staff member, can you carry it out or do you spend months thinking about doing it? Can you define why you might need to terminate someone, move forward, and complete the task? Can you stop trying to justify your decision to everyone and proceed from there?


One of the definitions of a good leader is one who can handle the tough decisions, one who will acknowledge what has to be done, and is willing to complete the task-at-hand. A good leader can complete the job even though it may be unpleasant or uncomfortable. The good leader will take the time to understand the reasons, make a decision, and then move on. However, nothing is more confusing than a leader who is able to make the tough decision but then displays an indecisive, lukewarm behavior.


A good leader, for example, is one that is aware that there may be a need to make some cutbacks in the company.  They also understand the impact of not acting upon the need to do something to ensure the continuity of the business. They then follow through and ‘do the deed’. There are many people in leadership positions that do not deal with these tough decisions. They remain motionless and take a position of, “Hey I know I need to do it, but I will just hang in there a little longer, another week, a few more weeks to see where the cards fall.” Believe me, this is an absolute valid scenario, because, I confess, I have been there myself and have helped many others who have been in this same predicament.


Many times leaders do not want to make the decisions that have to be made, but they do it.

You cannot be a successful leader if you are not willing to make the tough decisions. It comes with the territory; it comes with the job description of a good, quality leader. You have to be able to make those tough decisions in all areas of your life, both business and personal.  You have to become a decision-maker.


If your career is going no-where, if you have known for years and secretly acknowledged that you have this problem, then you already know you are this type of leader. What are you doing about it? Are you wishing, hoping, thinking, and dreaming that it will all go away? Do you keep telling yourself, “It will be all right”?  Are you afraid of those tough decisions?  It will never be all right until you make a decision.


Make the decision and move forward.  Become a decision-maker.


I started the book with my personal story and how Nate helped me to move forward and learn to be a decision-maker.

You will recall my favorite saying (that I live by) and you might consider, “It is easier to ask forgiveness than permission”!


Make a decision in your life; make the decision even if you view it as a tough one!  Making a decision will change where you are at the current time.  If you need some coaching to work through this phase of indecisiveness in order to become a better leader, call me! This is how I help, this is what I do! Take advantage of someone that will assist you in learning how to make those tough decisions. This will ultimately help you transform into a great (rather than mediocre) leader!


We all make decisions every day; some days they are especially tough. Remember that the way to get good at making decisions is to make them, not just ponder them. Yes, you might make a great deal of mistakes, however, what leader do you know of who has not made at least some mistakes – none.


You have the ability to make those tough decisions.  I will tell you why you have the ability. Because, you have the power to be forward thinking, you have the power to be an exceptional leader!  Why do you have the power? You have the power because you know that even if your decision today will cause the staff, a person, someone, or anyone to get mad at you, or not like you, in the end, they and others will respect you. They will respect you much more for having the moral fiber, the backbone, the strength of character, to make the tough decisions!


Remember-Great leaders make tough decisions!  They become decision-making machines.

Figure out what you want, where you are going, and move forward from that point. Make the tough decisions in your life to lead you forward.


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Decision Making – Can you do it?

Posted by Manny on September 19, 2016
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An outstanding leader must have the ability and discipline to decide effectively, timely, and correctly.


The reason most people never become outstanding leaders is because the higher you go in an organization, the faster you need to be able to make decisions. Usually, this is also with less information and resulting in a greater impact.


If you cannot decide what to do about one or two employees, how are you going to handle it when your decisions affect thousands?


If you can’t manage a budget of one hundred thousand dollars, how will you manage a ten million or 100-million-dollar budget?


All great leaders must be able to make decisions.  Whether in the home, in business or in any other area of life.



How often have you been in a meeting where everyone is discussing an issue, but no one is willing to just simply step up and make a decision?  Everyone will talk about it, argue about it, and get angry about it, yet no one will just step up and say, let’s make a decision here and more forward.


Outstanding leadership requires the ability to make decisions, the willingness to put your neck on the line and the courage to stand up and make it happen.


Many talk about it, but few can do it.


Joyce Meyer puts it as simply as you can in her book, “100 Ways to Simplify Your Life.”

“You cannot drive a parked car.  You see, God has only one gear, forward. Sometimes we need to do something just to keep from continuing to do nothing”.


John Maxwell says it, “The number one characteristic of a good leader – The ability to make things happen.” 


Risk – putting your neck on the line.  If you are unwilling to take the risk, why are you in a leadership position?  Leadership means taking the risk.  People with a low tolerance for risk should not be leading.  The inability to risk means there is fear.  Fear creates a low propensity for success.


Courage – means the willingness to stand up and take a shot.  It means having the conviction you know what you are doing and actually doing it.


Remember what Howard Hendricks says:  “The opposite of courage isn’t cowardice, it is conformity”.


The English word courage comes from the French word, “Coeur”, which means heart.


Here are 7 points for you to think about related to decision making.


1/         You must be willing to move forward without all the information.


2/         You must be able to handle the flack that occurs because of the decision you make.


3/         You might have to be unpopular in the short term.


4/         You must have conviction about the decision you are making and the willingness to stand up for it.


5/         Time is not always on your side; you might have to decide now.


6/         You must be able to handle the impact of the decision.  It might affect people’s lives beyond your comfort zone.


7.         It might be the wrong decision, and you have to be able to move on.


Outstanding leaders make decisions when they have to make them.  Plain and simple.  If you want to be outstanding, then work on getting better and better, each and every day. 

The bottom line, as told by one of my great mentors, Nate, “Just make a decision, now.  If you are wrong, then you will have to make another decision.  Stop holding back”.


Nate taught me well.  How are you doing?


Next week – we look at some detail on these 7 points.

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You want me to take the shot?



I know some of you reading this are already blowing it off.

Manny, how can you talk about this ridiculous process?

It doesn’t work.

Everyone knows it is Ready, Aim and Fire.



How is that process working for you today?

Are you getting all that you really want?

Or are you settling for less and convincing yourself that it is all you want.


So many people hold back from what they really want.

They never go for gold, even though they have all the God given talents and abilities.


Ready, fire, aim simply means – make the decision and get moving forward.

Take the action and then grab the wheel.

Stop thinking about it and start making it happen in your life.


Remember what I always try and teach you.

Make a decision, will you please, “now.”

If it is wrong, then make another decision to correct it.


Let’s look at the 3 elements you need to make this work.


1/        Make a decision.

            There it is again.

            It is the first step in moving forward.

            Does it generate fear – yes?

            Does it create hesitation – yes?

            Will it drive you crazy sometimes – yes?


            Yet, if you simply make the decision to move forward, you are already half way there.  You feel great and you accomplish so much more.


2/        Take action.

            Once you make the decision, then the next step is to do it.

            Don’t re-think it.

            Don’t second-guess your decision.

            Don’t keep rolling it over and get some other opinions.

            You know what to do, now take action and do it.

            How many times have you hesitated and wished you had not?


3/        Grab the wheel and make the next turn.

            Now that you are moving, determine the next turn.

            You made the decision to move and now you are doing it.

            Grab the wheel, make the turns and hit the accelerator.

            Claim the prize. 


Is it really that simple?



Suppose you want to start a new business.

Then, once you make the decision to do it, you start moving.

Next, build the plan.


Suppose you need to hire a sales person.

Then simply make the decision to do it and go into hiring mode.

Amazing isn’t it?


What if you need capital to move your business to the next step?

Make the decision to go find it.

Then get going.


Those who spend their life aiming never hit the target.

Not because their aim is bad, but simply because they refuse to pull the trigger.


Pull the trigger today.

Ready, Fire, Aim.

Why do we have so many broken machines unable to make decisions in a timely and effective manner?

What do we have to do in order to get today’s leaders to pull the trigger?
To stop hesitating, procrastinating and spending to much time keep thinking about it?

We are not talking about making quick, irrational decisions.
We are simply taking about making decisions that move you forward.

I was trained by one of the best and he had a simple formula.
“Make a decision will you please.”

He understood one of the great keys:
If you make the wrong decision – you can just make another one to correct it.
You will still be light years ahead of the rest of the people who are still thinking about it.

Beside, you have to understand that it is easier to ask forgiveness than for permission. Make the decision.

So if you fall into any of the above – make a decision today to start working on getting better at making decisions.

How many of you are hesitating right now on a decision?

Make the decision.
Then read the rest of the article.

Sometimes we don’t have all the information we would like to have. We would love to wait, but we have to make the decision based on what we have right now. Yet too many times, leaders still wait and that causes other issues.

As a leader, you just have to pull the trigger sometimes based on what you know.

Let me share 3 quick tips related to the decision defining moment.

1/ Look beneath the superficial
Dig a little deeper, try to understand a bit more.
But always understand, you are never going to know it all.

Dig as deep as you can, but give yourself a time limit.
“I am going to spend the morning looking at some added facts and then I will make the decision on which way to go by noon.”

2/ Be willing to trade creature comforts for a higher purpose.
It is very uncomfortable making decisions at times.
It puts you in a tough spot.
People are looking to you to do it.
But that is why you are the leader.
If you don’t want to make the decision, then perhaps you are not the leader.
Leadership is uncomfortable.

Stop spending so much time making excuses for the decisions to everyone. Trying to justify them. You make the decision and then you move to your next process. You are the leader because people want you to make the decisions. Now make the decision and move on.

3/ Choose the right models.
As a stated, I learned from the best.
He gave me a model to follow.
Great leaders teach and train great leaders.
Decision-making is the number one skill you must demonstrate to be a great leader.
Find a leader to model and learn from them.
But remember, you still have to make the decision.

Find someone who you respect when it comes to making decisions. Learn from them. Don’t become them, be your own leader, but learn to make decisions from people who are doing it well.


You have to become an effective decision-making machine if you want to become a great leader.

We have enough broken machines.
Get out there and do it.

Why do you think we call our website: The Decision Institute?
We are here to help you be the best at making decisions.
In becoming a decision making machine.