How well do you do it?

How often is the person you bring in up to or beyond your expectations?

How often do you lose sleep over the hire?


Interesting questions.

To be honest, most small business owners are not that good at hiring.

To many times they hire the wrong person and then take a long time to end the relationship.


This question came up last week at the. Million Dollar Business Development Boot Camp, and was an area of great concern.

We spend a little time looking at it, but we need to spend a great deal more time with it.

It seems to be a pain many of you have to deal with.


I love this quote from John Huntsman,

“Not GPA

not class standing

not even academic major.

But first, integrity, commitment and courage.”


So today I wanted to start to look at this issue and address one point.  More will come in the future.


The first thing I want to look at is expectations.

How well did you define your expectations of the position?

Did you write down what you expected of this person?


Simple stuff, yet sometimes it just isn’t understood.

A client and good friend of mine puts it very simple – “I expect my sales people to sell during the 8-5 day.  They should be doing research, paperwork and other non-selling stuff outside of those hours.”


That is something that many of us would expect of our sales people.

Yet, if you do not communicate it in the hiring process, you might get someone who has totally different expectations.

Then you can have fireworks.


Another friend puts it this way, “I expect my people to work until the job is done, I don’t care if it is 5PM or not.”

Did he communicate this expectation during the hiring process?


Write down your expectations.

Share them with the potential hire.


Start by being crystal clear on 3 key areas.


1/         Responsibilities

This is what you are responsible for, no gray areas, no questions.

If this isn’t done, you own it.

If this isn’t done, you have to stay and finish it.

Make sure they know their responsibilities.


2/         Authority

What can they do, what can’t they do.

Simply, what is there level of authority of all issues that effect them.

With sales people it is price, features and giveaways.

With managers it could be discipline and work assignments.


3/         Measurements.

This is how the employee will be evaluated.

This is what you are going to look at when it comes to his/her performance.

There should never be a question or a gray area.


Hiring the right people is so critical to your success as well as your peace of mind.

So many business owners really believe in the family atmosphere in their companies and really have a hard time letting employees go who don’t meet there expectations.


If you get better at the hiring, you will then have less of these situations to face.


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