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In today’s world of automation, how hard is it to say in the front of your prospect’s mind?


In the past, it was hard, manual, and subject to so many mistakes that most people gave up.Photo on 6-17-17 at 2.58 PM


But today, you can automate so much of the process that the only thing you need to do is set the prospect up in your marketing system, pay attention to what that system tells you to do, and then do it.


What should happen when you meet a potential buyer of what you sell?

You try to get a meeting with them.

Perhaps you get that meeting, but they are so ingrained with their current vendor that they are not in a position to change at the moment.  In fact, they might even be happy with where they are, but always looking to improve.

Perhaps they just do not want to meet.

Order your copy today - just click this picture.

Order your copy today – just click this picture.

Perhaps all you know is that they could benefit from what you sell.


What do you do with them going forward?

To many people simply put them to the side and forget about them.  We will get back with them in the future, no need to worry about them right now.  They are not going to buy.


That is a mistake.


Instead, when you find someone who could buy your product, you need to do the following.



1/        Add them to your CRM system.

            Capture all the information on them that you can.

            Record everything that has happened with them such far.


2/        Start them on an automated campaign that keeps your name at the front of their mind for the next 12 months or longer.

            This campaign should be based on who they are.

            You should have not only general campaigns, but also campaigns built for certain vertical markets and certain types of customers.

            These campaigns should not sell, but instead educate and keep your name in front of the prospect.

            They should give information to help them do their job better.

            They should contain some calls to action, but they should be soft.  If a prospect does act on a call to action, then you should be notified and take appropriate action.

Order your copy today and start generating more business!

Order your copy today and start generating more business!


3/        Pay attention to any notices the system gives you about their behavior and/or action based on what you have sent them.

            Let the system do its job.


            All this should be set up and going on in the background.  The only time you need to get involved is if they take the right action.


If you do these 3 things, the prospect will look to you when they are ready to make a move, and that is when you can close the deal.  You are educating and staying in front of them.  This is the piece of selling so many people forget.


Let the system do the work, pay attention, and keep on rolling.

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, what you sell, or how things have been done in the past.  Educate and stay on the mind of clients and they will connect back with you when they are ready to buy.  It works.


Meanwhile, keep on prospecting and adding to the list.  The system has no real limit on how much it can handle—that is one of the beauties of marketing automation.


If you do not yet have an automated system to do the above, then we should talk.

Click the link below, and let’s set up a 15 minute call to talk.



In today’s world of technology, not providing follow up is totally unacceptable.

You can automate most of the process, so why are people still so weak when it comes to following up?

Why are people leaving so much business on the table, and then wondering why their business is not growing as they desire?


A simple example:

You go to a networking event, you meet 8 new people, you start 4 potentially strong relationships.  Then you go back to the office, immerse yourself in your day to day activities, and what happens to those 8 people?  What happens to the 4?


Do you have one of these in your office?

pictures of piles of businesscards 

Leads that I killed.


So, what can we do about it?

Let’s look at one simple solution that we have implemented and that is working very effectively for us.


1/        It all starts with your smart phone.

Use your smart phone to scan the business cards you gather at an event.

            Do it as soon as you get to the office, or better yet, in your car or hotel room immediately after the meeting.


            I happen to use SNAP which works well with my Infusionsoft product.  However, there are many products out there.  Note:  I also ask if it is OK to send them a follow up email.



2/        Upload the scanned card into your CRM system.

            After the scan, you can add data or tags. 

            You can also change anything that did not scan correctly.

            It is amazing how well the scanning software today works.

            Most times, all I do is add a tag that the contact came from a business card.

Plus, if it is hot, I will add a hot tag too.


            The contact then uploads into your CRM system and creates a contact record.

            Again, I happen to use Infusionsoft as my CRM, as it is totally automated.


3/        Have an automated process that starts the follow up.

            I have built a campaign so that when the new contact is uploaded, the initial following happens over the next 37 days.

            A/        They get an email the next day explaining how I enjoyed meeting them and that I hope to learn more.  I also send then a link to one of my free eBooks.


            B/        Three days later, they get another email, this is one of my articles along with a link to see if they would like to receive them regularly.


            C/        A week later, they get another email, this one inviting them to an event we are doing in the near future.  Again, this comes with a link to join our list.


            If they join our list at any point, the process ends at that point and they begin a different process.


            This process continues with a few more articles and/or invites. 


            If they do not join our list at the end of this process, then they are set up for a different process in the future and receive no more emails at this point.


            In some of our processes, we also add calls, visits or other touches to the sequence.  But we don’t have to remember what they are; the CRM tells us if we need to so something, what it is and how to connect.  All via an email.


The point is that all I did once I built the process was scan and approve the card.  The rest is completely automated.

This is a process for when we receive a business card.  We have a different process for each way we connect with you; both online and offline. 


The statement I started with: In today’s world of technology, not providing follow up is totally unacceptable.


Start to automate your follow up processes today.  Need some help?  Connect with me.  Our function is to help your build the best business development process for your organization.  Increase sales, profit and time.

 856 358 4021


We know that people do business with people they like, yet are we putting the right amount of effort into building relationships?

We have the technology today to do almost anything we want when it comes to growing sales and profit – but are we using it?

Both of these are powerful if used correctly and together, they will create an unstoppable process for you.

 However, what are you doing to make it happen in your organization?


Today I want to introduce you to 3 ways that you can make this happen.


1/        Commit to making CRM a critical part of your business process.

No thinking about it.

No exceptions.

Commit to using CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Define that this is how you are going to use it.

No other ways will be acceptable in your organization.


Is it hard? Yes.

Does it take a great effort and commitment of both time and money? Yes.

But, you can never marry relationships and technology to generate sales and profit unless you make the commitment.


I have one client who committed years ago to using CRM and has since watched his business grow tremendously.  Today, he is moving to an even higher end CRM product because he understands what it can do for his business.  And he is just touching the surface of potential.


I have seen others who refuse to do it, or just play with it, and it shows.


CRM is not an option in today’s business world; it is a requirement.



2/        Teach yourself and your team relationship skills.

How to listen – effectively.

How to ask questions that make people think and then shut up and listen to their answers.

How to show the prospect that you are truly interested – that you really do care.

Then really care – don’t just act like you care in order to get the business.

Research and learn about the prospect – stop asking stuff you should know.

Connect at multiple different levels.

Ask for referrals.


Relationship building has never been an option; it has always been key to building business.



3/        Build, document and require everyone to use the follow-up process.

From the time you first meet someone – offline or online, through the entire nurturing process, until you close the business, and then on into a growing and long-term business relationship and referrals.


This is where technology shines. 

This is what CRM does for you – if you make it a standard.

This is where you can build automated processes and campaigns that do most of this automatically, or at least let you know what and when.


This is where technology meets relationships and if done right, they work together harmoniously to produce sales and profit.


These 3 processes will set you toward those sales and profit goals you really want to achieve.


Are you ready to make it happen for you?


Then you need to be at our up coming boot camp.

This is where we will show you how to do both and how to tie them together neatly to produce sales and profit.


Marrying, technology and relationships – online and offline to make you and your business a tremendous success.  Million Dollar Business Development Boot Camp.


If you are really committed to making this happen for you – then sign up today.



What is not working in your sales and marketing process?

Do you know?

Do you even understand?

Are you taking the time and action to find, fix and excel?


It might just be something very simple – or maybe not!


If you are going to make next year your best year ever, then you have to find the answers, and take the action.



If you are not making those million dollars yet – then it is time to find the problem, solve it and get there.


Let’s start today with a few simple things to look at.  There are many, but if we start right now, we will be on our way.


1/        Follow up

The number one problem that most people have is that they don’t do it well or they don’t do it at all.

I will tell you this is number one because I see it all over.

Look at your follow up process – how is it?

How do you measure it?

How do you know it is working?


Build an effective follow up process, right now.



2/        Referrals

How good are you at asking for them?  There are so many good ways and methods to ask for referrals.  Why are you not doing it, or doing more?

People love your work, your product/service, and your passion.

Why wouldn’t they give you a referral?

Most of the time it is because you simply don’t ask.


Build an effective process for asking for referrals.



3/        Your connections

People have no idea how many people they know, where they are and how much they are happy to help.

But again, most people do not ask for help.

Could you connect me with?

Can you help me get into?

I see you know Jane, can you introduce me?


If I ask you for help, would you tell me to go away?  Of course you wouldn’t.

Neither will your connections.


Start asking for help.



4/        Customers

What else could your customers buy from you or from one of your affiliates?

How much of their business do you currently have?

I once took a company up over by 80% – 7 million a year – just by expanding the current client base, and I done so in 18 months.

Your customers are a gold mine, but are you working them?


Work your customers for more business.



5/        Settling for less than you want

We are doing OK.

Is OK enough for you?

Is that really where you want to be?

Or do you want even more?

Do you want to make a million dollars a year or not?


Enjoy the article – Join the free webinar this Friday, December 19th

Click here for more info.


Stop settling for less and go for gold.



Do something in one or these areas and watch what happens.  Do 2 or more and you will be amazed.


Find, fix and excel your sales and marketing process.

That is what I do for my clients.

Want to learn more? Call or email me.  856 358 4021.

And remember – everyone of us is a sales person - 

we all have to sell something in our lives.


Great sales people really don’t sell at all, instead 

they get their customers to buy.  We all love to 

buy, but few of us love to be sold to.  When will 

we understand that?  Today I want to share with 

you 7 of the most deadly mistakes most sales people make. 


Is this all the mistakes- no.

Do all sales people make all these mistakes – no.

How many can you afford to make – none.


Read and learn.


1.         To many sales people do not know 

how to listen.

They still believe that old story about, “you 

will be great in sales because you love to talk”.


 In fact, most sales people spend more than 

75% of their time with their mouth closed and 

their ears open.


Have a problem selling?          

Close your mouth.



2.         To many sales people are poor at follow up.

They don’t get back to people when they 

said they would.

If you tell me, I will get back with you next 

Tuesday – then you better get back to me next Tuesday.

If you say I will send you a proposal by the 

end of the week – then you better do it.


Not selling – how consistent is your follow up?

With the tools available to day – never should 

you be unaware.



3.         To many sales people don’t make prospecting a part of their regular routine.

I don’t care how busy you are.

How many customers you have.

If you don’t prospect ever week – you will 

eventually run out of new business.

It is a fact of life.

Prospect when you are rolling in business and 

you never will stop rolling in business.


No business today?  How long has it been 

since you regularly prospected?



4.         To many sales people think networking takes to much time.

 If you don’t build a network your sales will 

dry up.


If you don’t build a network – what will you 

do if you lose your job?


Networking creates leads.


Networking creates business.


Networking builds friendships (see number 7) 


No business today – start working your network.  

Don’t have a network – I see.



5.         To many sales people think collections 

are not part of their job?


Everyone (other than people in the collections

 business) hates to collect.


Yet if a customer is not paying – why are you still 

letting them buy?


 If they don’t want to see you, is it because they are 

not paying?


If you have to be involved in collections – it keeps 

you closer to the customer.


The closer to the customer you are – the great chance 

for more business.


The great chance for referrals. 


Customer not paying?  Do you know why?  You should.



6.         To many sales people lack discipline.


To be successful in sales you have to have a daily plan.


To be successful in sales you have to have a time 

management process.


To be successful in sales, you have to do what you 

said you were going to do when you said you where 

going to do it.  Period.



Not getting business?  How disciplined are you?



7.         To many sales people have never built a friendship 

with their customer?


Customers buy from those they like.


All things being equal.


All things not being equal they still buy from those they like.


Be a friend first and watch what happens.


If you don’t have a relationship – then why would they keep buying from you?


Sales is serious business.

But it is a blast.

Look at what you are doing, check against these seven.

Do what you have to do to get back on the track.


Sales people win when customers buy.  Plain and simple.

I love to win. 

What about you?


Coming to the boot camp next week?

We will be working this, you need to be there.



There is much more during our boot camp.


Click here to learn aboutMillion Dollar Business Development Boot Camp.