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July 4, 1776 – Freedom Comes At A Cost

Posted by Manny on June 30, 2017
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Happy 4th of July.

Please enjoy your day and for many of you, a long weekend or even vacation.


The 4th of July is all about Freedom.american flag

About those who were willing to risk it all to be free.


Those who are trying to get in to this country, they understand because they don’t have it.

Those who are trying to stop it, understand it because they don’t want us to have it.


Yet, do we take time remember what it costs?


This Fourth of July – let us celebrate our freedom and say – thank you to all those who gave and give so much so we can maintain it.

Let us never take it for granted.

Let us stand up to all who try and take it from us.

We are Americans – proud and free and we intend to stay that way.



This 4th of July let us celebrate this great nation.


Let us remember we are a strong nation.

With strong leadership.

Bringing us back to where we can stand as the greatest nation on earth.


We are not going anywhere – we are here to stay.usmc


No matter what the world may say – we are proud Americans




We are and continue to be:

One nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.




How proud are you of that?


How respectful of that are you?


How thankful are you to be part of this great nation?




On this 4th of July, hold your head high and let everyone know:




I am an American and proud of it.


I am an American and we are a strong nation, a free nation.


I am proud to be an American.






We are the greatest nation in the world. 




God Bless America.


Coach Manny Nowak

Thanksgiving day message 2016

Posted by Manny on November 21, 2016
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Thanksgiving is a time to be Thankful


Are you?

0006Are you thankful today for all you have?


We are so blessed.


Take time today to be thankful for all.

Take time this holiday to be thankful for those in your life.

Take time this holiday to say thank you to those closest to you.

Take time today to say thank you for all you have, forgetting what you don’t have.


Even though this might not be the greatest time in your life – be thankful for what you do have.

Even though you might be struggling with many things in life, you still have to say thank you and you still have to admit that you probably have more than most.


And be thankful for those special people in your life, your family and your friends.

The people in your life make it all worth the journey.


If you are dealing with an estranged relationship in your life – this is the greatest time for you to put that back together – think about it deeply.  Don’t waste people – we all make mistakes.


The pilgrims and the Indians gave thanks for the crops and for a great year.


Take a moment this holiday and reflect on what you are thankful for.


Go out this Thanksgiving and really demonstrate by your actions, your thankfulness.


When you demonstrate thankfulness, it creates a chain reaction that will make others demonstrate it as well.


God bless you.

Thanks for our relationship.

Thanks for taking time to read this and please pass it on to someone.


Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.


Coach Manny Nowak