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“There are no great people in this world, only great challenges which ordinary people rise to meet.”

–William Frederick Halsey, Jr.


Did you ever notice that the most approachable people are the ones who have attained great successes themselves? They seem so open and willing to talk with you and listen to you. Did you ever notice the “let’s pretend I am important people” are not really that important after all?


A good friend of mine is an extremely successful entrepreneur. He’s earned a three-time Inc. Top 500 listing, took his company public, made a great deal of money, and he’s continued to build more companies. Some worked, some did not. He has had great success and could be classified as a “serial” entrepreneur.


Yet, if you met him at a networking event, you would find that he was one of the most approachable people there. If you went up to him, he would begin talking with you, making you totally comfortable. In fact, if he knew you were a newcomer to the group, he would try his best to help you meet people.


So what do you have to do to be approachable?


What are some of the very simple things that we can start with to get you to the point where people will come up to you?


First, and this could be your greatest asset, put a smile on your face. It is so easy to walk up and start talking with a person who smiles at you. It makes you feel comfortable from the start.


Second, make eye contact. Look like you want people to come up to you and just see what happens. If you look away you will drive people away. If you look down, they will go around you. Be approachable.


Too many times people go to a networking event, see a bunch of cliques, and get really turned off. I know I hate to go to certain events, and in fact I don’t go to them anymore, because the people are so into each other that they don’t care about a visitor. They really don’t want to network, they want to socialize.


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I have had it with people I meet at an event for

the first time, thinking I am ready to

buy what they have to sell.


How about you?


No wonder people hate networking.

No wonder buyers and senior executives do not attend such events.


Why would you send an email to someone

you only just met at a networking event

saying: “Here is a list of what I do, please

review and let me know what I can do for you?”


Why would you call me and try to schedule

a meeting to review my needs when I do not

even know you yet, and you do not know me?


Why do you think I am interested in

what you have to sell if I do not even

know who you are yet?


Amazing, and it never stops amazing me that people do these things.

Every week I get them.

Every week I write, speak and teach about networking, but is anyone listening?


You have to build a relationship with a person before they are going to buy anything.

You have to learn a little bit about them.

You have to make them feel important and like you care.


I don’t know you, so what would ever give you the idea I am interested in what you sell?


Building a relationship with people is one of the greatest weaknesses most people have in business today.

They simply move from “hello” to “get your wallet out”.

From “nice to meet you” to “which one of these would you like to buy?”


Ever wondered why you are not successful both off-line and on-line when it comes to selling? 

Relationship building is required in both.


Ever think it just might be you have not taken the time to learn a little about the other person?


Three simple keys:

1/        Get to know the other person.

            Ask questions.


            Make them feel as though you are interested and you are willing to take some time to know who they are.


2/        Invest some time in the relationship.

            Schedule a one on one meeting.

            Go see the other persons business.

            Learn a little about them and their business.


3/        Ask how you can help them.

            One of the greatest sales people ever, Zig Ziglar, put it very simply,

            “the best way to get business for yourself is to help someone else get business for themselves.”

            If you help someone with what they need, then you start to create a relationship.

            If you create a relationship with me, I might just be interested in what you have to sell.



You mean that is all there is to it?


This week and this coming year.

Change the way you do business.

Start to listen to what others need.

Start to help others get what they need.

You will be amazed at what happens to your business.